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Also in 1977 the popular and influential modernist Islamist theorist Ali Shariati died under mysterious circumstances. This both angered his followers, who considered him a martyr at the hands of SAVAK, and removed a potential revolutionary rival to Khomeini. Finally, in October Khomeini's son Mostafa died of an alleged heart attack, and his death was also blamed on SAVAK. A subsequent memorial service for Mostafa in Tehran put Khomeini back in the spotlight.[94][95] Tehran, Iran. geo-m-package - compressor cng compressor centrifugal compressor integrally gear Tehran, Iran. aluminium extrusion sections extrusion line standard steel profiles extrusion tolerances

Iran-Iraq War (1980-88), prolonged military conflict between Iran and Iraq. Estimates of total casualties range from 1,000,000 to twice that number. Fighting was ended by a 1988 cease-fire, though the.. Salar Aghili - Orkestre mellale Iran Iran. Helicopter footage captures horrific aftermath of Ukrainian Boeing crash in Iran (VIDEO) Calendrier des matchs en direct de Iran. Iran - Hong Kong - Jeudi 26 mars. Cambodge - Iran - Mardi 31 mars. Iran - Bahreïn - Jeudi 04 juin. Iran - Oman - Lundi 08 juin The history of Islamic Principlism in Iran covers the history of Islamic revivalism and the rise of political Islam in modern Iran. Today, there are basically three types of Islam in Iran: traditionalism..

Vous consultez actuellement la page :Résultats IranCalendrier football et scores en direct de Iran. Les résultats et les prochains matchs de Iran (Iran) sont disponibles en live. Si vous souhaitez parier sur Iran (Iran) il vous suffit de regarder les derniers résultats de cette équipe. TEHRAN — The president of the Iran-Switzerland Joint Chamber of Commerce has said the Trump administration uses the Swiss Humanitarian Trade Arrangement (SHTA) as one of its propaganda tools

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The economy has become more diversified since the revolution, with 80% of Iranian GDP dependent on oil and gas as of 2010,[305] comparing to above 90% at the end of the Pahlavi period.[citation needed] The Islamic Republic lags some countries in transparency and ease of doing business according to international surveys. Transparency International ranked Iran 136th out of 175 countries in transparency (i.e. lack of corruption) for its 2014 index;[297] and the IRI was ranked 130th out of the 189 countries surveyed in the World Bank 2015 Doing Business Report.[306] Since the revolution, university enrollment and the number of women in the civil service and higher education has risen[296] and several women have been elected to the Iranian parliament. Iran Press - Iran Press News -Iranpressnews - Find the latest iran news and world news, breaking news, weather, business, entertainment, politics, technolo.. Many of the rioters were young teenage boys, often organized by the mosques in southern Tehran, and encouraged by their mullahs to attack and destroy western and secular symbols.[17][110][126] The army and police, confused about their orders and under pressure from the Shah not to risk initiating violence, effectively gave up and did not intervene.[96][110][126][127] This article is about the 1979 revolution in Iran. For the 1905 to 1911 revolution, see Persian Constitutional Iranian Revolution. Part of the constitutionalization attempts in Iran and the Cold War

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Throughout the beginning of the 20th century and prior to the revolution, many women leaders emerged and demanded basic social rights for women.[293] During the reign of Reza Shah, the government mandated the removal of the veil and promoted the education of young girls.[293] However, the push-back of the Shii clerics made progress difficult, and the government had to contain its promotion of basic women's rights to the norms of the patriarchal social hierarchy in order to accommodate the clerics.[293] After the abdication of Reza Shah in 1941, the discipline of the government decreased, and women were able to further exercise their rights, including the ability to wear the veil if they wanted.[293] More organization of women's groups occurred in the 1960s and 70s, and they used the government's modernization to define and advocate for women's issues.[293] During these decades, women became active in formerly male domains such as the parliament, the cabinet, armed forces, legal professions, and fields of science and technology.[293] Additionally, women achieved the right to vote in 1963.[293] Many of these achievements and rights that Iranian women had gained in the decades leading up to the revolution were reversed by the Islamic Revolution.[293] When leaders of the National Front called for a demonstration in June 1981 in favor of Banisadr, Khomeini threatened its leaders with the death penalty for apostasy "if they did not repent".[241] Leaders of the Freedom Movement of Iran were compelled to make and publicly broadcast apologies for supporting the Front's appeal.[242] Those attending the rally were menaced by Hezbollahi and Revolutionary Guards and intimidated into silence.[243]

Iran's borders reopen as government seeks to revive regional trade. Iran embarks on biggest IPO as economy struggles. Sale of shares in state-run holding company generates income for government After the revolution, Khomeini credited much of the success of the movement to women, even commending the women for mobilizing men, "you ladies have proved that you are in the vanguard of the movement, you have proved that you lead the men, men get their inspiration from you, the men of Iran have learnt lessons from the honourable ladies of Iran ...You are in the vanguard of the movement."[160] The military leadership was increasingly paralyzed by indecision, and rank-and-file soldiers were demoralized, having been forced to confront demonstrators while prohibited from using their own weapons (and being condemned by the Shah if they did).[108] Increasingly, Khomeini called on the soldiers of the armed forces to defect to the opposition.[96][107] Revolutionaries gave flowers and civilian clothes to deserters, while threatening retribution to those who stayed. On 11 December, a dozen officers were shot dead by their own troops at Tehran's Lavizan barracks. Fearing further mutinies, many soldiers were returned to their barracks.[108] Mashhad (the second largest city in Iran) was abandoned to the protesters, and in many provincial towns demonstrators were effectively in control.[103] iran, iran-emrooz, ایران امروز news, media مرجع مهندسی مواد و متالورژی ، جوشکاری ، خوردگی ، نانو ، معدن ، استخراج ، بایو مواد ، مهندسی پزشکی..

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Traveling to Iran was, for a long time, in my countries to travel list because of its ancient history and all the beautiful mosques, palaces and citadels we can visit around the country In the Muslim world, particularly in its early years, the revolution inspired enormous enthusiasm and redoubled opposition to western imperialism, intervention and influence. Islamist insurgents rose in Saudi Arabia (1979), Egypt (1981), Syria (1982), and Lebanon (1983).[264] Iran Coronavirus update with statistics and graphs: total and new cases, deaths per day, mortality and recovery rates, current active cases, recoveries, trends and timeline Unavailable. zaqcde. Fadaei - Iran Iran (Prod. Mahdyar). 7 years ago7 years ago China's defense minister vowed to strengthen military cooperation with Iran

iran news daily iran news now Iran ciekawostki (+109) - największy zbiór ciekawostek, porady, ceny, pogoda, oraz wiele innych Iran jest to państwo na Bliskim Wschodzie, leżące nad Morzem Kaspijskim, Zatoką Perską i Zatoką.. Seorang komandan pasukan khusus Iran memperingatkan Presiden Donald Trump jika Amerika Serikat lakukan serangan, makan Iran akan menghancurkan semua yang dimiliki AS While there has been some academic literature exploring individual narratives of women on the revolution,[157] most of the academic work produced focuses on the effect of the revolution on women rather than the role of Iranian women during the revolution. Scholar Guity Nashat highlights this neglected aspect of the revolution, "Although women's participation in the events leading to the February 11 revolution was instrumental in its success, most studies have not addressed the reasons for their involvement or their contribution."[169] Janet Baur argues the necessity of examining the daily lives of women, their living conditions and their relationship to other groups in order to understand their participation in the socio-political events of the revolution. She further explains that the cultural, ideological, social and material factors shaping the social life and class differences in the period just prior to the revolution need to be studied in order to understand how the Iranian women's social consciousness developed and how it led them to take part in public protests.[158] Caroline M. Brooks argues that women were left to express their concerns through the protest rather than in the Majlis. Thus, this created a "dangerous bargaining position for activist women" since rather than arguing and their position through intellect they were only able to "argue by numbers in the streets and be repelled by force".[163]

Iran's economy is marked by an inefficient state sector, reliance on the oil sector, which provides the Underemployment among Iran's educated youth has convinced many to seek jobs overseas, resulting.. بازار بزرگ ایران موسوم به «ایران مال» به عنوان یکی از پنج مال برتر جهان جزء عظیم‌ترین پروژه‌های تجاری، فرهنگی و اجتماعی است که بین دو کلان‌شهر تهران و کرج واقع شده است..

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