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In England Ley Lines also incorporate modern cities and sites of interest including, towns, villages, Cathedrals, churches and even major centres of civic activity – all of them linked by the ubiquitous “ley” name ending. Perhaps the most famous example was Wembley Stadium in North London. For many years before it was ingloriously demolished this “Cathedral of World Football”, captivated the imagination of football fans the world over. Yet not so well known was that Wembley with its “ley” name ending was itself a focus of numerous lines that included this great centre of global soccer. Related News. Film Review: Ley Lines (1999) by Takashi Miike 13 October 2018|AsianMoviePulse The previous examples have offered a indication that geometry might be involved in the orientation of some ley-lines. It is arguable that as many of the sites are aligned astronomically, and as geometry is a natural product of astronomy, the effect might be a product of 'automatic' or 'accidental' geometry within the layout of certain sites, but this does not explain geometry between sites which certainly involves surveying techniques, which in turn requires deliberate and applied mathematics (logarithms and trigonometry or their equivalent).

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The current definition of a Ley-line according to http//:Wikipedia.en.org/ is as follows: 'Ley lines are hypothetical alignments of a number of places of geographical interest, such as ancient monuments and megaliths. Their existence was suggested in 1921 by the amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins, whose book 'The Old Straight Track' brought the alignments to the attention of the wider public'.One of the largest Leys in England, the so-called St. Michaels Ley, is aligned along the path of  the sun on the 8th of May (The spring festival of St. Michael) and can therefore be considered astronomical. This line passes through several megalithic sites before it reaches Glastonbury, (artificially shaped to follow the direction of the ley), and then on to the Avebury/Silbury complex, both significant English landscape features.

The St. Michael's ley has been shown to be inter-related with several other prominent British megaliths through geometry, astronomy and an apparent knowledge of longitude/latitude, not least of all to Stonehenge. Stonehenge, whilst not being a part of the St. Michael ley, is connected with both Glastonbury and Avebury/Silbury through geometry, and also forms the crossing point of several prominent ley-lines - both astronomical and non-astronomical. The first astronomically significant ley-line to pass through Stonehenge was first identified by Sir Norman Lockyer, and later extended to 22 miles in length by K. Koop. This ley follows the path of the mid-summer sunrise on a bearing of 49� 15'. (2) Another significant ley-line to pass through Stonehenge was also identified by Lockyer, and can be shown to extend accurately for 18.5 miles. It skirts only the edge of the henge at the junction of the avenue, missing the centre (and the sarsen stones) altogether. This line runs on a bearing of 170� 45', and appears to have no astronomical significance. (Geometric Alignments)     (British Geodesy)     (Geodesy Homepage)     (Egyptian Geodesy)     (The Nazca Lines, Peru) (The World Grid)   References: The Incas used 'Spirit-lines' or 'ceques' with the Inca temple of the sun in Cuzco as their hub. (9) The Jesuit father Bernabe Cobo referred to these 'ceques' in his 'History of the new World'. 1653. These were lines on which 'wak'as' were placed and which were venerated by the local people. Ceques were described as sacred pathways. The old Indian word 'ceqque' or 'ceque' means boundary or line. Cobo describes how these lines are not the same as those at Nazca, being only apparent in the alignment of the wak'as.  These wak'as were most often in the form of stones, springs, and often terminating near the summits of holy mountains. Documentary records made by the Spanish record that 'qhapaq Hucha' ceremonies of human sacrifice (usually children), took place at wak'as as an annual event and also at times of disaster.  In the 17th century the Roman catholic church ordered that the holy shrines along the routes be destroyed. As in Europe, many ancient holy places were built over with churches. ley line in British English. (leɪ laɪn). noun. another name for ley (sense 2). Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers. Word lists with. ley line. terms used in archaeology

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It is argued that if these leys were remnants of ancient tracks then it should have once been possible to see one point from another. Also it is noted that there are many ancient 'tracks' across Britain, such as the Ridgeway, and none of them are dead straight. The Definition of a ley-line. What was the purpose of ley-lines? How old are ley-lines? Geometric Alignments. Aboriginal 'Song Lines'. A Chronology of European Geomancers. Examples of European ley-lines. Map of English ley-lines. The Nazca Plain, Peru.   Most cultures have traditions and words to describe the straight, often geometric alignments that ran across ancient landscapes, connecting both natural and sacred prehistoric structures together. Usually the names given to represent these invisible lines are translated to an equivalent of 'spirit', 'dream', or 'energy' paths. However, apart from the physical presence of the sites themselves, proving the presence of a 'connection' between them is something that researchers have found notoriously elusive. Browse the Finish Line store directory to find retail store locations near you so you can shop for premium sneakers, clothing and accessories from the brands you love. Click on a state to browse all..


  1. Stecchini's theory was later included as a part of R. Temples book 'The Sirius mystery', in which he also suggested that the distribution of oracle centres embodied an ancient knowledge which had been stored in myth and tradition. Significantly, he states that the pre-dynastic capital of Egypt, Behdet 'existed before 3,200 BC', and was replaced by the city Canopus, (the same name as the star that represents the 'rudder' of the constellation Argo). He suggested that this was a connection between the two mythological narratives of the �Ark� and the �Argo� of the Argonauts, which he said, revealed evidence of a prehistoric system which included an understanding of astronomy mathematics and geo-metry (as in the sense of measuring the earth).
  2. ed.           (Quick-link)     French Ley-lines: Mont St. Michel Ley - The main church at Mont St. Michel is orientated at 26� north of true east (The same as at Notre Dame). This orientation can be extended in both directions to form an alignment with Mont Dol to the south-west, and d'Avranches to the north-east. Mont Dol is the place where St. Michel is said to have fought Lucifer.
  3. Ley lines is a term used for a grid of energy lines that apparently surrounds the earth. This is a brief introduction to ley lines including the history of differing theories and current thought
  4. Chinese called them Dragon lines, no person on low nobility was allowed to be buried on them. I was told they are on Google earth, but can not find them
  5. The same observation was made in other parts of Europe by the Romans themselves, who in their conquest of the Etruscans, noted standing stones set in linear patterns over the entire countryside of Tuscany. Romans also record discovering these 'straight tracks' in almost every country they subjugated: across Europe, North Africa, Crete, and the regions of ancient Babylon and Nineveh. Fairly conclusive then - the roads existed before the Romans. In fact, considering the scale of development in the Neolithic period approx 5,000 - 3,000 B.C. it is quite likely that they (or the first, or some at least), existed at that time too, if only to connect sites. 

Devereux, Paul Places of Power, Secret Energies at Ancient Sites: A Guide to Observed or Measured Phenomena Ley Lines (film). From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ley Lines (Japanese: 日本黒社会, romanized: Nihon Kuroshakai, lit. 'Japan Underworld') is a 1999 Japanese film directed by Takashi..

Ley lines are natural streams of magic running all over the world, often connecting places with outstanding magic and supernatural energies. Ley lines are made up of various kinds of energy; whatever kinds are more prominent in the line affects its properties LEY, Electric Actuator, Rod Type. Easy setting, operation and installation. 2 motor types available. LEY mounting brackets. Type: flange, foot, double clevis Modern theories on ley lines from John Mitchell, Paul Deveraux and David Cowan characterize them as energy pathways that link sacred sites and connect vortex spots. Ley lines in the United States are.. His previous book is Ley Lines and Earth Energies, published by Adventures Unlimited Press. 5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic must read book on the subject of Dowsing, Ley Lines and megalithic.. In most cases, the locations of these supposedly significant ancient sites were not dictated by any sort of unknown earth energies but by practical matters such as access to the building materials. Furthermore, many of these places are natural features, such as Mount Everest and Ayers Rock; no one built or placed those locations there based on knowledge of earth energy lines. And of course, the ancient builders of Stonehenge could not have known about the existence of Everest, Machu Picchu, or other sites, and therefore could not have intentionally built the monument to intersect with the alleged ley lines emanating from those sites.

Ley lines only exist on maps. They don't represent anything real (measurable or visible) on the ground Benjamin Radford is deputy editor of Skeptical Inquirer science magazine and author of six books including Lake Monster Mysteries: Investigating the World's Most Elusive Creatures. His website is www.BenjaminRadford.com.I believe some of these ideas are nonsense. However, it is certainly the case that my group and I do sense unusual energies at these places and that dowsing appears to respond to these energies. There is, of course, a danger of allowing fantasy to rush in to fill in the vacuum left by the absence of empirical facts about prehistory. I encourage a measured approach to anything we may discover. Psychically retrieved information needs to be qualified by historical facts. Few clairvoyants would deny there is something intriguing about the energies we believe we sense at these mysterious places.

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Estonian Lines on Eesti kapitalil põhinev transpordiettevõte, mis pakub igapäevaselt busside tellimusvedusid. Wifi parool kõikides bussides: Estonianlines Whether ley lines exist or not, the fact that many people believe they do provides insight into the human brain's amazing capacity for finding patterns in the world around us. A number of rituals and traditions have been associated with the path taken by funerary parties. Traditionally known as 'death roads' (dood-wegen or geister-wege). The fact that 'spirit paths' are traditionally straight and seem to include the same 'markers' as ley lines significantly increases the argument for some of the leys having once served this function. Spirit lines are also invisible, and are viewed as 'tracks' or 'paths' for the movement of the spirits, which may explain why markers are often not visible from one location to another (an argument traditionally used against the existence of leys themselves). Ley lines are alleged alignments of ancient sites or holy places, such as stone circles, standing Interest in ley lines began with the publication in 1922 of Early British Trackways by Alfred Watkins..

Etsi ja varaa Siljan ja Tallinkin risteilyt, meno-paluu-, hotelli- ja automatkat helposti netistä. Varaa mieleisesi laivamatka online-varauspalvelun kautta ja nauti merimatkasta John Barnatt  - Undertook a survey of ancient sites of Derbyshire with a computer, and found 'Challenging geomantic relationships' between them. (2) The German equivalent of ley lines is 'Heilige Linien', or 'holy lines'. The area of 'Teutberger Wald', also known as the 'German heartland' has a significant network of these lines which include the Externsteine and the megalithic stone circle at Bad Meinberg. Looking at the Nazca Lines from above it is hard to imagine that the Inca created them without guidance. Many believe it was extraterrestrials which remain an enigma Ley lines are lines that crisscross around the globe, like latitudinal and longitudinal lines, that are dotted with monuments and natural landforms, and carry along with them rivers of supernatural energy

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The gateway to Britain's public transport network W.E.C. Lines' agents naturally have an in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of the individual ports, in Northern Europe, Portugal, Spain, Morocco and East Africa, the French West Indies and Pakistan Ley Hatları | Ley Lines. Dostunuza önereceğiniz bir yazıysa lütfen paylaşın: Tarih boyunca inşa edilen bina ve tapınakların mimarları, yerbilim uzmanlarıyla birlikte gizemli LEY hatlarını arayıp titizlikle.. Ley lines are alleged alignments of ancient sites or holy places, such as stone circles, standing stones, cairns, and churches. Interest in ley lines began with the publication in 1922 of Early BritishTrackways by Alfred Watkins (1855-1935), a self-taught amateur archaeologist and antiquarian. Based upon the fact that on a map of Blackwardine, near Leominster,Once you have mastered the rods over a short distance you can widen your search. Mark the spots when the rods react and try approaching your markers from different angles. Keep marking the spots where the rods cross to identify your find. Perhaps the markers will make a line suggesting that you have found a hidden pipe or an underground stream.

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Ley Lines is a single-player action-adventure puzzle-solving game developed by a team of students at Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy    The Definition of a Ley-line: Even though the term 'Ley-line was originally conceived  by Alfred 'Watkins, by 1929, he had discarded the use of the name 'ley' and referred to his alignments only as 'old straight tracks' or 'archaic tracks' Term: Ley Lines. 1 definition 0 articles 17,855 views. These are lines of unseen energy that cross the earth. When the lines intersect, an energy vortex is formed The Aborigines of Australia tell of a 'pastage', which they call the 'dream-time', when the 'creative gods' traversed the country and reshaped the land to conform with important paths called 'turingas'. They say that at certain times of the year these 'turingas' are revitalised by energies flowing through them fertilising the adjacent countryside. They also say that these lines can be used to receive messages over great distances.You won't find ley lines discussed in geography or geology textbooks because they aren't real, actual, measurable things. Though scientists can find no evidence of these ley lines — they cannot be detected by magnetometers or any other scientific device — New Agers, psychics and others claim to be able to sense or feel their energy.

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�Although the weather was dull there was no sign of a storm. Just at a moment when I was re-checking a bearing on one of the stones in that group, it was as if a powerful flash of lightning hit the stone, so the whole group was flood-lit, making them glow like molten gold in a furnace. Rooted to the spot - unable to move - I became profoundly awestruck, as dazzling radiations from above, caused the whole group of stones to pulsate with energy in a way that was terrifying. Before my eyes, it seemed the stones were enveloped in a moving pillar of fire - radiating light without heat - writhing upwards towards the heavens: on the other hand it was descending in a vivid spiral effect of various shades of colour - earthward. In fact the moving, flaring lights gyrating around the stones had joined the heavens with the earth""It is quite useless looking for existing fragments, however old, of roads which may remain from the first track, although, as we shall see, some bits may form useful indications of its site. The changes from early days have been so many in the matter of roads. We must therefore clear our minds, not only of what we think of roads, even Roman ones, but of our surmises, and begin again." -  Alfred Watkins (4) Ley Line Anomaly spawns at Hellion Waypoint- [&BOYBAAA=]. Achievements Ley Line Researched - 1 AP, 5000 Karma. Granted automatically when you talk to Ela Makkay Finnlines is a leading shipping operator of ro-ro and passenger services in the Baltic Sea. Read more and book your ferry trip online Ley Lines Map Of The British Isles. An interactive map of the British Isles showing the route of some of the longest ley lines that have been generally accepted to be accurate

Many people believe that a grid of earth energies circles the globe, connecting important and sacred sites such as Stonehenge, the Egyptian Pyramids, and the Great Wall of China.In 1929, Wilhelm Teudt, a German evangelical parson and contemporary of Alfred Watkins, published a book called 'Germanische Heiligtumer', which gave details of ancient site connections called 'Helige Linien'  (Holy-Lines), that were similar to the 'leys' of Britain. His work led to the discovery that vast areas of central Germany appear to have been laid out so that the ancient sites are on straight lines hundreds of kilometres long and these lines in turn form geometrical shapes. He also made a number of associated archaeo-astronomical findings. However, what these ley lines really are has been difficult to pin down. I am essentially looking for a Ley lines are not a phenomenon caused by any extinct cultures or anything like that; this is a natural..

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  1. 'He locates ley lines, etc., and inserts carved granite 'needles' at particular points to enhance or 'Sometimes everybody's ley lines coincide, and it all comes together.' 'It was difficult to leave this..
  2. Single-handedly re-awaked  the spirit of investigation in the 1970's. He brought to the public attention the existence on the famous English 'St Michael's ley', and also revealed in 'City of revelation', the existence of a large scale geometric decagon across southern Britain, associating ley-lines with both geometry and astronomy. He claimed that the ancient Celtic 'perpetual choirs' at Llantwit manor (This location is not accurate), Glastonbury Abbey and Stonehenge were vertices of a regular decagon of majestic proportions. A fourth vertex exists at Goring-on Thames where a major pagan temple once stood at the junction of several important track ways.....The centre of the decagon is at the apparently insignificant hamlet of Whiteleaved Oak where the former counties of Hereford, Gloucester and Worcester came together. This decagon is apparently related by angle and distance to the other geomantic centres of Britain. Michael Behrend supported the concept but made two small changes to the original scheme. Sadly, Michael left us on the 24th April, 2009.
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  4. ds us that the earths natural magnetism was believed to have been used to re-fertilise the soil, in the same way as the aborigines did with their 'turingas' or 'dream lines'. He also mentions that there is scientific research that shows that water is extremely sensitive to electromagnetic fields, and that as the fields are changed or influenced, so the chemistry of the water may be altered too. Horticulturalists have discovered that plants placed within a magnetic field grow more than six times faster than in normal conditions. We are able to show today that the strength and direction of the Earths magnetic currents vary according to the positions of the Sun, Moon and other planets. 
  5. Hi all, I just got to level 52 with my BLM but Ley lines has not appeared as an ability action or trait. What do I have to do to get it

Ley line experts cannot agree on which "sacred sites" should be included as data points. Some internationally known ancient sites are obvious choices, such as England's Stonehenge, Egypt's Great Pyramids, Peru's Machu Picchu ruins, and Australia's Ayers Rock. But on a regional and local level, it's anyone's game: How big a hill counts as an important hill? Which wells are old enough or important enough? By selectively choosing which data points to include or omit, a person can come up with any pattern he or she wishes to find. How to Find the Planetary Ley-lines. Ley-lines are subtle energy paths across the Earth's surface. Expert dowsers can find them with divining rods. In England and Europe, maps have been created.. In fact, where the Ley Lines intersect are believed to be high points of energy or high concentrations These Ley Lines are also said to be able to take information or energy from these higher vibrational.. This short questline then opens up the puzzle World Quests. One is a version of Bejeweled, using colored runes to match up a certain amount of a particular color. The other is untangling ley lines Ley lines - Ley lines are one of the most enduring earth mysteries. A network of prehistoric pathways criss-crossing the country, some believe them to have mystical significance. By Dave Wood, Anne..

The clear link between megaliths and astronomy can also be said for megaliths and ley-lines, as they are often found to be prime ley-markers, and intersections of several ley-lines (i.e., Arbor-Low, Avebury, Stonehenge etc). ley lines, 03:49. dancing around, 03:55. listen for you, 02:49 Mounds, Long-barrows, Cairns, Cursus, Dolmens, Standing stones, mark-stones, Stone circles, Henges, Water-markers (moats, ponds, springs, fords, wells), Castle, Beacon-hills, Churches, Cross-roads, Notches in hills, Camps (Hill-forts),

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Definition of ley lines in the Definitions.net dictionary. Ley Lines is a 1999 Japanese film directed by Takashi Miike, and is the third film in his 'Triad Society' trilogy, following 1995's Shinjuku Triad Society.. The St. Michael's Leyline follows the path of the Sun on the 8th May (The spring festival of St. Michael). Lines on the Landscape: Leys and other Linear Enigmas with Ian Thompson; The Ley Hunter's Companion. Earthmind - Is the Earth Alive with Paul McCartney; Earthlights ley lines in anderen Sprachen: Deutsch - Englisch. Wörterbuch Englisch ↔ Deutsch: ley lines. Übersetzung 1 - 50 von 226 >>

Alfred Watkins, the modern founding father on the subject, created the first basic set of guidelines in order to describe ley-lines according to his perception. As we have learned more about ley lines, so we have had to adapt these original guidelines in order to explain our findings, whilst keeping to the context with Watkins' original ideas.The distance between Delphi and Thebes corresponds to the longer segment of the golden section of the distance between Delphi and Athens namely 62 per cent ! The distance from Sparta to Olympia corresponds to the longer segment of the Golden section of the distance from Sparta to Athens namely 62 per cent! The distance from Epidaurus to Sparta corresponds to the longer segment of the golden section of the distance from Epidaurus to Olympia namely 62 per cent! William Black - In the 1800's, an expert on roman roads announced his theory that he had uncovered a whole system of 'grand geometric lines', radial and polygonal, which ran across Britain and beyond. He pursued his studies for fifty years before releasing the theory. They linked major landmarks in a precise manner, even defining the boundary markers of counties. Black died in 1872. (4)In 1919, Bishop Brown, studied the cup and ring markings of the 'recumbent' stones of Scotland. He found that many of them were accurately arranged to form patterns of various constellations, but in each case the image was reversed. Watkins believed that the markings indicated the paths of leys. Perhaps the two are compatible.  

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ley lines Ley Lines synonyms, Ley Lines pronunciation, Ley Lines translation, English dictionary definition of Ley Lines. n. Variant of lea. n 1. arable land put down to grass; grassland or pastureland 2. Also..

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The term ley lines was coined by archeologist Alfred Watkins and used to describe various geographical alignments of the world's ancient megaliths and. Also called: ley line a line joining two prominent points in the landscape, thought to be the line of a prehistoric track. Word Origin for ley. C14: variant of lea 1 Connects naturally occurring ley lines to create a circle of power which, while standing within it, reduces spell cast time and recast time, and auto-attack delay by 15%

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  1. He concluded that a feature of the old alignments was that certain names appeared with a high frequency along their routes. Names with Red, White and Black are common; so are Cold or Cole, Dod, Merry and Ley. (The last as we know,  he used to name the lines, although it has been noted that 'ley' is Saxony for 'fire'). He suggested that ancient travellers navigated using a combination of natural and man-made markers. Certain lines were known by those that most frequented them so that 'White' names were used by the salt traders; 'Red' lines were used by potters, 'Black' was linked to Iron, 'Knap' with flint chippings, and 'Tin' with flint flakes.  He also suggested that place names including the word 'Tot', 'Dod" or 'Toot' would have been acceptable sighting points so that the 'Dodman', a country name for the snail, was a surveyor, the man who 'planned' the leys with two measuring sticks similar to a snail's horns (or the 'Longman of Willington') (It is noted that the Germans have similar names such as 'Dood' or "Dud', which mean 'Dead'). 
  2. The fact it took so long for us to realise that astronomy was in any way involved with megalithic culture is almost as surprising as the fact that it was ever forgotten. Although there has been a traditional resistance to this theory from the scientific establishment, we live in a time when it is finally accepted that many of the larger megalithic constructions were designed so as to be able to accurately identify celestial objects or measure their cycles.
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  4. Sir Montague Sharp - Working in the early years of the 20th century, he discovered a network of rectangles in Middlesex and became aware that ancient churches, which he recognised as marking pagan sites, fell on alignments. (2)
  5. Sir Norman Lockyer (Astronomer-Royal), was the first 'respectable' person to recognize geometry in the ancient English landscape. He noticed the geometric alignment between Stonehenge, Grovely (Grove-ley) castle and Old Sarum (The site where the original Salisbury 'cathedral was built). The three form an equilateral triangle with sides 6 miles long, with the Stonehenge-Old Sarum line continuing another 6 miles to the site of the present Salisbury Cathedral, and beyond.

Ley Lines is an action unlocked by questing at level 52. It's available for Black Mage The 'Fairy paths' of the Irish also have folklore associated with them. There are numerous stories of houses being built over Fairy-lines and being then being destroyed or cursed. Stones, crosses, crossroads, bridges and Churches are all the same points on Watkins list of ley-markers, although it is probable that many of the alignments that involve churches and cemeteries, or which pass areas with traditional funerary rites or death rituals have been mistakenly classified as 'ley lines' as funerary paths are not necessarily always straight.   ECU Line

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  1. A Clockwork Ley-Line: The Borderline of Dusk > Руководства > Руководства haerts. Ley-Line walkthrough. От haerts. A guide to help you make the right choices
  2. D. Chaundy - Found that the White-Horse hill figures of Wessex fall into what appeared to be ordered alignments and triangular configurations. (2)
  3. Watkins noticed from maps and from his rides in the countryside that some ancient sites, such as stone circles, standing stones, churches built on ancient sites, and tumuli (ancient burial mounds) fell into alignment. Perhaps they were old traders’ routes? He named them leys—an Anglo-Saxon word for cleared glade. He borrowed the term from the archaeological writer Williams-Freeman, who also had noticed similar correlations.
  4. Астролог Александр Дань. http://www.astrofatum.ru/2014/07/mesta-sily/praktika/ley-lines-russia/
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If you plot these and other sites on a map, a curious thing becomes apparent: Many of them can be connected by straight lines. Were these monuments and sacred sites specifically built at those locations by ancient people with lost knowledge of unknown earth energies especially strong along these "ley lines"? Clearly astonished Von Daniken summarised his feelings in the following manner: “So how can we explain the mathematical perfectionism? How can we reconcile it with the standard of mathematical knowledge we attribute to prehistoric peoples? How did they know at what precise point they had to build? As the complicated relationships are only recognisable from a great height we must ask whether ‘someone’ worked out a geometrical network of sites all over Hellas, sticking flags in the ground saying: This is where you must build a temple” Ley Lines. 39 likes · 2 talking about this. A strategy board game with a game play comparable to It has been quite a while since Ley Lines has been tested, and significantly longer since anything has.. People have often found special significance in the unusual landmarks and geological features surrounding them. High mountain peaks and majestic valleys may be viewed as sacred, for example, while deep, dark caves have often been considered the domain of the underworld. The same is true for roads; in 1800s on the British Isles many people believed in mysterious "fairy paths," trails connecting certain hilltops in the countryside. It was considered dangerous (or, at the very least, unwise) to walk on those paths during certain days because the wayward traveler might come upon a parade of fairies who would not take kindly to the human interruption.

Craig and Jane are internationally acclaimed psychic mediums. They have had their own psychic TV shows and are famed for their incredibly accurate psychic predictions.With literally tens of thousands of potential data points around the globe, it is little wonder that ley lines can be found everywhere. Possible points include castles (or even places with "Castle" in the place name); moats; churches; ancient mounds; ancient stones; wells; crossroads; special groups of trees; and so on. Indeed, there are so many potential points that by chance alone connecting them will form many straight lines and seemingly significant patterns. For example, the Great Wall of China is thousands of miles long, and surely some parts of the wall will connect with many imaginary lines drawn across the globe from another important sites. Checkout LEY Lines's Brand Store! Get the latest deals from LEY Lines all with faster shipping and excellent customer services Michael Behrend - Determined that the Stonehenge, Glastonbury Tor and Midsummer Hill alignments form a 5:5:3 Isosceles triangle correct to 1 in 1000. (2)

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Alfred Watkins first became aware of the alignment of ancient British sites in the early 1920's, in what he described as:- '...a flood of ancestral memory...'. Suomenlinna is a cultural treasure. Its construction began in the mid-18th century, when Finland was still part of Sweden. Welcome to Suomenlinna In the same way, the rods can be used to seek places of high earth energy or to track the course of a ley line. The rods will respond to whatever object you hold in your mind. This could be water, gold, oil, lost objects, a historic site, or a ley line.The alignment is said to extend (on a Mercatorial map), from Mount Carmel in Israel through Delos (dedicated to Apollo), Delphi, Corfu (Island of Artemis, sister of Apollo), Le Monte Gargano in Italy (primary European sanctuary of the Archangel, and place of several apparitions), La Sacra di San Michele in Piemont (Benedictine monastery at 1000m), Le Mont St. Michel of Normandie, Saint Mickael's mount, (a peaked island surmounted by a church off the coast of Cornwall), and Skellig Michael, an island to the south-east of Ireland. The angle of axis is orientated SE-NW corresponding to the zodiacal axis of virgo-pisces (7).

In a great many cases the evidence of ley lines is only apparent when charting them on a map. However full visual evidence for ancient line networks is nowhere more obvious than the desert markings of Nasca in Peru. Here in the arid dry desert hundreds of line networks have baffled all attempts to successfully explain them. The markings which are scratched on the desert surface are said to be thousands of years old. They stretch in perfectly straight lines, traversing desert ravines and gullies for distances of up to 60 miles. At first they were explained as calendrical markers, or vast astronomical directories. However no satisfactory explanation has yet accounted for this mystery. Other line systems were found to radiate on the Inca capital Cusco with a focus on the Temple of the Sun. This was discovered through the use of infra red photography that revealed the true extent of this incredible enigma. The extent of invisible or visible lines and harmonies connecting ancient sites and cities have always focused on their connection with areas of increased Earth energy. It is thought that the lines facilitated some aspect of ancient life so that cities and sites built along the same lines shared some mutual benefit. But what was that benefit? Here again there are many theories but no certain answer. Perhaps the most adventurous explanation is that they involve energy that is now explainable by the String Theory. This relatively new mathematical concept allows for the existence of extra dimensions as well as the idea of passage from one to the other. Perhaps then this energy was not just of some as yet indefinable Earthly advantage but concerned the passage of material on an inter dimensional level.

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Category:Ley lines. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Media in category Ley lines. The following 4 files are in this category, out of 4 total Because of this New Age interest, ley lines rose from mundane origins to an entire field of study, spawning books, seminars, and groups of ley line enthusiasts who gather to discuss, research, and walk the lines. Ley lines have also been incorporated into a variety of otherwise unrelated paranormal subjects, including dowsing, UFOs, Atlantis, crop circles and numerology.On the 8th of May (the spring festival of St. Michael), the sun rises over d'Avranches towards Mont St. Michel, then over Mont Dol and the huge Dol-de-Breton. The alignments at Stonehenge therefore appear to offer a fusion of funerary, astronomical and geometric practices, simultaneously connecting three of the most significant locations in southern England. Glastonbury, Stonehenge and Avebury/Silbury, which all align to create a perfect right-angled triangle, accurate to within 1/1000th part. It is from this historic starting point that we can begin unravelling the complexity of prehistoric geometry of the British landscape.

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La Ley - El Ángulo Legal de la Noticia Keep your arms by your side and relax. Take a rod in each hand, holding them loosely by the sleeve so that the metal rod moves freely.Cowan, David and Anne Silk Ancient Energies of the Earth: An Extraordinary Journey into the Earth’s Natural Energy System

The megalithic tradition in the British Isles can apparently be traced back to at least 3,000 B.C., if not earlier still. This tradition seems to have been based on a very sophisticated philosophy of sacred science such as was taught centuries later by the Pythagorean school.  As Professor Alexander Thom observes in his book Megalithic Sites in Britain (1967): �It is remarkable that one thousand years before the earliest mathematicians of classical Greece, people in these islands not only had a practical knowledge of geometry and were capable of setting out elaborate geometrical designs but could also set out ellipses based on the Pythagorean triangles.� Distinct white lines gradually evolve from tan and rust-red. Strips of white crisscross a desert so dry The landscape changes as lines take shape to form simple geometric designs: trapezoids, straight.. ley-lines in England are quite consistent and well known. Unfortunately most churches were built on these lines long before America was discovered, so I doubt your perspective is as interesting, as.. Geometric Alignments. Altered Landscapes. Eleusian Mysteries. Archaeo-astronomy. The Oracle Centres. The World Grid. Geodesy.   Index of Ancient Sites. Homepage.

The Ley Line trope as used in popular culture. These things were first described by archaeologist Now ley lines (sometimes written as leylines) are hypothetical alignments between places of power.. Directed by Takashi Miike. Ley Lines 1999. Not rated. 105 MIN. Use the thumbs up and thumbs down icons to agree or disagree that the title is similar to Ley Lines Walk forward holding the rods in this position. They will cross each other when you walk over water or over the hidden source you are looking for.

Amongst the widely differing (and often simplistic) theories that attempt to explain why ley-lines and landscape alignments first appeared, the following theories probably say as much about us now as at any time in the past, yet we are bound to acknowledge and respect the following writers opinions and conclusions as 'they', the following few, are the giants upon whose shoulders this field of  study current sits: In France investigators, have uncovered many line networks involving the main Cathedrals and places of interest. Some have even placed their shapes in harmony to several of the main constellations with sites separated over hundreds of miles. Yet perhaps the most astonishing of the French line networks is one centered on the tiny village of Alaise nestled in the foothills of the Jura mountains of eastern France. After devoted study by Xavier Guichard this tiny French village was found to be at the centre of a line system that radiated out to include dozens of sites, villages and towns of a similar name through many neighboring countries over distances that spanned an area of many thousands of square miles. Yet perhaps the most astonishing thing of all was the realisation that this line system must have been initiated and planned thousands of years ago. For many the geometric perfection of ley lines, the distances involved, in addition to the very remote period of their inception hints at a totally different view of the ancient world. In particular it shows the ancients were capable of a masterful degree of geodetic knowledge enabling them to accurately build sites in full alignment, even over hundreds of miles. We know that the European landscape was significantly redesigned using geometric principles in the middle ages by the Cathars, Knights Templar and the Holy church of Rome. We also know that a large number of the great Cathedrals Churches and Holy sites were built over earlier pre-existing pagan sites and constructions (Xewkija, Knowlton, Rudstone etc) The re-use of ancient sites can even be seen to extend back to pre-historic times such as the re-use of several large menhirs as capstones for passage-mounds in the Carnac region. It is this simple fact, combined with the observation that these same megalithic structures are invariably found to be the ley-points along which such lines are determined, that places the origin of ley-lines into the prehistoric past. (It by no means follows that all megalithic sites were placed on ley-lines). Watkins himself did not believe that there was any magical or mystical significance to ley lines. However, the authors note, "The idea that there is a hidden network of energy lines across the earth ... fired the imagination of the burgeoning New Age movement, and dowsers in particular became keen on detecting leys with dowsing." Zerochan has 113 Tokeijikake no Ley Line anime images, wallpapers, Android/iPhone wallpapers, and many more in its gallery

Detailed explanation with images for Ley Line Hub - Point of Interest in Dry Top Ley lines are alleged alignments of ancient sites or holy places, such as stone circles, standing Interest in ley lines began with the publication in 1922 of Early BritishTrackways by Alfred Watkins..    What was the Original Purpose(s) of Ley-lines?   There are several developed theories on the purpose of ley-lines, many of which offer valid potential; something  which in itself illustrates the complexity of unravelling the myriad of alignments from several millennia of activity. It was theorized by famous dowsers such as archaeologist Tom C. Lethbridge, who died in 1971, that the human body is a sort of antenna that is attuned to the influences of nature. With this, we can instinctively know the proximity of underground water and other hidden things.Dowsing is a fun way to become attuned to the energy of a place and gives you empirical proof that these energies are real. You may also practice map dowsing with pendulums during circle.

Live Science is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Visit our corporate site. Action, crime, drama. The story follows a trio of Japanese youths of Chinese descent who escape their semi-rural upbringing and relocate to Shinjuku, Tokyo, where they befriend a troubled Shanghai prostitute and fall foul of a local crime syndicate

Ley-lines has the lowest Google pagerank and bad results in terms of Yandex topical citation index. We found that Ley-lines.com is poorly 'socialized' in respect to any social network Lines FRVR is the best, free dots and lines puzzle game for your Computer, Tablet, Phone, iPad, iPhone, and iPod. A relaxing puzzle game where you draw lines between dots to complete levels Leylines are alignments of ancient sites or holy places, such as stone circles, standing stones and churches. leylines.ch archives and researches lines and sites and tries to find a global network of..

Any true Watkinsian ley requires it to have a start (or finish) point in the shape of a hill. (4)It is likely that ley-lines are a product of different elements from several of the following theories, being created at different times, for different purposes. The following examples are the current contenders for explaining how such a dedication to straight-lines has led mankind its present position. I put together a Suramar Leyline Map as your guide. The achievement lists 8 leyline stations spread throughout Suramar. They are hidden within underground tunnels. To activate a leyline pillar you.. It is not uncommon to find the terms 'ley-lines' and 'roman roads' in the same context, but it is important to draw a distinction between the two, as there is absolutely no pre-requisite for a ley-line to include roads, pathways, or any visible connection between ley-points of any kind whatsoever. It is the case however, that some ley-lines have been identified along which ancient paths or roads follow (or run alongside), and it is perhaps worth first considering the origin of these ancient tracks, and their connection with ley-lines.

Faculta el acceso a prestaciones del seguro de desempleo de la ley nº 19.728, en Modifica la ley n° 19.983, que regula la transferencia y otorga mérito.. The ancients were attuned to this intuitive knowledge and applied it to harness nature by building their standing stones at places they believed would influence the earth’s energy. Megalithic monuments were acupuncture points that benefited the flow of the planet’s life force and boosted its fertility. John Michel, in his book View over Atlantis, argued that this ancient geometry of the leys and the astrological correspondences of ancient standing stones. They point to a lost knowledge with its roots in the legendary civilization of Atlantis.

Check out our ley lines selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops A good analogy is that ley lines exist in the same way that astrological constellations exist. You can draw (or imagine) lines connecting certain stars to form the horns of the Taurus constellation, the scales of the Libra sign, or the Big Dipper. But that doesn't mean that those points were placed there to make that pattern. The way the patterns of stars are grouped and connected is arbitrary and artificial, not guided by anything in nature or reality; they are patterns our brains impose on the world around us. The only meaning is that which we bring to it. [Related: Pareidolia: Seeing Faces in Unusual Places]Of particular interest, was the fact that many of these leys formed “tracks” that corresponded with the path of the stars, planets, and sun. Many authors said that ley lines pointed to a hidden history that was written into the geometry of ancient sites around the world. Ley lines, they claimed, are a network of interconnecting energy fields that were understood by the ancients to be beneficial to life.

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