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After wearing this fragrance on and off for the past month, I have to say that this may be my favourite A*Men flanker. It's less cloying (to me) than Pure Malt, and a little more versatile than A*Men. The tobacco/honey top notes with that cherry opening smell terrific and I love the cacao/vanilla mid notes. This is a great fragrance and one of my top five fragrances. I'm wearing this right now in the cool spring and Pure Havane does not feel out of place due to its lighter formulation. I love the original A*men but wear that strictly in the cool Fall/cold winter months. I've recently bought a backup bottle I love this fragrance so much! JoseThe opening of this is truly great!There is definitely 100% a strong cherry note in the opening along with strong sweet tobacco with the honey note. In the dry down the vanilla is prominent with the tobacco and patchouli.. Slightly less impressive than the opening, but very good fragrance, decent projection (2 feet ish), very good longevity (8-10 hrs)! Versatility: 6/10 Season: Fall + Winter Projection/sillage: 8/10 Longevity: 8.5/10 Scent: 7.5/10

Sök fram månadslön före skatt för olika yrkesgrupper. Du kan sedan jämföra lönerna efter utbildningsnivå, kön, ålder och arbete i privat eller offentlig sektor. I Lönesök hittar du månadslöner före skatt och uppräknade till heltid. På så sätt går de att jämföra på ett enkelt sätt Delicious and completely unisex, at least on my skin. It brings back memories of winters when I was a child, so cozy. It's also what I've always wanted TF Tobacco Vanille to be. It's not just a good dupe, it's a lot better, less syrupy sweet, and cheaper. I would love it on a man as well, mmm it'd be sexy in a comforting way. Men, women, try this! Just a winner all around.

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Tabacco is one of my favorite notes, and this is my favorite fragrance with tabacco by far. I love realistic pipe tobacco scents... Here's why I love Pure Havane as compared to other well-known scents. Serge Lutens Chergui: nice cherry tobacco/hay, but very aromatic, dry and herby. Kilian Back to Black: very nice as well, but lots of honey, powder and very floral-ish. Lanvin Avant Garde: honeycomb and tobacco, but heavy on the cardamom and leans aromatic as well. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille: lots of vanilla and clove, with tabacco in the background. A favorite of mine, but it's in no way realistic or comforting. Mugler Pure Havane is the only one that smells like realistic honey/vanilla pipe tobacco. It's a little sweet, balsamic, smooth, pleasant, with a little cacao in the dry down... All in all, my favorite tobacco.I like it, maybe even really like it, but don't love it. That might just be a personal preference, though, as I'm just more of a beachy/summery fragrance kinda guy. I just wanted this for colder weather and for winter/fall, and it does its job well. It's a boozy, smokey vanilla with good projection and longevity, definitely noticeably above average in both respects. If this is your kind of scent, you'll probably love it. Good value for money too, better than a lot of more expensive perfumes when you consider performance. As far as boozy, smokey, 'grown up' vanillas go, I actually like this more than Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille.This one is good! Not my favorite of the A*men line, but definitely up there. I'm surprised that I don't see any fruity notes because the opening of this reminds me of gummy worms. Very candy like, which dries down to a tobacco scent. Great for cold weather, not great for hot weather. This would be perfect on a night out. Its a little harsh at times, but overall this is pleasant and unique.It's just re-released again. I did see it this weekend @ Douglas on the shelf. I think only the box has changed. It has Mugler now instead of Thiery Mugler as brand name.To me this smells quite raunchy. The tobacco in this is not a fresh, green tobacco leaf - it’s very dry and cigarette-like, slightly smokey, almost ashy. There’s definitely a raunchy appeal to it, but it’s not something I would ever wear to an office or a dinner. As all A*Men fragrances it also has a somewhat plastic, rubbery feel to them - although there’s much less of it here than in the original A*Men. I'm not able to detect any hints of cherry in there, like many other people can. Overall, I am surprised to see the universal appreciation for this one as it’s quite a challenging scent. It's not bad, but definitely try before you buy.

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INFORMATION. This site is hosted at multiple locations for redundancy should any go down. Current domains or locations: Support the Internet Bill of Rights Vanquish the Panopticon of Ads Support Freedom on the Internet You still don't understand ENGLISH speakers after studying English.. I blind bought Pure Havane a few days ago. I own A*Men. I have used it for 10 years. I also own several vials of Pure Malt that I got recently. Like many have said here, these three fragrances has some points in common, but each of them stands on its own and the drydown is absolutely different in each of them. A*Men and Pure Malt has a stronger/aggressive opening than Pure Havane. A*Men and Pure Malt's opening are very similar. After 20minutes, they start to differenciate each other a lot. Pure Havane,however has a distinct opening, sweeter and less aggressive that the other two. This opening lasts less than the other two and after a few minutes it settles down,offering you most of the notes you can get in the dry down, but with more tobacco. PH in more linear than the other two in its drydown. From the second hour and on you get almost the same. In my skin, after a couple of hours,the tobacco vanishes almost completely,giving space to the vanilla,cocoa and honey. I wish that the tobacco note was stronger. Sillage is less agressive than A*men or PM. In my skin , PH lasts more than PM and less than A*MenI have no clue what you guys are talking about. I had a tester bottle from 2012 and I absolutely destroyed that thing, it became my favorite mugler and i went through a bottle in one fall/winter/spring i am not kidding lol. Well, I decided oh well reformulation or not, i still want to try the new version and holy crap, it's just as long lasting as before. this being the only A*men that lasts on my skin and on my clothing for two to three days straight! I think you fragcom nerds are going crazy. this thing is just as beastmode as before!Fragrant sweet tobacco like cigarettes. The weakness of Mugler perfume in a rather different spray and the bottle is from rubber.

Pure Havane is based on the smell of sweet cherry cigar tobacco. The opening is reminiscent of Pure Malt, but the malt whiskey note is replaced with cherry tobacco. KINA En man fick sin penis avskuren efter en blöt festkväll. Penisen hängde kvar i en skinnbit, och mikrokirurger lyckades sy fast penisen igen även om det ännu är oklart hur bra den kommer fungera This is a pretty straight forward scent, it starts and dries down nearly the same. A honey/Tobacco that are joined with a faint hint of vanilla afterwards. I don't get cocoa at all. Not offensive but becareful of overspraying and you have to wait for like half an hour for it to settle down. As for me, I do not find too much intresting as I do not like super sweet perfume and this one is way sweeter than pure malt which is easily my favorite A*Men scent from mugler.Awesome. Just bought it a couple of days ago. Very, very beautiful. My nose picks up notes of cherry, vanilla, little tobacco. I think it is the best perfume i ever had. For me is is close to Burberry's London, but way better in longevity and smell. Love it to the bone. Go out and buy it, because it is a limited edition. Longevity is good, not like AngelMen, projection is Ok. I think it is a perfume you can use all year long, except for hot summer days. For that see Icemen. A must have. It is little bit expensive, but it is a TM and a limited edition. 10/10never smelled anything like it. so good! i kick myself for not getting 2 bottles when i had the chance. my wife loves this on me. waiting on my dior homme intense now! hope its good!

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Today I received the best compliment of all time while wearing Pure Havane. I all I have is a small sample vial. I applied the cologne around 3 and I went to an appointment at around 6. I walked into the waiting room and sat down about 10 feet away from the receptionist. We started talking about the weather. After our conversation had died down she suddenly asked me, "Do you wear cologne?" I paused and answered, "Yes." She asked what I wear and I told her it was Pure Havane. Although she admitted to not knowing it she said, "You smell really amazing! What ever it is you are wearing it smells so good!" My take on Pure Havane is it is excellent. If you like Pure Malt and Angel Men without the tar and burnt vide you will love Pure Havane. It is a smooth honey, tobacco, and fruity scent with a touch of vanilla and warmth from the amber. I lasts about 8 hours and apparently projects very well. I think it is exceptionally well blended and simply intoxicating while wearing it. It really seems to warm me up in the cold weather. I already own Pure Malt so I am not sure if I am going to get a bottle of this right now however when I run low on PM I might give this a try instead. Overall an amazing scent that if you like gourmands then you will love this! Longevity: 10/10 Sillage: 10/10 Versatility: 8/10 Scent: 10/10 Overall: 9.5/10 Före och efter bilder av fettsugning. Allt Rossignol Pure Pro Heat

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A*Men Pure Havane is a masterpiece. As an unabashed lover of sweet fragrances, my genuine affection for this one cannot be understated. When I first purchased Pure Havane last March, I didn't think a whole lot about it. I wasn't instantly wowed. Then, one day, I applied one spray to my right wrist, and I kept getting these beautiful wafts of it, and there 'it' went: 'it' being my heart. It fell for this fragrance. Obviously Pure Havane has the core A*Men DNA of bringing in the sweets, but where it diverts from the original A*Men is important, when the honey and the tobacco set in upon that first, initial blast. I get a little bit of cherry, but not as much as others are reporting. The honey and tobacco dry down to this smooth scent that keeps my wrist rising and returning to my nose. Pure Havane is warm, comforting and alluring. The sweet tobacco keeps it that way. At times, I get a gummy bear aroma from it, which I don't mind at all, and is something that I enjoy, but to my nose it's very much there in the honey/tobacco accord. Pure Havane is very versatile, projects well and lasts at least 7 to 8 hours on my skin. This will always be a masterpiece to me, and I'll never retract that statement. I love Pure Havane.Very sweet n tasty, fresh tobacco with white honey gives slight cherry note,as if u smell cherry cigar )

this one starts up as a syrupy sweet honey and patchouly combo wich after 2 hours becomes a less sweet vanilla and tobacco combo wich in my opinion is way more pleasant than the opening. The drydown is about patchouly, just patchouly and maybe a little bit of syrupy sweetnes. I get about 10 hours of longevity out of this, with the mid and part of the drydown being my favourite parts. You have to really love sweetnes to pull this one off, i have gotten some crazy compliments with it to the level of people asking me to write down the name of the fragrance in a paper so they can buy it. I think this one is one of those smells that men love way more than women, the "Puro Habano" smell is really masculine. I really like this one . Smell: 8,5 Longevity: 9 Versatility: 5 Compliments: 7 Overall: 8Glad i bought it ! First when i tried it last year i didn't like it cause maybe it has a bit heavy on first spray but then i sprayed it again a couple of months ago and mmaan, i was amaazed ! Love the cherry feeling this perfume gives me along all his way, that tobacco - 'burned' honey blending, that creamy vanilla cocoa scent with subtle hints of cigar and amber which makes it unique and makes me sniff it all the time ! ... When i came back to buy it, the only one left, it was gone,somebody had bought it before me. Pity. Then after reading here that 2015 is weak, i went to search for 2014 or 2016. After some on and off-s bought it with 2014 batch Overall wonderful perfume,unique,great performance, projection and sillage but to my skin I would want that beastly mode which i don't get it or it's because of olfactory fatigue, don't really know Is it sweet ? Yes, but masculine totally ! Don't know how i was driven at refusing it at first :P P.S: It's true what's said, the 'magic' is in the drydown so just wait for it 9/10

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  1. I really enjoy this fragrance.... It’s very unique and is one of a kind... It’s many shades of dark brown with ribbons of cherry red and white.. For the price point ....absolutely worth the price of admission. Clumsy bottle though.
  2. ds me the sexiness of 212 Sexy Men! the base note which is tobacco are really similar to D&G The One Men, anyone?? i'm glad that they get rid of cherry notes for the new reformulated one.. cause cherry will make any fragrance smell like cough syrup i really need to grab this one.. Pure Havane wait for me.
  3. Well, this one is my least favorite of A*Men, smells like my grandfather's bedroom: pure tobacco. I like tobacco in some fragrances but not in this one. I find the sweetness in this Pure Havane just in the dry down but I can find the cacao and the tobacco, and it's so intense, in the opening. The longevity is amazing and the sillage is very good. When I sniff this fragrance I immediately sneeze, and I don't know why. Is a strong perfume in all the ways and very well done BUT it's not for me.I don't really like it.
  4. i am not sure abut this one it's a harsh fragrance to wear too much the opening smell like Cough syrup but the drydown is amazing !!! vanilla tobacco cherry pure malt is a great boozy sweet from start to finish and ultra zest perfect for the summer those two are my favorites from the line
  5. Just not feelin this because of the cherry tobacco. My brother loves it so i gave it to him. I love the pure malt btw. Pure havane does perform well though
  6. Feel the Way You Want® and breathe Therapeutic Air®, anytime, anywhere, with MONQ. No nicotine, artificial ingredients, or tobacco. 100% natural wellness
  7. This is a stand alone, 9/10 Mugler fragrance. And I've tried all the male fragrances in the line. The typical patchouli Mugler thing is very subtle in Pure Havane and combined with the vanilla sometimes produces a very pleasing cherry note to the overall tobacco. While other times, the cherry is absent on the opening, replaced with a soft honey and resin scent. I have experienced this difference on many occasions. I've tried Spice Bomb and and the usual Fall/Winter suspects and have found many to be either too burnt rubber, or trying to smell like Christmas potpourri. (Can't believe I know how to spell that) Pure Havane just nails the tobacco thing in a way that is sophisticated without being old man. If you haven't tried it, it is definitely worth a blind buy.

Pure Havane is an intriguing scent, with a strong opening of cherry and tobacco interlaced with a toned down base of the original A*Men DNA. But don't let the words "toned down" fool you - this stuff, in true Mugler fashion, will punch you in the nose, especially early on. It is easy to overdo, so be careful. The similarities to the original A*Men are hard to pick out, but they are there. This stuff stands on its own pretty well. One of the better flankers in the line, to be sure. The bottle design is irritating, and getting proper sprays from this thing can be a challenge.I am so happy. A friend of mine ordered three samples of Pure Havane and two samples of Pure Malt on ebay. Finally, i will be able to see how good Pure Malt is (I never got the chance to try it before). In a week's time I will post my review of both these fragrances and will smell again Pure Havane :D.If Guerlain is Cadbury and Creed is To'ak, that makes Mugler Willy Wonka. Every note you read with your eyes exists here, but it smells like a distorted funhouse mirror version of it. World's of imagination are fun and all, but once you put on something "normal" again, you feel like you just stepped out of biazarro world. Pure essence is a raw material used in the Runecraft skill to make runes that are only available to members. They can create the same runes as rune essence as well as cosmic, chaos, astral, nature, law, death, wrath and any combination runes After years of wanting and waiting to get this at the right price, I own a bottle! Reminds me a lot of Pure Malt, with its plasticky patchouli base and I agree with many others here that there is a predominant cherry note and the tobacco notes are so muddled which is a terrible shame IMO because I would imagine it would create a sensual and sophisticated note to make it smell very luxe and expensive. After the original Angel/A*Men and maybe with the exception of Ice Men and Miroir des Voluptes, all of the Mugler scents seem quirky and awfully synthetic and flat. But I suppose that's what Mugler is all about. Haven't tried Pure Wood, ULtra Zest or Pure Shot yet, but so far Pure Coffee is the best in the Pure series that I've sniffed/owned.

A * Men Pure Havane it's a sweet tobacco fragrance. It remminds me to Tobacco Vanille but in my opinion more manly and with a more moderate performance. I like the original since it's a unique fragrance but it results too much sweet sometimes. This version it's not cloying and more well made. A good fragrance for tobacco lovers. Perfect for cold months. Packaging: 6/10 Quality: 6/10 Scent: 10/10 Uniqueness: 8/10 Longevity: 7/10 Sillage: 7/10 Versatility: 6/10 Overall: 7.14I absolutely love this. All of the reviews are spot on and for 90 dollars you'd be hard pressed to find a better tobacco fragrance than this. Cherry, dry tobacco, honey, angel DNA basenotes which means you get vanilla and sweetness. A gourmand take on tobacco that smells a little different each time on me. Sometimes its really sweet, sometimes the dry tobacco note dominates, sometimes its strong, sometimes it lays close after the initial blast. Cold weather only for me because the tobacco is too much on my skin when it gets warm. This was my favorite tobacco scent i owned BUT: Tobacco Vanille has replaced in spades. To me comparing these 2 is not a fair fight for pure havane, they are in different weight classes altogher. That being said i will always own both and if you cannot or will not spend the dough on Tom fords masterpiece than you can get pure havane and have a top notch tobacco fragrance that will set you apart. For sure in my top 3 flankers of amen as well as pure malt and pure wood.

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Amen adlı sanatçının Amen albümünden No Cure For The Pure parçasının videosunu ücretsiz olarak izle, sanat çalışmalarını, şarkı sözlerini ve benzer sanatçıları gör This hurts me to post this as a big Mugler fan but the days of having this fragrance near the top of my buy list are over. I walked into my local Hudson's Bay and discovered this was available for purchase. I thought I would just buy it instantly, based on previous experiences with it and the reviewers' opinions on YouTube, but I didn't. I did sample it, however, and man I'm glad I did. I took four sprays, three to the neck and one on my shirt, then I sprayed the blotter three times and pocketed it. Initially, I didn't notice that big blast of cherry pipe tobacco that I was anticipating. Three hours later, this was barely noticeable to my friend after asking their opinion. I went back to the store and I noticed that the box has the new Mugler logo on the front, rather than the usual Thierry Mugler in cursive. I'd have to say that the juice in the packaging with the new logo has definitely been reformulated. For those looking to add this once legendary fragrance to their wardrobe/collection, I'd recommend avoiding the newer offering and going with the older formulations with the cursive Thierry Mugler logo and the Pure Havane logo that looks like a cigar band on it. Maybe somebody else can tell me that I just tried a bad batch but I concur with Wolf13 below. Now please, let's have a moment of silence for a once great fragrance that has fallen victim to the reformulation bug.I was expecting a tad more but it's still a must have great smelling fragrance. It's turley something special it's not as good as a pure malt but it's a 9 outta 10 while malt is 10/10Overly sweet cherry tobacco and play-doh (really odd) with some patchouli in the dry-down to my nose. Good sillage and longevity, highly recommend sampling this before purchasing!

Tried this one today, it's colder weather, so this fragnance should be perfect. It's very nice for about first half an hour where opulent smell of honey, pipe tobacco and vanilla dominates like a yummy cinnamon cake. But then, these nice aromas simply wanished and it started to smell like something sweet without any flavor. So, the opening is fantastic,but in drydown it is different fragnance at all. Very dissapointed because it started as a winner. It is simmilar to Givenchy gentleman only INTENSE in drydown. I can say that A*men Pure Havanne is not in the same quality league of perfumes such are: Dior homme perfume, Armani Code, Burberry London, Zino Davidoff, or PR Million. SCENT 10/10 (opening only - 30 min.) SCENT QUALITY 2/ 10 (after 30 mins. only sweet scent) SILLAGE 9 /10 BOTTLE 1/ 10 (horrible plastic sprayer) VERSALITY 3/ 10 (colder weather mostly)Damn this is some gooooood stuff. Still some doubt if I prefer this one or the Pure Malt. Pure havane 9/10 Pure malt 9/10 Pure malt x Pure Havane mixed 10/10 really... this is a Yin and Yang

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Your current browser isn't compatible with SoundCloud. Please download one of our supported browsers. Need help? This is one of the first frags that I fell in love with. The opening is very warm with strong notes of tobacco, honey, and vanilla, and they last for hours. For me, my skin is a bit like a black hole for cologne, so it actually takes me about 8-10 sprays to get enough where people can smell it, but it's not overpowering. I know many people say that just a couple sprays is more than enough for them. This is one of my go to scents, and I get compliments year round.This is just gorgeous on a cold winter night. It's rich, earthy, sweet and powdery, but not smoky; the tobacco is a beautiful flavour in the scent adding depth with an almost tar-like, hay-like smell. It's a wonderful, comforting scent. I find the sillage to be fairly moderate, but it lasts forever. I could still smell it on my arm (and it still smelled wonderful), all through the next day, even after a shower.I cannot say enough how much I like this fragrance. I picked up a bottle right before Christmas time and I pick up the bottle more often than any other just to smell it. I'm stingy with it since it's a limited edition but I want to wear it more than any other fragrance. I have DHI, La Nuit, Angel, Varvatos Vintage and a bunch of other good fragrances but this one appeals to me the most. I just ordered Pure Malt, and if it's half as good as Pure Havane, I'll love it.

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I love Pure Havane! It's incredible to my nose. Got 2 negative reactions so far, 0 positive. Longevity 5-6 hours Projection 1-2 hours Extremely disappointed by the performance of my 2016 bottle.An oriental vanilla fragrance for menStrong sweet delectable & invitingTop notes of tobacco leaves & honeyHeart notes of patchouli vanilla & bitter cocoaBase notes of labdanum amber & styraxLaunched in 2011 as a limited editionPerfect for all occasionsGST-inclusive price nice perfume but i did not find it so high quality as i had read about it. the staying power and sillage are just moderate and the fragrance is very good but not some exceptional. after some days of use: i am going to get addicted to this perfume. it is soooooo good. i get only annoyed when people demand 200euros for 100ml bottle of this edt. i bought it for 52 euros, and in this price it is better than ANY perfume..... [Chorus] I am the fire I am burning brighter Roaring like a storm And I am the one I've been waiting for Screaming like a siren Alive and burning brighter I am the fire. [Verse 2] I've been sacrificed My heart's been cauterized Hanging on to hope Shackled by the ghost Of..

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If you like sweet scents and you like tobacco scents, this is your white whale. Do not relent until you have hunted this down - but unlike Ahab yours will be a very happy ending once you boat it. It does have an immediate cherry tobacco impression when it opens, but there is SOOO much more to it. This goes through some changes. It's hard to describe them because this is made of so many notes that you'd have a hard time believing they work well together, but they do it. I wore it last night and woke up this morning with a skin scent that I'd never think was Pure Havane, but it could be nothing else. It was still tobacco, and still sweet, but the "cherry" was long gone replaced by a heavenly cacao and somehow spicier than the opening ever was. I have to concur with those who say it's almost too strong for daily use, to the point it might turn you off of it; I frankly still can't believe it's an EDT - it performs like a strong EDP. This has a regular spot in my fall rotation, but I still only wear it a couple times a week for three months as an evening scent - but during those times it is dazzling.My second favorite fragrance from the mugler house. Two best are Malt and Havane. Lucked out and found 2 bottles at a macys about 2 months after this was discontinued and it was selling on ebay for $130. This is what i imagined tobacco vanille would smell like minus that sweet berry note on the top and a little darker. This is just the smoothest honey, vanilla, tobacco, light berry type scent. Very very nice.My husband's scent. This perfume drives me crazy. Lasts for a long time. Sometimes you can smell it even after a laundry. I do recommend it a lot! ;-)Opening: Sharp and sweet! Cherries and cotton candy. Then quickly mellows to tobacco. Smells amazing! Drydown: Tobacco base and honey. Tobacco base is very strong and in your face. Carries a fruit vibe through its life on top. Its relaxing and very gourmandish on the dry. Projection: Very Very high! Longevity: 4 to 8 hours Overall: Beautiful opening, smells of a high end Cuban cigar. But IMO the drydown is a letdown to the opening. Still great, but well underdone compared too. I enjoy this fragrance but I thinks its too loud and becomes very unsafe, limiting the use. Grant it I think most would enjoy, BUT you will smell like a walking cigar. Again awesome scent but its a novelty. If it was toned down would make a great signature piece in the fall and winter. Purchase: TRY...GOING TO BE A LOVE HATEDoes anyone remember walking down the aisle of Walgreens and catching the scent of sweet tobacco? As a child,I remember pipe tobacco being stocked in the store aisles, not behind the cashier. That awesome smell always fascinated me, even though as an adult I never smoked. To me, Pure Havane takes me back to that place and that time...its an awesome fragrance!


I will buy this one and utra zest or pure tonka. Please comment which are your favorites. WIth these Comment I want to express the satisfaction i'm living when I have on this legendary scent- It's not even pure havane. Is his father. A"men. I'm a huge fan of this brand. So i'll def. buy them all. Achat et vente en ligne parmi des millions de produits en stock. Livraison gratuite à partir de 25€. Vos articles à petits prix : culture, high-tech, mode, jouets, sport, maison et bien plus I really like this one. The top has a lot of cherry but almost a candy type of smell. As it warms up on your skin, the vanilla and honey becomes stronger and what I believe is the tobacco (I will be very honest I have never smelt tobacco so I can't say for sure what it smells like) The base keeps the vanilla and tobacco however has some cocoa added to the mixture. Overall I feel this is the best A men for school or office as it has average projection compared to clearing a room out that other A mens have to offer. Lasts a long time though, very long time. Scent: 9/10 I really like it, very likeable Projection: 7/10 Good but not extreme, but I like that for an office scent. Longevity: 9/10 Long time Versatility: 7/10 More for the colder months, but great for any casual occasion Overall: 9/10 I wear this a lot in the winter, really enjoy the stuff.WOOHOO... Tobacco and cherry mix in the fall season are unbeatable. Longevity is great as always with Thiery Mugler. A nice change from the usual Fall season suspects such as Burberry London, John Vervetos Vintage etc.. Pure Havane is pure Heaven. A must have for TM lovers and fragrance enthusiasts. It is also a good entry choice to gourmand fragrances.Update: Just got this the other day. Beautiful. Just like I predicted...a sweeter version of the Honey Berry Backwoods cigars I smoke from time to time. Sweet, elegant and comforting. Beautiful winter scent. This rounds up my Winter list for 2015. Happy New Year 2015 everyone!! I just bought this blindly today online and should be receiving it soon. I just began my journey of collecting fragrances and so I was in the market for a gourmand, something sweet,rich with some good projection for this winter. I love the smell and taste of the Backwoods Honey Berry Cigars that I smoke from and based on the reviews I've seen on YouTube and read here about this fragrance, I feel that this is going to be a fragrance that will smell like those cigars. I have a strong instinct that I will LOVE this scent! I'm so looking forward to receiving it.

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Like it well enough. Someone below said it is like 1 Million Prive with some cherry. I agree 100%. Ultrazest & Pure Tonka are still my number 1's. Pure wook is coming so we will see...This is a gourmand fragrance which consists of synthetic edible notes from honey, vanilla,chocolate....etc. I tried it and felt if i was dipped in a sweet ice cream vanilla shake which is totally not my thing.Isn't it possible to delete the votes and open the voting system when the fragrance actually has hit shelves? This fragrance has already been compared to Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille. It would be awesome if it's slightly as good as TV since it's only 1/5 or 1/6 of the price. I'm definitly looking forward to try this one. Some sources claim that it will be available later this month!

Kvällen före dagen efter (1980) This one's even better than Angel or Amen! It's sweet without being gourmand thanks to the sweet smelling tobacco and honey, and I usually hate patchouli but they use it in a light way to sweeten up the scent and make it more earthy. I think this can be quite unisex as the notes can appeal to both men and women. Masculine but sure to attract women who like classy kind men.

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  1. my signature perfume, the best perfume ever, i got very nice compliments between my family and friends. everyone ask about it. give it 9.5/10
  2. This is an awesome fragrance, get lots of compliments wherever I go. Nice honey and tobacco note. I wish I could have a never ending supply of this one.
  3. FYI: there is a candle jar from "Colonial Candle" called "Cigar Room" that smells identical to this one!!!!. I may have looked pretty stupid when I opened it to smell it and......smiled for a while. Exactly the same. Bought 2 jars right there. This is by far, my favorite of all Amen, followed by Taste of a fragrance, then Pure Malt.....and very far from these, the original, not my cup of coffee (I don't drink tea). Sweet cherry or vanilla cigar across the board, but not smokey. Good longevity, excellent projection. Very nice indeed.
  4. in my opinion this is not a safe scent, try it on your skin first. Do not blind buy it. If you don't like sweet scent, this fragrance definitely will give you a headache. Project only within 2 hours and become skin scent after that. It's not wearable during hot season. smells really good on cold night.
  5. s or so, it's sweet and very warm cigar smell which you cannot stop sniffing. Later it's just caramel, chocolate and honey, very sweet yet masculine. Lasted for 10+ hours in Indian weather conditions and that's remarkable. Would be great if the supply in India is increased. It was very hard to find and luckily I found a perfume collector who buys and sells niche perfumes across India and it is through him that I got this, thanks to him. Fragrance - 10/10 Sillage- 9/10 Longevity - 10/10 A very unique and amazing scent by Mugler!!!!
  6. The best of the amen flankers. You must like strong sweet scents to enjoy it. Almost cherry. Limited and brought back temporarily it was so popular. Far superior to its siblings,wood and leather which despite using notes i love were big disappointments . I never tried malt or coffee so cannot comment on those 2. The previous review is spot on with the comparison to D&G the 1 but with massive projection.(if attention is your thing) My favorite Mugler. Nothing like the original amen Please Bring This Back,AGAIN!


I love this fragrance! I wear it sometimes.....even though it is for men...(very manly fragrance).<3Now THIS is a fragrance! Its everything I need from a fragrance, this is now my signature scent, and I have had to put my nose on many, MANY fragrances to find this jewel! Goes without saying that this, Taste of Fragrance and to some extent Pure Malt are some of the finest fragrances I have put my nose on. VERY much my cup of tea and to me, worth every penny I can throw at it. If you have the chance to sample this or any of the pure line (except pure shot), do it! If you like AMen, Try This! If you Hate AMen, TRY THIS DEFINITELY!!! Longevity and projection are pretty much spot on for my requirements from this. I've found my precious one, hope you can find yours soon too.in the cold this thing turns into beast mode.. put some on yesterday, around 11am during the day at +11 smelt the odd whiff at night when it went around +4 i thought my dad was wearing something, who was stood next to me, little did i know after a few hours, i asked him if he's got any fragrance on and he said no, it dawned upon me that it was in fact me and pure havane giving off this lush bitter vanilla smell. and here i am at 12pm the next morning i can still smell it on my clothes but its toned down to just a smokey pete with a hint of cacoa. one for the cold. for sure!An incredible gourmand of the highest quality, Pure Havane really does smell great and then some. I am BY NO MEANS a gourmand fan, and I can't stand the original A*Men. However, Pure Havane hits all the right spots with a wonderful cherry pipe tobacco accord garnished with chocolate. Granted, at times in the top notes the vanilla can kinda go "Play-Doh"-ish, but this eventually stops. The middle and base are a gorgeous interplay between the tobacco and sweet elements, and what's even better is that Pure Havane lasts forever. While even the strongest fragrances can poop out on my skin after a few hours, Pure Havane keeps going for 24+ hours. In my opinion, Pure Havane is the best *pure* gourmand out there, along with Tobacco Vanille.

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I got the opportunity to test A*Men - Pure Malt, Pure Havana & Ultra Zest @ Duty free – Dubai airport. Carefully applied single spritz from each one of them on my wrists & fore arm. Gave them a decent half an hour time to settle down as I know that with Thierry Mugler frags, one has to wait for the dry down & not decide by its initial opening aroma like in the case of A*Men Original. To be frank I liked 3 of them to which Pure Malt & Pure Havana were slightly identical but Ultra Zest was distinctive. Anyways I wanted to buy only one so I went ahead with Pure Havana :) I've been wearing it since a week & have to admit that its continuously growing on me with every passing day !! It’s gourmand, sweet, tasty & yet absolutely wearable on any occasion, day or night. I just love it & glad that I own it along in my frag collection. Next will be Ultra Zest :) Scent : 10/10 Projection : 7/10 Longevity : 9/10 +12 hrs Last but not the least, it’s a compliment getter. I got about 3 compliments in just a week which means this is a crowd pleaser. Anyways even if it was not then also I would have loved it.LUXURIOUS & SEDUCTIVE! I'm a huge fan of this house and pure Havana is another knock out for perfection :) amazing sweet tobacco note and the coco turn this instantly into a cozy but lingering scent. if you purchase any of the pure liNE the DNA is always consistent, though this has no harshness to it at all. If you love sweet & captavating notes this is a most have to any collection :)تفوق تيلي موغلر على نفسه بإنشائه لهذا العطر عطر تبغي جميل جداً بل أجده من أفضل العطور التبغية وأجملها رائحةJust recieved and I am still trying to figure out why i ordered this , i guess Because of other hits like A men and Pure Malt, i thought it is the same but it smells cheap or one can say very cheap with poor projection but it doesn't matter if it projects or not because it smells so cheap that if i wore it and it projects loud people might gonna think am wearing some very cheap stuff! 1/10


Amen to that for Pure Havane. Received the Pure Havane this week from Fragrancenet.com I have the Mugler Pure Havane and not the Thierry Mugler, from posted reviews on the web, that Pure Havane has been reformulated and has performance/longevity issues. When I received this fragrance I sprayed two sprays on the left and right arms, to test the longevity/performance on my skin the scent lasted between 12-15+ hrs so no longevity/performance issue there. So I will make it my SOTD as of 12/13/18. SOTD: 12/13/18 Pure Havane is my very first fragrance from the House of Mugler and very first in the Amen line. Love the scent of Pure Havane, I scent on my nose the cinnamon, tobacco, honey and I do scent a hint of cocoa. Per Fragrantica middle notes mentioned a vanilla note in which I detect to my nose. Parfumo website does not mention the vanilla note on the middle/heart notes. Still waiting for Pure Tonka and I will do a comparison of the two. For the meantime Havane is my favorite in the Amen line. Scent: 9/10 Longevity/Performance: 9/10: on my skin I get around between 12-15+ hrs Presentation/Design: 8/10 Sprayer: 6/10-Horrible sprayer Overall: 9/10I got some samples, and it's a cozy sweet, spicy fragrance. But it didn't smell like tobacco till the mid-drydown. It smelled a lot like L'Ocittan Eau Des Baux, or spice bomb. It smells like a pipe tobacco, I think the cinomon, vanela and spices make it smell similar to tobacco. I was wearing Terre de Hermes Eau fresh, a simple orange and cedar, when I applied pure Havana, the two together was something special, the orange gave it some fruity sparkle and it became a masterpiece, like Terre de Hermes. Rating: 8.5/10 God bless. John 3:16MEUCCI DISSE TUDO !!! NÃO TENHO PURE HAVANNE,APERNAS AMOSTRAS E TESTEI ANIMALE ANIMALE...20 MINUTOS INICIAIS ANIMALE ANIMALE LEMBRA PURE HAVANNE,DEPOIS SE TORNA UMA PORCARIA...PURE HAVANNE É EXTRAORDINÁRIO TABACO DOCE .

Mugler Amen Pure Havane EDT 100ml The Fragrance Sho

  1. utes and then comes the vanille .I am dissapointed and I think of buying other tobacco perfume or EDT .
  2. Pure. When you walk in the room in a white bodysuit & I say, take it off so you tell me to watch. When it's pure, only your love could get me to fall When it's deep, gets so hot & it's so beautiful. & the TV is on when we make love Because we get carried away We..
  3. ute mark or so, the smell was very similar to the one you get when opening a fresh pack of cherry tobacco. My next impression was -- Burberry London, but with an added boozy chocolate earthiness that blended very well with the tobacco note. So much so that I didn't even
  4. dre måltid en till två timmar före träningen
  5. This is going to sound like a Secret commercial, but A Men Pure Havane is strong enough for a man, but soft and sweet enough for a woman. It's hard to believe this is a men's scent since it's so sweet. Almost a candy like vanilla cocoa with some spice and a very mild tobacco. I don't get any cherry at all, and I'm glad. So far there are no issues with the spray because it was batch made in Oct. 2016, so maybe they improved it. It isn't a very good mist, but it works. I will enjoy wearing this next fall.
  6. ahh so not at school after in holidays or in a days u do not have lots of h.w or in a time u cannot study like 12 at night XD hehe thats me
WrinklEraser™ BASIC- Dermaroller / SkinRoller – Ame Pure

Best value Pure Fire - Great deals on Pure Fire from global

  1. Very nice scent but very weak. This dosnt last at all on my skin and my skin is fragrance friendly :). 6/10
  2. I got this in a swap an hour ago. I sprayed it on my wrist and my first impression on it was that it smelled exactly like the original Angel Men, but without that burnt sugar or burnt caramel smell in the beginning of Angel Men. Right now I find it generic, but before I say anything bad I will test it out to see if I like it.
  3. gly sweet for me. In fact i get the similar aura that LIDG Edt -which is masterpiece and way better than edp- i dont say they smell similar but from PH i get the same fresh vibe may be from the cherry note with lots of tobacco and cacao also little bit of patchouli in the drydown Longetivity is very good but sillage is week after 2 hours And the sprayer is shitty as other amen bottles but the smell is fantastic to make up for it. It works well on every season except it is a bit weak for winter in terms of sillage Occasion is i think all kinds even to gym if you must 9/10
  4. Na webe nájdete predovšetkým texty piesní slovenských a zahraničných interpretov, prehľadne zoradené do albumov. Ďalej sú tu karaoke texty, videoklipy a preklady. Najnovšie tiež fotky a fankluby
  5. Privacy Policy (Updated: 12/14/18). Townsquare Media, Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliates (individually or collectively, TSM or we/our/us) respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it through our compliance with this policy. This policy describes..
  6. Decent scent, but a little on the sweet side for my taste, total gourmand in my opinion. Excellent longevity and sillage. Sprayer is crap, one of the worst I own.

I bought PH blind based on multiple positive reviews but i have to admit it didn't wow me much. To me this is way too synthetic for my liking, It is pretty harsh especially at the opening . For me Pure malt is the best of the line with that rum note to die for. Anyway It might me for some tobacco and honey lovers at out there, as of me i hate those two notes , reason why i didnt like the scent and will have to let it go. Projection and longevity are both slightly above average 39.95 €. Amen Ultimate EDT 100 Vaporizador. -46% 74,00€ 39,95€. Salen los 100 ml a 39.95 €. Comprar. Política de privacidad. Política de envíos. Política de devolución. A este producto no se le aplican cupones descuento

My girl said its not her thing and doesn't suit me And I was like ok cool thanks for your feedback lady gaga. Two weeks later she asked me what's that smell ?.. And I laughed and I replied : I thought you said you don't like it ? , trust me she stole the bottle and I thought I lost it .. Haha I even bought two bottles one for back up and one for daily use. Man this is amazing I can't go to deep with words but overall this one is on my top 5 il give it 9/10 indeedMore focused than Pure Malt and more accessible than the original A*men, this is the best of the line. Pure Havane opens with a deep, maraschino cherry wrapped in honeyed tobacco leaves. I spent a few years living in Little Havana, a historically Cuban neighborhood in Miami that is famous for cigars, many of which are hand-rolled on location. Pure Havane vaguely reminds me of walking by the neighborhood cigar shops, though it's unsurprisingly much sweeter as this is certainly a gourmand, so don't expect to smell like Tony Montana. A little goes a long way. One or two sprays on the neck should suffice. And like most gourmands, it's definitely risky in hot weather. As the fragrance dries down, I'm left with a mellow cacao reminiscent of opening a pack of instant hot chocolate. I don't get so much vanilla as others report. Regardless of its excellent projection and lasting power, Pure Havane doesn't take itself too seriously. It's great for just hanging out on a nice cool day, or for a relaxed evening at a hip bar or club. This isn't suit and tie stuff. So if you're looking for a similar gourmand that is more luxurious, many have suggested Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille, but I don't care for that one much. I don't usually like to mention any kind of compliment factor but this one gets a ton. A fantastic scent overall, and one of my own personal favorites.

Contrary to other reviewers, Pure Havane gives me a similar vibe to CK One Shock. But Pure Havane smells a heck of a lot classier with higher quality ingredients. Lots of people are looking for bargains, but if you're considering CK One Shock, spend a few more bucks on Pure Havane. You'll be glad you did.Very sweet, but masculine. Its best for winter and fall. Its a warm and cozy scent, very comforting. I get tobacco and honey mixed with cherry. I think its very lovable but I guess its best to try it out first at a store, since it is one of those statement fragrances. Its not extremely safe... but its extremely sexyAt first spray, Pure Havane reminds me of Angel Eau de Toilette for women; it possesses a similar astringent peppery sweetness, whereas instead of the red berries found in Angel, PH's sweetness is more refined and subtle and overall feels much smoother with a balmy, smoky-sweet tobacco undertone. After the opening, this became very soft and remained close to the skin, settling into a warm honeyed vanillic base. Will have to give this a thorough test soon. It's pleasant and enjoyable, but not what I was expecting and VERY unisex. Pure Fire. logan9reid. 2. This is the copy of fire and ice but all fire Pure genius mixed with common sense


Pure havane"- sweet,warm not chocking tobacco vanille smell.its like sniff fresh cigars at big ,for me it also smell of my husband closet -when it's open bottle of fragrance , fresh shirts and leather jacket smell like this. Something at this perfume remind me "pi" by givenchy.gold liquor,pleasant respectable smell . Very calm.about longevity -it's close perfume.after hour it will be there but like very delicate reminding.This does not smell like tobacco. It smells like cherry on the first spray and dies down to what smells like play doe and a strange plastic play doe smell. Don't believe the hype here fellas if you are 40+ on age. Look for and find a more sophisticated scent. I've warned you. That is all I can do here. This on a good scent if you are 17 years old. Don't believe the hype.

Serenity Prayer - Wikipedi

  1. Yes. This is a good one. A mature/sexy/sophisticated yet playful aroma of honey tobacco vanilla cocoa and amber. Good sillage and longevity. 8/10. Great price also. WISH THEY HAD A EDP VERSION.
  2. g and warm smell!lots of compliments from people when I wear this!will always wear this!
  3. Love at first smell. Got a sample of this and it works well. Last a long time on my skin and has great sillage. I have been wanting to pick up a bottle of this stuff for a while now.
  4. Very sweet honeyed cherry tobacco with vanilla and chocolate. With the patchouli in there as well, Pure Havane takes me back to the 1970s and its chypres. Goes well with the current boho revival in fashion. I'd wear this to Coachella. Pure Havane is one of my top favorite scents of all time on men.
  5. I had pure malt because i thought it was better based on reviews than havane but after smelled this i realized I was wrong. I would of rather purchased havane over pure malt. This is nice stuff that probably also performs better than malt too. Winter-Fall fragrance 25 and up Any setting
  6. My all time favourite scent! From the cherry top note to the amazing labdanum drydown. It is my go-to anytime it is cold outside. Easily 10/10. I have yet to try a fragrance where I loved every single note since spraying it. I love how I dont have to wait till the drydown to enjoy its magnificent smell.

Amen Pure Tonka, Limited Edition Men's Cologne - MUGLE

  1. Wonderful fragrance, beautiful sophisticated Amen sweet tones, mellowed down with rich tobacco, great performer in longevity and projection, favorite flanker to the original A men, it's not cloying as the original tend to get on my skin.
  2. g like a siren Alive and burning brighter I am the fire. I've been sacrificed My Hearts been cauterized Hanging on to hope Shackled by the ghost Of what I once..
  3. A Men Pure Havane is a definite compliment getter! It works like a charm in winter but not in hot and humid season. I give two spray on my chest and two on shirt! During the day with certain movements I get a whiff of the fragrance. The longevity is good, it stays more then 12 hours both on my skin and shirt. The sillage is good enough. It wont disturb anybody annoyingly. You can buy it blind.
  4. I bought this for my husband. The package and bottle are really beautiful (although sometimes difficult to spray), the bottle is heavy, seems well made, beautiful color, he really likes it. The scent is really nice, perfectly blended, not sharp at all, not super sweet either. This is definitely not a synthetic fragrance, and we were actually expecting it to be more sweet. To me it smells like an expensive, luxurious french tobacco soap, but better. Very unique smell. I also think there is nothing cheap about this scent. It's smooth and beautiful. Longevity and sillage appeared to be moderate though, I wish it was better. More importantly, my husband loved it. Edit: longevity and sillage now that we have tested it better seem to be good. He can smell it all day. This is no powerhouse but very, very decent, especially for an EDT. To me this is the best men's cologne I have ever smelt. This is something else, really sexy.
  5. Cherry pipe tobacco. The cherry dies down a bit but never completely goes away. To me this would have been a masterpiece if it were never at all. Strange no cherry listed in the note breakdown. Under this note or combination of, is a beautiful honey tobacco scent. I still like this fragrance quiet a bit, but I cant help think what might have been. 8.5/10
  6. I got a sample of this for my husband to try but honestly he may never get to wear it because I LOVE it. Tobacco, honey. It's creamy and smooth and sweet and just heavenly. Totally unisex.

Not a fan of A*Men, but I gave PH a shot because it seemed different enough based on all these helpful reviews. I did not get the sillage that folks are reporting, but fwiw, it's a nice scent. That's really all I can say. It just didn't give me a personal "power scent" vibe and didn't leave me clamoring for my own bottle. Speaking of bottles, I looked online quickly for supply and prices. $170+ is generally what I was seeing...which is laughable. For those looking to score a bottle, you can buy this online, new, from a large well-known US retailer for $89...I'll give you a hint, it rhymes with Tracy's...enjoy! PS. Big ups to aucffan1 for providing the sample. Appreciate it bud.A very masculine scent, perfectly suited for the coldest weather. But not for me. First spray is an intensely sweet tobacco honey. I can barely smell the rest of the notes. I know that tobacco is a very popular note, but for me personally it's overwhelming...Plus it's mixed in with a honey note so it smells like pee on my skin. However I CANNOT deny its performance: monster sillage and insane longevity. If you live in the siberian winter, this is a great choice lol

I don't get the hype with this one at all. I've heard this described as "cherry tobacco". No, cherry tobacco smells great. It has a smooth, subdued sweetness to it. This is more like cherry cough syrup. Very sweet, candy like cherry cough syrup. Don't get much tobacco. I'm confused as to why anyone would want to smell like this, let alone thinking this is sexy. I can see a younger guy (teenager perhaps) pulling this off but I have no idea why anyone 25+ would wear this. No offense to people who like this fragrance (theirs a ton who do) I just find this to be immature and obnoxious. SCORE: 0 out of 5 I find this scent fascinating. I read a post on Fragrantica a few years ago that said Mugler fragrances are almost always linear. Well, IMHO this one has depth. For me, it starts off as a cherry, chocolate scent and after dry down, it transforms itself into a delicious white honey, sugary vanilla, almost caramel smell. I'm not sure if I would use this one very often, but there seems to be a component that compels me to keep sniffing it. BTW, I'm not getting any tobacco at all from this one. Very intriguing, indeed!

I hope this is considered a classic. Nothing else in the designer world does what this can. You get a sweet resinous,pure malt like base, the nuance of cherry, pipe tobacco and spices. It is noticeable and projects well, but is not too bold like the the first batches of spicebomb, and is much richer and more harmonious. A good first sniff or step into the world of gourmand, because this borders on gourmand. For me this is a casual fall scent I love and much better than paco rabanne one million. If you want something less sweat and with leather , polo supreme leather is good. A masterpiece with 5 to 7 hours longevity and good projection Säkra perioder betyder att du undviker att ha oskyddat samlag dagarna före, under och efter ägglossningen. Det är en osäker metod. Den säkra perioden slutar därför fem dagar före ägglossningen om du har helt regelbunden mens. Den säkra perioden börjar igen några dagar efter.. Ame Pure erbjuder hudvårdsprodukter, inklusive derma rollers, body rollers, CIT rollers, 100% naturliga gels & krämer för åldrande hud och problemhud. Om âme pure®. Vårt mål är rätt enkelt: att hjälpa personer i alla åldrar att uppnå vacker, sund och välmående hud. Vi erbjuder exklusiva och kliniskt..

Honey and tobacco leaf with bitter cacao and patchouli in the dry down with warm oriental base of labdanum styrax and amber! This is so delicious. TM is known for releasing gourmand masterpieces and this is another one which I really enjoy!One of the best man's fragance! Strong and Sexy !! Just stupid from Mugler to produce it in a "LIMITED Edition" ... I bougth 4 bottles ... SOOOOOOO GOOOOOD ! Na tomto serveru naleznete především texty písní českých a zahraničních interpretů, karaoke texty, videoklipy youtube a překlady

Like walking in the little tobacco shop I used to visit in Smyrna and lifting the lids on the containers of Turkish, Latakia, and Honey Flake Cavendish pipe tobaccos; or walking into a humidor full of fine cigars. I find it to be a warm and very masculine scent that women seem to enjoy on their men as well.SUPERB magical scent... I sprayed at 6PM and went up to highland with my office team to do a nite survey for an outbound, on supper time at around 10 PM, I got a surprising compliment on how delicious i smell.. despite the wet sweat from 2 hours trekking, the aroma of this perfume was still strong and manly.. ahahahaha..i Love this oneI love Pure Havane. I sampled it and then bought a bottle of Insurrection II Wild after reading it was '95% similar' or something. While it's very close, I found Wild more feminine, softer, and more honey than tobacco, and it's the sharper tobacco and cherry (and the quality of these notes) that makes this scent superior to Insurrection II Wild. Strangely, I've received several compliments when wearing Wild, but none with PH. Oh well! 5. Före, under, efter praktiken? Blir din ansökan för Erasmuspraktikstipendium godkänd behöver du vara medveten om följande steg FÖRE praktiken. Gör ditt första språktest (testet skickas till din e-post under handläggningen av ansökan). Signera ett Grant Agreement (formuläret skickas till dig med..

This type Pure Fire temperature is not high, can say is low, even if Pure Fire places above this firebrand, is unable to light the firebrand. However negative strengths of Pure Fire to cursing the strength and other has the effect, naturally.. I absolutely love PH. Fresh tabacco, chocolate followed by vanilla woods. I don't get cherry at all. Ja, jag fattar! Beräkna lön efter skatt. Välj den kommun och församling där du var folkbokförd den 1 november året före inkomståret. Statlig skatt betalas av de som beräknas tjäna över en viss summa per år This is a nice soft vanilla scent, its okay but I dont get all the hype over it unless something happens during my wear. The first blast of this was great with pure honey with a little tobacco but quickly ccomes the vanilla. I wish they would reintroduce B Man as a linmited.

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