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By January 2010, all orders, from Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways, had been converted to the 787-8.[324] As it was designed specifically for the Japanese market, Boeing would likely scrap it after they switched orders.[325] The -8's longer wingspan makes it more efficient on stages longer than 200 nmi (370 km).[326] In December 2010, Boeing withdrew the short-haul model as it struggled to produce the 787-8 after program delays of three years.[327] Qatar Airways' daily seat capacity to Kolkata has increased by more than 76% from 144 seats on the currently operated A320 to 254 seats on the 787 Dreamliner. Qatar Airways' 787s provide a superior experience with spacious cabins and custom-made seats in both Business and Economy Class To review the Tripadvisor Forums Posting Guidelines, please follow this link: http://www.tripadvisor.com/pages/forums_posting_guidelines.html

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To make or change a booking or to add additional services (e.g. add a bag, add a meal package, or choose a seat) please contact us using the applicable number listed below. Please note that local calling rates apply On November 22, 2013, Boeing issued an advisory to airlines using General Electric GEnx engines on 787 and 747-8 aircraft to avoid flying near high-level thunderstorms due to an increased risk of icing on the engines. The problem was caused by a buildup of ice crystals just behind the main fan causing a brief loss of thrust on six occasions.[358]

On May 30, 2013, Singapore Airlines (SIA) became the launch customer by stating it would order 30 787-10s (provided Boeing launched the program), to be delivered in 2018–2019.[286][287] On June 18, 2013, Boeing officially launched the 787-10 at the Paris Air Show, with orders or commitments for 102 aircraft from Air Lease Corporation (30), Singapore Airlines (30), United Airlines (20), British Airways (12), and GE Capital Aviation Services (10).[288] As of February 2019 the aircraft has 173 orders out of which 18 have been delivered.[289] On January 21, 2014, a Norwegian Air Shuttle 787 experienced a fuel leak which caused a 19-hour delay to a flight from Bangkok to Oslo.[359] Footage of the leak taken by passengers shows fuel gushing out of the left wing of the aircraft.[360] The leak became known to pilots only after it was pointed out by concerned passengers.[361] It was found later that a faulty valve was responsible.[362] This fuel leak is one of numerous problems experienced by Norwegian Air Shuttle's 787 fleet.[359] Mike Fleming, Boeing's vice president for 787 support and services, subsequently met with executives of Norwegian Air Shuttle and expressed Boeing's commitment to improving the 787's dispatch reliability, "we're not satisfied with where the airplane is today, flying at a fleet average of 98 percent...The 777 today flies at 99.4 percent...and that's the benchmark that the 787 needs to attain.”[363][364]

Answer 11 of 17: Hi We are flying to Cancun from Birmingham in January on the Dreamliner but after reading various posts there seems to be a new or different.. In 2005, the entry into service (EIS) was planned for 2010. The firm configuration was finalized on July 1, 2010.[269] By October 2011, deliveries were scheduled to begin in 2014.[270] Mesin Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner yang masif. Nomor Penerbangan: WY850. Penampakan kursi economy class Oman Air Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

The 787-8 and -9 are offered as Boeing Business Jets, the first offering 2,415 sq ft (224.4 m²) of floor space and a range of 9,945 nmi (18,418 km), the other 2,775 sq ft (257,8 m²) and 9,485 nmi (17,566 km), both with 25 passengers. Through June 2018, fifteen have been ordered, twelve delivered and four were in service.[316] The Airbus A350 is one of the worlds favourite aircraft, with a capacity of 280 to 366 passengers in typical three-class seating layouts. It competes with Boeings 777 and 787. There are many A350 routes currently in operation If you've just got a standard economy seat some of the rows from 31 and back are extra legroom seats which you won't be able to select.The 787's internal cabin pressure is the equivalent of 6,000 feet (1,800 m) altitude resulting in a higher pressure than for the 8,000 feet (2,400 m) altitude of older conventional aircraft.[261] According to Boeing, in a joint study with Oklahoma State University, this will significantly improve passenger comfort.[203][262] Cabin air pressurization is provided by electrically driven compressors, rather than traditional engine-bleed air, thereby eliminating the need to cool heated air before it enters the cabin.[263][264] The cabin's humidity is programmable based on the number of passengers carried and allows 15% humidity settings instead of the 4% found in previous aircraft.[261] The composite fuselage avoids metal fatigue issues associated with higher cabin pressure and eliminates the risk of corrosion from higher humidity levels.[261] The cabin air-conditioning system improves air quality by removing ozone from outside air and, besides standard HEPA filters, which remove airborne particles, uses a gaseous filtration system to remove odors, irritants, and gaseous contaminants, as well as particulates like viruses, bacteria and allergens.[192][255] Seats in Economy Class offer many features. You get 78cm legroom to sit comfortably with, you can recline your seat up to 15 cm and 46 cm seat width. Turkish Airlines Launches Istanbul - Bali Route. For the service, the carrier will be using the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner with 300 seats; 270 for..

Flat Bed Business (Rows 1-7) The seats do recline but you will be disturbed with passengers going to and from the toilets and the noise made. We have flown the Qatat B787 several times and found the setas narrow , hard and uncomfortable anyway without sitting near toilets. I would change them to others. Look at the reviews and comments on the various seats at https:/…Qatar_Airways_Boeing_787-8.php Departed. Qr 8333. Qatar airways. Doha. Departed On July 21, 2016 Boeing reported charges of $847 million against two flight-test 787s built in 2009. Boeing had planned to refurbish and sell them, but instead wrote them off as research and development expense.[181] Boeing will build 14 787s per month (168 per year) from 2019, helping to offset the $28 billion in deferred production costs accumulated through 2015, and will add 100 aircraft to the current accounting block of 1,300 at the end of the 2017 third quarter.[182] A Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner resumed flights on Wednesday after being grounded for several days because technical components required replacement, the company said

From late 2020, production rate is to be reduced from 14 to 12 airplanes per month due to the China–United States trade war.[188] Production could be trimmed to 10 monthly as demand for wide-body aircraft falters.[189] Qatar Airways to restart half its network by June. The Gulf carrier and Oneworld member is set to ramp up its flights to more than double the current level The valuation for a new 787-9 is $145 million in 2018, up from $135 million in 2014, but it may have been sold for $110–15 million to prevent A330neo sales while an A330-900 is worth $115 million.[184] In February 2018, Boeing priced six 787-9s for less than $100–115m each to Hawaiian Airlines, close to their production cost of $80–90m, to overcome its A330-800 order.[185]

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  1. A multi-platform branded film production translating the vision and experience inside the 787 Dreamliner from Boeing and one of the most prestigious airlines i
  2. Up to June 30, 2017, after 565 units were delivered since 2011: 60% -8 (340) and 40% -9 (225), the airports with most 787 departures are Haneda airport with 304 weekly, Narita with 276 and Doha Airport with 265. By the end of 2017, there were 39 airlines operating the 787 on 983 routes with an average length of 5,282 km (2,852 nmi), including 163 new routes (17%).[172] As of 24 March 2018[update], the 787's longest route is Qantas' Perth-London Heathrow, a distance of 14,499 km (7,829 nmi) and the second-longest regular scheduled flight behind Qatar Airways' 14,529 km (7,845 nmi) route from Doha to Auckland, flown with a Boeing 777-200LR.[173] In March 2020, Air Tahiti Nui executed a record commercial flight of 9,765 mi (8,486 nmi), from Papeete, Tahiti to Paris, on a route that would typically refuel at Los Angeles but was able to fly the Boeing 787-9 non-stop because it was "nowhere near full" due to the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic.[174]
  3. Seat Guru seems like what a lot of people use but I personally prefer relying on Seat Expert. Seat: Business Class Airline: Emirates, Route: Dubai to Qatar Airways' Boeing 787 Dreamliner's new business and economy seats are generating a lot of comment. Qatar is the first airline to use this fully..
  4. As Boeing worked with its suppliers towards production, the design proceeded through a series of test goals. On August 23, 2007, a crash test involving a vertical drop of a partial composite fuselage section from about 15 ft (4.6 m) onto a 1 in (25 mm)-thick steel plate occurred in Mesa, Arizona;[76][77] the results matched predictions, allowing modeling of various crash scenarios using computational analysis instead of further physical tests.[78][79] While critics had expressed concerns that a composite fuselage could shatter and burn with toxic fumes during crash landings, test data indicated no greater toxicity than conventional metal airframes.[80][81] The crash test was the third in a series of demonstrations conducted to match FAA requirements, including additional certification criteria due to the wide-scale use of composite materials.[77] The 787 meets the FAA's requirement that passengers have at least as good a chance of surviving a crash landing as they would with current metal airliners.[82]
  5. Seat Guru is great, but you have to ensure that you are looking at the correct seat map for your Qatar Airways Provide the services while Seatguru provides the information only
  6. The Boeing 787 has been involved in five aviation accidents and incidents as of April 2020[update].[333][334] In December 2012, Boeing CEO James McNerney stated that the 787's issues were no greater than those experienced with the introduction of other models such as the Boeing 777.[335][336]

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With a typical capacity of 242 passengers and a range of 7,355 nautical miles (13,621 km; 8,464 mi), the -8 is the base model of the 787 family and was the first to enter service in 2011.[194] The 787-8 is targeted to replace the Boeing 767-200ER and -300ER, as well as expand into new non-stop markets where larger planes would not be economically viable. As of October 2019[update], approximately 29% of 787 orders are for the 787-8 with 366 delivered.[1] In 2018, Boeing said it would change the -8 manufacturing to raise its commonality with the -9 above the current 30% to be more like the 95% commonality between the -9 and -10, as it will benefit from learning from those.[266] When it was launched, a new B787-8 was to cost only slightly more than the B767-300ER, valued new for $85 million at its 1990s peak, but it ended being 20% more costly.[267] All classes feature AC power ports. Rows 1 and 5 may not have power ports available. Economy passengers may need to share the power outlet with the seat next to them.Read our guide to in-seat laptop power for more information.A Japan Airlines (JAL) 787 experienced a fuel leak on January 8, 2013, and its flight from Boston was canceled.[337] On January 9, United Airlines reported a problem in one of its six 787s with the wiring near the main batteries. After these incidents, the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board subsequently opened a safety probe.[338] Later, on January 11, 2013, another aircraft was found to have a fuel leak.[339] Early operators discovered that if the APS5000 Auxiliary power unit was shut down with the inlet door closed, heat continued to build up in the tail compartment and cause the rotor shaft to bow. It could take up to 2 hours for the shaft to straighten again. This was particularly acute on short haul flights as there was insufficient time to allow the unit to cool before a restart was needed. Procedures were modified and the APU was later redesigned to address the issue.[165] [1500px] Qatar airways latest unpainted 787-8 on its first flight- will become A7-BCT later. N10187. Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner. JetPhotos.com is the biggest database of aviation photographs with over 4 million screened photos online

Qatar Airways is operating the Boeing 777-300ER on a variety of long-haul destinations. There are three versions of the B777-300ER, both with only two classes of service where all Business Class seats feature 180 degree recline. Dramatic video of storm pushing two Qatar Airways aircraft together. The airline did not reveal the nature of the engine problem but Scoot's Dreamliners are powered by the.. I initially booked the seat in economy class (revenue ticket) with HDFC diners credit card reward points and later upgraded to business class using Air India - Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Air India Business Class - In Flight experience. I boarded through the front door, and took a left which opens up to the.. Qatar Airways currently operates the 787 Dreamliner twice daily to India’s capital city Delhi. “We are delighted to introduce Qatar Airways’ Dreamliner service to Kolkata, which will also redefine the in-flight experience of our passengers travelling to Doha and beyond,” said Qatar Airways vice president Indian Subcontinent, Ihab Sorial.

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  1. The shortest Dreamliner variant, the 787-8 was the first variant to fly in December 2009, then the longer 787-9 in September 2013, followed by the longest variant, the 787-10, in March 2017. These variants are called B788, B789, and B78X, respectively in the List of ICAO aircraft type designators.[265] The short-range 787-3 was cancelled in 2010.
  2. I november 2012 blev Qatar Airways världens sjunde flygbolag att sätta Boeing 787 Dreamliner i trafik, med en helt ny stol i business class. Sedan hösten 2013 flyger Qatar Airways med Dreamlinern från Doha till Stockholm, Köpenhamn och Oslo
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  4. ating in fires on board. In January 2013, the US FAA grounded all 787s until a revised battery design was approved in April 2013. As of October 2019[update], the 787 had orders for 1,455 aircraft from 72 identified customers.[1] Due to ballooning production costs, Boeing has spent $32 billion on the program; estimates for the number of aircraft sales needed to break even vary between 1,300 and 2,000.
  5. Hi All, has anybody sat in Row 25a and b on the Qatar Dreamliner, I have booked seats on this from Edinburgh to Doha, daughter says they recline back but not sure. And wondered if the toilet will be very noisy !! Any ideas please.. Or what is the best seats apart from Business!!
  6. Pic: Qatar Airways B787 Dreamliner Business Class Seat Business Class fares have dropped significantly in the past couple of years. It's not uncommon to see Business Class fares from Europe to Asia for ~€1200 or less these days. One of the airlines routinely offering extreme low Business Class..
  7. On October 26, 2011, an ANA 787 flew the first commercial flight from Tokyo Narita Airport to Hong Kong International Airport.[154] The airliner entered service some three years later than originally planned. Tickets for the flight were sold in an online auction; the highest bidder had paid $34,000 for a seat.[155] An ANA 787 flew its first long-haul flight to Europe on January 21, 2012 from Haneda to Frankfurt Airport.[156]

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On July 26, 2013, ANA said it had found wiring damage on two 787 locator beacons. United Airlines also reported that it had found a pinched wire in one 787 locator beacon.[353] On August 14, 2013, the media reported a fire extinguisher fault affecting three ANA airplanes, which caused the fire extinguishers to discharge into the opposite engine from the one requested.[354] The fault was caused by a supplier assembly error.[355] The 787-3 would have carried 290–330 passengers in two-class over 2,500–3,050 nmi (4,630–5,650 km) range, limited by a 364,000 lb (165 t) MTOW.[321] In April 2008, to keep the -8 on track for delivery, the -9 stretch was postponed from 2010 to at least 2012 and prioritised before the 787-3 and its 43 orders to follow without a firm delivery date.[69] To replace Air New Zealand's 777-200 fleet, Boeing wants to increase the 787-10 MTOW by over 13,000 lb (6 t) to 572,000 lb (260 t) with some reinforcements and updated fuel systems. This would allow more range, like the 5,600 nmi (10,400 km) trip from Auckland to Los Angeles with no passenger restrictions and some cargo. The increased performance could trickle down to the 787-9, allowing Auckland to New York flights.[315]

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  1. In March 2016 the FAA accelerated the release of an airworthiness directive in response to reports indicating that in certain weather conditions "erroneous low airspeed may be displayed..." There was concern "abrupt pilot control inputs in this condition could exceed the structural capability of the airplane." Pilots were told not to apply "large, abrupt control column inputs" in the event of an "unrealistic" drop in displayed airspeed.[365][366]
  2. As of April 2015[update], the production rate is 10 per month;[177] Boeing lost $30 million per 787 delivered in the first quarter of 2015, although Boeing plans to break even by the end of the year.[178] The accumulated losses for the 787 totalled almost $27 billion by May 2015. The cost of producing the fuselage may increase because of a tentative deal reached with Spirit Aerosystems of Wichita, Kansas, wherein severe price cuts demanded by Boeing would be eased, in return for a comprehensive agreement that lowers the cost of fuselages for other jetliners that Spirit helps Boeing manufacture.[179]
  3. Hi All, has anybody sat in Row 25a and b on the Qatar Dreamliner, I have booked seats on this from Edinburgh to Doha, daughter says they recline back but not sure
  4. This UTT AI Boeing 787 Dreamliner model was created by Alexander Emelyanov, Artem Giltiy (UTT) Flight Dynamics correction by Alexander Fedotov aka Grigal Paint Kit by Yaroslav Pankratiev, Maxim Rudakov, Philippe Tabatchnik, Juergen Baumbusch
  5. ed the Boston battery for defects.[394] The failure rate, with two major battery thermal runaway events in 100,000 flight hours, was much higher than the rate of one in 10 million flight hours predicted by Boeing.[369]

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To speed up deliveries, Boeing modified four used 747-400s into 747 Dreamlifters to transport 787 wings, fuselage sections, and other smaller parts. Japanese industrial participation was key on the project. Japanese companies co-designed and built 35% of the aircraft; the first time that outside firms played a key design role on Boeing airliner wings. The Japanese government supported development with an estimated US$2 billion in loans.[51] On April 26, 2006, Japanese manufacturer Toray Industries and Boeing signed a production agreement involving US$6 billion worth of carbon fiber, extending a 2004 contract.[5] In May 2007, final assembly on the first 787 began at Everett.[52] Find the best airplanes seats, information on legroom, recline and in-flight entertainment using our detailed online seating charts. Was it helpful to you? Yes. Link Qatar Airways Boeing B787 Dreamliner 254pax. 2017-08-27

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Qatar wspólnie z Emirates, Etihadem, Singiem, Cathayem czy Malezyjką mają taką dziwną zdolność przyciągania pasjonatów lotnictwa On May 3, 2009, the first test 787 was moved to the flight line following extensive factory-testing, including landing gear swings, systems integration verification, and a total run-through of the first flight.[88] On May 4, 2009, a press report indicated a 10–15% range reduction, about 6,900 nmi (12,800 km) instead of the originally promised 7,700 to 8,200 nmi (14,800–15,700 km), for early aircraft that were about 8% overweight. Substantial redesign work was expected to correct this, which would complicate increases in production rates;[89] Boeing stated the early 787-8s would have a range of almost 8,000 nmi (15,000 km).[90] As a result, some airlines reportedly delayed deliveries of 787s in order to take later planes that may be closer to the original estimates.[91] Boeing expected to have the weight issues addressed by the 21st production model.[92] Qatar Airways und der Dreamliner - das bedeutete für mich gleich zwei höchst interessante Premieren auf einen Schlag. Dass mich die 3 Flüge am Stück mit der Major fuselage parts were received for final assembly on November 30, 2016. The 787-10's mid-fuselage sections are too large for transport to Everett, Washington and it is built only in Charleston, South Carolina;[296] it is the first Boeing airliner assembled exclusively there.[297] The first -10 was rolled out on February 17, 2017.[298] The variant's first flight took place on March 31, 2017 and lasted 4 hours and 48 minutes.[299]

Our Dreamliners provide a game-changing experience with designed interiors, spacious cabins and custom-made seats in both business and economy classes.We hope passengers flying on Doha-Bangalore and Doha-New Delhi routes will luxuriate onboard the 787s in the new service, Moses said Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner - KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines. Boeing 777-3DZ/ER - Oneworld (Qatar Airways) The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a wide-body airliner manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. After dropping its Sonic Cruiser project.. Der neue Dreamliner von Qatar Airways verbindet Sie mit den wichtigsten Städten der Welt und ist sowohl für Geschäftsreisen als auch für Urlaubsreisen stets eine..

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KAZINFORM Qatar Airways announced Monday that it will give away 100,000 free tickets to healthcare professionals worldwide as a way of thanking them for «their heroic work.. Although with no set date, Boeing expects to build, possibly in the 2018–2023 timeframe, a 787 freighter version.[317][318] Boeing also reportedly considered a 787 variant as a candidate to replace the 747-based Boeing VC-25 presidential transport in 2009.[319] In 2018, two Boeing 747-8 aircraft were ordered to replace the two older 747-200-based VC-25A Air Force One aircraft.[320] Boeing worked to trim excess weight since assembly of the first airframe began; in late 2006, the first six 787s were stated to be overweight, with the first aircraft being 5,000 lb (2,300 kg) heavier than specified.[53] The seventh and subsequent aircraft would be the first optimized 787-8s expected to meet all goals.[54][55] Accordingly, some parts were redesigned to include more use of titanium.[56][57] Early built 787s were overweight and some carriers decided to take later aircraft; in early 2015, Boeing was trying to sell 10 such aircraft.[58] In July 2015, R reported that Boeing was considering reducing the use of titanium to reduce construction costs.[59]

787 Dreamliner The first 787 was officially delivered to All Nippon Airways (ANA) on September 25, 2011, at the Boeing Everett factory. A ceremony to mark the occasion was also held the next day.[149][150] On September 27, it flew to Tokyo Haneda Airport.[151][152] The airline took delivery of the second 787 on October 13, 2011.[153] By late 2018, deferred production costs were reduced from a peak of $27.6 billion in early 2016 to $23.5 billion as assembly efficiency improved and the 800th production started.[186] In April 2019, The New York Times reported production quality issues in the 787 assembly line at the Boeing South Carolina assembly site.[187] Boeing's 787 Dreamliner. В момента там има два такива. Единият е на Air India и ще прави демонстрации във въздуха, а другият е на Qatar Airways и е на земята, отворен за посетители. Отвътре е впечатляващ. В икономичната класа има 10.6-инчови екрани, контакти за зареждане..

Dreamliner 787 wyznacza zupełnie nową jakość podróży pasażerskich. Sprawdź, dlaczego Scott Fancher, Wiceprezes Boeing Commercial Airplanes i Dyrektor Generalny programu.. Your complete guide to shipping to and from Qatar. Find the right route, get Maersk office locations, discover local solutions, payment options and more We were recently in row 10 on the B787-800 which is over the wing but due to the swept back angle of the wing you still get views down in front of the wing. The Qantas Dreamliner features a new premium economy seat larger than its previous version seen on the Airbus A380. Photo: Craig Platt. Economy class seats offer a little more legroom than the A380. There are 166 economy class seats on board

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On January 13, 2013, a JAL 787 at Narita International Airport outside Tokyo was found to also have a fuel leak during an inspection, the third time a fuel leak had been reported within a week. The aircraft reportedly was the same one that had a fuel leak in Boston on January 8.[341] This leak was caused by a different valve; the causes of the leaks are unknown.[342] Japan's transport ministry has also launched an investigation.[343] For your next Qatar Airways flight, use this seating chart to get the most comfortable Qatar Airways is operating the Boeing 777-300ER on a variety of long-haul destinations The replacement for the Sonic Cruiser project was named "7E7"[11] (with a development code name of "Y2"). Technology from the Sonic Cruiser and 7E7 was to be used as part of Boeing's project to replace its entire airliner product line, an endeavor called the Yellowstone Project (of which the 7E7 became the first stage).[12] Early concept images of the 7E7 included rakish cockpit windows, a dropped nose and a distinctive "shark-fin" tail.[13] The "E" was said to stand for various things, such as "efficiency" or "environmentally friendly"; however, in the end, Boeing said that it merely stood for "Eight".[5] In July 2003, a public naming competition was held for the 7E7, for which out of 500,000 votes cast online the winning title was Dreamliner.[14] Other names included eLiner, Global Cruiser, and Stratoclimber.[15][16] The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a wide-body airliner manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. After dropping its Sonic Cruiser project, Boeing announced the conventional 7E7 on January 29, 2003, focused on efficiency. The program was launched on April 26, 2004, with an order for 50 from All Nippon Airways (ANA), targeting a 2008 introduction. On July 8, 2007, the prototype was rolled-out without major systems, and experienced multiple delays until its maiden flight on December 15, 2009. Type certification was received in August 2011 and the first 787-8 was delivered in September 2011 before entering commercial service on October 26, 2011, with ANA.

The 787's cabin features light-emitting diodes (LEDs)[257] as standard equipment, allowing the aircraft to be entirely "bulbless". LED lights have previously been an option on the Boeing 777 and Airbus aircraft.[258][259] The system has three-color LEDs plus a white LED.[257] The 787 interior was designed to better accommodate persons with mobility, sensory, and cognitive disabilities. For example, a 56 by 57 in (140 by 140 cm) convertible lavatory includes a movable center wall that allows two separate lavatories to become one large, wheelchair-accessible facility.[260]

Commercial Bank is an award winning bank offering tailored personal and corporate banking services in Qatar The 8.7% fuselage stretch from the -9 to the -10 likely increased empty weight at a lower rate than the 7.4% growth from the -8 to the -9 due to the 10.7% stretch.[219] Software increases the tailplane effectiveness to avoid modifying it. With the same wing but a longer fuselage than the -9, the flutter margin was reduced for the -10 but to avoid stiffening the wing or adding wingtip counterweights for commonality, software oscillates the elevators in the flaps up vertical mode suppression system (F0VMS), similar to the vertical gust load alleviation system.[219]

There are 808 Boeing 787 aircraft in airline service as of August 2019[update], comprising 328 787-8s, 451 787-9s and 29 787-10s, with outstanding orders for a further 483 aircraft.[328] The largest operators are All Nippon Airways (61), Japan Airlines (42), American Airlines (42), and United Airlines (34).[328] I november 2012 blev Qatar Airways världens sjunde flygbolag att sätta Boeing 787 Dreamliner i trafik, med en helt ny stol i business class. Sedan hösten 2013 flyger Qatar Airways med Dreamlinern från Doha till Stockholm, Köpenhamn och Oslo The seat map details the space between the seats. However, the Expert Flyer seat map does not detail which seats face forward and which seats face backwards, so check the Seat Guru Seat Maps above. On the return, there was only two QSuites seats the entire week into all eight possible North..

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On August 7, 2007, on-time certification of the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engine by European and US regulators was received.[83] The alternative GE GEnx-1B engine achieved certification on March 31, 2008.[84] On June 20, 2008, the first aircraft was powered up, for testing the electrical supply and distribution systems.[85] A non-flightworthy static test airframe was built; on September 27, 2008, the fuselage was successfully tested at 14.9 psi (102.7 kPa) differential, which is 150 percent of the maximum pressure expected in commercial service.[86] In December 2008, the 787's maintenance program was passed by the FAA.[87] Boeing's Jim Albaugh said that the requested return on net assets (RONA) led to outsourcing systems reducing investment, but improving RONA had to be balanced against the risk of loss of control.[183] Keeping the same wingspan as the 787-8, the 787-9 is a lengthened and strengthened variant with a 20 feet (6.1 m) longer fuselage and a 54,500 pounds (24,700 kg) higher maximum take-off weight (MTOW), seating 280 passengers in a typical three-class arrangement over a 7,635 nautical miles (8,786 mi; 14,140 km) range.[194] It features active boundary-layer control on the tail surfaces, reducing drag.[268]

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The introduction of our Dreamliner service provides our passengers with an unbeatable level of service and comfort besides reiterating our firm belief in the 787s unrivalled capabilities and the value it will add to Qatar Airways' plans to continue delivering on its promise of quality, Qatar Airways Chief.. Certification cleared the way for deliveries and in 2011, Boeing prepared to increase 787 production rates from two to ten aircraft per month at assembly lines in Everett and Charleston over two years.[146] Legal difficulties clouded production at Charleston; on April 20, 2011, the National Labor Relations Board alleged that a second production line in South Carolina violated two sections of the National Labor Relations Act.[97] In December 2011, the National Labor Relations Board dropped its lawsuit after the Machinists' union withdrew its complaint as part of a new contract with Boeing.[147] The first 787 assembled at South Carolina was rolled out on April 27, 2012.[148] On July 12, 2013, a fire started on an empty Ethiopian Airlines 787 parked at Heathrow Airport before it was extinguished by the airport fire and rescue service. No injuries were reported.[344][345] The fire caused extensive heat damage to the aircraft.[346] The FAA and NTSB sent representatives to assist in the investigation.[347] The initial investigation found no direct link with the aircraft's main batteries.[348] Further investigations indicated that the fire was due to lithium-manganese dioxide batteries powering an emergency locator transmitter (ELT).[349][350] The UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) issued a special bulletin on July 18, 2013, requesting the US FAA ensure that the locator is removed or disconnected in Boeing 787s and to review the safety of lithium battery-powered ELT systems in other aircraft types.[351] On August 19, 2015, the Associated Press reported that the fire was started by a short circuit caused by crossed wires located under the battery. The Air Accidents Investigation Branch's investigators recommended that "the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, together with similar bodies in Europe and Canada, should conduct a review of equipment powered by lithium metal batteries to ensure they have 'an acceptable level of circuit protection.'"[352] © Qatar Airways This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity. We hope you'll join the conversation by posting to an open topic or starting a new one.

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SeatGuru Seat Map Qatar Airways. SeatGuru Seat Map Qatar Airways - SeatGuru. Slim.seatguru.com. For your next Qatar Airways flight, use this seating chart to get the most comfortable seats, legroom, and recline on Thanks for all the replies. We can book seats soon so was looking to book seats from 31 to the rear of the aircraft as would prefer not to be over the wing, only because I like to look out if the window . Are there any seats better or any I should avoid? Qatar Airways Dreamliner airline aviation doha. The introduction of our Dreamliner service provides our passengers with an unbeatable level of service and comfort besides.. SeatGuru-BA-787-9-economy-seat-map.png. (2) Prince Edward Island (1) Priority Pass airport lounges (2) Puerto Rico (7) Qantas (19) Qatar Airways (22) Qatar Privileges (9)..

We are flying to Cancun from Birmingham in January on the Dreamliner but after reading various posts there seems to be a new or different Dreamliner in operation. Is there any difference between the aircraft i.e seating?For this Version, Business Class is found from rows 1 to 7 and Economy Class begins at row 10, ending at row 43. This aircraft flies with 42 seats of Business Class and 316 seats of Economy Class.

On April 26, 2004, Japanese airline All Nippon Airways (ANA) became the launch customer for the 787, announcing a firm order for 50 aircraft with deliveries to begin in late 2008.[17] The ANA order was initially specified as 30 787-3, 290–330 seat, one-class domestic aircraft, and 20 787-8, long-haul, 210–250 seat, two-class aircraft for regional international routes such as Tokyo Narita–Beijing, and could perform routes to cities not previously served, such as Denver, Moscow, and New Delhi.[18] The 787-3 and 787-8 were to be the initial variants, with the 787-9 entering service in 2010.[19] India remains a key market for Qatar Airways having an extensive route network offering 95 passenger flights non-stop each week from 12 gateway cities to Doha. Currently, Indian operations cover services from Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Kozhikode, Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram. The airline recently announced further expansion in India with plans to re-launch operations to Nagpur, its 13th Indian gateway, with daily flights from December 1 this year. Hello everyone and welcome to a new year of PlanesWeekly videos! We hope that you all came well into the new year. This time we take a seat in the business..

In September 2007, Boeing announced a three-month delay, blaming a shortage of fasteners as well as incomplete software.[63] On October 10, 2007, a second three-month delay to the first flight and a six-month delay to first deliveries was announced due to supply chain problems, a lack of documentation from overseas suppliers, and flight guidance software delays.[64][65] Less than a week later, Mike Bair, the 787 program manager was replaced.[66] On January 16, 2008, Boeing announced a third three-month delay to the first flight of the 787, citing insufficient progress on "traveled work."[67] On March 28, 2008, in an effort to gain more control over the supply chain, Boeing announced plans to buy Vought Aircraft Industries' interest in Global Aeronautica; a later agreement was also made to buy Vought's factory in North Charleston.[68] On January 14, 2014, a battery in a JAL 787 emitted smoke from the battery's protection exhaust while the aircraft was undergoing pre-flight maintenance at Tokyo Narita Airport.[415][416] The battery partially melted in the incident;[417] one of its eight lithium-ion cells had its relief port vent and fluid sprayed inside the battery's container.[418] It was later reported that the battery may have reached a temperature as high as 1,220 °F (660 °C), and that Boeing did not understand the root cause of the failure.[419] Subcontracted assemblies included wing and center wing box (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan; Subaru Corporation, Japan);[38] horizontal stabilizers (Alenia Aeronautica, Italy; Korea Aerospace Industries, South Korea);[39] fuselage sections (Global Aeronautica, Italy; Boeing, North Charleston, US; Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Japan; Spirit AeroSystems, Wichita, US; Korean Air, South Korea);[40][41][42] passenger doors (Latécoère, France); cargo doors, access doors, and crew escape door (Saab AB, Sweden); software development (HCL Enterprise India);[43] floor beams (TAL Manufacturing Solutions Limited, India);[44][45] wiring (Labinal, France);[46] wing-tips, flap support fairings, wheel well bulkhead, and longerons (Korean Air, South Korea);[47] landing gear (Messier-Bugatti-Dowty, UK/France);[48][49] and power distribution and management systems, air conditioning packs (Hamilton Sundstrand, Connecticut, US).[46][50]

During the late 1990s, Boeing considered replacement aircraft programs as sales of the 767 and 747-400 slowed. Two new aircraft were proposed. The 747X would have lengthened the 747-400 and improved efficiency, and the Sonic Cruiser would have achieved 15% higher speeds (approximately Mach 0.98) while burning fuel at the same rate as the 767.[3] Market interest for the 747X was tepid; however, several major American airlines, including Continental Airlines, showed initial enthusiasm for the Sonic Cruiser, although concerns about the operating cost were also expressed.[4] The global airline market was disrupted by the September 11, 2001, attacks and increased petroleum prices, making airlines more interested in efficiency than speed. The worst-affected airlines, those in the United States, had been considered the most likely customers of the Sonic Cruiser; thus the Sonic Cruiser was officially cancelled on December 20, 2002. On January 29, 2003 Boeing announced an alternative product, the 7E7, using Sonic Cruiser technology in a more conventional configuration.[5][6] The emphasis on a smaller midsize twinjet rather than a large 747-size aircraft represented a shift from hub-and-spoke theory toward the point-to-point theory,[7] in response to analysis of focus groups.[8] Among 787 flight systems, a key change from traditional airliners is the electrical architecture. The architecture is bleedless and replaces bleed air with electrically powered compressors and four of six hydraulic power sources with electrically driven pumps, while completely eliminating pneumatics and hydraulics from some subsystems, e.g. engine starters and brakes.[197] Boeing says that this system extracts 35% less power from the engines, allowing increased thrust and improved fuel efficiency.[198] The total available on-board electrical power is 1.45 megawatts, which is five times the power available on conventional pneumatic airliners;[199] the most notable electrically powered systems include engine start, cabin pressurization, horizontal-stabilizer trim, and wheel brakes.[200] Wing ice protection is another new system; it uses electro-thermal heater mats on the wing slats instead of traditional hot bleed air.[201][202] An active gust alleviation system, similar to the system used on the B-2 bomber, improves ride quality during turbulence.[203][204] Qatar Airways 787-8 Dreamliner Business Class - Courtesy of Qatar Airways. The improvements over the A330-200 should be very noticeable. The older aircraft has..

Cabin interior width is approximately 18 feet (550 cm) at armrest level.[237][239] The Dreamliner's cabin width is 15 inches (38 cm) more than that of the Airbus A330 and A340,[240] 5 inches (13 cm) less than the A350,[241] and 16 in (41 cm) less than the 777.[242] The 787's economy seats can be up to 17.5 in (44.4 cm) wide for nine-abreast seating[243] and up to 19 inches (48 cm) wide for eight-abreast seating arrangements. Most airlines are selecting the nine-abreast (3–3–3) configuration.[244][245] The 787's nine-abreast seating for economy provides passengers less space, particularly across the hips and shoulders, than any other jet airliner.[246] Some observers recommended passengers avoid flying 787s with nine-abreast seating,[246][247] although others suggested that the 787 is more comfortable than other airliners.[248] At launch, Boeing targeted 20% less fuel burn than replaced aircraft like the Boeing 767, carrying 200 to 300 passengers on point-to-point routes up to 8,500 nmi (16,000 km), a shift from hub-and-spoke travel. Powered by twin General Electric GEnx or Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 high-bypass turbofans, it is the first airliner with an airframe primarily made of composite materials, and makes extensive use of electrical systems. Externally, it is recognizable by its four-window cockpit, raked wingtips, and noise-reducing chevrons on its engine nacelles. Development and production rely increasingly on subcontractors around the world, with final assembly at the Boeing Everett Factory in Washington or Boeing South Carolina in North Charleston. In September 2011, the 787 was first officially delivered to launch customer All Nippon Airways.[329] As of December 2018[update], the top three identified 787 customers are All Nippon Airways with 83 orders (36 -8s, 44 -9s and three -10s), ILFC (an aircraft leasing company) with 74 orders (23 -8s and 51 -9s), and American Airlines with 67 orders (20 -8s and 47 -9s).[1][contradictory] Qatar Airways has been forced to ground one of its three Boeing787 Dreamliners after Here we go again: Qatar Airways grounds Dreamliner, citing disappointment in Boeing The variant was envisioned as replacing Boeing 777-200, Airbus A330 and Airbus A340 aircraft.[290] The -10 is to compete against the Airbus A350-900, and offer better economics than the A350 on shorter routes, according to Boeing.[291] Steven Udvar-Hazy said "If it's identically configured, the -10 has a little bit of an edge on the -900", but smaller than Boeing's estimate of 10 percent.[292] The 787-10 is to be 224 ft (68 m) long, seat 330 passengers in a two-class cabin configuration, and have a range of 6,430 nmi (11,910 km; 7,400 mi).[293]

Qatar Airways. Reservations: 1 800 988 6128 Passenger Paging: 972 973 3112 Seats very comfy plenty of space to relax and sleep and TV quality first class. The quality of food was excellent and the cabin crew very professional and nothing too much problem. I would recommend Qatar in the top 3 airlines worldwide and advise everyone to try the Dreamliner which is as good as it..

In early 2018, of 1277 orders, 681 selected GE (53.3%), 420 Rolls-Royce (32.9%) and 176 were undecided (13.8%).[236] SeatGuru Seat Map Qatar Airways. Seatguru.com. The flight I flew with Qatar Airways Airbus A350 - 900 XWB was the QR 102 from Geneva to Doha, which was also my first flight with Qatar Airways and my seat on that flight was the 30C Obrázok Qatar Airways: Emergency Seat 787-Dreamliner - very nice - prezrite si neprikrášlené fotografie a videá (369) lokality Qatar Airways od členov portálu Tripadvisor according to seat guru they have AC power in peasant class for that plane. Check out the link below it is one of the sites I use when I fly, you should be sort it out

Cancelled. Qatar Airways. QR1097. Kuwait City - KWI. 16:55. Arrived. Qatar Airways. QR010. London - LHR Qatar Airways has announced an expansion of its Boeing 787 Dreamliner route network to India with the launch of services to and from Kolkata starting December 1 this year.

Qatar Airways Seat Maps | SeatMaestro. Seatguru.com. The flight I flew with Qatar Airways Airbus A350 - 900 XWB was the QR 102 from Geneva to Doha, which was also.. Standard Economy (Rows 16-48) I have now changed the seats to row 11. Probably get screaming kids in row 10 bassinet seats now lol.Boeing planned a first flight by the end of August 2007 and premiered the first 787 (registered N787BA) at a rollout ceremony on July 8, 2007.[60] The 787 had 677 orders at this time, which is more orders from launch to roll-out than any previous wide-body airliner.[61] The major systems were not installed at the time; many parts were attached with temporary non-aerospace fasteners requiring replacement with flight fasteners later.[62] Shop 110-111, Mezzanine Floor, Al Mana Centre, Al Sadd St., Doha, State of Qatar, P.O. Box 4687. Mail: asjqatar@qatar.net.qa

After its first six months of service, Rolls-Royce powered ANA aircraft were burning around 21% less fuel than the replaced 767-300ER on international flights, slightly better than the 20% originally expected, and 15–20% on domestic routes, while GE-powered Japan Airlines aircraft were potentially slightly better.[161] Other 787 operators have reported similar fuel savings, ranging from 20–22% compared with the 767-300ER.[162] An analysis by consultant AirInsight concluded that United Airlines' 787s achieved an operating cost per seat that was 6% lower than the Airbus A330.[163] In November 2017, International Airlines Group chief Willie Walsh said that for its budget carrier Level the lower cost of ownership of its two A330-200 more than offsets the 13,000 lb (6 t) higher fuel burn ($3,500 on a Barcelona-Los Angeles flight). It would introduce three more A330s as there were not enough 787 pilots.[164] The Dreamliner had endured a tough launch, but by 2013, it was getting its footing and Boeing was Each of these seats had a storage compartment in the arm. And the overhead bins are huge! Passengers back here still get the benefits offered by the Dreamliner, like big windows (with coloured..

Our book your seats is open in a week or so. Am i right in thinking we are on the new 787-9? Tui Dreamliner 787-9 - SeatGuru Forum. Tripadvisor Forums Save with the verified Qatar Airways promo code on OneIndia ✅ 33 active Qatar Airways coupon updated 5 minutes ago ⭐ Latest Qatar Airways offer → 14000 OFF

316 standard seats Current local time in Qatar - Doha. Get Doha's weather and area codes, time zone and DST. Explore Doha's sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset

On September 28, 2013, Norwegian Long Haul decided to take one of its two 787s in its fleet at the time out of service after the two aircraft broke down on more than six occasions in September.[356] The company planned to lease an Airbus A340 for its long-haul operations while the 787 is returned to Boeing for repair.[357][clarification needed] On November 5, 2010, it was reported that some 787 deliveries would be delayed to address problems found during flight testing.[137][138] In January 2011, the first 787 delivery was rescheduled to the third quarter of 2011 due to software and electrical updates following the in-flight fire.[139][140] By February 24, 2011, the 787 had completed 80% of the test conditions for Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engine and 60% of the conditions for the General Electric GEnx-1B engine.[141] In July 2011, ANA performed a week of operations testing using a 787 in Japan.[142] The test aircraft had flown 4,828 hours in 1,707 flights combined by August 15, 2011.[105] During testing, the 787 visited 14 countries in Asia, Europe, North America, and South America to test in extreme climates and conditions and for route testing.[143] The NTSB has criticized FAA, Boeing, and battery manufacturers for the faults in a 2014 report.[420][421][422][423] It also criticized the GE-made flight data and cockpit voice recorder in the same report.[424] The enclosure Boeing added is 185 lb (84 kg) heavier, negating the lighter battery potential.[425] Randy Baseler, Boeing Commercial Airplanes VP Marketing stated that airport congestion comes from a large numbers of regional jets and small single-aisles, flying to destinations where a 550-seat A380 would be too large; to reduce the number of departures, smaller airplanes can increase 20% in size and airline hubs can be avoided with point-to-point transit.[9] Airlines have often assigned the 787 to routes previously flown by larger aircraft that could not return a profit. For example, Air Canada offered a Toronto to New Delhi route, first utilizing a Lockheed L1011, then a Boeing 747, then an Airbus A340, but none of these types were efficient enough to generate profit. The airline operated the route profitably with a 787-9, and credits the right number of seats and greater fuel efficiency for this success.[171]

For 2020, Qatar is ranked 90 of 138 out of the countries considered for the annual GFP review. It holds a PwrIndx* rating of 1.6703 (0.0000 considered 'perfect') Also on January 11, 2013, the FAA completed a comprehensive review of the 787's critical systems including the design, manufacture, and assembly. The Department of Transportation secretary Ray LaHood stated the administration was "looking for the root causes" behind the recent issues. The head of the FAA, Michael Huerta, said that so far nothing found "suggests [the 787] is not safe."[340] On January 16, 2013, the FAA issued an emergency airworthiness directive ordering all American-based airlines to ground their Boeing 787s until yet-to-be-determined modifications were made to the electrical system to reduce the risk of the battery overheating or catching fire.[373] This was the first time that the FAA had grounded an airliner type since 1979.[374] Industry experts disagreed on consequences of the grounding: Airbus was confident that Boeing would resolve the issue[375] and that no airlines will switch plane type,[376][377] while other experts saw the problem as "costly"[378] and "could take upwards of a year".[379]

QIB has a branch network covering all parts of Qatar, provides integrated banking services to customers during the day and It also operates some of its branches in the evening to.. Choose your seat Qatar Airways’ 787s provide a superior experience with spacious cabins and custom-made seats in both Business and Economy Class. The airline has 254 custom-made seats across its 787 Business and Economy Class cabins with specially designed interiors. Business Class is configured in a 1–2–1 layout with 22 seats, while Economy has 232 seats in a 3–3–3 layout. All seats in Business Class are reclinable with fully-flat beds.On February 7, 2013, the FAA gave approval for Boeing to conduct 787 test flights to gather additional data.[403][404] In February 2013, FAA oversight of the 787's 2007 safety approval and certification was under scrutiny.[405] On March 7, 2013, the NTSB released an interim factual report about the Boston battery fire on January 7, 2013. The investigation[406] stated that "heavy smoke and fire coming from the front of the APU battery case." Firefighters "tried fire extinguishing, but smoke and flame (flame size about 3 inches) did not stop".[407][408]

Online Qatar guide providing information for Qatar visitors like places to visit, things to do, attractions, restaurants, flights, hotels and information for Quatar residents including jobs.. I also recommend looking at seatguru.com. The website has really useful seating plans for the different types of aircraft used by the airlines, and clearly identifies the best and worst.. FRANKFURT/DOHA, July 31 (R) - A Qatar Airways 787 Dreamliner grounded last week amid reports of a problem with an electrical panel in In a statement on Wednesday, Qatar Airways said a delay in shipping a replacement part from Boeing caused an extended grounding of the Dreamliner..

SeatGuru is an online application and website that enables its users to view seating arrangements on a flight and access flight schedules Cars For Sale سيـارات للـبيــع Cars For Rent سيـارات للايجـار Motorbikes Sp SeatGuru is an excellent tool to use for figuring out seat maps, aircraft, and more. Check out our guide on how to use SeatGuru to make travel better. The Ultimate Guide to SeatGuru - Finding the Best Seat on the Plane Answer 1 of 4: Just got notification that our outbound flight from UK has been upgraded to that of the 787-800 Dreamliner. Qatar have been running this version since November 12. Wonder how long before seat appreciation will appear in the channel?

The 787-8 is designed to typically seat 234 passengers in a three-class setup, 240 in two-class domestic configuration, and 296 passengers in a high-density economy arrangement. Seat rows can be arranged in four to seven abreast in first or business, e.g. 1–⁠2–⁠1, 2–⁠2–⁠2, or 2–⁠3–⁠2. Eight or nine abreast are options in economy, e.g. 3–⁠2–⁠3, 2–⁠4–⁠2, or 3–⁠3–⁠3. Typical seat room ranges from 46 to 61 in (120 to 150 cm) pitch in first, 36 to 39 in (91 to 99 cm) in business, and 32 to 34 in (81 to 86 cm) in economy.[237][238] The Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a masterpiece of aeronautical engineering with refined on-board hospitality, offering you a flight experience Our Qatar Airways Boeing 777 cabin features comfortable seats, delectable dining options and award-winning crew that will ensure you arrive at.. In the Economy Class, all A, D, and K seats may have limited legroom and storage space underneath the seat due to the presence of an entertainment equipment box under the seat in front. The armrests in Economy Class do not rise entirely.External features include a smooth nose contour, raked wingtips and engine nacelles with noise-reducing serrated edges (chevrons).[193] The longest-range 787 variant can fly up to 7,635 nmi (14,140 km),[194] or the even longer Qantas QF 9 flight between Perth Airport and London–Heathrow, over 7,828 nmi (14,497 km). Its cruising airspeed is Mach 0.85 (488 kn; 903 km/h).[195] The aircraft has a design life of 44,000 flight cycles.[196] Reserve a seat. Add hold baggage. Amend name

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