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1) I have absolutely no idea. Ask GTR. 2) GTR decided to price journeys on the direct routes from Gatwick to London at a cheaper rate than other National Rail only journeys. As Wandsworth Town involves travel on SWT you lose out. Visitors Oyster Card from the Visitors Centre at Gatwick airport and that when you buy it my 14 year old would be given a 50% discount of the cost of the fares that go onto his card. You can buy Regular Oyster Cards at the Gatwick Railway Station and they'll add the young person's discount too

I’m aware that you might need to tap out at a tube station such as Euston and then walk to Euston Square to continue your tube journey and that Oyster will still consider this a single journey but in such cases, isn’t the Oyster system meant to work out the cheapest fare for your journey not the most expensive?I’m really surprised that the Oyster system has such a fundamental flaw and isn’t able to calculate the lowest applicable fare on a journey that could be considered either a single trip or made up of more than one leg. Maybe, as you say, it wasn’t such an issue before the Gatwick extension? Oyster Card - The Oyster card is a London-wide rechargeable card, designed to be re-used, and accepted on pretty much every form of London transport. You can also use contactless for some airport services, including Gatwick Express and Heathrow Express Well indeed. It really makes me wonder why they bothered with Oyster on that line. It’s giving completely the wrong message.

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Oyster was extended to Hertford East when London Overground took over suburban services previously operated by Greater Anglia in May 2015. Hi Mike, Thanks for providing all this information. I’m an annual season ticket holder from Horley to Imperial Wharf in zone 2. i know that until Horley/Gatwick/Redhill is apart of a Zone i can’t have an annual Oyster Card which would be cheaper than the paper ticket i have, but there must be a cheaper way using the Oyster rather than shelling our 3 grand a year? American Express. Allianz. AWS

I am not going to pay (substantially) more to use Gatwick Express, and I don’t think I can save by buying a return anyway because they all seem to require that the return journey takes place within a month of the initial travel date, and I am going to be in England for more than a month. All of which leads me to think that I have come to my answer – the Oyster card it is, and I will choose the actual route on the day. Of course for that I will need to find a way to top up my Oystercard at Gatwick. I read somewhere else on your site that for some reason one needs lots of money on the card to travel in from Gatwick – even more than the cost of the fare, which seems odd. Gatwick Express fares will reduce slightly from £19.90 for a single journey to £19.80. TfL's Director of Customer Experience, Shashi Verma, said: Expanding Oyster and the Contactless ticketing system to Gatwick Express Passenger Services Director, Angie Doll, added: We are delighted that our..

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  1. Touch-screen ticket machines report the last eight journeys and last top-up amount. The same information is available as a print-out from ticket offices, and also on board London Buses by request. The balance is displayed on some Underground barriers at the end of journeys that have caused a debit from the balance, and can also be requested at newsagents and National Rail stations that provide a top-up facility.
  2. If on the same day I use the Oyster card on my next trips from zone 3 to 1, using also national rail services and underground, what will be the daily cap?
  3. To ensure successful transactions, customers must record any changes to their billing address and update their debit or credit card details as necessary.
  4. Examples of these services include London Midland trains from Watford Junction to London Euston and Southern trains to Clapham Junction.
  5. al prosecutions by TfL of bus passengers whose Oyster card, when checked by Revenue Protection Inspectors, did not show that the passenger had "touched in" correctly on boarding.[116][117][118] In particular, problems have been highlighted in connection with the quality of error messages given to passengers when touching in has failed for any reason. In one case, a passenger successfully appealed against his conviction for fare evasion when the court noted that the passenger believed he had paid for his journey because the Oyster reader did not give sufficient error warning.[119][120]
  6. When traveling across London, it’s worth remembering that the further outside of Zones 1 and 2 you need to go, the more expensive your journey can become. 

Global Express Guaranteed® 82 000 000 00. Service / Sample Number. Priority Mail Express International® EC 000 000 000 US Your travelcard should make a difference unless you use the Gatwick Express. If you do make the journey, please let me know what you are charged as there is some confusion as to what the extension fares actually are.

Hi Mike I think this will work out that I will have to pay for 2 full journeys. If so I will make them the weekends when travel is cheaper.The official Oyster branded holders have been redesigned on several occasions, keeping up with various iterations of the card and to increase service awareness. The initial version mimicked the blue design of the card itself, and was later modified to include the line "Please reuse your card" on the front. You will need to pay a £5.00 deposit, which is held by Transport for London – but can be reimbursed to you whenever you return your Oyster Card back to any London Underground Station at the end of your visit or return it on your journey home at Heathrow Airport.You simply add money onto your card at either a Tube station (all stations have kiosks where you can add money via cash or card), online or at a random shop where you see an Oyster Card sign.

Sorry for the delay responding. The family and friends railcard is not a travel ticket itself, it just gives you discounts on paper tickets. Whilst it would be worthwhile for the journey from Gatwick to Victoria (and back at the end?), it won’t be much use if you only travel in zones 1 and 2 while in London. So I would buy one for the Airport trips and use Oyster while in London. As long as you stick to Underground, DLR and London Overground services the 8 year old does not need a ticket in London. The 11-year-old should have their own Oyster which you can get discounted to half rate fares. See https://tfl.gov.uk/fares-and-payments/travel-for-under-18s/travelling-with-children for further details.The introduction of Oyster pay as you go on the National Rail commuter rail network in London was phased in gradually over a period of about six years (see Roll-out history). Since January 2010, PAYG has been valid on all London suburban rail services which accept Travelcards. Additionally, PAYG may be used at a selected number of stations which lie just outside the zones. New maps were issued in January 2010 which illustrates where PAYG is now valid.[54][55] They aren’t charging you for a journey you haven’t made. If you used a Thameslink train to Blackfriars and then used the Underground to Victoria then the charge would be £10.20. If you just use a Southern train to Victoria then it’s £8.00. The issue is that there are two stations at Victoria and the fare depends on which one you arrive at. The TfL single fare finder doesn’t help when it hides the National Rail station until you have typed in the whole word Victoria.

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The lowest fare guarantee really only applies to zones 1-6. It definitely doesn’t apply to the Merstham to Gatwick section where the implimentation of Oyster is for convenience only and absolutely no perception of value for money. If you can point me at the page on the Oyster website where you saw this I’ll ask TfL to consider revising the wording.When you buy an Oyster Card, I suggest using a credit/debit card. When I went to cash out my remaining balance and deposit at the Tube station, the ticket machine didn't work. The attendant nearby sent me to a "TfL Visitor Centre," this was at the King's Cross/St Pancras Tube station (but there are others), which ended up doing the refund and posted it back on my card. This is a super convenient way to get the refund and not end up with U.K. coins on my way out of the U.K.As I don’t travel regularly, the closest comparison I can make is to the journeys I made on 3 March.Would it cost the same £10.20 if I took the train to London Bridge rather than Victoria? As I understand it the train to London Bridge is run not by Southern but by a company called Thameslink, who don’t have a strike going on.

Forum. Comment. Edit. Submit New. PCI Express Mini Card (also known as Mini PCI Express, Mini PCIe, and Mini PCI-E) is a replacement for the Mini PCI form factor based on PCI Express. It is developed by the PCI-SIG A further disclaimer explains that "all existing peak and off-peak fares, advance fares, period fares, and group ticket offers from Gatwick Airport will be maintained..." and that "these may cost less than pay as you go."* You should actually be able to pay £3.20 changing at New Cross Gate and Dalston Juction/Kingsland or Cannonbury as that is a purely National Rail journey, but that isn’t going to be resolved quickly. Gatwick Express Passenger Services Director, Angie Doll, said: We are delighted that our passengers will be able to use pay as you go to travel between Passengers with contactless bank or credit cards, for example, will simply need to touch the Oyster readers without having to queue for a ticket or even..

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Train rides between central London and Gatwick take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour or so, depending on the train company and your London stop. The quickest trip is usually the Gatwick Express. As you can see in the table below, trains are usually much faster than taking a bus or car. If you're after Gatwick Express tickets, look no further. At Trainline, we'll show you where Gatwick Express can take you and how to book the best value fares for your To find Gatwick Express tickets, simply start a search above, and we'll show you the best available journey times and prices

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Contribute to subintp/oyster_card development by creating an account on GitHub Certain limitations remain on National Rail, however. Airport services Stansted Express and Thameslink Luton Airport services all run outside the Travelcard zones, so PAYG is not valid on those services either.

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No railcard / other ticket involved and definitely not charged the full £16 for two £8 single journeys today. So, the £19 off-peak cap from Redhill presumably only applies when you make multiple journeys outside zone 6?The daily caps from Gatwick are £30.50 Anytime and £19.00 after 0930. These are NOT the zone 1-9 caps. Paper off-peak day travelcards are available for £17.00 (Thameslink or Southern, Not GatEx), £16.30 (Southern only) or £14.30 (Thameslink only). The cheaper two are only limited between Gatwick and East Croydon. After that you can use any train off-peak.Visitors can even take their Oyster Cards back home with them and either keep them as souvenirs or hold onto them until their next trip to London! 

PS – I note that the peak cap from Redhill is £29.80 rather than £31.50 in my previous comment.Some London bus routes cross outside the Greater London boundary before reaching their terminus. Pay-as-you-go users are permitted to travel the full length of these route on buses operated as part of the London Bus network, even to destinations some distance outside Greater London. The start date to pick up the refund can be the next day (at the earliest) and the refund will remain at the nominated station for 8 days in total. The customer does have the option to delay the start date for up to 8 days, and the refund will still remain at the gate for up to 8 further days. After this time the refund will be deleted from the gate line, and the customer will have to re-request the refund.

The only difference is that you must pay shipping and handling fees to receive the paper card, and in our opinion, these are much easier to lose!At a number of Tube, DLR, London Overground and National Rail stations which lie in close proximity, or where interchange requires passengers to pass through ticket barriers, an Out-of-Station Interchange (OSI) is permitted. In such cases, the card holder touches out at one station and then touches in again before starting the next leg of the journey. The PAYG fares are then combined and charged as a single journey. Examples include transferring between the Jubilee line at Canary Wharf and the DLR where Oyster card holders must tap their card at the ticket barriers in the Tube station, and then touch in on the validator at the DLR station. Balham (National Rail) to/from Balham (Tube) is another OSI, as is Camden Town (Tube) to/from Camden Road (London Overground).[42] Failure to touch in or out on the validators in these circumstances will incur a maximum fare which is deducted from PAYG funds. In some cases (e.g. at West Hampstead NR stations) the OSI replicates interchanges which have existed for several decades before the invention of the Oyster system but were generally used with season tickets rather than day tickets. Instead Freedom Pass users have to buy ‘Boundary Zone’ tickets, which are cash fares, so usually more expensive than the Oyster Pay as you Go extension fare equivalent. (Alternatively they could break the journey at the boundary and use a Pay as You go Oyster card for the ‘beyond boundary’ section, but which elderly or disabled person would want to do that when lugging suitcases to Gatwick?)It seems odd that my auto complete cap of £17.50 became £18.20 after I had touched out en route at East Croydon and taken two buses.A registration form can be obtained at or after the time of purchase, which if not completed restricts the Oyster card to Pay-as-you-go and weekly tickets.[32]

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The Oyster Gatwick Express fare is a special fare for which capping does not apply. Any other journeys to or from Victoria will be charged separately. The Gatwick Express fare will be applied whenever touch in or out at Victoria is at the gates to platforms 13 and 14 Many thanks for your reply on 19th January. The ticketing error on Thameslink paper tickets unfortunately has now been corrected.

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That journey is a valid combination, but you mustn’t touch in at platforms 13/14. The problem is that the staff at Victoria will deny that an Oyster travelcard is valid on Gatwick Express. A travelcard plus a BZ6 to Gatwick ticket is definitely valid, and a travelcard is a travelcard whether it is on paper or on Oyster. I've already posted Crimson Tide separately Con Air Pearl Harbor Armageddon Murder on the Orient Express Bridge of Spies Man On Fire Three Billboards The Guardian League of Extra In addition to the official wallets distributed by TfL, which may or may not carry advertising for a sponsor, Oyster card holders and wallets are sometimes used as a marketing tool by other organisations seeking to promote their identity or activities. Such items are normally given away free, either with products or handed out to the public.[citation needed] © 2020 Londonist, All rights reserved. All material on this site is the property of Londonist Ltd. Oyster Card for visitors branded cards launched and sold by Gatwick Express.[8]. Impacto. Desde que se introdujo, la tarjeta Oyster ha conseguido disminuir considerablemente el número de clientes que pagan en metálico

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  1. Travel Card. Tarjeta Oyster. Ver todo. El Gatwick Express es un tren que conecta el aeropuerto de Gatwick con la estación de Victoria, en el centro de Londres. ¡Un viaje rápido y cómodo
  2. Gatwick Airport, which is not on an Underground Line, can only be reached by bus or train. Oyster Cards can be used on the Gatwick Express, which is the fastest train to that airport. 
  3. There is no advantage to using a visitor oyster card at all as it will cost you the £5.00 fee and postage to have it sent to your home.
  4. It’s a little more complicated, but you’re on the right lines. Oyster would definitely charge more. Contactless charges a combination of a cap and extension fares if that is cheaper but, as with just about everything on the Gatwick line, it’s not as straightforward as it should be. Extension fares are charged based on the Horley/Salfords fares even if the journey is to/from Earlswood/Redhill/Merstham. This means that you’ll be charged £15.30 which is a zone 1-4 all day cap of £9.30 plus two £3.00 extension fares. I’ve tried every combination I can think of and I can’t get it to charge less than that – unless you use two cards, one for Redhill to Clapham Junction and back and the other for everything else. Is it worth it for 20p?
  5. In 2012, TfL also released various cards to mark the Olympic Games taking place in London that year. The cards performed the same as any other card and also include all the same text, apart from a differentiating line (listed below), and the London 2012 logo. Cards like these were distributed solely to select 2012 volunteers who took part in the opening and closing ceremonies. They were used for the duration of the games and therefore are no longer valid for use on the transport system. The colour of these Oyster cards is pink with a coloured stripe:
  6. Since 8 September 2006, students at some London universities have been able to apply for their 18+ Oyster photocard online by uploading a digital photograph and paying with a credit or debit card.

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  1. The Oyster fare finder says that East Croydon to Hackney Central is £4.70 off-peak single, so £9.40 return. That will cover any route that involves zone 1*. You can pay just £2.50 each way by avoiding zone 1, change at New Cross Gate, Canada Water and Stratford, touching the pink readers on the Overground platforms at Stratford.
  2. This is a selection of the most common FAQs. For further information, please click on the grey box on the right hand side.
  3. If you want to get to Gatwick more cheaply, go via London Bridge rather than on the more expensive Gatwick Express from Victoria. If you have an all zones travel card you could get a ticket from the zonal b..
  4. Oyster Cards. TfL Issued Travelcards. Freedom Passes. Heathrow Express & Heathrow Connect Tickets. Stansted/Gatwick Express in-flight (or mobile) No, the 2FOR1 London attractions partners DO NOT recognise Oyster Cards as being valid accompanying rail tickets, unless it is an Oyster..
  5. In general the extension fares will be the price of a single from the next zone to where you are going. In your case this will be a zone 6 station. You do need to take account of your whole journey because that can change the fare. As an example, if your journey is Green Park to Heathrow on the Piccadilly line then you will be charged a zone 6 single at the TfL-LU rate. If you were to start at East Croydon and travel via Victoria and South Kensington then you would be charged a zone 6 single at the NR1-T rate. In both cases you would only be paying for the Underground beyond Hatton Cross, but it matters where you have come from.
  6. The gateway to Britain's public transport network
  7. A Visitor Oyster card can be delivered to your home before your visit, or Oyster cards can be purchased in all London airports along with stations. Visitor Oyster card holders also enjoy a range of special offers and discounts across the city. Read our guide to make sure you buy the right ticket for..
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You can top-up your Oyster at the ticket machines in Gatwick, minimum top-up is £14 (checked earlier this week)A complete 8-week 'touch' history can be requested from TfL: for registered and protected Oyster cards, TfL can provide the history for the previous 8 weeks, but no further back. Oyster online also displays up to 8 weeks of journey history. Thanks for the info. I think that is what I’d expect, though anything is possible with the Gatwick extension. = River: PAYG only available on Thames Clipper; Travelcards only provide discount, not valid for travel. = Emirates Air Line: Travelcards only provide discount, not valid for travel.

Advertiser Disclosure: NimbleFins is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), FCA FRN 797621. NimbleFins is a research and data-driven personal finance site. Reviews that appear on this site are based on our own analysis and opinion, with a focus on product features and prices, not service. Some offers that appear on this website are from companies from which NimbleFins receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where offers appear on this site (for example, the order in which they appear). For more information please see our Advertiser Disclosure. The site may not review or include all companies or all available products. While we use our best endeavours to be comprehensive and up to date with product info, prices and terms may change after we publish, so always check details with the provider. Consumers should ensure they undertake their own due diligence before entering into any agreement.If you are planning on travel around the city a lot over a certain period, then likely the 7-Day Travel Card might be your preferred option over ‘pay as you go’. I am arriving at Gatwick on a plane from the US on August 10 at 1.00pm and, having no luggage and a British passport, expect to get reasonably swiftly on a train to Victoria (best) or London Bridge (second best, but doable if its much cheaper). I cannot seem to work out what the price would be if I were to use my (standard, not a visitors) Oyster card. The TFL website farefinder suggests it would be £10.20 to Victoria, but you seem to be quoting £8.00 as an offpeak fare. Can you help?Redhill to City Thameslink – touch at 0655 – £10.30 Waterloo to Redhill – touch at 1253 – £5.80 Bus – touch at 2120 – £1.40 Tram – touch at 2157 – £0.00 Wimbledon LU to South Kensington – touch at 2240 – £0.00 South Kensington to Redhill – touch at 2310 – £2.90On some National Rail routes where pay-as-you-go was valid, Oyster validators had not been installed at some intermediate stations. While Oyster pay-as-you-go users could legally travel along those lines to certain destinations, they were not permitted to board or alight at intermediate stations. If their journey began or ended at an intermediate station, they would be unable to touch out and consequently be liable for penalty fares or prosecution.[136][137]

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  1. Wimbledon to East Putney / Putney to Syon Lane (charged £2.00) Syon Lane to Redhill (charged £6.70)
  2. ate in London at Victoria Station. From Victoria you can take the Victoria, District and Circle lines to transit elsewhere in London.
  3. Just below that link it explains that you can buy a regular ( not Visitor) Oyster card at all of London's airports, and then it lists the specific location for each airport.
  4. It seems pretty underhand that this is being treated as a single peak time journey, especially considering the two separate parts of the journey were made using two different modes of transport so surely each one should be treated in isolation from the other?

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According to Tfl the single peak fare from East Dulwich (Zone 2) to Gatwick is: £9.70. Yet the same fare from London Bridge is £16.20. A number of limited edition Oyster card variant designs exist. These are produced in limited quantities but otherwise function as standard Oyster cards. These include: An Oyster card can have a longer term "season" ticket loaded onto it (either at a ticket office or on line). Such a ticket can start on any day and be valid for a minimum of seven days and a maximum of one year. Unlike an Oyster card, a contactless card can automatically apply a seven-day travel card rate. If the card is regularly used between any Monday to Sunday period, an automatic cap is applied. The seven-day period is fixed at Monday to Sunday, it cannot be any seven-day period, unlike a seven-day ticket applied to an Oyster card. There is currently no automatic cap for longer periods.[106] First generation Oyster cards are not compatible with the app and TfL recommends users to upgrade their cards to newer ones to use them in the app.[107] Alibaba.com offers 581 oyster cards products. About 33% of these are Card Holders. You can use your own express account or prepay us if you do not have an account. But it also depends on the order quantity and the season you place the order

Finally, if you had touched on a bus outside London Bridge before getting the Southern train then you would have split the journey in two and you would then have been charged £2.50. That is a long standing oddity with the way that fares are calculated for the whole journey before allowing for any travelcard. The bigger issue here is that there is no simple zone 4 – Merstham journey involving LU and NR to compare with.Zones: Most London attractions are within Zones 1 – 2 but a Zone 1 – 6 covers absolutely all of them, as well as Heathrow airport!At Horley, Salfords, Earlswood, Redhill and Merstham the same things will happen, although the entry charge will be higher than normal.  At Gatwick Airport the entry threshold will be the same as the entry charge, £14.00 in the peak and £8.00 off-peak.  This is a significant change to the normal Oyster operation and will undoubtedly result in people not making the whole Gatwick to London journey being surprised that their card needs more credit than they intend to use.Price capping does not apply to PAYG fares on London River Services boats and on Southeastern high speed train services.[61]

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Having touched out of the tube at London Bridge, I then had to wait 30 minutes before touching in again at London Bridge rail station to take a train to Gatwick Airport, by which time it was well into off-peak time (approx. 1010). Oyster Card fares and London Travel Cards - How and where to buy tickets for London tube travel with prices including Pay as You Go card rates. London Underground (the Tube), DLR, and National Rail services (including London Overground and Tfl Rail, but not Heathrow Express services) In August 2010 the issue of the impact of the Oyster card on staffing returned. In response to The National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) ballot for a strike over planned job cuts, TfL stated that the increase in people using Oyster electronic ticketing cards meant only one in 20 journeys now involved interaction with a ticket office. As a result, it aims to reduce staff in ticket offices and elsewhere while deploying more workers to help passengers in stations.[94]

It costs between £8.30 and £19.80 to take a train one way between London and Gatwick using an Oyster card, depending on the time of day and train company.I have also read of people who had got used to travelling from Redhill to Canary Wharf for £19.70 (ie £9.30 + 2 x £5.20) and who are now being charged £25 (ie £12.50 x 12).

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A further system failure occurred two weeks later on 25 July 2008, when pay as you go cards were not read properly.[127] The complexity of Oyster validity on these routes was criticised for increasing the risk of passengers inadvertently failing to pay the correct fare. Criticism was also levelled at train operating companies for failing to provide adequate warnings to passengers about Oyster validity on their routes and for not installing Oyster readers at certain stations.[138][139] Can you please advice what it would cost to travel on the same day, first from Gatwick to Putney + local bus, and that same day various travel (bus, train and tube) within zone 2 and 3? All off peak hours. Planing to use Oyster. Would this be capped at £19? Or is this capped firstly for Gatwick at £19 and secondly for zone 1/2 for £6.50?

You can use an Oyster card to get between London and Gatwick, whether you take the Gatwick Express, Southern or Thameslink. Read below to find out how much you'll pay and expected travel times on each. Plus find out when you shouldn't use an Oyster card to get to/from Gatwick.However, the 7-Day Travelcard can save you quite a bit if you’re traveling around the city often, as we demonstrated in the previous section. I do have a Gatwick staff discount card which gives me 25% off southern trains, however a single with this is still £8.80 so much more than the £6.50 contactless chargesThese prices could be slightly higher or lower, so do check out the fare table to make your calculations.

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Passengers using Oyster or contactless cards will be able to save money on some fares. The cheapest walk-up fare for a journey from London Victoria to Gatwick (excluding the non-stop Gatwick Express) costs £15.40 for a paper ticket, but the same journey using a payment card will be £8.. Trudy glad things went so smoothly using the card. I agree getting through the terminal with less on the card makes up for not being able to return the cards for the deposit.The Thameslink takes a different route in and out of town, making stops in London between London Bridge and St Pancras and beyond. From London Bridge you can take the Northern and Jubilee lines; from St Pancras you can catch the Circle, Metropolitan, Piccadilly, Hammersmith & City, Northern and Victoria.

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Out-of-Station Interchanges can be temporary or permanent. A temporary arrangement may exist between two stations at short notice (routinely during weekend work but also when an emergency closure occurs). The two journeys that result are only charged as a single journey. On 10 March 2005 an incorrect data table meant that the Oyster system was inoperable during the morning rush hour. Ticket barriers had to be left open and pay as you go fares could not be collected.[125] We remove posts that do not follow our posting guidelines, and we reserve the right to remove any post for any reason.

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The Gatwick Express is only one of several train services to use the station. Whilst the most expensive, it is only marginally the fastest and - for many people - its terminus at Victoria may not If you use your Oyster card on Gatwick Express you will be charged the standard one-way fare Touch out, Dartford [National Rail] £0.00 Touch in, London Bridge [National Rail] £0.00 Touch out, London Bridge [National Rail] +£5.70 Touch in, Gatwick Airport £8.00

Oyster cards are accepted on the Emirates Air Line cable route between Greenwich Peninsula and Royal Docks. The Emirates Air Line is outside of the London Travelcard validity. However, a 25% discount applies to Travelcard and Freedom Pass holders for both single and return journeys.[41] The discount is automatically applied to Oyster card users, but only if their Travelcard is loaded onto their Oyster card. Freedom Pass holders and visitors in possession of ordinary magnetic stripe Travelcards have to buy a cash ticket if they wish to take advantage of the discount. A replacement for lost or stolen cards costs £10 and involves applying for a replacement card online or by calling the Oyster helpline. A new photograph is not required. The funds and remaining travelcard is transferable to a new student Oyster photocard. However, there are a few drawbacks to the Visitor Oyster Card. Firstly, it costs £5 plus postage for the card to be sent, and unlike the Regular Oystercard, you won’t get the £5 back.

The Oyster card has a claimed proximity range of about 80 mm (3 inches). The card operates as a RFID system and is compatible with ISO/IEC 14443 types A and B. Oyster readers can also read other types of cards including Cubic Transportation Systems' Go cards. From its inception until January 2010, Oyster cards were based on NXP/Philips' MIFARE Classic 1k chips provided by Giesecke & Devrient, Gemalto and SchlumbergerSema.[20] All new Oyster cards have used MIFARE DESFire EV1 chips since December 2009. From February 2010, MIFARE Classic-based Oyster cards were no longer issued.[21] MIFARE DESFire cards are now widely used as transport smartcards. 同樣的,Gatwick Express 的車票也適用在 2FOR1,如果你直接網上購買 Gatwick Express 的話,那它的 Anytime Return 是 £32.7. 像這次是在16號月台,車子是顯示往 Portsmouth Hbr,而蓋威克機場是停靠的第3站. 而進閘門處,就可以看到黃色的 Oyster Card 感應區 Freedom Passes issued to qualifying persons are also an English National Concessionary Bus Pass. They look identical to concessionary bus passes but are additionally marked "Freedom Pass" with the word "Pass" in red. Unlike the Freedom pass, the 60+ Oyster card is not valid for concessionary travel outside of the area approved by the Greater London Authority.[49] This is because the concessionary bus travel scheme is centrally funded by government, but the Oyster 60+ and the Freedom Pass's validity on Tube, tram and rail networks is funded locally by the Greater London Authority. Travelcard prices on Oyster aren’t actually cheaper than their paper equivalents in the main. This is one of the problems with Gatwick as there are several different prices depending on which type of train you use to get to the zone 6 boundary. Have you tried putting your season on “The Key”? Or you could get a zone 2-5 travelcard on Oyster and a paper season for Gatwick to East Croydon.A single adult fare from Victoria or London Bridge to Gatwick using Oyster costs £15.50 during peak times and £8.50 off peak. Peak travel for these companies is Monday to Friday from 0630 to 0930 and from 1600 to 1900. Pricing on the Thameslink and Southern lines is comparable—not surprising as they're both part of the National Rail.

Visitor Oyster Card London Buy in Advance Online VisitBritai

Oyster and credit cardedit

http://www.visitlondon.com/traveller-information/getting-around-london/oyster-faqs/which-card-to-buy#P9Bz4Kr0rOuOLElQ.97In the strange application of Oyster fares from Redhill (and the other stations from Merstham to Gatwick), a single to Balham (zone 3) is £6.70 peak / £3.90 (off-peak), a single to Mitcham Eastfields (zone 3) is £9.40 (peak) / £7.60 (off-peak) so not the same fare to all stations in the same zone in the same area.

As long as you touch in at Gatwick after 0930 the whole day will cap at £19.00. It probably won’t make sense to split at East Croydon if using Oyster. It could make sense to split both Gatwick journeys at East Croydon if using contactless, but only if the evening journey might be after 1900 by the time you touch back in at East Croydon.A single adult fare on the Gatwick Express to Central London is £19.80 when using an Oyster card. Note: you'll pay 10% less buying a Gatwick Express ticket online, but you'll need to set up an account to do so. Covering geo-political news and current affairs across Asia Asia Times is a pan-Asia online news platform covering politics, economics, business and culture from an Asian perspective. It is one of the fastest growing news sites in the world.. Credit cards. Savings

National Rail Enquiries - Travelcards and Oyster

Gatwick Express is a high-speed, non-stop rail service operating between London Victoria Station and Gatwick Airport. You can use an Oyster card from Gatwick to stations in the London Travelcard area; Oyster fares are £8.30/£14.70 (Dec 2018), same as with Southern Suite 3B Gatwick House, Peeks Brook Lane, Horley, Surrey, RH6 9ST.. Secondly, you can’t register a Visitor Oyster Card, something you can do with a Regular Oyster Card. So, if you have a tendency to lose things, then this might be a consideration for you.

FormulaMod Graphics Card Vertical Holder With PCI Express Extension Cable , Fixed GPU PCI-E Built-in Vertical Bracket. PCI-E3. 16X Riser Card Holder video card GPU bracket Cooler Stand Vertical Graphics Expension Card Holder Bracket for computer Oyster investigators check it out before you check-in. Read the world's most professional and comprehensive hotel reviews, and browse thousands Oyster is the only hotel site that sends special investigators to visit, photograph, review, and rate each hotel. We inspect in-person — just like your.. Oyster is operated by Transport for London and has been valid on all London Underground, London buses, DLR and London Tramlink services since its launch in 2003.

You can now use your Visitor Oyster card to pay for Heathrow Express or TfL Rail journeys simply by touching in and out using the card readers on You can take your Visitor Oyster card to all London Visitor Centres except Gatwick, to get a refund on any remaining credit. This will be paid in cash or.. Freedom Passes are generally issued on what is in technical terms an Oyster card, though it does not bear that name. Freedom passes are free travel passes available to Greater London residents who are over a specified age (60 until March 2010, increasing in phases to 66 from March 2020) or with a disability specified in the Transport Act 2000; individual London boroughs have exceptional discretion to issue Freedom Passes to disabled people who do not meet the national statutory requirements (though they have to fund them). Travel is free at all times on the Tube, DLR, buses and Tramlink, and after 09:30 on most National Rail journeys entirely within the Greater London boundary. Holders cannot put any money or ticket products on a Freedom Pass; to travel outside these times, a separate Oyster card or other valid ticket is required. Topping up an Oyster Card is simple. You simply go to a kiosk inside any Underground station and tap your Oyster Card to the yellow button. Select how much money you want to add to the card. Pay that amount either by credit/debit card or cash. Then tap the yellow button again to close the deal. Watch the video below for a visual guide. For example, both cards operate on a pay-as-you-go basis, but only the Regular Oyster Card can also load travelcards, which are 1 or 7 day passes. We explain more of these differences in the following sections.In 2014, Transport for London became the first public transport provider in the world to accept payment from contactless bank cards.[6] TfL first started accepting contactless debit and credit cards on London Buses on 13 December 2012,[99] expanding to the Underground, Tram and the Docklands Light Railway in September 2014.[100] Since 2016, contactless payment can also take place using contactless-enabled mobile devices such as phones and smartwatches, using Apple Pay,[101] Google Pay and Samsung Pay.[102]

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