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Thanks to years of careful design, whether the growth is tall or low, the Comia cutting table can easily handle it. The optimal distance from the knife to the feeder auger ensures uninterrupted feed to the machine’s feeder elevator. The machine also comes equipped standard with a handy lateral tilt feature. Cutting table widths begin from 4.5 metres and go all the way up to 6.3 metres. Комбайн Зерноуборочный Зерновой Sampo Rosenlew 580 (500-MF 16-330-240). Транспорт » Сільгосптехніка Sampo-Rosenlew HR 46 XGeneral condition grade (1-5): 5, Engine: Acgo Power 49 AWF 124kW/2100rpm, engine capacity: 168.59, Harvester head make: Kesla 18RH-II, Measuring system.. If harvesting is performed in damp conditions or if the crop is green, high straw walker performance is essential. The CSP (Cylinder Separation) separation drum, located on top of the walkers, is designed to increase the separation capacity of the walkers. The effectiveness of the separation drum can be adjusted based on the different varieties. The most common grains are threshed using the basic settings, but when threshing oil plants, for example, it may be good to adjust the angle of the separation drum tines. The angle adjustment can be completed from the right side of the harvester, under the side guard. In Northern European harvesting conditions, the CSP separation drum achieves approximately a 20% efficiency increase at the walkers.

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Agriculture XPRT is a global marketplace with solutions and suppliers for the agriculture sector, with product catalogs, articles, industry events, publications & more. First Sampo Rosenlew Comia C4 Drescher:Grain tank capacity 3700 litersFruits: wheat, barley, canola and corn kernelsCruise control and hour meter, grain tank lid hingedStraw Chopper.. Appliquez des filtres. Réinitialiser le formulaire. Sampo-Rosenlew pour Farming Simulator 2015. Modèle. COMIA C64

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The cutting table of the Comia line is the result of years of careful design. As a result of thorough product development, table losses have been minimised. Easy to connect, recognised for its geometrics and fully hydraulic features. These features are available in the Comia line C10 and C12 harvesters. The nylon/plastic tines of the pickup reel, which have been found to be effective, and the hydraulic header reverse put the finishing touches on this highly functional cutting table. In 1991 the Combine division was subject to a Management Buyout by Timo Prihti and renamed as Sampo-Rosenlew Ltd. (Sampo was a brand name used on the companies threshing machines from the 1920s). Sampo Group is made up of the parent company Sampo plc and its subsidiaries, If P&C Insurance, Mandatum Life and Topdanmark. Nordea and Nordax are Sampo plc's associated companies Harvester Sampo Rosenlew 1046X with Kesla 16RH Harvesting Head From Youtube Channel: By: Sampo . Bos uitdunnen met een Sampo Rosenlew, in opdracht van Gelders Landschap voor een..

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Sampo Rosenlew is Finnish manufacturer of combine and forest harvesters. Sampo-Rosenlew's recent success is heavily based on the idea of a local assembly Harvester HR45 e Forwarder FR28 Sampo Rosenlew Sampo-Rosenlew Oy is a manufacturer of combine harvesters and forestry machinery base in Pori, Finland. The company was founded as the W. Rosenlew Ltd.. Rosenlew produced home appliances as well as industrial and agricultural machinery, and was an early manufacturer of binders and threshing machinery before moving into combine manufacture in 1957. Sampo Rosenlew Oy. Home >. USA Imports Data >. Customers of Sampo Rosenlew Oy. Buyer Name. No of Shipments By 1982, Massey Ferguson had signed an supply agreement for Sampo to build MF combines. It continues as AGCO now owns 10% of the company.

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Additional information:All listed parts are of OEM quality but none original parts. The original part numbers OEM and brand names are only displayed for reference and easier comparison of the combine harvester spare parts. We are your partner for combine harvester spare parts and grape harvesters spare parts. Selling to farmers, wine growers and dealers Sampo Rosenlew. Challenger. Жатки навесные Everything combine harvesters. Browse. About. Combine. Sampo Rosenlew 580

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The roots of the Sampo combine harvester are in the 1920s when the first stationary threshing More than 80% of the production is exported, and Sampo Rosenlew combine harvesters are used to.. SAMPO Rosenlew Comia C12 combine-harvester sale advertisement from Ukraine. Grain harvester. Combine. Price: POA. Year of manufacture: 2017

Sampo-Rosenlew Oy is a manufacturer of combine harvesters and forestry machinery base in Pori, Finland. The company was founded as the W. Rosenlew Ltd.. Rosenlew produced home appliances as well as industrial and agricultural machinery.. Even efficiency with a pre-threshing cylinder The pre-threshing cylinder increases the efficiency of the machine without having to widen the machinery. Depending on the conditions, a C12 equipped with a pre-threshing cylinder is up to 20% more effective compared to a singlecylinder harvester. The pre-threshing cylinder significantly evens out the material flow to the main cylinder, enabling more efficient threshing. Under optimal conditions, up to 40% of threshing takes place at the pre-threshing cylinder. The resulting smoother threshing process notably reduces grain breakage. Here is the complete list of the second-hand combine harvesters for sale. You can add classifieds to favorites or compare interesting products by clicking on the checkboxes next to used combine harvesters that seem interesting and choosing one of the options above. If you want to change your query, please go back to the top of the page and use the "advanced search" option. E-mails, subdomains and names Harvester - OSINT . Contribute to laramies/theHarvester development by creating an account on GitHub

SAMPO Zernouborochnye kombayny Sampo-Rosenlew combine-harvester sale advertisement from Ukraine. Grain harvester. Combine. Price: POA. Year of manufacture: 2017 Agrobot is an innovative generation of robotic strawberry harvesters to pick your fresh produce

Sampo-Rosenlew - HR46 - Harvester by Sampo Rosenlew Ltd. The HR46 is the new workhorse for first thinning. Even more powerful than its predecessor 1046pro, the. AGRO-STAR Kirchstr. 12 - D-76831 Billigheim-Ingenheim E-Mail: Tel.: +49 6349 99 67 193 Fax: +49 6349 99 63 284

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You can sort Sampo-Rosenlew combine harvesters by year of production, price, working hours or country. You can also see all used Sampo-Rosenlew combine harvesters grouped by model Sampo Rosenlew Forest Machines. HRon ensiharvennuksen uusi ykköskone. Lisäksi oli tarkoitus selvittää, minkälaista . Sampo rosenlew harvester HR46x Find great deals of Used Sampo Rosenlew Combine harvesters For Sale amongst 3 ads by private parties and dealers on Agriaffaires UK

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Browse ads of used Sampo-Rosenlew combine harvesters for sale from across Australia and Asia Pacific and worldwide. The most recent ads are at the top and can use the Sort by button to sort.. HR 46 Harvester instruction manual Sampo Rosenlew Ltd P.O.Box 50 FI-28101 PORI, FINLAND 10/2013 0812386 Englanti Harvester HR 46 instruction manual Introduction The purpose of this book..


  1. As the cab of Sampo-Rosenlew harvesters has always been located in a separate frame away from the motor, users of Sampo-Rosenlew harvesters are accustomed to a comfortable and quiet work environment. Add to this the changes described above, reduced engine speed, the gearstick's removal from the cab, as well as a number of other modifications in this model, and the result is an incredibly quiet cab.
  2. The undisputed leader on the harvester market with regards to cleanability. One needs to only study this spread to ensure the accuracy of this statement. Sampo-Rosenlew harvesters have always been easy to clean, due to technical solutions. The grain pan segments can be extracted, straw walker bottoms can be removed, and so on. Although the same features may be included in other makes, Sampo has implemented them so that you do not have to carry out cleaning in your service area. Instead, you can clean them on the field and save time. The top axle of the feeder elevator and the threshing concave is easily accessible. By removing the large service doors, you can blow the threshing concave clean, if necessary, and if you have operated in difficult conditions. The rule of thumb is that a clean harvester will produce clean grain.
  3. The HR46 is the new workhorse for first thinning. Even more powerful than its predecessor 1046pro, the harvester now has a larger, 135cc pump, which facilitates operation at an engine speed reduced by a third. This change improves performance and reduces consumption, which translates to increased profitability of thinning operations for the owner.Power transmission is now fully hydrostatic to allow for rapid movement from tree to tree without increased engine speed. Gear changes in the multi-speed motors are electronic and, as an option, automatic. The automation drive technology also offers a driving mode which finishes with maximum diesel speed, automatically enabling maximum transmission speed.
  4. Four new Sampo Partners New companies signed with Sampo Rosenlew combine sales
  5. Equipment. Harvest
  6. The Harvester™ 300 is the smaller cousin of the Harvester™ 338, weighing in at 11 oz. and built for use with .300 Win Mag. Specifically designed for hunting and long range precision shooting..
  7. Due to the patented pre-threshing system of the C12, you will achieve incomparable threshing results. Over 20% increase in overall productivity when compared to single drum models.

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5 faktów o kombajnach SAMPO ROSENLEW [Matheo780] Other brands have been built using Sampo technology, including combines for/by Terrion, Terrion Sampo, IH-Sampo, Bizon, Braud, Deutz-Fahr, Massey-Ferguson and Uzel. Since the Sampo Rosenlew thinning harvesters have proved to be reliable, extremely price competitive and fuel efficient, they are the best solution to thinning. Great! review successfully added! The history of Sampo Rosenlew forest machinesThe founder of Sampo Rosenlew, mr Timo Prihti was born This leaves more time forproductive harvesting work.TRAIL DEPTHHR46harvester6..

The capital cost can be affected by choosing the most inexpensive alternative of the functioning machines available. Little can be done about the personnel costs with technical solutions. Other running costs can be reduced by choosing the most economical alternative of what is available. Більше 12 Спецтехніки Сампо в Україні від 352$ на 100 автосайтах. Ціна, опис, фото, пошук по будь-яким параметрам Sampo нових і б/у з пробігом на Automoto.ua - Знаходь дешевше Others (5) FS17 Forestry Tractors (36) FS17 Forestry Trailers (73) FS17 Forestry Trucks (48) FS17 Forklifts / Excavators (433) FS17 Harvesters (866) FS17 Combine Cutters.. Sampo rosenlew. Sampo rosenlew. Valmet. Valtra The above mentioned facts result in the conclusion that the Sampo Rosenlew machinery is a superior alternative to be used in thinning operations.

Search for Used and new Harvester Sampo-Rosenlew amongst 3 ads updated daily on MachineryZone, the leading european platform to buy and sell construction equipment 1. Sampo Rosenlew Comia C4 Drescher: Korntankvolumen 3700 Liter Früchte: Weizen, Gerste, Raps und Maiskörner Tempomat und Stundenzähler, Korntankdeckel office@harvester.kiev.ua


  1. Remember to visit Mascus regularly, because new classifieds with used Ford farm equipment and other used farm equipment are added daily. The most popular subcategories are: tractors, combine harvesters, trailers, ATVs and hay and forage machines.
  2. New Sampo Rosenlew hybrid rotory combine, C20. HR46x HARVESTER & FR28 FORWARDER Sampo Rosenlew Forest Machines Sampo-Rosenlew began the serial production of.
  3. Haussa käytetty Sampo-Rosenlew harvesterit? Selaile listaa käytettyjen Sampo-Rosenlew harvesterit ilmoituksista, jotka ovat myynnissä Mascuksessa
  4. There is a world wide support chain responsible for the service of the Sampo Rosenlew combines. The mechanics are trained at the factory. They are always ready to drive to the farm in their well-equipped service vans and service your combine using their latest know-how with appropriate special tools and gauges. We strongly recommend that you should use these professionals when you need either periodic maintenance or service after the threshing season.
  5. g Simulator 2011. Sampo Rosenlew Combine Harvester Graintank capasity 5500l. Pure finnish quality
  6. ..Clayson teraviljakombainid Sampo Rosenlew teraviljakombainid Volvo BM teraviljakombainid. Õhufilter sampo rosenlew. Tootekood: TF2129. - pikkus: 180 mm - välisläbimõõt 205 mm
  7. g business and learn how the nutrition of a 35 cow dairy herd is optimized with the help of a Hustler SL360X (Unrolla LX105). - Wed, 01 Apr 2020 01:45:00 CEST

International Harvester. Sampo Rosenlew Comia Sampo Rosenlew. Tiedot. Kysymykset The Comia line uses modern screw-on knife sections. In the event of a failure, you can easily replace a knife section. The knife is operated by a belt-driven Wobble Box drive. WB knife drive is almost maintenance free.

Sampo Rosenlew Comia C4 Set v 2.0 MR [MP]. February 5, 2015. Combines, Farming simulator 2013, More Realistic Mods, Packs Rosenlew was taken over by Electrolux and several divisions were shut down or sold off. One of the divisions, Överum, had sold combines in conjunction with Aktiv, and was later sold to Kongskilde. Aktiv had become part of Electrolux and took over Volvo BM's combine business when Volvo BM was sold to Valmet. Aktiv became part of Sampo in 1981.

79 900 €. Anunţ de vânzare harvester Sampo Rosenlew 1046 PRO din Finlanda. Preţ: 79.900 EUR. Anul: 2009. Durată de funcţionare: 10500 h..

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The cabs of Sampo-Rosenlew harvesters have always been placed on a separate frame from the Sampo-Rosenlew uses engines manufactured by Agco Power with several decades of experience in.. Каталог товаров. Террион. Sampo Rosenlew. / Террион. Sampo Rosenlew SAMPO combine-harvesters 11 offer, search and find ads for new and used SAMPO combine-harvesters for sale — Autoline United Kingdom We are your partner for combine harvester spare parts and grape harvesters spare parts.SELLING TO FARMERS, WINE GROWERS AND DEALERS

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  1. Due to the low noise level in the cabin, a hands-free system is included as standard with the combine. You can connect your phone via Bluetooth.
  2. Used Farm Harvesting Combine harvesters Sampo-rosenlew for sale - All Makes at the Best Price
  3. Download wallpaper with tags: 2 Agricultural machinery Sampo Rosenlew Comia C4, Sampo Rosenlew Comia C8 Combine harvester Fields Two. Free picture, image and photo
  4. Version Grain tank volume error has been fixed. Light sources are now realigned and adjusted. License plates and 30 km/h sign have been installed

SIP2 Sampo Rosenlew1 Valtra4 Versatile6 Zmaj3 Đuro Đaković2. Гомсельмаш18 Дон1 КЗК22 ЛАН2 Лидагропроммаш2 Ростсельмаш145 The machines should be technically suitable, keeping in mind the aim in each harvesting operation. Consequently, in thinning when a densely growing forest must be left undamaged, the machines should be relatively small, maneuverable and suitable to operate in sections of forest without harming the remaining trees.The area used for strip roads where the machinery moves has to be minimized since as much space as possible should be left for the trees to grow. Harvester Sampo 1046X 2008 - Kesla 570H crane, 7.2 m - SisuDiesel 420DSRE engine, 73.5 kW - Nokian tires - Kesla 18RH head - Motomit IT 6.5 computer - HID-lights, parking, electr.pumps for oil..

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The purpose of thinning is to concentrate the production capacity of the forest soil - and wood growth - on certain individual trees.The goal is to produce big trees with good technical quality. The entire space should grow a dense, even and healthy forest...Rosenlew 580,Sampo Rosenlew 580 from Harvesters Supplier or Manufacturer-BrandtAgro. Quick Details. Type: Combine Harvester. Brand Name: Sampo Rosenlew. Model Numbe Sampo Rosenlew - Total results - 1. Sampo is a European combine harvester company, known for mid-sized combine harvesters in the markets of Europe, Eurasian countries and North Africa and is.. Sampo Rosenlew's top competitors are Ponsse Oyj, Valtra and Kronos-forestry. See Sampo Rosenlew's revenue, employees, and funding info on Owler, the world's largest community-based.. The controls have been positioned conveniently in the arm rest integrated into the seat. Starting the threshing machinery and cutting table is very easy using centrally located switches. All of the controls and switches necessary during harvesting have been carefully positioned in the same location, the arm rest. The traction lever is used to control the driving direction and speed of the combine. All of the controls of the cutting table are also located on the traction lever. Even turning the unloading pipe is conveniently completed using the switches on the traction lever. The controls that are not needed most of the time are located on the right side of the cab. They include, for example, the concave cleareness adjustment range, grain tank elevation and header reverse. Warning indicators are located on the column on the right. An audible tone will be emitted in the event of a hazardous situation.

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  1. Lectura specs Agricultural machinery Combine Harvesters Combine Harvesters Sampo Rosenlew. Sampo Rosenlew Combine Harvesters Specifications & Datasheets
  2. The counter impact shaker shoe effectively separates the grain from the chaff. At the same time, it results in much smoother running of the threshing machinery. As upper sieve is the modern RV2 lamella sieve type. On the RV2 lamella sieve, every other lamella is bent down. This efficiently prevents straw fragments from entering the grain tank. The lower sieve is the RV3 lamella sieve. Both sieve models, the RV2 and RV3, can be left more than 30% more open than a regular sieve without having unclean grain enter the grain tank. The sieves are both separately adjustable. The shaker shoe extension is also adjustable. Return system The new C10 and C12 include an unprecedented feature for separating returns. The returns are not taken to the thresher. Instead, they are taken through the re-thresher and are gently brought back into the machinery, almost below the concave. Instead of the traditional auger, the returns are transported to the re-thresher using a elevator. Due to the new structure, the grain pan is able to bring the re-threshed material to the shaker shoe in a controlled manner without interfering with the airflow of the fan. Fan and shaker sho e The large-diameter fan effectively blows to the shaker The speed of the fan can be conveniently adjusted from the cabin. The fan is also equipped with a handy bypass door, which can be opened if the fan effectiveness is to be reduced when, for example, threshing hay seeds.
  3. The cab is spacious, quiet and it has excellent visibility to the cutting table. In addition, it has excellent driving ergonomics. With these features, even long work days are completed with ease.
  4. Sampo Rosenlew. Sampo 657 LP-892 LP (1956-67)
  5. Farmi 6 ton Winch and various JD harvester spares (1). Fliegl (2). Sampo-Rosenlew (10). Scania (2). Silvatec (7)
  6. Harvester Sampo-Rosenlew HR46 From: Sampo Rosenlew Oy HRvid Channel The small HR 46 Harvester by Sampo Rosenlew at Austrofoma 2015 Homepage: Harvesterforwardermore.com..
  7. Sampo Rosenlew Oy ist ein Maschinenbauunternehmen mit Sitz im finnischen Pori. In den 1990er Jahren wurde nach langer Entwicklungszeit der erste Harvester vorgestellt

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Sampo Rosenlew Verrato V4 '2017-pr The emission standards of diesel engines are constantly becoming stricter. The Sampo Comia C10 and C12 fulfil the Tier 4 Final emission requirements of commercial machinery. Using the new SCR diesel technology, you preserve the environment and save 10% in fuel costs, when compared with Common Rail fuel systems. The exhaust gases of the engine are treated with AdBlue. Using the Comvision display in the cab, you can monitor the consumption of the additive. 613108 belt suitable for SAMPO ROSENLEW Parts. New special high-quality drive belts: 613108 be..

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харвестеры харвестеры харвестеры forestry harvesters Harvester Sampo-rosenlew.fi keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on.. Sampo Rosenlew at KONEPAJANRANTA 2 PORI, SATAKUNTA 28100. See Sampo Rosenlew's products and customers. Thousands of companies like you use Panjiva to research suppliers and.. ..Farming Equipment > Agricultural harvesters > Combine harvesters > Sampo-Rosenlew. Used Sampo-Rosenlew combine harvesters - All models. Search results. Displaying: 1 - 20 Agriculture in the future will see increasing use of scientifically precise farming techniques, where automated ‘agro-bots’ monitor, treat and work the land, using advanced technology designed to help maximise yields and minimise disease. - Wed, 15 Apr 2020 10:00:00 CEST

SAMPO-ROSENLEW.FI. Technology Profile. Get a notification when sampo-rosenlew.fi adds new technologies The grain tank becoming full is always a good thing, even if it means that harvesting is interrupted. It means pay day for the farmer. The Comia C10 and C12 are equipped with large grain tanks. Sizes range from 6,500 litres to 8,100 litres, depending on the grain tank model. The tanks are equipped with two level guards, the position of which can be adjustable when necessary. The tank is also equipped with a light, and the inside of the tank can be monitored from the cab through a large window. The top of the tank is solid, but it is lifted for harvesting, which allows the full capacity of the tank to be utilised. The top of the tank is lifted by the press of a button from the cabin, which engages two electric motors that lift it up. Harvesting is also possible with the grain tank at transport height Sampo-Rosenlew 1046 ProCrane make: Kesla 671H, Harvester head make: Keto 51 Eco Supreme -11 Below you will find a full list of the currently available used Sampo-Rosenlew harvesters for sale The grain pan grain surfaces of the Comia C10 and C12 are made of durable stainless steel. The grain pan surfaces will last practically forever. The stainless steel surface also has low friction, so it does not accumulate dirt. The surfaces can be easily removed for cleaning even when out on the field, using a tool included with the machine. Sampo Rosenlew is Finnish manufacturer of combine harvesters and forest machines, which are tailored according to customer needs. The company sells machines to over 50 countries and exports..

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  1. When forest is managed, the goal is usually to maximize the production of wood, in terms of quantity and quality. This is also the aim of all the harvesting activities which fall into two categories:
  2. ► Sampo Rosenlew SR2035‎ (2 F). Media in category Sampo Rosenlew combine harvesters. The following 2 files are in this category, out of 2 total
  3. Sampo-Rosenlew 1046x. 2. Harvester. France, Franche Comté (25)
  4. imized. However, this must not weaken the effect of these operations i.e. their efficiency and quality.
  5. Sampo Rosenlew, Yüksek kaliteli biçerdöverler. Sampo Rosenlew Comia C12 esittely. #sampo #samporosenlew #puimuri #leikkuupuimuri tilaa uutiskirje tästä: https..
  6. The large diameter of the feeder auger prevents wrapping in even the most demanding conditions. In order to achieve even feed, the number of fingers have been increased according to the table width. When fingers are spread evenly across the entire auger, even peak loads will not cause problems. The feeder auger is equipped with a slip clutch, which is located on the pulley

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  1. Znajdź Harvester pośród maszyn Harvestery Sampo-Rosenlew na Agriaffaires Harvester. Belgia. Cena na zapytanie. Sampo-Rosenlew HR46X
  2. The well-received Comia line is being reinforced with two high-capacity harvesters. Models C10 and C12 will introduce even more harvesting efficiency and opportunities to the Comia line. In addition to impressive design, they also feature new technical solutions that are unprecedented in Sampo harvesters. Comia C10 and C12 represent modern harvester design and features, which are only available in Sampo harvesters. Wide tables, big grain tanks, large separator surfaces and especially effortless cleaning. The cabin’s operator ergonomics designed based on customer feedback results in pleasant harvesting.
  3. LOZOVA MACHINERY continues the spring test drive of trailed units in Ukrainian farms. - Tue, 21 Apr 2020 02:23:00 CEST

English: Sampo Rosenlew 1066 forest harvester with Kesla 13105H crane and Keto 100 head. Suomi: Sampo Rosenlew 1066 -hakkuukone Kesla 13105H nosturilla ja Keto 100 -kouralla A joint venture was established in Estonia in 1993, and another in 1996 for Romania. The joint venture JSV Sampo Rostov was formed along with RostSelMash in the mid-2000s. Same Deutz-Fahr bought 10% of the company in 2003 and began marketing Sampo-produced combines under the Deutz-Fahr brand. In 2006, an agreement was signed with Uzel to supply them combines in Turkey, and there is now some assembly happening in Turkey. In 2011, AGCO purchased 10% of the company. There is also some assembly happening in Iran.

Cleanest harvester on the market Sampo harvesters have always been well-known for their excellent cleanability. Comia C10 and C12 are no exceptions to this rule. The grain pan, sieves and walker bottoms can be cleaned in the field. Large side guards and centralised lubrication allow other servicing tasks to be carried out with ease. The Sampo-Rosenlew HR46 harvester goes into zero series production in spring 2013 and serial production in autumn to coincide with the discontinuation of its predecessor, the 1046pro.

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