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18’000kr (SEK) about 1’800€ for global Journey from Sweden with own tent and alcohol and good and everything =) Worth it![…] I said in my last post about how I got to go to Tomorrowland, I arrived at Dreamville at midnight on Saturday night. Since there was only 1 hour left of […]

Well, with interest rates the way they are I don’t know if any festival is worth racking up credit card debt for! But dipping into my savings? Heck yes 🙂So exactly how much does Tomorrowland cost? This post is my own personal euro for euro breakdown! I decided not to include flights into the total because first, Tomorrowlanders fly in from over 200 different countries, meaning that figure will be largely irrelevant, and second, I flew in from one European country and out to another and enjoyed a bit of Belgium along the way, as this was part of a much larger trip. However, here are some of my best tips for scoring great flight deals.This database provides the ticket cost for each type of Tomorrowland ticket package. To calculate your individual expected cost, visit the calculator above. For details of each ticket package, visit the official Tomorrowland website. Service fees and credit card fees are included in the price as of 2021. Treasure case fees are extra dependent on the country it is delivered to (more on that below). Due to the complexity of Global Journey pricing, please visit the official Tomorrowland website for more information once packages are available. Tomorrowland has published a simulator with updated prices.Thank you very much for the information! im so excited, can’t wait for tomorrowland anymore 😉We’d much prefer to occasionally spend that little bit more and do everything we want, and if it means we go home 1 month early, so be it.

What a good tip about collecting the bottle caps before- I would never have though to do that! It all cost a lot but I’m not surprised at all. Festivals are getting so expensive- it totally sounds worth it though! Looking forward to your post about how to get the damn tickets-everything sells out so fast! I think Glastonbury sold out in 27 minutes just recently and that’s about 8 or 9 months in advance of the actual festival weekend!I get this question probably once a week and I always say about $2,000, it wasn't until I broke it down like this that I find that I'm actually right!  My three years of Tomorrowland have been some of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. The money is totally worth it!

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  1. Find the best deals on amusement park tickets to Canada's Wonderland. Buy tickets online and save on daily admission to the park! Plan your 2020 Canada's Wonderland visit early, buy a Single Day Ticket online and save $27 off the front gate price! Visit any day the park is open to the public in 2020..
  2. Beer is the drink of choice served at Tomorrowland. My favorite being the cherry beer that my husband says tastes like medicine. Beer is 1.5 tickets, so €3 for a small, large 2.5 tickets or €5. Soda is also 1.5 tickets. This is all from the last three years so it could change. You can check out this blog for all the food and drink breakdown. This total will really depend on how big of a drinker you are. But let's say you have 5 drinks a day, that's a of Total = €45 or $54
  3. I don’t think that sounds like a lot for something so special. I never even knew this was a thing but it sounds so awesome! Hopefully you get your stuff back from the post office soon!
  4. Once you receive the tickets, the first thing you should do is to personalize it by putting your name on it. This ensures that if it’s lost, you can get a replacement bracelet.

If you have a Belgian address then you are eligible for the Belgian sale. If you have a Belgian friend you can ask them for this favor. However, it’s not that much easier to get a ticket in the Belgian sale than the global sale. My Belgian friend tried to get a ticket for me but failed.Via the Tomorrowland Facebook Groups, I obtained a ticket for $200 last minute – a bargain! However, we also had to Paypal someone in blind faith that the tickets will be delivered by mail. We “vetted” the profile seeing she was a real person, but beyond that it was a risk we had to take. Thankfully, they arrived without incident.My self Sagar & i am from india. I am planing to travell alone for Tomorrowland 2017 & it will my first time. Finden Sie Ihre gesuchten Tomorrowland 2021 Tickets hier bei viagogo, der weltweit größten Ticketbörse. Wir halten Sie auf dem Laufenden mit Neuigkeiten zum Tomorrowland 2021 Lineup. Wählen Sie einen Tag aus, um die verfügbaren Tickets und Festivalpässe zu sehen

The tickets are actually less expensive than I would have guessed. $1500 really isn’t that bad for a once in a lifetime splurge!Me too! Thanks for sharing Neil, will definitely be helpful to other travelers in the future. I guess you did Global Journey then?WOW! Sounds like you had a great time! I’m hoping the expenses won’t vary a lot for someone coming from South Africa. Thanks Alex! Tomorrowland!Hi Alex ,Thanks for info ,I lov huge Sfx festivals like Tomorrowland ..I made plans for April 2016 but due to some reasons I held plans …can you share your best photography experience?? Except fireworks ..& I’m really thanks for this information

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Tomorrowland also takes place in Brazil and there is a winter edition known as Tomorrowland Winter that takes place nestled in the French Alps. There are additional Tomorrowland events that happen in other countries across Europe and beyond, such as in Germany, Spain, Lebanon and Israel These were my personal costs, so that was my share. We each paid $600. Check out my post on Dreamville for more info! Tickets Skiing is one expensive hobby I’ve managed to avoid falling for so far. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time, though!But at least you get value for what you are buying. Tomorrowland is known on the festival scene for its gourmet food and we were impressed by both the variety and quality. Each token had value of €2, and inside the festival mixed drinks cost 5 tokens, sodas and soft drinks cost 1.5 tokens, cheese toasties cost 2.5 tokens, and a meals like a pulled pork roll from the Texan BBQ stand or a noodle stir fry from the Asian booth cost 6-10 tokens. A great list of food and drink prices for 2014 can be found here.

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  1. Tickets are required for children aged 4 and under. Ticket Price. FREE. The prices below are for groups of 10 - 24 visitors. For 25 or more tickets please contact our Visitor Services Team on 0800 640 4550
  2. When did they release more tickets last year? I’m curious whether or not they are going to release another wave or if it has already happened
  3. Great post Alex. As an avid UK festival goer im now breaking out and have started visiting more European festivals..went to Mysteryland in Holland this year and it was awesome and Tomorrowland is most definitey on my list for next year, although i guess i better start saving :/ looks well worth the splurge though!
  4. The price was for a round trip ride to and from the airport. Supplies. Campsite Food and Alcohol: €48 or $60. A great list of food and drink prices for 2014 can be found here. We ate breakfast in our tent each morning with the food we'd brought, and pre-gamed with our own booze in DreamVille before..
  5. Tomorrowland 2020: Tickets Cost & Registration. Things To See At Tomorrowland Belgium Festival. Where To Stay During Tomorrowland 2020? Check out all the Tomorrowland ticket prices here and choose which of the passes are you going to grab

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When purchasing the package for TL were you able to pay in installments or was it all upfront? I know for Brasil you are able to pay in installments so was hoping this was the case for Belgium.So worth it! This year I splurged on a ski trip to Switzerland (and I mean SPLURGED) because it was a childhood dream. Totally worth it!

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glad that you shared this! I am looking here and there for clue on the costing so that I can plan this ahead. =D [Updated October 2018, after my second trip to Tomorrowland!] Going to Tomorrowland in Belgium is on every raver's bucket list. The catch here is that some ticket + travel prices are severely marked up - up to 2x to 3x more. If you were to book your own accommodations and travel, then you'd be..

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  1. Hi Sagar! I suggest visiting Tomorrowland’s official website to see current costs for the Global Journey package. I don’t have any more information than what I provided here.
  2. I’m flying festival Tomorolnd Belgium. Do you have any tips on what to watch out there, what to wear? Thanks Alex
  3. utes not knowing what to do. Then, I heard some voices in the distance that started to get louder.
  4. I must confess to some severe disappointment when todays hostel did not have the frozen lemon pie listed on the menu in stock…
  5. Tickets view. Type. Adults. Children. Note. One-day Ticket. 56,000 WON. No double discount option including the use of discount cards is available for Two-day Tickets. Night Ticket 16:00~. 46,000 WON
  6. I need some help with booking procedure, hw did u get ur tickets , online booking or through some agents???
  7. FestivalsArtistsLivestreamsFestival FinderMagazineFestivalsArtistsLivestreamsFestival FinderMagazineLog InOfficial PartnerTomorrowland 2018Boom, Belgium20-22 July 2018 & 27-29 July 2018EDMElectronicHardstyle+2Past2021 on sale!

Worldwide-ticket-sale.tomorrowland.com receives less than 9.41% of its total traffic. All this time it was owned by Not Disclosed of NOT DISCLOSED While GODADDY.COM INC. was its first registrar, now it is moved to Ascio Technologies Inc. Danmark - Filial af Ascio technologies Inc. USA Well, I think that 1,200€ is not so much for this festival, I hope that in 2016 to be there, so thanks for information.

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I like that philosophy as well. It’s similar to when I eat dessert — I’m not having fat free ice cream, if I’m having dessert, I’m going all in!Yeah, our food/drink costs would have EXPONENTIALLY higher had we not done that. The breakfasts in the Dream Lodge village were ridiculously priced — and I much preferred a lazy start to the morning in our tent 🙂I went to Europe during the recession in North America and had found good paying job in the fashion business in London. After 4 years, I came home with $250 but money was well spent at parties, booze, music, girls, sex and explore the world and the human race, I had lived four years in paradise. You only live twice.

Thanks Emily! I think it’s more of a shock factor for those who aren’t used to the festival scene. Once you’ve gotten over the shock of the first one, it’s much easier to justify the next!My ticket was £850 pounds flying from edinburgh and staying in a 4* hotel. I reckon i spent including goin out the first night in brussels about €1200 euro on drink n food. Could have done it alot cheaper but had a great time!I am trying to find out information about GJ from Canada as I would like to attend 2017! Can you please let me know any tips/tricks recommendations you would have? I was trying to figure out if it would be cheaper to book my own flight then do a GJ from a closer location? Let me know!

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Hi Alex! I’m from Brazil, and me and my friend are crazy have a Tomorrowland experience. The tickets are in the most sold out right? I’ve found some tickets but the cost is kind of twice of the original price. Is there any way to get tickets with the original price? Or if You know a person who wants to sell passes, I’m crazy for that. Thank You Tomorrowland 2013 Ticket Info. Photo Credit: Tomorrowland. Tomorrowland 2013 is scheduled from July 26-28, 2013. It will certainly sell out — the festival was voted the Best Large Festival in Europe

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As many previous attendees have noted, Global Journey Sale tickets are the easiest (but also more expensive) option. Historically, it has been much more difficult to purchase tickets during the pre-sale and general on-sale, so if you have the cash handy, you may have more luck. The Global Journey Sale will take place on Saturday, January 20 at 5 pm CET.Nice blog! What were your thoughts of the General camping area, vs the dream lodge tents? I would be a bit concerned about valuables and random people snooping around my tent… How much could you fit into the lockers? Oh and also what would happen if you refuse to pay those crazy random fees? Thanks! I can’t wait to go! CarlosTickets are available in a few different packages. Day passes are €88/$111 each, while a Full Madness pass covering all three days of the festival is €237.50/$300. Comfort passes, which all access to seperate viewing decks, are €165/$208 per day or €437.5/$552 for the Full Madness comfort pass.I just want to know when you buy your madness ticket does it go straight to ask what kind of camping you want? And can you buy 2 tickets at a time so you know your friend is gonna be in the same canopie.

One upside of walking all this way is that we walked through the little town of Boom. Some locals had chairs out to watch the fireworks of Tomorrowland from the outside. Other houses had food & drinks stalls out to sell to famished festival attendees. However, most of the houses seemed to have vacated for the weekend in order to AirBnb their houses for the weekend to festival attendees – and make a killing while they’re at it, I’m sure!I missed the music festival scene by about 20 years but me at your age wouldn’t have blinked twice at that cost. Looks like so much fun but I doubt a 40 something mom of two would fit in. I’d be at the O2 bar 24/7!With Full Madness bracelets, once you leave the site you will not be granted re-entry until the following day.  Sasha Live @ Tomorrowland 2018, Belgium. Ozanca Erik Dalı Gevrektir Boris Brejcha @ Tomorrowland Belgium 2018 TranziT History, Art and Music El Croata Hanna Engel Auf die Plätze, fertig, ins Glück For those looking to do things more simply, the WorldWide sales offer festival tickets and DreamVille Packages. Camping at Tomorrowland is among the best in Europe, and the festival offers a myriad of camping options including standard camping, easy tents, or luxury camping options such as DreamLodge, Cabana, and Mansion packages.

Tomorrowland's 2018 theme is The Story of Planaxis, and as the short video suggests, it may have a maritime or underwater theme - but nothing has been confirmed. Ticket prices and other ticket information will be released January 9th 2018 Absolutely, Gami! Though you won’t have access to all the facilities we had in the Dream Lodges, general camping is a much more budget friendly alternative. You can find out more in my post here! Hope that helps.This blog was so helpful! Is the price you listed the same for all countries? Also, do you have any tips on the best way to ensure tickets to the festival? Its been mine and my friends dream to go to Tomorrowland for so long and we finally have the bank to do it 🙂Hiii!! Awesome blog!! I have a question: how much cost the locker? I have noticed that it isn’t written. Thanks in advance 🙂 Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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tickets. Mysteryland 2020 postponed I’m also from New York and I was planning on going to Tomorrowland in a year or two so I was wondering how much you paid for plane tickets and also how much the dream lodge costs for the 4 nights. Are ticket prices included in the price of the dream lodge or is that extra?Awesome blog you have ! 😀 I love your beautiful photos and well written articles. Really happy that you loved Tomorrowland so much. I made a blogpost with the drink & food ticket prices of this year’s edition: http://www.dailymichael.be/tomorrowland-drink-food-ticket-prices/ That could be helpful for others to plan their trip… 🙂Tomorrowland is on my bucket list and reading through your post gives me inspiration to make the trip from another part fo the world.

Alex! Thank you so much for your post, I was really stressed about how much I’m going to spend during this days. When you mentioned Global Journey yep! Right here, I’m going from Mexico and I already payed the flights and the camping…But i was wondering how much money should I need for food and well.. souvenirs and stuff… Loved your advise! 🙂If my friends and I buy multiple spectacular easy tent packages, how do we make sure our tents will be together? Is it assigned after purchase or first come first serve when you check in? Das Tomorrowland ist ein Mekka für alle Fans der elektronischen Tanzmusik und ist ein absolutes Muss für jeden Festivalliebhaber. Mit dem diesjährigen Motto The Book of Wisdom The Return lassen die Köpfe hinter dem Festival das 2012er-Motto wieder aufleben und feiern so den 15 You have no idea how much your blog has been preparing for me and my boyfriend’s trip to Tomorrowland this year! We want to end our festival life with a bang before we settle down, buy house, ect… I have literally read every words of you blogs 30 times. I am just trying to see our best option for traveling right now, when I look up flights from Miami we are looking at about $1,350 per ticket. Thank you so much for all the great information, you are truly amazing. 🙂 Get the Tomorrowland 2018 lineup; buy tickets, get the latest news & rumors! Tomorrowland has a lineup of the world's best Trance, House, Chill, Trap, Electro, Hardstyle and more! The Tomorrowland 2018 dates are July 20 - 22 AND July 27 - 29

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All in all I don’t think that’s too bad. As long as you had a great time that’s all that matters. Sometimes you gotta splurge! Get help. Sell content. Pricing. English Alex, hello I have a few questions for this magical experience. I’m 18 years old, I plan on going to Tomorrowland within the next year.

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I love this fest….. May I know the total cost of Tomorrow Land 2015 incl. flight charges. I saw $1525, but still want to know about the flight…. Help me Alex in this. Tomorrowland 2017 Tipps? Hallo, ich habe vor nächstes Jahr zum Tomorrowland zu fahren und da habe ich ein paar Fragen die mir Google nicht sagen konnte: Wann ist die Pre-Registation und der Verkaufstart Hey Alex, I’m Hisham From Libya !! in my country we do not have a zip code or house address. So it’s impossible to receiving my bracelet from here..If you can tell me what exactly will cost to visit tomorrowland including tickets,foods n stuffs. I’m from Nepal. Thank youDo you know if the shuttle you took from the airport is the same one that Global Journey tickets holders take? I’m just wondering how the experience was and whether or not they permitted alcohol on board/stopped for bathroom breaks. Me and a friend just bought the GJ flight package with comfort passes from Canada. Can’t wait!

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Book your tickets for Tomorrowland 2020 now. Safe and secure online or visit our store in Rotterdam. 4Alltickets is the number 1 for all your tickets Price. CityTicket costs just $4.50 and is good for one-way travel that begins and ends within New Buying a CityTicket. LIRR tickets may be purchased with cash or credit/debit/ATM cards at both LIRR tickets may be purchased with cash or personal checks at ticket windows or with cash or..

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I don’t blame ya… glamping was the way to go 🙂 I’m sure no matter where you stay, you’ll have a great time!Hey Kate! If they are like the Dream Lodges, which I assume they are, then they are assigned as you check in. They just fill them out from front to back (you don’t get to choose.)Considering the amazing amount of pyrotechnics alone, I suddenly understood where the ticket costs came from. Heather and I kept saying, “this is like a million dollars in fireworks!” Ha. FAQ. Important info. Read more. ©2020 Tomorrowland. Privacy policy Terms & conditions. Powered by Premium Plus No, I think it’s a sign of how festival saturated the world is! There are more than anyone could ever keep up with.

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Hey Jose! There were plenty of couples, plenty of singles, plenty of groups of friends having fun. You’ll have a great time.Yeah, it was really freeing and nice not to stress about the money I was spending! I accepted it would be an indulgence and just enjoyed it 🙂Thanks for sharing this! As a frequent festival goer myself its sweet to see what other people spend, and especially at a festie I’ve never been to but would like to attend! You did a great job on that one haha that’s a good price for all that and in another country! Just reading it makes me miss sleeping in a tent! 🙂I had guessed it would be around that amount, and given all the loveliness and shenanigans you guys got into there, I’d say well worth every cent! Tomorrowland Tickets. Join this years' biggest electronic music festival taking place once again over two weekends in Boom, Belgium! The first weekend is set to take place on the 17th, 18th and 19th of July and the second weekend on the 24th, 25th and 26th of July

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See the Tomorrowland Ticket Prices for 2016. A complete overview of all Dreamville Packages and Prices. Tomorrowland One Day Pass, Full Although the official ticket sale for Tomorrowland 2020 hasn't started yet, we can give you an overview about Tomorrowland Ticket Prices Thank you for breaking it down! My range of what I thought it be was roughly $2000 just for being there not including the airfare and transportation fees. Looking at going next year and planning ot out woth a couple friends here in the U.S. Tomorrowland is on my bucket list of places I will get to visit and experience.As of i don’t have any idea of ticketing & stay. I want to be in a Tomorrowland plane with full 3 day madness.Side plug for Blablacar: Blablacar is a real Sharing Economy, while having a sustainable business model (20% of bookings). While AirBnb and Uber have become like seller-client relationships, with Blablacar it’s like you’re taking a road trip with a couple friends. People who drive for Blablacar don’t do it for a living and honestly just make some gas money for the trip – they are also trying to get to their destinations and want some company for the long journey. It’s a win-win-win: The driver makes some gas money & has people to talk to on a long trip; the passenger(s) save at least 50% of the price, get to their destination faster, meet some cool people; Blablacar makes 20% and also makes a lot of people happy!I thought you liked the tshirt!?!?! Well it was an awesome time, and best music from it is Kygo! Obsessed still.

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Loading...Show more notes. Reblog. Tomorrowland 2018. Martin Garrix - Live @ Tomorrowland 2018 High On Life feat Βρείτε τα Tomorrowland 2020 εισιτήρια που ψάχνετε στη viagogo, η μεγαλύτερη αγορά εισιτηρίων παγκοσμίως. Μείνετε συντονισμένοι για ενημερώσεις σχετικά με το Tomorrowland 2020 line-up και επιλέξτε μια ημερομηνία για να δείτε τη γκάμα των διαθέσιμων εισιτηρίων για φεστιβάλ

Tickets. Tomorrowland cannot take place in 2020 due to the worldwide coronavirus outbreak and the governmental order that has been issued in that regard. As a general guideline, we can already say that all tickets purchased for Tomorrowland 2020 will be transferred to Tomorrowland 2021 Hey Lauren! I have tips on how to get tickets in this post. Hope it helps! Yes, the price of the festival is the same unless you qualify for the special Belgian resident prices. David Guetta - Tomorrowland 2019 (Weekend 2) (Boom, Belgium) by Livesets - Mixes - Radio Shows is licensed under a Creative Commons License

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Official Q-Dance Tickets Hey Alex — check out my Surviving Tomorrowland post, linked to at the bottom of this one. It has all my best tips on how to nab a ticket.

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Znajdź upragnione bilety na Tomorrowland 2021 na viagogo, największej na świecie internetowej platformie handlu biletami. Sprawdzaj aktualizacje programu imprez Tomorrowland 2021. Wybierz datę, aby zobaczyć dostępne rodzaje biletów i wejściówek na festiwale. Możesz też sprzedać swoje.. A few times we were able to ask for ice and got it from the bar staff. Unfortunately they do not sell it anywhere in Dreamville or Tomorrowland — a huge mistake I think! Our tent neighbors went into town to try to buy some too and came up empty.I’d never even heard of Tomorrowland before reading this. Does that make me chronically unhip? 🙂 Tomorrowland Festival Tickets for the upcoming concert tour are on sale at StubHub UK. All Fees and Delivery are Included. No Surprises at Checkout. Buy and sell your Tomorrowland Festival Tickets today

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Ooooh, I like hearing that Fiji is more affordable than I thought! Maybe that will be my splurge next year 🙂What an amazing post! May I ask you, If i were to just get a day pass of Tomorrowland(not planning on staying), do i still need to purchase a Dreamville ticket?

That said, I hesitated to post this breakdown. I had a few commenters that were shocked by what I spent on Burning Man last year, which was the same amount for more than twice the time. But alas, I’m owning this one — I had a killer time, and annoying mysterious fees and drunken t-shirt purchase aside, I don’t regret a single cent. [Update: Turns out Tomorrowland Brazil is even more expensive!] Was that more or less than you expected? If you’ve been to Tomorrowland, please share your own experience in the comments below!Hey Koshish, that’s what this entire post is about! Scroll up and you’ll find the answers to your questions.

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I’m not surprised by the total at all, I blow through a decent chunk of change at festivals for only a few hours. They’re all expensive! I imagine a giant once-in-a-lifetime festival would be expensive, but that’s not really as bad as I would have thought! Looks like you had a blast too!!If you buy a bracelet and someone else’s name is already associated with it, you’re supposed to ask them for a copy of their passport to prove that you are authorized to use this person’s ticket (although I found that you’re never actually asked for ID at the event). This may become a problem is if your disingenuous seller reports their wristband stolen, and this would invalidate your wristband. So make sure you buy your ticket from someone that looks trustworthy. Shop our best value Tomorrowland on AliExpress. Check out more Tomorrowland items in Men's Clothing, T-Shirts, Hoodies & Sweatshirts, Apparel Accessories! And don't miss out on limited deals on Tomorrowland Tomorrowland has announced the ticket sale date for the 2020 festival. Global Journey Travel Packages, which include a tomorrowland ticket, hotel, and/or access to Dreamville will go on sale on January 18th next year, with the worldwide pre-sale for all tiers of Tomorrowland tickets and..

Hey Alex, i want to surprise my boyfriend and buy the tickets for the tomorrow land, so i have some questions to ask, did u reserve in advance for the tents? When we arrive can we get a place for the tent? Is there shower, bathroom? Was it comfortable? Is there city nearby to get a room in airbandb to be more comfortable? Thank u in advance alexIt is totally allowed, as long as it’s not in glass containers. They can search your bags looking for glass. Enjoy! Tomorrowland cannot take place in 2020 due to the worldwide coronavirus outbreak and the governmental order that has been issued in that regard. As a general guideline, we can already say that all tickets purchased for Tomorrowland 2020 will be transferred to Tomorrowland 2021 Going to Tomorrowland in Belgium is on every raver’s bucket list. In the beginning of each year, hopeful festival-goers have several chances to obtain the coveted Tomorrowland tickets. Here are the six ways you can obtain Tomorrowland tickets.As Heather was flying in to Brussels late on Thursday and we were anxious to arrive to the festival as quickly as possible, I met her at the airport and we took Tomorrowland’s shuttle to the festival. The price was for a round trip ride to and from the airport.

What’s the difference between the lodges and the dream vile camping? I thought you only needed the camping pass. Getting tickets for Tomorrowland is a tricky business. To be successful getting tickets you must either buy as early as possible or be prepared to pay a lot of money via a ticket reselling agency such as Viagogo who will be selling a variety of tickets with heavily inflated prices until the day of the festival Haha, when it comes to dropping serious cash on a festival, that’s all you can say really…

Well, considering I called it my “best decision of the festival,” I’m going to go with yes 🙂 If you want to read more about the Dreamville Lodges you can read here. Good luck!Hey Emery, the plane ticket price will of course vary based on your destination. I recommend using a search engine like Kayak or Skyscanner to estimate what you’d pay for a flight to Brussels. Best of luck!I spent €48/$60 on food and alcohol to bring into DreamVille. While we didn’t plan to cook, a stash of apples, bananas, nuts and granola bars went a long way, and our array of booze and mixers was a much appreciated break from the overpriced drink stalls inside the festival. You can bring anything into DreamVille except glass, meaning all alcohol had to be transferred into plastic bottles ahead of time.Tomorrowland was an insanely fun experience I won’t be forgetting anytime soon — now that the sting of the price has faded, I only have the happy memories 🙂 Good luck getting there!

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