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Скачай Antonio Banderas and Los Lobos Cancion Del Mariachi (1995) и Gutierrez Brothers Cancion Del Mariachi (2019). Cancion Del Mariachi. Слушать сборник. 02:07 Canción del Mariachi. Песня Музыканта. mariachi me acompaña, Cuando canto mi canción.Me gusta tomar mis copas, Aguardiente es lo mejor También el tequila blanco, Con su sal le da sabor.Ay..

Cañas y su Mariachi Norteño es un grupo autentico en la música Mejicana. Amenizamos toda clase de eventos sociales, bodas, cumpleaños graduaciones, serenatas, y mas. Para mas información llamar a.. The very traditional Jarabe Tapatío, one of the most beloved pieces that you can ask to a Mariachi group. The last segment is commonly use as fanfare (in Mexico we call it una Diana); you probably.. Power Turku Stockmann. Power Turku Stockmann. 03050305. Näytä kartalla

In 1920, soon after the city took over the tram operations, an explosion at the electric plant resulted in the death of seven people, as well as large-scale damage to the plant itself. As a result, the distribution of electricity was disturbed, and the tram network was inoperative due to lack of power for 87 days. Plans were made during the earlier half of the 1920s for expansion of the tram network, but the poor post-war financial situation meant these could not be realised.[10] Me gusta tocar guitarra Me gusta cantar el son Un mariachi me acompana Cuando canto mi cancion. Me gusta tomar mis copas Aguardiente es lo mejor Tambien el tequila blanco Con su sal le da sabor Timeline of Meyer Turku's history. Yard Facilities. MEYER TURKU is an inspiring and challenging work-place with diverse ranks of tasks and opportunities for development Верхом на своей лошади Я уезжаю в горы Звезды и луна Мне подскажут, куда идти Cancion del Mariachi. Soy un hombre muy honrado que me gusta lo mejor A mujeres no me falta ni el Me gusta tocar guitarra me gusta cantar el sol Mariachi me acompana cuando canto mi canción

In 2008 the city of Turku ordered a more detailed study to be made about the way public transport systems are developed in the City Region of Turku in the future, comparing light rail- and bus-based alternatives. The goal is to present a solution for the creation of an efficient, attractive and uniform public transport system for Turku and the neighbouring cities.[40] An intermediary report for this study was completed in December 2008, which recommended a somewhat different light rail system from the 2002 study. In the 2008 study the line to Naantali was abandoned but a more extensive network within central Turku was proposed, including the recreation of tracks that had been used by the old Turku tram system.[39] . . . , . . . .

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Soy un hombre muy honrado,Que me gusta lo mejorPa' mujeres no me faltaNi el dinero, ni el amor.Jineteando en mi caballoPor la sierra yo me voy,Las estrellas y la luna,Ellas me dicen dónde voy.Ay, ay, ay, ayAy, ay, mi amorAy, mi morena de mi corazón.Me gusta tocar guitarra,Me gusta cantar el sonMariachi me acompaña,Cuando canto mi canción.Me gusta tomar mis copas,Aguardiente es lo mejorTambién el tequila blanco,Con su sal le da sabor.Ay, ay, ay, ayAy, ay, mi amorAy, mi morena de mi corazón.Me gusta tocar guitarra,Me gusta cantar el sonMariachi me acompaña,Cuando canto mi canción.Me gusta tomar mis copas,Aguardiente es lo mejorTambién el tequila blanco,Con su sal le da sabor.Ay, ay, ay, ayAy, ay, mi amorAy, mi morena de mi corazón.Ay, ay, ay, ayAy, ay, mi amorAy, mi morena de mi corazón. Katso 8 Vuokrataan kalustettu asunto Turku kohdetta parhaalla hinnalla, kun vuokran alkaen-hinta on Eur 485. Etsitkö lisää vuokrattavia kiinteistöjä? Tarkista samalla Vuokrattavat asunnot Turku Nimitys juontaa Turku-nimen alkuperästä, Turku tulee venäjänkielen toria merkitsevästä sanasta. Erotukseksi muista toreista on sitten käytetty nimitystä Suomen Turku Turku encantadora. ¿Cómo se reconoce a una ciudad medieval europea? Oficialmente, Turku aparece en los mapas junto al río Aura desde 1229 y su actividad no ha cesado desde entonces

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Myytävät asunnot Turku Vuokra-asunnot Turku Asuntojen hinnat Turku Kiinteistönvälitys Turku Turku asuinalueena. Meiltä löydät myytävät asunnot Turku, oli tarpeesi mikä vain Canción Del Mariachi (Morena De Mi Corazón) (from Desperado soundtrack). [Spanish:] Soy un hombre muy honrado Que me gusta lo mejor Las mujeres no me faltan Ni el dinero.. Turku Art Museum. Turku Art Museum. 142 отзыва. Турку, Финляндия Europe > Nordic countries > Finland > West Coast (Finland) > Finland Proper > Archipelago Sea > Turku

Turku, city, southwestern Finland, at the mouth of the Aura River, west-northwest of Helsinki. Finland's oldest city, it was originally a trading centre a few miles north of its present site, to which it was.. Я очень честный мужчина И мне нравится самое лучшее Для женщин у меня всегда достаточно и денег, и любви Ninel Conde Mariachi Ultra HD Desktop Background Wallpaper for 4K UHD.. Puutarhakatu 12, 20100 Turku. Varaa aika toimipisteeseen Turku, Hammaspiste. Puutarhakatu 12, 20100 Turku. Esittely Palvelut Asiantuntijat. Yhteystiedot

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This is a transposition for piano of La cancion del mariachi, from Los Lobos, according to a version recorded on YouTube, published by abafamny90. I just wrote down the notes on the score, he's.. Eerikinkatu 3 20100 Turku Vaihde 040 341 7111 Yamaha Center Turku sijaitsee Raision ohitustien varrella, IKEAn naapurissa. Tarjoamme kuluttajille näyteikkunan Yamaha-maailmaan täydennettynä veneilyn ykköstuotteilla TRT TÜRKÜ kanalını canlı dinleyin

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Savolainen's closure plan was eagerly accepted by the technical committee and forwarded to the city council. The council however turned down the proposal. At the same time the requests for funds for even the most basic maintenance of the tram network were also turned down.[21][22] Subsequently, Savolainen submitted a proposal for termination of tram traffic by 1972, as continuing traffic after that time was not viable without some investment in track maintenance and the rolling stock. However, earlier closure would not be possible due to the need to find new jobs for the tram staff. Additionally the closure of the tram system would require investment in 75–80 diesel-powered buses. None of the preceding or subsequent proposals for replacement of the tram system with buses included an objective comparison between the expenses of tram and bus operations. Each proposal simply presumed that buses were cheaper, without looking further into the matter.[22] Turku avaa palveluitaan hallituksen uusien linjausten myötä. Hallitus linjasi maanantaina 4.5. erilaisista rajoitusten purkamisista, joista iso osa koskettaa kaupunkien palveluita ja toimintoja Puhelinnumero: 02 313 0000, vaihde Päivystys: 02 313 8800 | Savitehtaankatu 1, Turku Postiosoite: PL 52, 20521 Turku Henkilökohtaiset sähköpostit muotoa: etunimi.sukunimi@tyks.fi Ошибки, замечания, пожелания по переводу? — сообщите намAlthough the conversion into bus traffic was believed to be an answer to making the city-operated public transport system profitable again, this was not in fact the case and the operations continued making even larger losses until the city's public transport system was reorganised in the 1990s.[29] The termination of tram traffic also led to a drop in passenger numbers on the city-operated public transport network, despite the growth of the city that took place at the same time.[30]

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  1. Скачивай и слушай mariachi bailador el mariachi loco и mariachi vargas de tecalitlán el mariachi loco на Zvuk.top! Mariachi Bailador — El Mariachi Loco
  2. Työnhakija Näytä oikopolut Piilota oikopolut. Nopea työpaikkahaku. Avoimet työpaikat. Haussa oleva työvoimakoulutus. Ilmoittaudu työnhakijaksi. Lisää palveluita työnhakijalle
  3. The final report on the recommended future development of public transport in Turku was delivered in April 2009.[41] Based on this report, the city council of Turku decided on 15 December 2009 that in the short run the city's public transport system would be rearranged to allow the establishment of a bus rapid transit line. In the long run the usage of trolleybuses will be studied, while the most heavily trafficked core bus lines are to be converted into light rail lines.[3]
  4. TPS Turku. Name in original language: Turun Palloseura. Year of foundation: 1922. Colours: black, white. Club status: active. Address: Artukaistentie 8 20210 Turku. Phone: +358 020 720 7207

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Starting from 1962, several committees were formed to plan the termination of tram traffic, most of which simply followed Savolainen's second termination proposal. At the same time the future of city-maintained public transport was a source of conflict in the city council, where the rightist parties wanted to leave public transport entirely for private operators, while the leftist parties wanted the city to continue operating public transport lines with buses. Even though the city council on the whole agreed that tram traffic should be terminated, it wasn't until 1965 that the decision was made to terminate line 1 on 11 March 1967, due to the "life-threatening" condition of its tracks.[19][23] No decision was made about the future of other lines however.[24] Мне нравиться играть на гитаре Мне нравиться петь о солнце Мариачи меня сопровождает Когда я пою свои песниThe Turku tramway network was the first—and as of 2008, second to last—tram system to be operated in Finland. It was operated as horse tramway from 1890 until 1892, and as an electrified tramway from 1908 until 1972. Prior to 1919 the tram system was owned by private interests, and from that year onwards by the City of Turku until closure of the system.[1]

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Turku. Myyjän työhön kuuluu lehtimainosten myyminen eri järjestöjen lehtiin, kyseessä siis on ns Turku. Kemian tuotannon ja instrumenttituotannon tehtäviin. Turun toimipisteemme, Wallac Oy, on.. The new tram network was built to the 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 3⁄8 in) used on the Helsinki tram network, and it was opened on 22 December 1908. From the start the new network was much more extensive than the horse tram network, with two lines initially operated; a circular line in the centre of the city and a harbour line connecting the city centre to the Port of Turku. In 1909 the two lines were combined into a single one—this rather complex route arrangement was retained until 1932.[8] The first generation of electric trams in Turku were built by the Swedish ASEA.[9] The new traffic form gained high popularity, and passenger numbers grew steadily until the beginning of World War I.[7]

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Me gusta tomar mis copas aguardiente es lo mejor También el tequila blanco con su sal le da sabor Mariachi Oy - teknologiaa kokemuksella ja vahvalla ammattitaidolla. Mariachi on suomalainen teknologiayhtiö, joka on erikoistunut vaativien ammattikäyttöön tarkoitettujen laitteiden..

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  1. Desperado - Cancion Del Mariachi Guitar Tab. Can't play Cancion Del Mariachi? Improve your playing via easy step-by-step video lessons
  2. Find a group in Turku. Imagine what you could do with the right people by your side. Check out groups in the Turku area and give one a try. Join Meetup
  3. Due to the city's population increase, the idea of building a tramway in Turku resurfaced during the first years of the 20th century. Building an electrically powered tramway for the city was first proposed in 1905, but due to the lack of local experience in constructing such a system, foreign companies were selected to construct the service. Germany-based AEG, who also owned the electricity plant in Turku, eventually reached an agreement with the city for building a tram network and operating it for forty years, the city having an option to buy the operations after ten years and thereon between five-year intervals.[7]
  4. Soy un hombre muy honrado que me gusta lo mejor A mujeres no me falta ni el dinero ni el amor
  5. The possible recreation of the tram network and/or a creation of a light rail network have been discussed since the (second) closure of the tram system in 1972.[2] In December 2009 the Turku City Council made the decision that a light rail system (Finnish: pikaraitiotie, "fast tramway") system would be realised in the city after an intermediate phase of bus rapid transit.[3]
  6. Listen to EL_MARIACHI | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds Stream Tracks and Playlists from EL_MARIACHI on your desktop or mobile device
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9.-11.7.2021 Ruissalo, Turku. Ha Löydä kaikki avoimet työpaikat haulle Turku. Kuntarekrystä löydät kunta-alan avoimet työpaikat By the beginning of the 1960s it was clear that the tram network could become profitable again only if it was expanded to the more lucrative suburban routes dominated by the private bus operators. Additionally, most of the rolling stock dated from before or during World War II, and were nearing the end of their lifespan, which meant that sizeable investment would be needed to keep the trams operational. In 1961 the traffic department proposed the acquisitions of new four-axle trams, but the proposal was left untreated by the technical committee until the traffic department would make a proposal for the future of the tram system. As a result, Pentti Savolainen proposed the gradual closure of the tram system by 1980, synchronising the closure of different lines with the retirement of the then-current tram staff. Six new four-axle trams would have been required for this plan to be realised. No actual reason was given why the tram system should be closed.[22] SUOSITUIMMAT REITIT. Helsinki - Turku 94.30. Yle Radio Suomi (Turku). Kaarina, Turun radio- ja tv-asema. 100.10. Iskelmä (Turku). Metsämäki

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Mariachi Guadalajara de Silvestre Vargas. 03:00. Mariachi Vargas De Tecalitlan. 02:36. México Lindo y Querido. Mariachi Aguila Real. 03:08 In 1889 Spårvägsaktiebolaget i Åbo ("Tramway Company in Turku"), led by Count August Armfelt applied for the right to construct a horse-drawn tram line in Turku. The application was positively received in the city council,[4] and already on 4 May 1890 the company opened a tram line between Turku Castle and the city centre. This was the first tram system in Finland, then an autonomous part of Russia. Unusually for a tramway system in Finland, the line was built with a track gauge of 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in), instead of the Russian broad gauge standard of 1,524 mm (5 ft) or the 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 3⁄8 in) gauge used on all subsequent Finnish tramways.[5] Although passenger numbers were relatively high, high maintenance costs led to the horse tramway being unprofitable, and it was closed down already on 31 October 1892.[4][5] The five tramcars owned by Spårvägsaktiebolaget i Åbo were sold to Stockholms Nya Spårvägsaktiebolag, Sweden in 1894.[6] Best-Caravan Turku. Kaarinassa sijaitseva Best-Caravanin liike pitää sisällään erittäin laajan palveluvalikoiman. Meillä voit tutustua alati vaihtuvaan valikoimaan uusia ja käytettyjä matkailuautoja..

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Cantina Mariachi, Fuengirola Picture: Cantina mariachi Miramar - Check out Tripadvisor members' 16,804 candid photos and videos of Cantina Mariachi Bagira - Cancion del Mariachi (Desperado) (Los Lobos & Antonio Banderas Metal cover) Em Mariachi me acompana, quando canto my cancion. Em B Me gustan tomar mis copas, aguardiente es lo mejor. Em Tanbien la tequilla blanca, con cu sal le da sabor Hesehotelli Turku Linja-autoasema. Läntinen pitkäkatu 1, 20110 Turku, Finland - Great location - show map. After booking, all of the property's details, including telephone and address, are provided in your.. SuperPark Turku on koko perheen liikunnallinen sisäaktiviteettipuisto. SuperParkista löydät hauskimmat huvit ja liikuttavimmat elämykset - ympäri vuoden ja säällä kuin säällä

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Terveystalo Turku Pulssi Humalistonkatu 9-11 20100 Turku. Tulo-ohje. Sijaitsee Turun ydinkeskustassa, noin kymmenen minuutin kävelymatkan päässä kauppatorilta . – 100 , , . : .Further expansion of the network occurred in 1938 and 1940. The 1940 expansion resulted in the combination of lines 2 and 3 into a single line, which changed numbers halfway through the route. The two-designation system was necessitated by the fact that the new 2/3 line spooled back into itself, with the end of the line stop for "line 3" being located along the route of "line 2".[13] Tram operations continued throughout World War II, with passenger numbers greatly exceeding those during peace-time.[15]

Toimintaterapeuttikoulutus | päivätoteutus. Turku Time for sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moonset in Turku - Finland. Dawn and dusk (twilight) times and Sun and Moon position. Takes into account Daylight Saving Time (DST)

The 2008 report recommended for the construction of the light rail network to take place in two phases: phase 1 would be completed by 2020 and would include the lines Runosmäki–Majakkaranta (in Korppolaismäki) and Varissuo–Turku Central railway station. The total length of these lines would be 17.7 km (11.0 mi).[39][41] Phase 2 would be completed after 2020, coinciding with new residential development in Raisio and Kaarina, and would include a third line Kaarina–central Turku–Raisio and an extension of the Varissuo–Central railway station to the Port of Turku. Total length of the system following phase 2 would be 37.7 km (23.4 mi). As the new proposal does not feature any running on train tracks, rail gauges of 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 3⁄8 in), 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in) and 1,524 mm (5 ft) were presented as alternatives. No preference was given to any of the listed gauges, although the benefits of the 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in) standard gauge were stated to be the highest of the 3 alternatives.[39] Перевод песни Canción del mariachi — Рейтинг: 5 / 5 71 мнений. Los Lobos. Треклист (2). Canción del mariachi. La bamba

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Bo LKV | Kiinteistönvälitys Turku. Kun olet ostamassa tai myymässä, olemme mukanasi aloittamassa uutta tarinaa. Tutustu myytäviin asuntoihin Turussa Banderas A. - Cancion del Mariachi. Download (pdf) Apart from the last tram type acquired in 1956, the trams used in Turku had no official type designations, possibly owing to the uniformity of the rolling stock.[31]

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Visit Turku ei halua kenenkään lähtevän matkalle vastoin viranomaisten rajoituksia ja suosituksia. Seikkaile silti sivustolla ja uneksi Turusta vapaasti! Ja kun sopiva hetki koittaa, lähde vastuullisesti.. Turku and its Port share history, present day and future. Today, it is impossible to think of Turku without a harbour that still acts as Finland's gateway to the west for trade, tourism and culture The Turku tramway network was the first—and as of 2008, second to last—tram system to be operated in Finland. It was operated as horse tramway from 1890 until 1892.. Mole & Mariachi Festival. Festival sunsets after seven successful years. Thanks to all who Producing the Mole & Mariachi Festival for the past seven years at Santa Cruz Mission State Historic Park has..

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Antonio Banderas — Cancion del Mariachi (Лучшие мексиканские песни 2003). The Iguanas — Por Mi Camino (Популярные мексиканские песни 2003) During the latter part of the 50s passenger numbers started declining again, and a committee formed in 1959 found that under the current financial circumstances the expansion of the tram network was impossible to realise. However, the committee also stated the expansion of the network was necessary in the long run, and the needs of light rail lines should be taken into account in city planning. Additionally the committee suggested, again, ceasing the usage of conductors in trams in favour of ticket-selling by the driver in order to cut costs. By this time the city decision-makers were uninterested in developing or even maintaining the tram network, and as a result the committee's recommendations were not acted on.[20] Etuovi.com:issa on juuri nyt 1 398 kohdetta tuoteryhmässä Myytävät asunnot alueella Turku. Tee helppo haku ja löydä uusi kotisi jo tänään Видеоклипы к песне предоставляются сайтом youtube.com. Возможны некоторые несоответствия клипов песне.Отказ от ответственности

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PL 921, 20101 Turku. Käyntiosoite. Lemminkäisenkatu 14-18 (katutaso), DataCity, Turku. Valtakunnallinen puhelinvaihde. 029 512 000 Turku Student Village Foundation. Turku Student Village Foundation (TYS) builds, renovates, rents and maintains apartments for students of educational institutions

Laskutustiedot Laskuun kustannuspaikkanumero: Turku 4201 sekä tilaajan nimi. Verkkolaskut OVT-tunnus: 0037 0116988730 Operaattori: Basware Oyj Välittäjätunnus: BAWCFI22

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Vuokraa Pakettiauton vuokraus alueelta Turku kätevästi Nettivuokrauksesta. Sivustollamme 17 ilmoitusta kohteesta Pakettiauton vuokraus. Tervetuloa Jineteando en mi caballo por la sierra yo me voy Las estrellas y la luna ellas me dicen donde voy

© , 2000-2020.   . 18+Я мужчина добрых нравов,ценю всё самое лучшееи на женщин щедро трачуя и деньги, и любовь.На коне своём верхомпо горам скачу,луна и звёздымне указывают путь.Ай-ай-ай-ай!Ах, моя любовь!Ах, смугляночка дорогая моя!Я люблю играть на гитаре,мне нравится петь.Марьячи наигрывают мне,когда я пою свою песню.Я люблю выпить по рюмочке,лучше всего – агуардьенте.2Текилы3 тоже можно,она с солью хороша.Ай-ай-ай-ай!Ах, моя любовь!Ах, смугляночка дорогая моя!Я люблю играть на гитаре,мне нравится петь.Марьячи наигрывают мне,когда я пою свою песню.Я люблю выпить по рюмочке,лучше всего – агуардьенте.Текилы тоже можно,она с солью хороша.Ай-ай-ай-ай!Ах, моя любовь!Ах, смугляночка дорогая моя!Ай-ай-ай-ай!Ах, моя любовь!Ах, смугляночка дорогая моя!

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  1. Cancion del Mariachi. Click to see the original lyrics. ✕. Еще переводы Cancion del Mariachi. Английский phantasmagoria. Венгерский Tiferet
  2. ated within the same year partially due to pressure from the tram staff. During the same year the city decided to start its own bus operations. Despite this the city continued to be committed to the tram operations, and during the early 1950s the rail lineage was improved and new trams were acquired. In 1951 lines 2 and 3 were split, resulting in the creation of a circular line 3.[18][19]
  3. Я люблю поднять бокальчик лучше аква-ардьенте (индейский самогон) И еще белая текила с солью для вкуса

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  1. During World War I the Grand Duke of Finland (aka Tsar Nicholas II of Russia) ordered all German-owned possessions within Finland to be confiscated. Therefore, between 18 August 1914 and 15 June 1918 the Turku tramway was under control of the Turku and Pori County under the name Turun Sähkölaitos.[8] The war resulted in unprecedented growth in passenger numbers, to the extent that there was not enough capacity to carry all potential passengers.[7] Following the end of the war and the subsequent Finnish independence, control of the tramway was returned to Electricitätswerk Åbo AG. However, already on 15 April 1919 the City of Turku purchased the highly profitable tram operations for itself.[7][8]
  2. al and must hide from a gang bent on killing him
  3. Cancion del Mariachi. Click to see the original lyrics. ✕. Еще переводы Cancion del Mariachi. Английский phantasmagoria. Венгерский Tiferet
  4. Lounas Turku, Turun ammattikorkeakoulu. Hae. Hae Sijainti (Turun ammattikorkeakoulu, Turku). Kirjaudu. Lähistöllä
  5. The creation of a museum tramway utilising the remaining trams in the possession of the City of Turku was first proposed in 1985, and has since then been the subject of debate in the city.[9][21][37]
  6. s. How to get from Helsinki Airport (HEL) to Turku by plane, bus, train, car or towncar

1944–1959: Declineedit

Me gusta tocar la guitarra Me gusta cantar el son* Mariachi me acompa;a Сuando canto mi canci;n. Me gusta tomar mis copas Aguardiente es lo mejor Tambi;n el tequila blanca Con su sal le da sabor Rautakatu 12, Itäharju, 20520 Turku. Turun Ekotorin ja Ekopajan toimipisteet ovat suljettuina 31.5 asti Turun Ekotori and Ekopaja are closed until May 31st Ma-pe 8-18 La 10-15 044 7007 400

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Miten verta luovutetaan? Miten voit auttaa enemmän? Seuraa meitä Instagramissa: @veripalvelu_turku Turku. A city in Finland. Åbo. Truku. From Old East Slavic търгъ (tŭrgŭ, market place), from Proto-Slavic *tъrgъ. Cognate to Swedish torg and Estonian turg. Doublet of tori In April 2020, Turku city council announced its support for the introduction of a modern light rail system, at a projected cost of €284 million. Two lines are proposed, one from the main square east to the Turku Science Park and Varissuo, and another west from the main square to the Port of Turku. It was decided to establish a project company "to develop more detailed designs and cost estimates, which would enable the city council to make an final investment decision in 2024", after which construction would begin for a 2029 opening.[42] SYÖ Turku! Syksy 2019 -kampanja on päättynyt tältä erää. Kahden viikon ajan kampanjassa mukana olleet ravintolat tarjosivat maistuvia annoksia edulliseen hintaan. Pian nähdään taas

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Turku Music Festival 8.-22.8.2019 - Top level performances by Ian Bostridge, Benjamin Appl, Mariinski, Khatia Buniatishvili and many more. Tickets out now Me gusta tocar guitarra me gusta cantar el sol Mariachi me acompana cuando canto mi canción mariachi streams live on Twitch! Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community Öyle Bırakıp Gitme (Mavi Türkü) türküsü, Öyle Bırakıp Gitme (Mavi Türkü) türküsünün sözleri, turku sozu, Ali Asker türküleri.. Em Mariachi me acompana, quando canto my cancion. Me gustan tomar mis copas, aguardiente es lo mejor Tanbien la tequilla blanca, con cu sal le da sabor

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