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My time with this Ateca is at an end so it’s time to do some totting up. In the four months I’ve had it, I’ve covered 6,444 miles. According to our fuel check rather than the car’s computer, it has averaged 46.8mpg. That’s a 16 per cent shortfall compared with the 55.4mpg official EU Combined economy figure, which doesn’t seem so bad. Facelifted 2020 SEAT Ateca spied undergoing winter testing. The SEAT Ateca SUV will soon receive a subtle styling update, with a handful of design tweaks lifted from its larger sibling, the Tarraco Watch our Seat Ateca practicality video review. The Ateca's one of the most stylish SUVs you can The Ateca's a safe care for you and your family - it scored full marks when it was tested under Euro.. I must confess to having used it precisely zero times. But, if I was towing regularly, I can see how this would be an attractive feature to tick on the options list.

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  1. However, very fine drizzle of the sort we’ve recently had confuses it. Instead of occasionally sweeping as the weather demands, the sensor seems to think we’re in a biblical downpour and the wipers go berserk.
  2. The doors have no keyholes so there’s clearly no need for the key there either. Which begs the question: why does it need a key? After a hunt around the cabin, the only keyhole I can find is the one that disables and enables the passenger airbag.
  3. Anasayfa/Featured/Seat Ateca | TEST. 1- leon&ateca süspansiyon sistemi kesinlikle sert bir süspansiyon. antileoncular aksine adi bir süspansiyon olduğunu düşünmüyorum. testede belirtildiği..
  4. With its non-metallic Passion Red paintwork (£250), plus a boot divider net (£155) and double floor (£115), that puts the total price at £29,155. This is a way off the Ateca’s base price of £17,990 but you do get a very well-equipped car. More importantly, you get a model that’s cheaper than the like-for-like Tiguan.
  5. Euro NCAP safety rating of the Seat Ateca 2016: detailed results, crash test pictures, videos and comments from experts
  6. But even as it was, the Ateca proved to be my kind of family SUV. Much as I like the Volvo XC40, our 2019 Family SUV of the Year, it’s considerably more expensive than even my high-spec Ateca and not as much fun to drive. For keen drivers, the Ateca remains the obvious choice.
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The 1.4 TSI petrol engine in our Ateca is mated to a seven-speed gearbox. This is the VW Group’s direct shift automatic. One of the wonders of the motoring world, this changes gear so smoothly the swapping of cogs is barely noticeable. Seat Ateca Test Sürüşü videosu yayında Merakla beklenen Seat Ateca 1.4 TSI DSG'nin detaylı test sürüşü videosunu kaçırmayın. Son zamanlarda Skoda Kodiaq..

Ana Sayfa Yenilik SEAT Ateca 2017 test sürüşü videosu. sunulacak olan SEAT Ateca'nın bagaj hacmi ise 4×2 modellerde 510-1604 litre, 4×4 modellerde ise 485-1579 litre Our model also features the £1,210 Xcellence Pack. This includes the top-view camera, which uses lenses in the door mirrors, windscreen and at the rear to beam a bird’s eye image of the car to the central screen. And there’s an electric tailgate with the strangely named Virtual Pedal. This pack includes the wireless charging point for a mobile phone plus the connectivity hub.

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What I do know is that when I see similar signals on other cars, or catch the Ateca’s indicators reflected on a vehicle in front or in a shop window, I think they’re very cool indeed.I even liked operating the adaptive cruise control (ACC) via a stalk on the steering column (as opposed to switches on the wheel), even though I didn’t think I would; it was a doddle to use without looking. The ACC itself was effective and welcome in heavy motorway traffic, too, although it didn’t take much water or grime on the front radar unit to knock it out of action temporarily.It's all based on Target Price, which is the price we think you should pay based on research by our team of mystery shoppers, and the best discounts they can achieve. Seat claims Ateca is a town in Spain and that it's named it after that. But this doesn't wash. My test car had a 1.4-litre Golf engine, which provided no discernible performance at all 22/22 Im Seat Ateca fühlen sich Kurven einfach freudvoller an als im VW Tiguan, auf dem er basiert. Der neue SUV bietet eine angenehme Sitzposition und reichlich Assistenzsysteme

As well as giving me a warm feeling about being all eco-friendly, it’s now become a bit of a game to see how long I can keep going in 2-cylinder mode by feathering the throttle as gently as possible.The only real frustration I felt on an ongoing basis was over the car’s poor traction when pulling away from a standstill. I found it embarrassing and uncomfortable that the not especially powerful Ateca wanted to spin its front wheels so readily, even on dry roads, often accompanied by a resounding thump from beneath the car if I was remotely enthusiastic with my acceleration. Although traction was fine the rest of the time, I’d probably go for a four-wheel-drive version next time around, happily trading some fuel economy (which isn’t great around town but picks up considerably on longer runs) for the ability to transfer power cleanly to the road in all conditions.My decision to choose petrol power, driven front wheels and winter tyres over diesel and all-wheel drive appears to have been vindicated.Thankfully for me, Seat has chosen to do things the ‘right’ way with the Ateca’s parking brake. Like a conventional handbrake, you pull up to apply it.

Der Seat Ateca FR und Seat Leon Cupra 300 im Test. Seat Ateca 1,4 TSI im Test: Neues SUV zeigt sich modern und dynamisch. Das war aber eine schwere Geburt: Fast zehn Jahre, mehrere.. With this model we were given the opportunity to create our own car. I knew I wanted the cheaper petrol engine coupled with the seven-speed DSG semi-automatic gearbox. So I decided to attempt to specify a car with the kit I wanted for the same money as the standard diesel model. That gave me £1,635 to play with reagrading the options.Part of the skill of the VW Group is its ability to save costs by producing multiple cars using the same mechanical base. Two such models are the Seat Ateca and VW Tiguan. Badge aside, one of the ways VW differentiates itself from its Spanish subsidiary is in a greater level of equipment. Hence, in like-for-like models the Tiguan is more highly specified. Als der Seat Ateca am 2. Juli 2016 auf den Markt kam, wurde er ohne den FR gelauncht. Die sportliche Ausstattung wird jetzt nachgereicht. Außerdem startet nun eine 190 PS starke Topversion des 2.0 TSI Its top-of-the-range Xcellence trim means it sits on 18-inch Performance alloy wheels, has satellite navigation and features the Keyless Enter and Go system. In addition, it has the Convenience and Winter Packs as standard, which provides little luxuries such as rain-sensing windscreen wipers, adjustable ambient interior lighting and heated front seats.

Dealer price now £23,700 Private price now £21,100 Trade-in price now £20,050 Contract hire £289 per month Insurance group 18 Typical insurance quote £562 per yearDriving pleasure probably isn’t going to be at the top of most buyers’ list of priorities when they’re shopping for a new family SUV. But if a car can be genuinely enjoyable to drive while also delivering on the most important criteria – practicality, comfort, affordable running costs and so on – then why wouldn’t you grab that option with both hands? That was my logic when I chose to run a Seat Ateca – still regarded by us as the best-handling family SUV you can buy – for four months, and it hasn’t disappointed on that front. In fact, the Ateca has exceeded my expectations in many ways. Top Gear reviews the new Seat Ateca. Few of them are bad cars, but fewer still are as well-rounded as the Ateca. Based on the VW Group's established MQB platform, it's to the Leon what the Tiguan is..

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What better way to test how capacious a car boot is than by providing the transport for three festival-goers? I’ve rarely been as impressed with an SUV’s boot as I am with the Ateca’s. At 510 litres it has an extra 25 litres compared with the four-wheel drive version I had before. And it feels significantly bigger than the 380 litres you get in a Leon hatchback. Scopri il SUV SEAT ATECA e guarda il mondo attraverso i suoi ampi spazi all'insegna della comodità e dell'ergonomicità per tutti gli spostamenti

Just as importantly, very little about the Ateca irritated me – always a good sign of a car that I’d be happy to live with over a longer period. For example, the front and rear parking sensors and rear-view camera did their job perfectly without being intrusive, as did the automatic parking brake.What they need to know is that killing power to the engine while the wheels are still rolling is fine. Just as long as the power steering pump is kept alive until the car is stationary. SEAT Ateca ile tanışın. Zarif, ferah ve yetenekli SUV her gün rutininizi biraz daha müthiş kılacak. SEAT Ateca. Bagaj Kapasitesi. 510 l Ateca İspanyol coğrafyasında bir kasaba, Seat geleneğine uygun olarak otomobil adını buradan alıyor. 4 tekerlekten çekiş sistemi ile birlikte, 6 ileri DSG şanzıman bulunuyor test otomobilimde If you’re still not sure then our deals team can help; call them on 03302 216207 – lines are open from 8am until 10pm seven days a week.

The firmness of the ride was never an issue for me; I found the Ateca more than comfortable enough, especially at higher speeds on the motorway. Initial concerns over tyre noise – specifically, thudding and clattering over bumps and potholes around town – never became a problem, thankfully; in fact, it only stood out if I drove another, quieter car back to back with the Ateca.Initially I toyed with having even more to spend by choosing the less costly mid-range SE spec model. But after a bit of playing with the Seat website’s car configuring tool I realised that it would be cheaper to go for the top-of-the-range Xcellence, which had all the kit I was after as standard.These take the shape of a distinctive ring around the headlights. Not only do they give Seat a unique visual identity, they also seamlessly transform into turn signals. şimdi inceliyorsun. Test - Seat Ateca. 26 Ocak 2017 Otomobil Dünyam. Seat'ın ilk SUV modeli Ateca test konuğumuz Diğer Testler: Kia Sportage vs Hyundai Tucson - Karşılaştırma https..

The last white LED is a clue that the tank is approaching empty. When the car judges that it has 50 miles of range left in it, the white LED turns red, you get a warning on the dash telling you of the range, and the navigation offers to direct you to the nearest filling station.What Car? is part of Haymarket Automotive, a division of Haymarket Media Group © Haymarket Media Group 2019 Discover the SEAT Ateca and new SEAT Ateca FR. View the world from a more spacious and ergonomic place en:Carworlds:Ateca:Overview ateca-kh7 2020.0.7.0 COM/EN. SEAT Cookie Policy

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Equipment this car doesn’t have compared with the TDI is the powered tailgate with the ‘virtual pedal’ (you wave your foot under the bumper to open it). I deemed both superfluous and I think I was right. It’s not four-wheel drive either as 4Drive isn’t available with this engine. As I wasn’t aware of the TDI’s 4x4 ever swinging into action and I don’t do any towing or venturing off-road, again, I’m not fussed.What I liked most about the interior – apart from its superbly supportive and comfortable front seats – was how well the dashboard and centre console were laid out. As in most VW Group models, almost everything seemed to be ideally placed for ease of use, while the infotainment system, with its 8.0in touchscreen flanked by physical shortcut buttons, was among the best of its breed. The only exception was the heated windscreen switch, which proved harder to access, being hidden away in the infotainment.

Berlin sokaklarında test ettiğimiz Ateca sürücüsüne neler sunuyor? Seat Ateca foto galeri. Ateca'nın giriş seviyesinde 115 beygirlik 1.0 TSI motor yer alırken, 1.4 TSI 150 beygir güç sağlıyor Meet the Ateca from SEAT. A stylish, spacious and versatile SUV that makes your everyday routine ateca-kh7 2020.0.7.0 GB/EN. Cookie Policy. SEAT uses cookies to improve your experience on our.. As promised, the Ateca stood out from its rivals for its sharp handling, feeling relatively light, agile and nicely balanced in corners and happy to be driven with gusto on twisty roads. The 148bhp turbocharged 1.5-litre petrol engine produced more than enough performance for a car like this, and the optional dual-clutch automatic gearbox provided smooth, quick shifts most of the time, only proving hesitant and a little jerky at very low speeds around town. On balance, I’d still rather have the automatic option, flawed though it may be, than the standard manual ’box in a car like this.

Seat Ateca - test data. Dealer price now £23,700 Private price now £21,100 Trade-in price now £20,050 Contract hire £289 per month Insurance group 18 Typical insurance quote £562 per year As with most family SUVs, the Ateca struck a happy balance between physical size and interior space, in that it was compact enough to be easy to park and thread through traffic, yet plenty roomy enough inside for comfort and practicality. However, there’s no denying that it isn’t quite as versatile as rivals such as the Skoda Karoq and Peugeot 3008, due to the fact that it doesn’t have sliding rear seats or a height-adjustable boot floor. I could get a bike into the boot, just, without having to remove its front wheel, but the high load lip and big step in the boot floor when the rear seatbacks were folded down inevitably turned the task into a bit of a wrestling match.Upon our return, I’d reduced the pressures ‑ and not told the TPMS. The heart-raising moment of the yellow warning light appearing on the dash was obviously its way of punishing my oversight.

Seat's first attempt at building an SUV is a cracker and knocked the Nissan Qashqai off its perch in the process, so we discover what makes the Ateca our class leader I dived into the next services to I check the tyre pressures. They were all either correct or within a couple of PSI of what I would expect. And then I remembered. Before I went on holiday, I’d increased the pressures to the recommended level for a fully laden car and reset the TPMS accordingly. Todos los precios y versiones del SEAT Ateca con ofertas de concesionarios españoles. Además de toda la información, noticias, comparativas, fotos, vídeos, pruebas y fichas técnicas Mileage 1810 List price £28,275 Target Price £25,613 Price as tested £28,385 Options Space-saver spare wheel (£115) Test economy 34.6mpg Official economy 40.4mpg (WLTP) Seat Ateca Test im Schnee: Das ist der erste SUV von Seat, der in Serie geht: der neue Seat Ateca. POV test drive video of the 2017 SEAT Ateca Xcellence 2.0 TDi 190 hp 4DRIVE


  1. The SEAT Ateca is a compact crossover vehicle (CUV) manufactured by Spanish automaker SEAT. It is also the successor to the SEAT Altea
  2. er Seat Ateca tritt zum Test in der Benziner-Version mit 1,5 Liter Hubraum und 150 PS an. Ein Motor, der sich dadurch auszeichnet, dass er kurzzeitig zwei Zylinder abschaltet..
  3. SEAT Ateca (2020) in-depth review. Read our experts' views on the engine, practicality, running costs, overall SEAT might have been late to the SUV market when it launched the Ateca in 2016, but few..
  4. bile Ateca için sorun olmadı
  5. One of the few maintenance tasks we still can perform on our cars is filling the windscreen washer bottle. And with VW Group cars I’ve discovered this can be a frequent occurrence. Previous long-term test cars have been blighted by screen reservoirs the size of a shrew’s bladder. The solution, I’ve discovered, is to get a car that has headlamp washers.
  6. Seat's all-new Ateca is very late to the SUV party. James Foxall finds out whether it can make an impact. And, after driving a 2.0-litre diesel version..

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  1. One of the things that upsets many drivers is the car makers’ keenness to do away with the spare wheel. I get it from the maker’s point of view: a full-sized car wheel weighs 10-15kg. And the more weight in a car, the less economical it will be.
  2. SEAT Ateca Test auf carwow lesen. Der neue SEAT Ateca Test enthält Bilder, technische Daten und Expertenmeinung, um Ihnen zu helfen, das passende Auto zu finden.Lesen Sie unseren..
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  5. SEAT Ateca review Auto Express Road test
  6. 2020 Seat Ateca Review Top Gear Latest road test
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2016 SEAT Ateca 2.0 TDI 190 PS 4DRIVE Xcellence - Fahrbericht der Probefahrt, Test, Review

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