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http://www.iphoneturkey.com/2013/12/iphone-ipad-ucretli-itunes-ve-app-store-islemleri-icin-sorun-bildirme-ve-para-iade-talebi.htmlI've got many charges on my bill. I haven't bought anything please stop charging my credit card ending 2116 for itunes.

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And to add to my previous post...you have the worst customer service!! to not be able to speak to a person AT ALL IS UNACCEPTABLE!AplITunes.com/ B866-712-7Ca $3.33 AplITunes.Com/B 866-712-7Ca $3.33 AplITunes.com/B 866-712-7Ca $4.44 AplITunes.com/bill $3.33 Apl*ITunes.com/bill $4.44 Charges made several times in a month, not mine.I am trying to talk to some one I was playing a game and wanted to duy some more coins I tried a few time but it said for me to try again so I did now I got a charge for $33.00 what can I do I try calling but keep getting to the wrong place I want to talk to someoneI’ve tried contacting kabam about this but they don’t seem to understand and just try and fob me off and try and make me look like an ass don't have a i phone did not make these charges. card ending in 2650 that has been canceled. 6.93,5.94,,4.95,4.95,5.94,5.94,3.96,5.94,1.98,5.94,7.92,6.93,9.90,5.94,3.96,3.96,and 8.91 this is so crazy that so many people have this problem.


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  1. What to do if you see a bill from itunes.com/bill? If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Reimage Plus which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files
  2. My credit card was charged three times on 5/28/2017 for the amounts of $17.99, $9.24 and $31.97. I have contacted my credit card company to report these fraudulent charges from your company which by the number of cases reported looks like you allow this to happen over and over again, sad.
  3. Hello, my name is Linda. I am trying to contact your dept in regards to an ITunes $50 card I purchased online on November 18, 2017, & it was already redeemed. I have tried to get this issue resolved with PC Game Supply where I had purchased it online, & they told me they would send me a new valid card, but it has not happened. They told me I needed to contact your office. I have the copy of what I had received in my email. If you have an email address, I could forward it to you. Thank you for your help in this matter
  4. I am currently creating an apple id account then suddenly “Please contact itunes support to complete this transaction” appeared on my screen. how can I solve this problem?beacause I can’t download on the app store, because of that.
  5. When you’re ready to contact iTunes customer service you need to start with the iTunes help page https://expresslane.apple.com/Issues.action. You are asked to choose from iTunes cards, purchases or billing, account help, connections and downloads or other store problems. The first topic leads to another and then a series of possible answers are presented. If none of the answers pertain to your problem you can contact the customer service department by email.

11/23 I was charged $219.99. I did not charge anything, through iTunes. please refund. you have been reported to my CC.I am deleteing all my credit cards and am not sure how to let them know to stop[ charging these cardsDear Sir, I have got 2 charges (2 x 19.90 CHF) on my visa card bill. I haven't bought anything in a long time. I do not agree with the charges. Please cancell the charges. Thanks3 charges on my I tunes account that were fraudulent. Apple gave me credit. Gonna have to get a new Visa card. Watch for scams.

this is very obviously a scam sight, I am getting my attorney involved so I can get this unauthorized billing problem resolved you have billed me for over $1000.00 worth of merchandise without my consent period. Seems numerous customers are experiencing the same problems which is obviously a scam practice for Apple I Tunes in general. I have been on the phone on hold for over 25 minutes and still no response, that is obviously part of your scam practice.Other data about ITUNES-COM-BILL scam credit charge This scam in credit cards has also been found on Cape Verde, Kyrgyzstan and Kyrgyzstan...some unfamiliar or unauthorised charge APL*ITUNES.COM/BILL on their bank statement. They don't know where is the billing comes from and how to cancel it. In addition to apps purchased..

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bill when no one has ordered or purchased anything, if this does not stop I am going to cancel any and everything with you all please check into this I have no children inI just want you to know I did not purchase anything on iTunes.im 46 and have no way of knowing how to use this.i contacted my bank,and before we take action,they wanted me to let you know whats been going on.someone is using my email and credit card to purchase things and every month I see all these charges.Please remove my credit card iformation and email from your list.please call me to discuss this matter.thank you andrea vanveghten 508-863-1891I can't believe this is still happening! Look at all of these posts...I, too have been charged several times for an Apple account that I do not have. I am contacting the district attorney's office.these apple store keeping taking money out of my acc. i don’t have a apple phone or a ipad i have the bank to stope it before now i have to cancle my bank cardYou have billed me for the song clocks? I could not find it in my music, so I downloaded it again. You cannot bill me for a song I’ve already had in my music you’re billing me twice for one song. Please rectify this situation I would greatly appreciate it thank you.

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This charge of .99 occurs every month on my checking account. I did not sign up for this and have tried by phone and email to have it stopped. The next stop was to change to a new checking account and card number but still recurring. This is fraudwhy I was charge $24.99/. I din’t buy anything. The phone that you listed in billing has nobody to answer. very bad serviceI just discovered this charge of $9.900 on my banking account. I don't ever purchase anything from Apple. This charge was being done while I was at work. I am the only person that knows my debit card number to my knowledge. I just cancelled my card with my bank and am disputing this charge. I would like to know what the product is that was ordered. And to what phone number or address this is being shipped to as soon as possible. Thanks, Felicia Mishoe My email address is Felicia.A.Davis@Cummins.ComI have also had charges to my bank account and some have caused me to be overdrawn, In reading the comments, someone suggested calling 1-408-996-1010. I called and they were very understanding and took my credit card off their account and refunded the last 90 days of charges. I am very grateful. posted 6/22/2015 by Margaret J.

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The customer support for iTunes is based on an intricate web of questions and answers. You could get lost foraging through all the FAQs and suggestions on the Apple website. If you want immediate answers you’ll need to contact customer support at the iTunes phone number. Call the 1-408-996-1010 number and the unwanted charges will be refunded. The customer service rep was most helpful and even blocked my credit card number from accepting any further apple I-tune charges.I have a unkown payment of $25.00 on my bank account statement..i will like it remove and refunded back in my account..Thank you..Your service stinks. I keep having charges on my credit card and my son’s checking account and we did not ask for ANYTHING. I WANT IT ALL CANCELLED!! Your phone message is rude. I should be able to talk to someone who will cancel and refund the charges without buying services. So not customer friendly!! From the looks of the above comments iTunes is scamming a lot of people. iTunes Billing Number +1(844) 321-5932 - itunes.com/bill. Online Support for your iTunes Store Account. iTunes Payments & Billing Support

I bought this iPhone almost completely for its compatibility with iTunes. My music is very personal and very important to me. I think I have spent nearly $1000 on songs in the last year. The only bad experience I have is a very bad experience. Why did you add a free U2 album to my phone without my permission and why can’t I delete it and why do it’s songs come on mixed with my music all the time? I never check my email and I certainly don’t like getting on the computer. So basically I’m just venting here and letting you know how disappointed I am and what a turn off this has been. It has been bothering me for a long time and tonight I’ve just about had it. Was yours truly, disappointed Douglasomg my old card was being charged APL ITunes charges changed my card now my NEW Card being charged $11.00 bucks on the Aug 5th one .99 charge and one $10.00 charge. I am pissed.Hi. I need information on my billing account. Please can you forward me their details as I need someone to explainStopping payment on my debit card through my bank. ITunes, Apple iTunes whoever you are do not try and use my debit account anymore. If you can't answer the phone and explain the charges then you will not get anymore from me! Fact Jack! FYI filing a fraud report through my bank also. Thank you very much!Why there is a charge for "APL.*ITUNES.COM/BILL" in 03/09/2017 on my bill. I have never bought any music or movie or TV play from Apple iTunes, as well as my family. I called 1-866-712-7753 but got no response. I found many others with the same problem were coming to this website for help. Does any one get the problem solved. I requir to cancel the bill. Please respond to me ASAP. I can be reached by 929-302-2478

Users did a total of 65 votes, and 58 voted that it is a FRAUD CHARGE.

I have been getting unauthorized charges to my debit card.Could you please check it out and advise me as to how I can stop it ? I think my grandson is doing it,because when it ask to charge to the same account he says yes.never used this service and I am being billed on my debit card don't even know what these is. I don't have a account with this company.I have received several notices from the iTunes stating that I have made purchases from different places across the globe. I have never purchased anything from iTunes. how do I get rid of this “stuff”

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  1. My wife sent me an iTunes card but forgot to send me the scratch numbers instead she sent me the serial numbers
  2. You have been charging my account for $.99 for the last 4 months which I did not authorize. I asked the bank if they could block this transaction but they told me that the only thing I could do is cancel my card. I did last month and then I saw on 2/15 you managed to charge me again. This is fraud or good old fashion STEALING. It looks like from all the comments above that I’m not the only person you are stealing from. Please refund my accounts immediately.
  3. You have been charging my credit card and taking money from my bank for the same charges.my credit card and the bank told me to contact you first,if I do not get refunded my money they will file the necessary papers on this fraud.i want them both canceled.bank account and credit cards.how you got my credit card account is beyond me. Thank you

A Kontakt piano with a difference. Making just another piano instrument plug-in is pointless unless you do it differently. Old Tape Piano features a grand piano recorded into a very lo-fi cassette recorder I have a bill that just came in of iTunes.com/bill of 31.79 dollars. which I never ordered. and how did they get my credit card no. on this to bill me? the next business day I will contact the credit card for this fraud amount ...You will be liable. Pick up your phone. You have a bad situation on your hands. Maybe Jail

APL*ITUNES.COM/BILL I received this charge for $108 on my checking acct. and have no idea what it is can you explain? All I get from the phone number is a recording.I woulds appreciate the help.I am being charge 9.99 every month for service I didnot authorize or purchase. I called my cell phone carrier and they informed me that the charge was from itune. Please stop billing me for service and refund my account for prevous month. I am looking forward to recieve additional information on this issue.Our combinate score with VISA says that it is a 75% charge fraud rate and the score for PayPal and Mastercard (other credit card providers like Revolut, N26, BBVA, Banco Santander, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Capital One says it is a 73% credit charge fraud rate.I too noticed these charges on my past two bank statements. I called the "866-712-7753" number on the statement, but the recording sent me here. After contacting my bank, I thought I would send Apple Support a quick Chat to keep them in the loop that this SCAM should be shared on their site, or some form of communication so consumers know it is not Apple charging them. Ironically... you think you have "Live Chat" person, you Do Not! A "robot" response to anything I typed and sent.... Guess this Scammer must be out for revenge on Poor Customer Service from the Big Snooty Rich Companies!!!!I don't have an ITunes account but had seven charges on my debit card. I cancelled the card and contacted Apple support. I spoke to a lady named Linda and she verified it was a fraudulent acct. and assures me my money will be refunded to my bank within 10 days. After seeing all these complaints I am doubtful but we will see in 10 days. This is ridiculous!


OK, I'm with all you regarding getting charges regarding ITunes. If you call the number listed next to the charge is an Automated one. No help there! However, when reading thru the older messages someone posted if you want to talk with a live person to call 1-408-996-1010. I called them and the person on the other line was soooooo helpful. She showed me varies ways to check on my phone to see where the charges are coming from. Mine was from a game that had a free trial. I removed the app. from my phone before the trial was up. Yet, I was getting weekly charges. She let me know even if you remove the app. from you phone it doesn't stop the charges. So you have to go into a special spot in your settings that shows all the charges. In there you will find a option to CANCEL the charges. The rep. also showed me a spot that listed the history of all charges to my account under the ITunes. You can be getting charges but its labeled ITunes for game, apps., storage, music, & misc. you name it. The rep. I had then sent me the instruction to my email for future assistance. If you do NOT want to call. In the email regarding the charge you have an option to dispute in there also. That another way to do it. I hope this message is useful.Several apple itunes charges have shown on my bank account. That account was closed years ago; neither I nor my daughter use it. I have had to get 3 new cards since 2014 because of this; I'm not doing that again. Please put a stop to this, and return my money. Thank you.

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I have many charges on my account for itunes. I do not have a itunes account I will be reporting you to my bank for fraud. I will be reporting this to my bank in the morning as a dispute and you will be locked out and reversed. This has happened several times.you have terrible contact info. I keep getting cut off and referred to the internet. where it really doesn’t answer my questions. I need a phone number and address where I know the information I have given you is enough.

There have been many charges on my credit card that I did not put there. I have not had Apple I itunes due to I would not know how to even get it or use it. My daughter just showed me how. Please take these charges off my credit card.I had 3 charges on my account last month that resulted in my card being cancelled and a new one issued. This month I had the same 3 charges on a brand new card that has not been added to apple at all. Whoever is doing this has a great scam going on and has a way of getting card information even when not on file. My card has been cancelled yet again. Thank you apple for not caring about any of the above reports of fraud and for making me get a new card AGAIN in less than 30 days.. You rock apple NOT!!!

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I think it is unfair to say you will answer a complaint concerning over $300 in charges I did not put on my card, nor do I have any idea of what was purchased. PB Teen E-Commerce and 4 APL ITUNES bills of 19.99, 26.97,19.99 and lastly 1.99. I do not want to have to PAY something to have this issue cleared up.i have found your service to be slack when it comes to reporting fraud. I sent you two emails regarding fraudulent activity on my iTunes account and this has not been sorted out.I am over 50 years old and I have never experienced so called customer service as offered by this company. I have had numerous fraudulent charges and have tried to contact this company 15 times to no avail. You cannot reach anyone or get a response to any of the online inquiry. I am so disappointed with Apple. It may be an Apple, but it’s customer service is an onion. Make that a rotten stinking onion!

I have LinkedIn Business Plus and want to upgrade to Executive through iTunes. I have tried all different ways and am getting annoyed that I can not get answers. Can you please contact methere were two charges on my account that i did not authorize no did i make the purchase i dont have a iphonw Report Transaction. Home. Apl* itunes.com/bill 866-712-7753 , CA MCI. Help other potential victims by sharing any available information about APL* ITUNES.COM/BILL 866-712-7753 , CA MCI Not sure why there is a charge for Apple iTunes on my account. I am going to call my credit card company and reporting it as a Fraud charge.Contact Us   |   Privacy Policy   |   About Us

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My daughter, without my permission, purchased on iTunes with a American Express debit card which must be used as a credit card, because it is a sub account to my account. I’m requesting a refund. She did not have my permission and didn’t realize there would be a monthly debit withdrawal.I am contacting you because I have fraudulent charges on my credit card that I have not made, authorized or approved. I have NUMEROUS OF THESE FRAUDULENT CHARGES APL ITUNES.com/BI 8667127753. I HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY CONFIRMATION EMAIL. I have reported this to my bank and if you DO NOT refund every penny they will b contacting you. I would appreciate a response today! norakbonney@hotmail.comI have a problem with billing. I received a bill for34.98. For Bigo live broadcasting from Marshall, mn. Which is not mine .i would like this to be taken off my account. Please

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I purchase some tokens from You Tube for more tokens for Deuces Wild. Ones for 2.99 the other 4.99 . I never got the tokensI have no idea how this charge is showing up on my credit card every month. Please do whatever is necessary to CANCEL this charge immediately. If we get another charge, we will take further steps.This is fraud. Read above I have the same issues. you can contact my parents. paultaffetani@verizon.net. Your CrooksI was charged $74.99 on my Discover card and had purchased nothing Tried to call 1-408-996-1010 as the other people did. Now they have a recording there that hangs up on you. Ill be reporting you to my credit card. Thanks a lot!

A charge for $2.11 was placed on my ck acct! I don't do I tunes and I did not place any banking info on my I phone. Please refund to my acct asap!I have been getting charged 99 cents and it has now jumped to $5.97. I have never opened an apple account and I have not charged this. I called my credit card and reported the fraud and will be getting a new card from them. Thank you for their help. It shows up on my bill as APL*ITUNES.COM/BILL 866 712-7753CA

25-06-2016 11.98 EURO 09-07-2016 11.98 EURO 17-07-2016 5.99 EURO COULD YOU TELL ME ABOUT THIS CHARGES FROM MY VISA CARD Kontakt. Kundenservice. Produkte, Bestellung und Vertragsumstellungen Mo bis Fr 8 - 22 Uhr, Sa 8 - 20 Messenger App herunterladen, mit Ihren Kundendaten einloggen und jederzeit Kontakt zu uns.. A few days ago I purchased the song “Fight Song”. I song was never downloaded to my compute or IPhone but my account was charged. Please refund my noney or download the song. Thank youyesterday i got 2 25 dollar i tune cards and last night i tryed to make a phone call with them and it said it,s already been redeem To own the best doesn't always mean you have to pay the most, This list is about showing you the best places to buy the most complex hip hop Kontakt libraries that are both cost-effective and rich in..


  1. Purchase more chips needed in backgamon game. Brought chips and they never showed on game board, so I purchase more hoping they would show up and. Never did now I hv huge bill for chips never received.
  2. I received notification that someone ordered an item for $399 via my iTunes acct. I did not order anything. You provide NO INFORMATION! On how to report this scam. Seriously – you NEED to provide info
  3. Any libraries made for Kontakt Player show up or can be added to the library tab so they show up So I wanted to make a quick video showing how to organize other Kontakt libraries that you can't add to..
  4. I’ve been having problem downloading free apps it asking for my billing info and when I put it in it’s still not letting me download free apps… I’ve had this issue since I purchase my iPhone.. If sumone can Pls contact me ASAP…
  5. I am absolutely disappointed with your service. My attempt to reverse an accidental purchase, (1/20/18), pertaining to KEEPER failed, despite my e-mail and phone call attempts. You billed my account, and has not refunded me, despite my request. This was concern which, prompted my initial reluctance to link my credit card to iTunes. Please DO NOT sent any purchase related link or item, that I did not specifically request. Thank you.
  6. I was charged $4.99 for access to ESPN. I Want to Cancel further charges. I was not able to access ESPN after this download. I Wish to CANCEL ESPN
  7. ITUNES-COM-BILL credit card scams and many other are usual when people buy online (and also offline), in this case we're not talking about hackers, it is the actual business who scammed you.

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  1. Re SongPop quiz. Purchased ticket 2.99 today March22nd and said purchase successfull yet the 20 tickets have not appeared. Please refund, thank you
  2. ITUNES-COM-BILL was detected in our DB the number 6065. The charge comes from the country Ivory Coast. There are a total 30 people that have came here asking for netflix 1s plan itunes email 2017 or something similar.
  3. i would like to now what i bought from you that cost me close to 100.00 dollars please email me an itemized list. thank you Sincerely Ethel Vincent
  4. My I-Tunes account has ben turned off because of a billing question. I just sent Pay Me Later a payment of $100 for my I-Tunes account. How can I get my I-Tunes service restored?
  5. Many people come here wondering why there is a charge in their credit card from ITUNES-COM-BILL. They usually don’t like to hear that this is probably a scam.

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Hi on July 28, 2016 the receipt a charge of $10.99 reference number 1260 from Bank America. I did not receive the downloaded songs and not sure why this amount?? Please contact me and credit me! Thank you LinnThere are 2 Itune charges on my credit card 1) $6.41(April 25, 2016) and 2) $20.32 (May 6, 2016). I did not authorize these purchases and want the charges reversed.I don’t know who you are but I feel that you are scamming many people out of there hard earned money including me. I am being charged a monthly fee of $.99 for something I DID NOT PURCHASED. Please remove these charges and refund my money.I have a reoccurring charge on my bill for $9.99. It is from Tunein. I tried it for a week for free but then could find no way to terminate it.Please terminate this since they do not seem to give an option to do that.I have been charged $5.34 a month since December 2016 for only what ever you sell. I do not have an I phone or any other stupid Apple product. The total charges for Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, have totaled to $21.36. This is clearly fraud and I would like to be refunded. I have tried to contact someone but have had no luck. This has been charged to my Chase Slate credit card 7631

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  1. As far as I'm concerned you have lousy customer service when I cant even speak to a real customer support person.
  2. a@outlook.com
  3. I got charge for a iTunes account and I didn’t order it and I can’t get hold of someone to cancel it!!!! HELP

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Im wholesaler for Games Accessories, and im looking for Apple Itunes i need 500pcs every weeks or more can you please contact me for detail and how i order from you ?You all will have to call the number for Apple to get this resolved, this is not an Apple website. I called, and found out it was my daughter purchasing in app items. I called 408-996-1010, and they walked me through how to see all app purchases, so I knew exactly what the charges were for. If you want this resolved, then you’ll need to call to resolve it. The lady I spoke to was very helpful.The last time I called I talked to a tech named Kim, she was the most professional and nice person ever, & I was very upset because of fraudlent activity in my checking account. She calmed me down and gave me all the credit she possible could for the last 90 days. I hope her supervisor see’s this post!! She rocks!! When uploading a new release in TuneCore you can now input your iTunes and Apple Music Artist ID/URL. This will help make sure your.. Tengo problemas con mi cuenta de iTunes tengo un saldo d $15 y no me déjà cbajar nada porq me q devo chequear mi saldo.

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I have several charges on my current bank statement from I tunes. I have NEVER used this service. The charges add up to over $100.00. I would appreciate being able to talk to an actual human being about this to get my money refunded. Please contact me at mwwebb1952@yahoo.com.I don't have a music devise or an i phone I only have a flip phone and I only listen to music on the car radio, so I know I didn't make this purchase Will you please refund me the $11.99 charge. I know it isn't much but I still need it back. Charge was made on 08/09/16 I was at work all day and didn't use my computer all day. Please email me at alicemarq777@cox.net or call me at 619-985-0293 to explainActually I don't know how my money going for this iTunes, I dint subscribe anything, can u please help how to cancel this!!I just had the same thing happen to me. I learned that my account had been hacked and my personal information (credit card number) had been used for purchases even after canceling my card...I allow my son to play games on my iPad and some of these games have things to buy within the game. Well this game was a window for someone to hack into my iTunes account and make all of these charges. Notify your banks ASAP so they can reverse the charges. Going inside the branch can't resolve the charges, but call did. From now on I will only use iTunes gift cards for any transactions on my iPad.

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re Daniel Fournier apple iTunes account i have tried to get intouch with some one and i did on feb 28 n but the person told me she could close and account with out taking to the account owner and i told her at five times he was dead he died on feb 18 ve spent d thousand of dollars on Daniel with apple the bill comes to me but she said she could not do nothing without talking to him i tell u u have some stupid people there and i will never spend and other sent on any apple craP I HAVE CLOSED HIS BANKACCOUNT AND CARD SO U CAn go to h as far as im concerned really use ur headlI got billed for some iTunes stuff that no one in my family purchased and would like a refund for. Unfortunately you don’t allow anybody to contact you by phone and your stupid website is down. This has been a Crappy experience. Please contact me so I can get my money back. Unsatisfied not even a customer.

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I let my grandaughter use my credit card for 1 purchase and the billing to my account has never stopped. I put a stop payment with my credit card but on two months the bill is $ 195..62. I want this refunded and the balance on the last credit card statement or I am going to file a small claims court case against apl*itunes. I need to hear from someone, it was almost impossible to find a way to contact you. Fraudulent charges on my card by your company. I didn't make this purchase. I was credited it and now recharged.I want a refund. I will prosecute.

There is fraudulent charges on my Visa account from iTunes.com/bill 877-712-7753. The last charge was 3/25/16 There is multiple charges from them throughout the month sometimes a few days apart. By using Twitter's services you agree to our Cookies Use. We use cookies for purposes including analytics, personalisation, and ads Bei Fragen oder Buchungsänderungen bei Booking.com können Sie Kontakt mit der Hotline des Kundenservice aufnehmen oder per Mail ein Anfrage stellen. Wir zeigen Ihnen, wie Sie den Service.. I had a purchase on my account got an email about that purchase tried to cancel it was sent to a link that was asking for all my personal information and Social Security number why the hell does apple need my Social Security number How my supposed to trust you nowmy grandson asked to order iTunes One time, now it autiomatically comes off my credit card each month. PLEASE STOP

trying to speak to a live person and it is IMPOSSIBLE! None of the questions asked are what I need!! I just need to see what device I Tunes was purchased on!Never have used items and never will. You did NOT have permission to bill my credit card. Someone better reverse this charge...AND GIVE US A PHONE NUMBER THAT WILL CONNECT TO A PERSON....as thousands of people have asked for.....GIVE US A NUMBER and stop avoiding people....FRAUD

Is there a way to download a older the last iTunes on a computer before this new update. I still want to be able to do my ringtones and apps within iTunes.i am getting charged for itunes which i dont use cant speak to somone to stop it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the worst service!!!!!!! i have 6 kids and 14 grandkids and havealways bought itune gift cards for them. Never again


I have been using Iphone all the while and I’m able to purchase in-apps purchases via apple ID that is linked to my credit card (visa card). I just bought a Itouch 5 and now I’m unable to purchase in-apps purchases using the same apple ID. I have already made the verifications according to the instructions but still I was prompt to contact iTunes customer service. I was charged $9.99 on August 12 and previous months but I did not make any purchases. I ALSO HAVE A PENDING BILL COMING THIS MONTH AND NO PURCHASES. i HAVE REPORTED THIS TO DISCOVER CARD.Hi iTunes have been taking money out of my account for months when I have not purchased Any thing and I want all the money back please contact me soon as possible

Pple store is thieves and scam. they deducting directly in your debit or credit card without informing or any purchase made.sucks appleI have reoccurring charge of $4.99 for pandora that I’m trying to stop. I called one number and iTunes support wanted to charge me more money to stop the charges and to not have fraud protection for a year. Each time I told the lady I just wanted the charges off she kept saying I understand but you have to pay a certain amount of money for one year and we could take it off it didn’t make any Fricken sense. I kept telling the lady that I did it but everyone is telling me they are not paying anything for pandora I’m still try protection for a year. Each time I told the lady I just wanted the charges off she kept saying I understand but you have to pay a certain amount of money for one year and we could take it off! I’m getting Fricken upset and can’t find anyone to help me. Do I have to close my whole checking acct to stop it????? UghI've had charges for iTunes that I've never had or used. Why? This is fraud. I would like these charges taken off my bill.Apple should be much clearer about explanations for chargers. Here’s where to find the information for charges and reoccurring bills on your account in your IPhone settings:My credit card was charged 24.99 on 2/29/2019 and 0.99 previously charged that I just find out from APL*ITUNES.COM I have never used your service. I tried to contact someone at Apple but your phone number 866-712-7753 goes to a recording then disconnects. As far as I'm concerned you have lousy customer service when I cant even speak to a real customer support person.

With the release of Kontakt 5.6.8 the installation process has changed. Please follow the following steps to add a library to this version or later. If you are on Kontakt 5.6.6 or earlier, you'll need to follow.. I took the information above from Joyce Smith above and used her suggestion and it worked perfectly as she suggested to completely remove whatever debit/credit card information Apple has on file. Go to Settings...go to iTunes & App Store, click on it...click on "Apple ID: () at Apple ID click on "View Apple ID" (and maybe password is needed)...click on Payment Information...click on "None" to remove your debit, or credit card information...click on done!!I am completely uninformed. I bought my 8 year old grandson an I Pad as his was damaged. They needed a credit card on file. I had no idea why………….He has ordered over $500 worth of I tunes……………some over $50.00………….I have no idea how to stop this. I have discussed with him but appears the damage is done……………You call the number on the web and are directed elsewhere……I want a body to talk to.I would like to know why I’m begin charged for my updates for my iPad every time I update my games or other items. I was on the phone trying to talk to a agent and no one picked up the line. I was on the phone for 35 min.

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