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Ray…, can you confirm that the pictures of the round version of the Polar Vantage V leaked coincidentally a few days ago by the guys from „westernbikeworks“ show us the real product or only a hoax?Rather like Garmin's omni-competent Forerunner 920XT, though the Polar V800 is mainly aimed at triathlon types - it has both pool and open water swimming modes, as well as run and cycle tracking, it's also a very competent running watch.I have been using my Polar V800 the last two years for Olympic/HIM races. This year I am doing a full IM. Through my training this year I have realized primarily on the bike that my battery drops significantly (1/2 battery) over the course of a 4 hour training ride with HR strap, Stages Power meter, and GPS connection. I am concerned my V800 won’t last the entire race with an expected finish between 11-12 hours. Has anyone experienced the V800 battery life running out during the long duration races? I’m also curious if the battery just doesn’t have the juice like when I first bought it and that is causing the quick battery loss. Die Sportuhr V800 von Polar gibt den Startschuss für ein ausbalanciertes Training mit Aktivitäts- sowie Ruhephasen und beeindruckt im Test mit seinem Mit der V800 habe ich nur noch 1,2-1,4 km Abweichung auf 30 km in der Stadt gemessen. Das ist eine wesentliche Verbesserung zu den Polar..

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polar v800. şükela: tümü | bugün. bu ay içinde mağazalara girmesi beklenen polar'ın son harikası. hevesle beklemekteyim kendisini The Polar Flow app that accompanies the V800 does a good job of laying out your data in an easy-to-read format. If you're using the watch as a daily activity tracker, you'll be able to see detailed information about how much time you spent being active versus sitting around. The app also suggests ways for you to reach your daily activity goal. Some of these suggestions were a little silly (e.g., play darts for seven hours), but others were more practical (e.g., jog for 50 minutes).Either way, I don’t expect any product near term from them in this segment. I think they are really struggling to figure out how to create a competitive product going forward. Something that’ll actually take appreciable sales from Garmin, and to a lesser extent Suunto. Or that’ll stand up to battles from all the lesser known players coming into the marker (Amazfit, Coros, etc…).

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It won’t show you steps walked nor distance.  Just a bar graph without any numbers.  What’s sorta frustrating here is that I identified this six months ago in my original post and noted that it made the activity monitor side kinda useless.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t changed.The V800 continues the Polar tradition of being pretty much the only multisport watch on the market that can gather heart rate data while your body is underwater.  It’s long been a Polar-specific selling point that is included in the V800 as long as you have a capable heart rate strap.It does take a little getting used to some of the alerts, such as it will buzz when you’re approaching a hairpin turn, but that can feel like its telling that you’re off course, even though its just a preemptive warning. I quickly got used to that one though, and even appreciate it sometimes 🙂The V800 is really the first product I’ve written a review for where so much of the product is essentially in the pipeline.  Polar has been mostly upfront about these components, but it does pose a challenge for me in writing this review knowing full well that untold weeks or months from today what I wrote may be substantially different from the current state of the product.In the meantime, I’ll go ahead and show you the unboxing for the model with the heart rate strap.  In putting this together, the box I had is from a few months ago – so it’s plausible it looks slightly different than the final boxes.  No worries though actual contents are the same.

– multi-sport–you can do 3 sports in a row (like triathlon), without stopping/starting a new session The Polar V800 is a GPS watch that tracks a wide variety of sports, from running and swimming to yoga, dance and CrossFit. The watch also tracks daily activity, including steps taken and calories burned

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  1. I travel a fair bit, both for work and for fun. Here’s a bunch of random trip reports and daily trip-logs that I’ve put together and posted. I’ve sorted it all by world geography, in an attempt to make it easy to figure out where I’ve been.
  2. Next you’ve got the status view you can look at the state that the unit believes you’re in from an overall recovery status:
  3. utes.  Far surpassing Polar’s official estimates.  However, there is one catch: There was no Bluetooth Smart enabled heart rate data (which is included in their numbers).  With ANT+ creating a sensor simulator to run all night is really easy, but with Bluetooth Smart it’s a bit more tricky and I haven’t quite gotten them to work yet with the apps I’ve tried (it’s a me ‘limitation’, not really a Bluetooth or Polar one).
  4. Now in addition to this custom workout mode, there are two somewhat simpler modes that you can create as well.  The first is called ‘Race Pace Target’ and is basically like a virtual pacer.  You specify the duration and distance, and it figures out the pace:
  5. kä tahansa lajin tavoitteelliselle treenaajalle hyvin soveltuva laite, jonka monipuoliset o
  6. Polar Flow is a sports, fitness, and activity analyzer to be used with Polar GPS sports watches, fitness trackers, and activity trackers.* *Compatible devices: Balance, Loop, Loop 2, Loop Crystal, A300, A360, A370, M200, M400, M430, M450, M460, M600, V650, and V800
  7. My local running shop claimed that Polar is not working on a successor, but on an entire new product to replace the V800. However, there are delays and it’s expected to launch this year in Q3 or Q4.

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While the lower half then transitions into the map.  You can change map types, such as satellite below, or regular map above.Live Science is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Visit our corporate site.

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Finally, I do want to note that for reasons unclear to either me or Polar, my watch seems to lose the HR connection as soon as the strap goes underwater.  I’ve tried a multitude of H7 straps without success (including brand new out of box) on a number of firmware versions.  That said, I’m reasonably certain this is simply a defect with my specific unit and not widespread since other readers have reported no issues with this functionality and it’s something that sorta falls into the camp of ‘it normally just works’.  Polar is sending over another unit to have me test on that, so I’ll update this paragraph once that comes in later this week.It's easy to see why. The rugged multisport GPS watch delivers super battery life, tracks an array of sports and there's a host of smart coaching modes.We're not going to dwell too much on the V800's core running features. What we can tell you is that the GPS pick-up is still zippy and delivers accurate mapping – as you'd expect from a Polar running watch.

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With all that set you’ll press the red button.  This will bring you to the screen with your configured sport profiles.  Sport profiles are basically modes that you can configure for a slew of different sports.  While you can’t create your own sport (Cow Tipping), you can choose from a huge list of sports and then tweak all the settings.Hi Ray, I used your website for researching a multisport watch for traning and competiting and have found it very useful, thank you. I’ve enjoyed my V800 for over a year, but recently my HR sensor has stopped giving accurate outputs. I have an H10 HR sensor. Any thoughts or comments. Kind regards Stephen2) There’s no quick release style mount.  This means it’s going to be on your wrist the entire time.  For some that’s OK, but for most serious triathletes the inability to see your watch while in aero position is a letdown.  You’d be required to put it on a separate mount and take care of that in transition (T1 & T2).hi everyone , happy user of the v800 since more than a year now , the only thing i really miss and would make me consider buying another watch is the strava live segments feature . i understand it might have been discussed before but now that a new cycling gps computer has been teased (aka polar m460) , it seems like live segments are gonna be enabled on it ( i know it’s just rumors but some norvegian site already leaked the specs ) . so my question is would it be a step in the right direction to get that feature on the v800 too ? i don’t really understand how strava deals with other companies to enable those features on their watches or computers , so if ray or someone who knows how that works can explain this to me it would be greatly appreciated ! ray i know you don’t comment on unannounced products so if you read this just consider the strava side of the question 😉 thx in advance really appreciate your site ! cheers

So how useful was Polar's running program? I tried out the 10k plan as I couldn't set up a full marathon due to the amount of time left leading up to the race. The sessions were manageable and I really felt the benefit of adding the circuits into my training, something I tend to ignore when training for an event. Polar v800 ostettavissa hintaan 180 € paikkakunnalla ORIVESI. Osta heti tästä! Polar v800. Tiedot. Kysymykset Polar V800 review. Polar's software updates give new life to the ageing sports watch. Wareable is reader-powered. The Polar V800 launched way back in 2014, but it remains a go-to watch for hardcore runners, cyclists and triathletes among others

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The Polar V800 is elegant and has outstanding GPS Accuracy, and with time its price has dropped and its functionality has steadily improved as Polar released newer versions of the firmware, the app, and their web site For me however, it never seems to automatically calibrate anything (with both the Polar BLE footpod and other footpods).  Rather, it just sticks to some unknown value. As a result, my distances are off.  What’s unfortunate here is that the common industry thing to do is to take cadence from the footpod and then pace from GPS (unless you lose GPS in a tunnel).  Or, to offer a configuration option as to which source to pull from.

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Well, it depends.  In theory it should, but in practice I see things just aren’t as guaranteed as they are in the ANT+ world.  Stuff like basic heart rate straps tends to work well, but when you get into other sensors there’s often tiny little variants that can cause trouble.  In order to make that clear, I’ve put together a mini ‘caveats’ chart below.  This chart I’ll update as things change.  This is separate from the general ‘accessories’ section at the bottom of the review.  I did that because that chart lists everything that’s compatible (it at least pairs), whereas this shows a few little quirky things of note.I’ve added the V800 to the Product Comparison Tool, which means you can mix and match it against any other watch/unit that I’ve ever reviewed for feature comparisons.You can also upload data from the Polar website to MyFitnessPal, a popular third-party fitness app. And in a recent update, the company gave users the ability to upload data that the watch collects to Strava and TrainingPeaks, two websites (also available as mobile apps) that log running and cycling workouts.

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The second is simply called ‘Quick’.  In this mode you choose one metric and then it’ll void the other metrics out.  Sorta like a goal.You can click on an activity to look at the details of it. The upper half of the activity will show summary stats including total distance, pace and attitude stats:The Polar V800 has comprehensive features that make it useful for any athlete who participates in more than one sport. It's also one of the only multisport GPS watches on the market that can monitor your heart rate underwater. [Best GPS Running Watches]

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  1. If a call comes in you can see any available caller ID info and you can ‘Answer’ or ‘Silence’ the call.  If you choose to Silence the ringer at that point (like when you are in a meeting with your boss and a call from your coach comes in), and then you can go further and ‘Decline’ the call, which effectively sends your coach to voicemail heaven.  
  2. The distinct heft will put off most from wanting to wear it all day and night though, even now that Polar has added fitness tracking features from the A360 and Loop wearables. It's not uncomfortable, it's just not all that attractive or sleek popping out from under your shirt sleeve.
  3. While I don't consider these missing features as 'cons', it's worth understanding the features that are missing compared with other watches.
  4. [Update note: As of October 5, 2015 the long awaited Android compatibility for Bluetooth Smart notifications has finally arrived!]

Note that the V800 will override the GPS speed with your speed sensor speed.  So if you have a speed sensor setup but not properly configured (i.e. wrong calibration value), then you’ll get inaccurate distance and speed.The V800 has great GPS accuracy, the best of any device I've test so far. The V800 uses the SiRF chipset, which seems to have the capacity for great accuracy. If you have a trainer, you’ll want to create/add an indoor cycling mode.  In this mode you can turn off the GPS so it doesn’t try searching for it, then you can go ahead and use a speed sensor to get speed and distance.  Without such a sensor you’ll only have heart rate data (or, cadence data if you have that too).But as an overall product, those are really the only current feature that are unique to it. It’s still a very nice watch, and Polar’s HRM accuracy (and on that watch, their GPS accuracy as well) is 2nd to none. But “features” it’s lagging, if you want a “smartwatch that is a good sports tracker” it’s lagging severely (even to it’s other models, if you want all the bells and whistles except those above, the competition have more at this point. Rumor mill is heating up that maybe a replacement is coming soon, but it’s all speculative, nothing I’ve seen points to anyone even seeing a “closed-door-glimpse/memo/whisper” out of Polar at this time.With that in mind though, it’s critical to remember that as the watch stands today it’s not terribly competitive in the multisport market.  As a running watch?  Sure.  But as a full-featured triathlon watch?  No, not even close.  It’s missing a lot of functionality, especially in the swimming department but also in areas like power meter support for cycling.  While Polar has timelines established for those features, from a feature by feature standpoint even if Polar completes all of the functionality as promised it’ll still lack a number of features that other watches have.  For example; the ability to execute more complex workouts, live tracking transmission, or the ability to configure data pages directly on the watch.  And all of this completely ignores the elephant in the room that you won’t be able to get your data to anything other than Polar Flow for many months to come (that means no Strava, Training Peaks or any other site).

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  1. Gear. Polar V800. The Draw: Trusty and Dependable, with New Updates It may seem odd to recommend a watch that's older than even the most stale gel packets in the back of your car, but the reality is the V800 continues to get new feature updates and maintains its rep as one o
  2. By the way, should I first try a (hard) factory reset I have just learnt about in one of the above comments?
  3. What's interesting here is that if you miss a planned session, it adjusts the plan to compensate for the missed session. It also includes timed circuit workouts to improve core, mobility and strength training. There are no step-by-step guides on the watch, though – instead it will launch Polar branded YouTube videos to take you through a series of exercises. The demos are well executed and don't take up a lot of time but are still very effective in between runs.
  4. After starting this mode it’ll then ask you to select your first sport.  At this point it’s really just like completing a single-sport activity.  Any of the views/configuration settings/sensors that you’ve setup for that particular sport profile will be there just like normal:
  5. You’ll also see inactivity alerts on the phone, but you won’t get these on the V800 yet.  This will come down the road a bit (see the schedule in section titled ‘The Future’).

The flaws stated by others here are true, but I find they mostly fall into the “nice to have” category. Like transmitting from watch to bike device. If you have the Polar bike device, you don’t need to use the watch unless you’re DC Rainmaker.For example, if I use the Wahoo RPM cycling cadence-only sensor, the V800 will incorrectly think it’s a combo sensor and override the GPS with a zero-value speed.  Resulting in non-correct speed and distance values (0-MPH, 0-Miles).  At the same time, if I use non-Polar footpods, it won’t calculate the stride length, nor does it seem to calibrate at all.  There are other examples, which I’ve outlined below in the table.We've already touched on what we think of Polar's app(s) in the previous section and covered it more extensively in our Polar A360 and Polar Loop 2 reviews. Putting the back and forth between mobile and web to one side, Polar Flow is packed with useful information. But it can definitely feel more crammed in on the smartphone app.

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P.S. : Here is another picture of the display bug (actually the one that I wanted to enclose initially) on my V800 with the third screen line completely masked.I did encounter a few issues when trying to charge the watch. The USB charging cable that comes with the V800 has a clip on one end that attaches to a charging port on the back of the watch. It took quite a bit of practice to properly connect the clip to the watch, and even after the clip was connected, the watch occasionally moved off the charger with an accidental nudge.

It’s pretty long time since V800 is available on the market and a lot of us are awaiting for new one.In many ways, the V800 is really at its best while running.  That’s mostly because it’s essentially like taking the RC3 of the past and adding some customization.  Plus, it is a watch after all (versus a cycling head unit).  Which is to say that if you’re a pure cyclist, I’d be looking at other options (potentially Polar’s V650 in the future).  Whereas if you’re purely a runner (non-multisport), then the V800 is still a very viable unit.The V800 is the first Polar device to support Bluetooth Smart sensors.  Previously, they’ve only supported them via their smartphone apps.  As of this writing, the Polar V800 supports the following sensor types:I say that because approximately 48.2% of all comments I receive seem to be on the issue of #1.  So, I’m kinda going for the brute-force repetitive approach here to ensure it’s really clear.

In talking with others, it tends to effect men who are a bit leaner than those who aren’t.  In any event, that’s indoor pool swimming for ya.  Again, at the time of this writing it does not currently track pace/laps/lengths/stroke.  See the section below titled ‘The Future’ for details on that.Lastly, after uploading your workouts to Polar Flow you’ll see everything on a single page.  This is a bit different from Garmin, which splices out the different sports into specific activities (i.e. one for swim, one for bike, one for run) – with no total triathlon time.

(If you’re curious, the example course I mentioned above is the Dandy’s Hipster Coffee Run. You can see an example run at link to strava.com – the bit it tries to cut off is the little extension from 18.1km to 19.0km… its kind of understandable, but still wrong behaviour)Apropos V800 display, since the beginning I have been experiencing sporadic (one to three times per hour) display abnormalities (bug ?), which consist of suden appearance of horizontal strips of various height on the display (white strips on black background as in the enclosed picture; black strips on white background), whatever the chosen mode (time mode, session recording mode…). However, a simple screen refresh (pressing a button two times) easily fix the display bug temporarily.For the heart rate field you’ll choose a per-sport option of seeing the heart rate value in: Beats Per Minute (BPM), % of Maximum, or % of Heart Rate Reserve.

Two weeks ago I revealed that in Polar Flow web service the scaling of the Recovery plot changed (and some other details). Apparently it happened after the update of Polar Flow web service (March 14, 2017). Now after a hard training session the Recovery plot reports that I am balanced or undertrained. However before the similar training load resulted in a strained status. My old data were converted into less strained, e.g. previous Very strained status are depicted as a Strained one. I did not change settings in my profile. The behavior is the same in all web-browsers.Other very useful items, but that are not sexy enough as headlines, are the comprehensive running program and Flow website. The running program is customizable for age/physical characteristics and ranges from 5k to marathon at 5 different levels of competitiveness. When I say comprehensive, it includes 4 types of run workouts, mobility, strength, and core workouts complete with app-based video instruction. All are tied and led by the watch, and then flow into the excellent “Flow” website (w/mobile app visibility) and ecosystem. Again, it’s not the most feature-filled, nor the most social, but it is very well-executed and incrementally improved. You get that “everything you need and nothing you don’t” feeling about this product.This information is also available on Polar Flow afterwards.  With that, I’ve covered all the running functionality.  Let’s continue on to the cycling side of things.Setting aside pricing, which clearly has some downward pressure given the “oddity”, this is a truly excellent device for someone who has focused intent on fitness improvement technique. I find that Polar keeps up with most of the latest and great AND useful technology and adds in “must-haves”. They are sometimes first, but rarely far behind–again where the technology is proven useful. A few examples of this are Strava segments, GoPro integration, Strava segments, and running power (w/Stryd).

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  1. If I was a running novice, I'd definitely find some of the information built around the plans slightly daunting. It could do with streamlining the user interface. But there's the foundations of a great running program platform here, and it will give similar programs like Adidas' MiCoach training a run for their money that's for sure.
  2. Next, the V800 includes the ability to rebroadcast your Bluetooth Smart heart rate out to other devices.  This is important because while the next generation of Bluetooth Smart (4.1) devices will support multiple connections to a single sensor, current devices don’t.  Thus if you connect to a heart rate strap with your V800, it would (otherwise) have blocked a connection to another device like a smartphone.  This is particularly important for coaching and gym scenarios, but also for triathletes with multiple devices (i.e. one for running and cycling).
  3. I evaluate running watches in three distinct ways. Firstly, you can use a watch on its own, without any kind of Footpod. This is probably the most common way runners use their watch, but you miss out on a lot. The second rating is with a standard Footpod that is available quite cheaply. These Footpod's can be reasonably accurate once the calibrated, but calibration is a little tedious. The final evaluation is with the Stryd Footpod, which is vastly more accurate than any other type of Footpod, or and more accurate than GPS. The table below looks at the score, and the value for money of each watch for each of the three conditions. (I’ve also tested the Apple Watch 3, but I’ve not included it in these tables as it’s not really a running watch.)
  4. Oh, and as a final deal sweetener, a recent firmware upgrade means it now boasts smartwatch-type alerts when synced with an iOS device.
  5. FR15 does).
  6. watches and the use of polar flow is quite easy, also e.g. for yearly graphics of monthly/weekly distance/elevation/running index aso. I miss mainly a global export function of all trainings in excel.

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You can create up to 8 custom pages of data per sport profile, with each page having 1 to 4 pieces of information, as seen above.  Below is a table of all of the data fields you can currently choose/configure to add to the above pages:Not long to wait now Mark….. Ray will likely be under NDA so probably won’t be able to mention anything related to this. There is a reasonable amount of evidence to suggest that these are the real devices and all Polar fans will no doubt be eagerly awaiting the announcement 🙂

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.Polar V800 (with and without HR strap) – Black/Grey Polar V800 (with and without HR strap) – Blue/RedSince I mentioned the footpod a minute ago, let’s talk about that in more depth.  Officially known as the ‘Stride Sensor’, the running footpod allows you to get cadence information (indoors/outdoors), as well as pace/distance information when indoors.The V800 can be used in a cycling mode, like most other multisport watches.  In this mode you’ll get all the same functionality as in running, plus the ability to pair to other sensor types like cycling speed and cadence sensors – and down the road, power meters.  Further, in this mode you’ll also get included information.

Ucuza satın almak istiyorsanız polar v800, tercih polar v800 banggood.com'dan. İstediğiniz ürünleri size ulaştırmak için çalışmaktayız., size paranızın en iyi karşılığını sunuyoruz. Herçeşit polar v800 istediğin modeli, buradan kolaylıkla satın alabilirsin. Sayfa4 Silicone Strap For Polar V800 Smart Watch Replacement Adjustment Sport Waterproof Band For Polar V800 Watchband Wrist Strap. 1M Portable Watch Charger Portable Charging Cable Dock Charger with Data Capabilities for Polar Smart Watch V800 Charger All of this information is then sync’d to Polar Flow (online) where it’s accessible there as well:The Polar V800 can (obviously) be used as a day to day watch.  It contains the ability to set a single clock alarm, which can be configured to alarm every day, once, or just weekdays.Update: A recent software update has added much anticipated Android Smart Notifications to the running watch. We've updated our review to reflect this.

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The Polar V800 is one of THE best sport watches on the market today, engineered to not only track your workouts but take your fitness training to a whole Like I said, the V800 is Polar's flagship, GPS enabled sports watch engineered to track the gauntlet of sport activitiesrunning, swimming, cycling.. Note that these are best estimates – things can change (timelines or features).  As I always say – be a bit careful in buying products based on promises (no matter what the product or company).  Polar generally has a very good track record in doing what they’ve announced, but a so-so track record in terms of hitting original timelines.

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This video demonstrates how to check your recovery status by tapping the Polar sports watch V800. Learn what the different recovery levels mean and find out when you are fully recovered and ready for your next training session. Polar V800. Chosen by champions. Dare to win Next, let’s look at the workout functionality.  The V800 includes some basic workout target modes that can be used.  It does not have a separate/instant interval mode.  These workout modes are all configured on Polar Flow (with computer) first, and then transferred to the watch for use during an activity.  In my case, I created my Saturday long run workout on Polar Flow.The Polar V800 launched way back in 2014, but it remains a go-to watch for hardcore runners, cyclists and triathletes among others.

All the way back in early January at CES Polar announced the V800 multisport GPS watch.  This would be their first multisport integrated GPS watch to market, combining the RC3 GPS watch along with the RCX5 non-GPS multisport watch.  On top of that, they’d also be integrating in their Polar Loop activity monitor functions – effectively making a powerhouse of a fitness watch.Is there a chance they’re exiting the premium market as gps rumors suggest? http://gpsrumors.comAnd with that it brought me to the usual page prior to a run.  Once I press start, I’ll get a new page that indicates what I should be doing for each step.  In this case, it shows a little HR bar that shows the zone I set for this step.  Down below it shows how much time is remaining on this step:

Finally, do note that while the unit measures RR/HRV today, it doesn’t actually record the data to Polar Flow, thus you can’t quite use 3rd party utilities to analyze that yet (that’s coming though).The only time I find the navigation “buggy” (or just plain does something wrong) is when I have a map that has a crossover point that included an elongated out-and-back loop, there the watch can try to navigate me to cut off the out-and-back part sort of like a shortcut. It threw me one time, so I ignored its navigation at that point (because I knew that part of the course well enough). Then when I did the course a year later, it did the same thing again – that time it didn’t affect me at all because I was already expecting it. But this is pretty rare (albeit consistent on that course), so overall I’m very happy with it, and rely on it quite heavily many some trails.I’ve just bought a V800 (used) and been very happy with it but my last two runs the gps start point is about 100 metres away from where I actually am.Comming from an V800 and a Fenix 3, and recently exchanged my F3 to and F5, i World advice you to NOT to expekt ‘great’ GPS om the F5. Its As good and As bad as the F3. The barometer is much better :-).Alternatively, you can setup the backlight to activate from either tapping the screen or by touching the V800 to your heart rate strap sensor.

Bluetooth Smart sensors have picked up steam, especially in the past 12-18 months.  They are most popular in the heart rate realm, but are slowly becoming more common in cycling.  I’d wager for running (footpods), they’re pretty rare – with most of that market going to ANT+.  ANT+ is of course the massive incumbent when it comes to sports and fitness sensors, with most of the market currently on that protocol.  ANT+ devices will not work with the V800.  Neither will past Polar W.I.N.D. sensors, which aren’t supported with the V800.  Nor will past Polar-branded Nike+ straps, or Bluetooth legacy (non-Bluetooth Smart straps) – Polar branded or otherwise.To that end though I’m really looking forward to seeing what Polar delivers software wise on both Polar Flow and the V800 over the next year.  We have the plan through the end of the year, but it’s how they keep the watch competitive in the marketplace into next winter and spring that’ll be the real question.  If they can deliver everything promised, and then double that again in the following 6 months – I think they’ll be on the right track to really shake up the market.The second mode is an ultra-long battery mode designed for getting upwards of 50-hours of battery life.  In this mode the GPS update is reduced to every 60 seconds (with HR data), thus resulting in less accuracy but far more usage time.  This is generally best for hiking where you’re moving comparatively slowly.  It’s not at all ideal for cycling where you’d be moving rather fast and thus the difference in 60 seconds would cut many corners (unless of course your riding across the US or something).

The new H10 heart rate strap is a big improvement over the H8 in swimming. It’s not in the same level as the swim-hrm from garmin on flip turns but it has been staying on.Note that you’ll actually create workouts within the ‘Diary’ portion after selecting a given day and adding what’s called a “Training Target”.  This too is fairly confusing since I tend to have a collection of workouts I use and don’t really think to associate them with a specific day.  I wish this was just a separate section that I could easily get to and make workouts.  Plus, “Training Target” doesn’t really convert into English as the idea for a pre-scheduled structured workout.  Rather, most would think that would mean an end-goal (i.e. run 10 miles).I’ve tried all the most common tricks: Sliding transmitter pod to your back or side, twisting the strap a bunch, placing it higher or lower on the chest.  No love.That would be the H7 specifically that’s capable of doing both Bluetooth Smart (above water), and analog (below water).  The H6 however, will not work.

Dit Polar V800 GPS Sporthorloge is een must-have voor professionele en toegewijde atleten die topprestaties willen bereiken! De V800 van Polar helpt jou om je trainingen (fietsen, lopen, zwemmen) en dagelijkse activiteiten te plannen en inzicht in je trainingsbelasting en herstelbehoefte te krijgen The Polar V800 is Polar's flagship multisport watch. This means it's a more complex and beefy version of its little brother the Polar M400, built to compete head-to-head with the Suunto Ambit3 range, TomTom Multisport Cardio and Garmin Forerunner 920XT and 620. Do feel free to click on those links, now!Hello, I did not understand if I can get a free 60-day Strava PREMIUM account as an existing V800 user (I have V800 for 3 years)? Or is it just about the V800 who gets the new one?Jiri, the link you get for the free premium is not coded in any way to a specific device, it’s manufacturer-specific. Indeed, you will be asked for your credit card data and end up with a regular premium (paid) because some of the links just don’t work due to a change website structure I guess.

Polar V800: toda la información del reloj GPS - Palabra de Runne

While the unit is connecting to the sensors it’s also searching for GPS signal.  In my testing I’ve found the GPS acquisition time acceptable but not great.  It doesn’t appear to pre-cache satellites like all other fitness devices on the market for the last 1-2 years do.first of all, many thanks to Ray and his really comprehensive reviews: it helped me a lot to pick out a new sports watch with GPS among the many possibilities almost two years ago. Preview of POLAR 37CTV4910 [1st page] Click on the link for free download! Please tick the box below to get download lin What it lacks in svelteness though it makes up for in build quality. This is a watch designed to withstand some serious rough and tumble. It's also waterproof, letting you take it for a swim up to 30 metres down. The textured finish on the metal physical buttons are a nice touch as well, making sure you get full purchase even when your fingers are getting a little sweaty.

Noticed that too. It suddenly went down and it went back up way to high. So, now I have the opposite effect. I ± know what my recovery time was for a workout. Or just walking with my dog (2 times a day). That gave me ± 1h max recovery. (90 a 120 kcal) But suddently it was 4h. Same route and distance. It’s not the right way to do it, but a gave a lower VO2 number in my settings to adjust my recovery time. I also noticed a weird thing when I connect my V800 to a PC or Mac for sync or loading. My watchface changed to date and hour, activity bar is gone. Not a big issue, but way? I like the V800 a lot because for me, the recovery time was alway’s right icm with my RHR and general feeling.Now, there are some downsides to the tool (via computer).  First is that the only ‘target’ you can set is heart rate (+ distance or time).  No pace/cadence/speed/etc… goals that are fairly common.  Also, creating repeats can be a bit frustrating the way the tool is designed because it always wants to randomly select different segments to repeat.  So it may take you 1 or 12 tries to get the repeats right.  Eventually you’ll get it all set though.

Polar V800: .68 miles Reference distance: .50 miles. The reason for this is that the Polar V800 does not yet have an openwater swim mode. And thus the unit loses GPS reception each time your arm goes under the water and then tries to re-gain it each time above the water The V800 comes in two flavors.  That with a heart rate strap, and that without a heart rate strap.  Down the road, it’ll also come in a blue flavor.

Once it’s found heart rate you can get to town swimming.  The challenge for me though is that the heart rate strap simply won’t stay on my body.  This is less of an issue for women since one presumes that they aren’t swimming topless.  For men however, the water pressure can sometimes push the strap down depending on your body type.Hi, everyone who is hypothesizing about the next V800…I want one too, so I just asked Polar via support request. This was the response: “At the moment there is no word on the successor to the V800. Any information out there is purely rumor and/or speculation.”Hopefully you found this review useful. At the end of the day, I’m an athlete just like you looking for the most detail possible on a new purchase – so my review is written from the standpoint of how I used the device. The reviews generally take a lot of hours to put together, so it’s a fair bit of work (and labor of love). As you probably noticed by looking below, I also take time to answer all the questions posted in the comments – and there’s quite a bit of detail in there as well.

Polar V800 - willhabe

Agreed. After a warranty repair of my initial V800 (due to corrosion in the charging port), it has performed perfectly. Only issues were after one firmware update. Having said that I am looking to update to a watch with more bells and whistles. Seriously considering the fenix 5 (been following the garmin forums on stability, gps accuracy and barometer topics). Just recently heard that Polar will be making a big announcement on 4/6. So hanging tight for another day 🙂 Polar V800 Full Specifications. Image. Screen resolution. All the way back in early January at CES Polar announced the V800 multisport GPS watch. This would be their first multisport integrated GPS watch to market, combining the RC3 GPS watch along with the RCX5 non-GPS multisport watch..

The Polar V800 was the first multisport watch on the market to double as an activity monitor.  This falls in line with Polar being the first activity monitor on the market to double as a heart rate strap (the Polar Loop).  When people refer to an activity monitor, they’re talking about a device that isn’t used to track sport activities (like a run), but rather the other 23 hours of the day that you’re not exercising.  So basically, your walk to Kentucky Fried Chicken and your mid-afternoon siesta.  The type of activities that most normal non-endurance athletes enjoy.So sometimes GPS acquisition takes a minute or more.  If you start in the same place as you last stopped however, it’ll tend to find it in a few seconds.  Here’s an example video showing the acquisition time, which in this case was about 30-40 seconds depending on where you measured the ‘start’ from.  The unit had been turned on earlier in the day in the same locale.

The Polar variant of the footpod is unfortunately the size of a Twinkie, and the largest in the industry.– integration at the gym. Most treadmills (and other gym cardio machines) having read-outs that show you your heart rate while using Polar HR strap, armband, or wrist-based monitor). So you don’t have to keep raising your arm to look at your watch, if you’re into heart rate monitoring. And while you can use it with bluetooth if the machine supports it, it uses a historically common and “it just works with no setup” 5Khz transmission. And there is no conflict with multi-bluetooth connections. The v800 watch will still simultaneously pickup, record, and use your heart rate. If the machine uses bluetooth, the watch uses 5Khz. If the machine uses 5Khz, the watch will use bluetooth.Thanks for reading! And as always, feel free to post comments or questions in the comments section below, I’ll be happy to try and answer them as quickly as possible.The Polar V800 is a GPS watch that tracks a wide variety of sports, from running and swimming to yoga, dance and CrossFit. The watch also tracks daily activity, including steps taken and calories burned.

Polar V800 H

Hi Pierre, Ive had mine for over a year now and do not get any display issues, I thinks it needs to be sent to Polar for a service or change. Good luck StpehenNow, there are some things to be aware of with the footpod.  First is that like past Polar units, the footpod will override any GPS pace/distance data.  There is no option to change that.  What there is however is an option to determine whether the unit will automatically calibrate the footpod at the start of each GPS run, or, whether to use a set calibration value.  This is configured within your sport profile (running in this case):

Polar V800 im Test Testberichte

“All customers who purchase a V800 are entitled to a free 60 day Premium Membership membership. Please note that the offer will apply to new Strava Premium Members only. they register their new V800. ”I think ChrisTexan hit on most key takeaways about v800. I’ll add that Polar’s much longer history in the wearable sportswatch and heart-rate monitoring compared to most of today’s brands gives them an advantage in core device applications. Setting aside some of the very cool downloadable apps that v800 users can’t get, Polar is good at having the important stuff front and center, without fun but often pointless and cumbersome distractions.

Polar V800 fitness watch Full Specification

RNLI LIFEBOAT D 800 You can view overall summaries of your progress in terms of totals (duration/distance/etc…) via the progress tab.Triathletes and other multi-sport fitness fans will love this. If you only go running, it's probably overkill, but that's up to you and your wallet…For daily activity data I’ve found it syncs pretty quickly.  Perhaps 30-45 seconds depending on when I last completed it.thanks for your answer! finally, I tried a hard reset which didn’t solve the recurrent display issue, rather the opposite… Thus, I contacted the French Polar customer service a few days before the end of the legal warranty period (two years) for the product and I was allowed to send them my Polar V800 for testing. Within one week during Christmas time, I got back not my initial Polar V800 but a brand new identical one (new device ID) with the customer service report mentioning a complete replacement of the unit: what a great service from Polar! Although, in my case, the initial watch was like brand new (not the slightest scratch on the glass or the case) and the wristband was still fine, I won’t complaint to have got especially brand new battery and wristband. After about two weeks of use of my new Polar V800, I haven’t got any display bug for the moment: thus, the display issue seems to have been luckily solved.

For pure running data, the training section lacks the more detailed information we'd want to see pulled through from the web app. It's almost as if Polar is caught between two things here, delivering activity tracking and running data in equal measures. But it doesn't quite work for us. I do want to point out to definitely wait for GPS acquisition to be found before you start running.  If you don’t, it’ll take much longer and you won’t get accurate data (distance/pace/etc…).  After pressing start it’ll bring you into your configured data pages.I’ve found in using the watch over the last 6 months that battery life was never a problem.  In that I mean that there always seemed to be enough battery for my activities.  Part of that might be my charging behavior, but it didn’t seem like it burned through battery, which is good.The strap conceals the bespoke charge/sync port and features a double-buckle, in the same vein as the TomTom Cardio. It's comfortable and solid, which is a must if you're swimming in open water.Now typically (as in the case of the Polar Loop), an activity monitor will tell you on the unit how many steps you’ve taken, distance walked, your progress towards the defined goal of the day (steps), and calories.  It may also show a few other random things like time of day.  Unfortunately, in the case of the V800 it only shows this single page:

Many readers stumble into my website in search of information on the latest and greatest sports tech products. But at the end of the day, you might just be wondering “What does Ray use when not testing new products?”. So here is the most up to date list of products I like and fit the bill for me and my training needs best! DC Rainmaker 2019 swim, bike, run, and general gear list. But wait, are you a female and feel like these things might not apply to you? If that’s the case (but certainly not saying my choices aren’t good for women), and you just want to see a different gear junkies “picks”, check out The Girl’s 2018 Gear Guide too.However, the V800's boxy design isn't comfortable for people with slender wrists. And if you're a city dweller, then you should know that the device can take a few minutes to pick up a GPS signal in areas with lots of tall buildings around. This video demonstrates how to check your recovery status by tapping the Polar sports watch V800. Learn what the different recovery levels mean and find out when you are fully recovered and ready for your next training session. Polar V800. Chosen by champions. Dare to win

Above, you’ll find all the major units in the high-end multisport market today, plus a few others that are relatively recent.1) As of today the V800 swim metric support is limited.  I can’t use it to track openwater swims (aside from my heart rate), and I can’t use it in the pool to track distance/stokes/metrics.

I got the pleasingly retro blue-red strap version to test, but there's a more muted all-black version for stealth triathletes and special forces members.While running you can change the viewed data pages at any time by pressing the up/down button.  You  cannot however re-configure those pages (only online via computer).  Each page can have up to four pieces of data on it (again, configured online).  Here’s a handful of screens from various runs:Once I connect it to my phone I do get the step counts there within the daily activity summary.  This view comes in a giant donut.  I’ve personally always found the layout a bit confusing, but it hasn’t changed yet:

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