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The children urge Ted to pick up the phone and call Robin. He thinks better of it and drives to her apartment. She opens the window to see him holding a blue French horn -- a reference to a story from when they had dated -- and the series ends. During this Christmas holiday season, Robin is feeling more homesick than usual. To help her feel better, Marshall takes her to his local bar, which is for people from and celebrates Marshall's home state of Minnesota. Marshall comes here himself whenever he is feeling homesick. Despite Robin not being from Minnesota and despite the bar patrons ridiculing Canadians, Robin tries to make the bar her own place, at the expense of Marshall. Meanwhile, Ted's younger sister Heather is coming for a visit with the thought of actually moving to New York to begin a career in finance. Heather has always been a bit flaky in Ted's eyes and he can't see her making this move. But what Ted is most afraid of if Heather moves to New York is Barney, who has always wanted to sleep with Heather despite never having met her. Upon her arrival, Heather asks Ted to co-sign an apartment lease, otherwise there is no way she can move to the city. Ted, believing that Heather is too irresponsible, declines her request. Barney, Heather and Ted all try to use Lily to their advantage. Written by Huggo We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified.

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  1. The actors on How I Met Your Mother don't pause for laughter, which is why the show gets fewer laugh track accusations than shows that don't have post-dubbed laughter: the audience laughter has to be dubbed in at a low level so as not to drown out the lines, so many people don't notice it
  2. g back [for the final season]."[21] Returning guest stars include Wayne Brady and John Lithgow as Barney's brother and father, respectively, and Ellen D. Williams as Robin's co-worker Patrice.
  3. Barney explains The Platinum Rule to Ted: Never, ever, ever love thy neighbor. After Ted wakes up to discover that he got a butterfly tattoo on his lower back while drunk, he sees a dermatologist to have it removed. Ted finds himself attracted to the doctor and announces his plan to date her. But Barney and the others try to dissuade him by sharing their own experiences dating people with whom they have to communicate on a regular basis should the relationship sour. Written by Melissa
  4. Robin and Barney are out for a special dinner at one of their favorite restaurants, where they want to recreate one of their favorite past experiences together. Their dinner is ruined by who they deem the most obnoxious couple they've ever met. As such, Robin and Barney's mission changes to ruining not only that couple's dinner, but their lives. Meanwhile, Marshall is in St. Cloud with Marvin to visit Judy, who has just learned that Marshall and Lily are moving to Rome. Judy threatens to do whatever subversive measure required to stop them from moving away. As Lily is on her own, she heads out to Westchester with Ted, who has finally completed the renovations on his house, the one where he wants to raise his future family with his future wife, whoever she may be. Ted informs Lily of his plans for the immediate future which does not match his purpose for that house. Written by Huggo

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The ninth and final season of How I Met Your Mother, an American sitcom created by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, premiered on CBS on September 23, 2013,[1] with two episodes, and concluded on March 31, 2014. The show was renewed for the final season on December 21, 2012, after cast member Jason Segel changed his decision to leave the show after Season 8.[2][3] Cristin Milioti, who was revealed as "The Mother" in the Season 8 finale,[4] was promoted to a series regular, the only time How I Met Your Mother added a new regular cast member.[5] Season 9 consists of 24 episodes, each running approximately 22 minutes in length. How I Met Your Mother was initially scheduled to run for eight seasons after CBS ordered a seventh and eighth season in 2011. The show gained a resurgence in ratings during season seven, and CBS began discussing the possibility of ordering a ninth season.[12] By 2012, Deadline Hollywood reported that CBS, 20th Century Fox, and all regular cast members except Segel wanted to continue with a ninth season. Segel had initially wanted to focus on his film career, leaving the fate of a ninth season uncertain.[13] Co-creator Carter Bays observed that the negotiations were stressful, with a lot of "white-knuckled, nail-biting going on", but claimed that he was "confident that everything would work out". Craig Thomas noted the flexibility of the show's filming schedule, saying: "We've always done everything humanly possible to allow [the actors] to do other things."[14] Segel ultimately decided to sign on for the final season, and Season 9 was announced on December 21, 2012.[2] Thomas and Bays were relieved that a deal had been reached for another season, fearing that having to wrap up the show in Season 8 would have "felt rushed" and been "disappointing".[14] Ted, Robin and Barney accompany Marshall and Lily to St. Cloud, Minnesota to support them at Marshall's father's funeral. At funerals, Robin always plays the role of "vice girl". Ted and Barney come to a decision that the best way they can help Marshall is to make him laugh during the day. And Lily vows to help Judy through the day despite the two never having been that close. The day gets off to a shaky start when their regular priest, Father Platt, can't perform the service, leaving that task to his son, Reverend Trey Platt, who, during their growing up period, was Marshall's nemesis, despite a physical disparity between the two. In preparing for the service, Marshall is asked about the last words his father ever spoke to him. As Marshall remembers back to the last day he saw his father, all he can remember are meaningless words uttered instead of something profound. Marshall then realizes that he has yet to listen to his father's last words to him. He's not sure he can as he explains why he needs those last words to be something important. Written by Huggo Barney cons Ted into going to the airport to meet women, and the pair end up on a flight to Philadelphia with two prospective dates. Laura: Tiffany Brouwer. Tatiana: Alyshia Ochse. Carl: Joe Nieves. Derrick: Robb Derringer.

It's Ted's 28th birthday and he still keeps looking for the perfect girl. Apparently he is about to find her since the matchmaker he once hired to find him a partner has finally found the perfect match. When he is about to meet her, Lily calls him because she is in trouble. Marshall gets himself into an office war between Barney and some guy named "Clark Butterfield" in which the guys do all kinds of gross things to each other. Written by Anonymous Ted reconsiders women he rejected in the past, thinking his taste has changed, and decides to call a woman (Anne Dudek) whose heart he broke when he broke up with her---on her birthday. Jackie: Jackie Geary. Steph: Ange Billman. Marshall: Jason Segel. The continuing story Ted is telling his kids about how he met their mother picks up at Robin and Barney's wedding reception. Despite being mesmerized by her when he first spots her as the bass player in the wedding reception band and despite Barney believing that she too could be Ted's true soul mate, Ted, after an emotional goodbye to his friends, left the reception early without speaking to her to head back to the city as he was moving to Chicago the next day, and thus did not want to start something he couldn't finish. With help from a woman at the Farhampton train station, Ted received what he and that woman both believed was a sign for him to actually speak to their mother. Following that initial meeting, Ted changes the focus of his and his mother's story to the not so straightforward road to their wedding day. With the kids' "aunts" and "uncles", Ted tells them of the next four years, which includes their Aunt Robin's burgeoning news career doing international assignments, their Aunt Lily's third pregnancy and how that affected her and Marshall's life, and Marshall hating moving back into corporate law after returning from Italy just waiting for the day when the telephone would ring again with the person on the other end telling him that they are appointing him a judge. Written by Huggo How I Met Your Mother took its final bow last night after nine seasons on air, finally showing us the scene where Ted met the titular mother — and so much more. Namely: Where did Ted get that damn pineapple? Below, our 13 remaining questions. 1. What Disease Did The Mother Have The summer of 2012 would be considered the summer of love for the gang with Marshall and Lily, Ted and Victoria, Barney and Quinn, and Nick and Robin all in blissfully happy coupledom. But by the fall, one item would turn that bliss on its head: a pre-nup issued by Barney for Quinn. Although most agree that Barney's requests are on the most part unreasonable - that is except for Barney and his lawyer, Arthur Hobbs - it is a starting point for a war between the sexes, not only with the women siding with Quinn and the men siding with Barney, but also bringing up issues in each of the other three relationships. With Marshall and Lily, they begin to argue about parenting. With Ted and Victoria, they begin to argue about how to get over their jilted and jilting past, especially as Ted has invited Klaus to room with him temporarily. And with Nick and Robin, they begin to argue about Robin's quirk in the bedroom in conjunction with her news career. By the next day, one of those arguments would claim a relationship casualty. Written by Huggo

Favori Diziler :: Artık takip ettiğiniz dizilerin güncel bölümleri ve dikkatinizi çekebilecek diziler ana sayfada kırmızı olarak işaretleniyor. How I Met Your Mother Türkçe Dublaj. Ted Mosby çocuklarını karşısına alır ve onlara uzun mu uzun bir hikâye anlatacağını söyler How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. I really enjoy the same shows as you, they are my favourite. I watch how i met your mother, big bang theory, friends, mom, and sometimes that 70s show

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The image is an example of a ticket confirmation email that AMC sent you when you purchased your ticket. Your Ticket Confirmation # is located under the header in your email that reads "Your Ticket Reservation Details". Just below that it reads "Ticket Confirmation#:" followed by a 10-digit number. This 10-digit number is your confirmation number. So, here it is: Ted meets The Mother -- whose name we learn is Tracy McConnell -- on a rainy train platform in Farhampton after his friends Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin (Cobie Smulders) are married. Barney's biological father Jerry actually and surprisingly responds to Barney's letter - in person. Barney and Jerry have an evening out to get to know each other, but each has a slightly different telling of the events of the night and how each views whether they have a future as a family. When Barney's friends learn what actually happened that night, they feel that Barney needs to experience Jerry's life - which means meeting Jerry's current family - to come to terms with Jerry's life during Barney's growing up period versus Jerry's life now. Meanwhile, Barney blames his lack of knowing how to use tools to not having a father figure to show him how while he was growing up. The gang discuss the gaps in knowledge each of the others has, which each somewhat admit to when confronted. However, Marshall seems not to have any of these knowledge gaps... or so the others seem to imply. Written by Huggo After - and it was downgraded because it did not meet two out of three criteria to be a planet. Before - and its moons were also downgraded. After - and this was decided when 10% of 2,700 scientists invited to a planet definition committee voted on the issue Marshall and Lily are hosting 2009 Thanksgiving at their new apartment for the first time. Because Ted and Robin come through with what Marshall deems the make or break item for Thanksgiving, he shows his ultimate gratitude: he is giving them the fourth of only five slaps to Barney Marshall won in a bet with Barney in 2006. The terms of Marshall's gift: it must be done before sundown so as not to interfere with dinner, Ted and Robin can decide between themselves who gets to deliver the slap, and they will tie Barney down to a chair for the slap. Barney, who has always hated the anticipation of the slap as much as the slap itself, is hoping that time will run out as Ted and Robin discuss then argue over who deserves to deliver the slap more. Thanksgiving may end up being as bad for Lily, whose deadbeat father Mickey Aldrin, who has always disappointed her and from who she has officially been estranged for three years, shows up at their doorstep. Marshall tries to convince Lily to forgive Mickey, whose appearance may not have been totally by accident. Written by Huggo

ROBIN: How much did you guys drink last night? I'm so psyched we did this. Look at all these people, giving up their Thanksgiving to help their fellow man. These have got to be the best people in New York Lily is angry at Marshall for purposely booking the room at the inn that is purportedly haunted. Not that Lily is afraid of ghosts - or so she says - but that the inn management is using the excuse of the haunting as justification for the shoddy state of the room. This issue is the least of Marshall's worries as he learns that Daphne texted Lily with news that he accepted a job as a judge in New York, even after they decided to move to Italy. He asks all his friends individually to delete the last text on Lily's phone, "no questions asked", such a request which each owes him. As such, each may be working at cross purposes to the other in getting the task done. Meanwhile, Robin and Barney both realize that they still do things without consulting the other, which they can't continue to do if their marriage is to work. Written by Huggo Zoey's husband, the Captain, doesn't know that Ted is the man for who Zoey left him. Intimidated by the Captain, Ted doesn't relish doing Zoey the favor of picking up a box of her belongings from her old apartment, but does it when she tells him that the Captain has left it with the doorman for her. So when Ted goes to pick up the box, he is dismayed to run into the Captain, who needs to talk to his good friend Ted about putting the man who stole Zoey away from him on the gangplank. Meanwhile, Marshall focuses his entire life on being good to the environment after watching a documentary on Garbage Island, this focus even to the exclusion of sex with Lily. Marshall finally opens up to his wife about why he has gone on this environmental bent. And Barney doesn't want to admit that his first date with Nora - his first ever date on Valentine's Day - resulted in him wanting another date with her. Robin tries to change that. Written by Huggo

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When Barney tells Ted that the new GNB headquarters building project is back on and that the job is his once again, Ted declines, preferring his quieter life now as college professor as opposed to his previously horrible experience working at GNB. Ted and Marshall realize that Barney's resulting unusual behavior is him making the moves on Ted like he makes the moves on the women he's trying to pick-up. Meanwhile, Robin catches a bit of Don's new television show. She tells the gang that she was all right seeing Don again despite their bad break-up, but Lily is certain that there is more to the story, what she calls "the poop". Lily discovering what Robin actually did leads to a showdown of contact entries in Robin, Lily and Marshall's respective cell phones. Written by Huggo How I Met Your Mother. Режиссер: Памела Фрайман, Роб Гринберг, Майкл Дж

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The comedy that does occur in How I Met Your Mother isn't enough to compensate for its inconsistencies. In the future, Ted and his wife, while vacationing at the Farhampton Inn, have come to the conclusion that they have told each other every story about their lives prior to meeting... that is except for one, the one where Robin broke a lamp at the Inn in her room on the morning of her and Barney's wedding. The actual lamp breaking took place while Robin, her sister and Lily were playing hockey in the room, which was followed by Robin, Lily and Marshall watching "The Wedding Bride Too!" on pay-per-view, the movie the second written by Stella's ex-husband about Ted with regard to his relationship with Stella. But Lily was angry with Robin that in these activities she wasn't treating the morning as special as it should be considering that it was her wedding day. Lily went to extreme and potentially friend-busting measures to accomplish what she wanted Robin to feel. At the same time, Ted himself was helping Barney with the choice of which suit to wear for the wedding. After the five convened together, two major revelations occurred as the punch line to this story, the first of those revelations which was not so much a surprise, while the second one was. Written by Huggo How I Met Your Mother dizisinin tüm bölümlerini full hd ve türkçe altyazılı olarak izleyin. Carter Bays ve Craig Thomas'ın yarattıkları How I Met Your Mother konu olarak, romantik başrol Theodore -Ted- Mosby'nin (Bob Saget) hayatının aşkı -eşiyle- tanışma hikayesini flashbacklerle anlatan bir sit-com How I Met Your Mother and Friends are two of the most famous sitcoms in TV history, and each of them was able to do some things better than the other. 11 HIMYM Did Better: Plot Twists. Both Friends and How I Met Your Mother took sharp left turns in their ongoing narratives that stunned fans Lily and Ted are carrying out their respective matron of honor and best man duties. Lily seems to be lax on carrying out her duties by forgetting to hit the send button on Robin's bridal shower evite. But Lily admits that the shower was a bit of a bust for another reason. Lily and Robin try to overcome that problem. On the other hand, Ted is doing whatever he can to be the best best man ever by accommodating Barney's every whim. But there is one thing that Ted may not be able to do for Barney, and that is not to have held Robin's hand at the carousel in the park, which Barney saw. Marshall the lawyer, who, although still on the road with Daphne, is present with the gang in a half stuffed man/half electronic state, ends up being the judge on the Barney/Ted issue. Written by Huggo

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  1. How I met your mother. lickinggecko. Adjust content blockingContent Blocking. that's the same guy that did the haircut gag what's his name i'll get to the bottom of what the ---- is up with his face yet
  2. In their first date three days after Robin and Barney's wedding, Ted and who would eventually become his wife are looking for a place to eat. In her thinking that they can just walk in anywhere and get a table, Ted relays a story from the wedding of Gary Blauman, whose reply card must have been lost in the mail as he showed up unexpectedly. His arrival put Robin in a quandary in trying to figure out where to put him for dinner. Marshall volunteered to do this task for Robin. When Marshall brings up the story as he is figuring on where to put Gary, one by one, people tell him of their feelings about Gary, and why they either really want or don't want him to be accommodated at the wedding. As Ted tells his kids this story in 2030, it becomes one with a moral about friendship and those who come and don't stay in your life. Written by Huggo
  3. g book in the Hummer, leaving Marshall to come up with rhy
  4. Watch How I Met Your Mother Online Full Episodes with English Subtitles FREE in HD. Watch How I Met Your Mother Online Free. Have you met Ted

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Despite believing it his big break, Ted tells Barney that he is quitting his job designing the new GNB headquarters since he has learned that the site of the building is where the old Arcadian Hotel stands. The Arcadian, a once grand building, has fallen into disrepair of late. The gang believe that Ted's stand is probably not because of a want to save the building but because there is a woman involved. They are correct, the woman being Zoey, an activist, for who saving the Arcadian is only one of many of her causes. But being a beautiful "architecture nerd" is what turns Ted on about her. As Barney does whatever he can to make Ted change his mind or have someone else change his mind for him, some further information about Zoey may really bring into light whether Ted is doing this for the Arcadian or for Zoey. Meanwhile, Robin has started dating Marshall's friend Max. When Lily tells Marshall some news about Max that Robin passed onto her, Marshall may never be able to look at Max the same way again, or at least look at him below the waist the same way again. Written by Huggo Despite Zoey still opposing the new GNB headquarters being built on the Arcadian Hotel site, Ted and Zoey's personal relationship is thriving. That issue is only one of the many disagreements in their life, which Ted likens to the two challenging each other mentally. On the other hand, he sees Marshall and Lily's relationship as being boring, as they agree on everything to the point of them almost melding into one person. Lily and Marshall, on the other hand, see their relationship as being supportive, the way that relationships should be, whereas they see Ted and Zoey's relationship as being too much work to the point of being mentally exhausting. But Marshall quitting his job at GNB to work in a non-paying volunteer position at the NRDC and Zoey managing to get the Landmark Preservation Society to agree to a hearing over the GNB project may change everything on both sides. Meanwhile, Barney seems to be taking Marshall leaving GNB the hardest. He admits to Robin that his anger regarding Marshall's departure has to do with a meatball sub. Written by Huggo How I Met Your Mother. Follow. 3 years ago|24.7K views. How I Met Your Mother - S 4 E 2 - The Best Burger in New York Barney is told by one of his sexual conquests that she may be pregnant with his baby. When Barney learns that she isn't pregnant, he celebrates by creating what he hopes will be a new national holiday: Not a Father's Day. Ted and Robin try to open Barney's eyes to who are not fathers. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily are contemplating having a baby. When Marshall has to skip a planned baby making session due to a work meeting, Lily begins to wonder if she and Marshall really are ready to be parents. She calls in Robin and Ted for their advice, they who are on opposing sides of the issue. As Robin and Ted debate the general issues of parenthood, Lily, with the assistance of a bottle of wine, goes to Marshall's office invading his meeting to tell him her decision in only the way a drunken wannabe mom can. Written by Huggo

Robin is still so surprised when she realizes that she and Barney are dating. She reconsiders her relationship with Barney when it seems that he really doesn't want to be in a relationship, and then makes a 180 degree turn being too attentive, which makes Robin believe he's cheating on her. By breaking into Barney's briefcase, Robin and Lily learn that Barney hasn't been cheating on her with another woman but that he has been going to night school. The class: Robin 101. The teacher: Professor Ted Mosby. Ted convinced Barney that he had to be attentive to Robin's needs to keep her, and who better than Ted to teach him what those needs are. Will Robin be flattered or offended? Meanwhile, Marshall says goodbye to his old friend Mabel... or so he thinks. Written by Huggo In the two weeks before Marshall and Lily's wedding, the gang believe the two of them have become co-dependent on each other. To prove that they aren't, Marshall and Lily decide to go ahead with their original plan of not sleeping with each other until their wedding night. Can they hold out that long? Ted and Lily are facing two other issues regarding the wedding, Ted's being that Marshall is continually censoring Ted's toast, and Lily's being that she needs to gain about five pounds to fit into her wedding dress properly, or else pay the $300 to get the dress altered. Both problems seem insurmountable as the wedding gets closer. Meanwhile, Barney is preparing for his upcoming appearance on the game show The Price Is Right (1972). Although Barney is certain he can win all the prizes he wants (with the exception of not mastering how to spin to the $1 space on the big wheel), he confesses that he has an ulterior motive to be on the show: to meet his biological father, Bob Barker. Written by Huggo (Do you agree with our list, or do we deserve to get slapped?) List Entries and Rank: #10. How I Met Your Mother scenes that foreshadow and/or justify the ending (part 1 of 5) - Продолжительность: 14:45 Ben Dowson 591 921 просмотр

How I Met Everyone Else. Do I Know You? 22 Сентября 2008. How Your Mother Met Me. 27 Января 2014 Although Robin and Barney are outwardly happy about their relationship, Ted believes that they in fact are miserable. He believes an old message from Barney via an old porn videotape and the fact of both Robin and Barney letting their appearances go (Barney who is overeating and Robin who is looking like an old woman) are cries for help in wanting and needing to break-up. Marshall and Lily however believe that as with any couple, they are just going through a rough patch, one that they can weather. But when Marshall sees what Ted sees, they go into cahoots with each other to break them up. When their plan goes horrible awry, Lily, the master of orchestrating break-ups without the couple knowing what hit them, feels she has to come and fix the mess Ted and Marshall created. Lily's masterpiece as she considers it involves Robin's old friend Alan Thicke, one of Barney's old girlfriends, a stormtrooper and a bunch of dirty dishes. Will Lily's old magic do the trick? Written by Huggo Ek olarak, barın asıl ismi McGee ve bugün hala How I Met Your Mother'a ithafen kokteyller yaparak dizinin hayranlarının ilgisini çekmeyi başarıyor. En sevilen kokteyller arasında The Naked Man, The Pineapple Incident ve elbette ki Robin Scherbatsky yer alıyor Marshall and Lily are having problems at their wedding reception. Whether they want to or not, they become so caught up in their roles as the center of attention of the event, that they have no opportunity to eat. Since they chose the meal, they are even more perturbed that they don't seem to be able to enjoy any of the food. As the reception progresses, the want to taste the food changes to the need to eat or else die of hunger. Meanwhile, Barney overhears Ted and Robin say that they have something important happening in their lives that they haven't wanted to talk about until after the wedding as not to overshadow the event. As Barney won't let it go, Ted and Robin are forced to tell him. The story relates to their one year anniversary dinner two weeks earlier, the day when they rushed into the apartment with their clothes covered with food. As Ted and Robin progress with the story, which has something to do with them being at a crossroads in their relationship, Barney comes to several conclusions before Ted and Robin state the conclusion themselves. Written by Huggo In 2030, Ted admits to his kids that he doesn't remember all the stories from his past, with what he and Marshall call "the pineapple incident" being one of the more fuzzier ones. In late 2005, in the still short time their group of friends has included Robin, she is onto yet another guy (this time a multi-multi-millionaire) while Ted has barely had any women. Barney thinks it's because Ted over-analyzes every situation. So to lower Ted's inhibitions, Barney, Marshall and Lily think it would do Ted some good if he downed all five shots that Carl the bartender has concocted for them. To prove a point, Ted does down all five believing they will have no effect on him. But the next thing he remembers is the next morning waking up in his bed, with a sprained ankle, next to both a pineapple and a brunette woman whose face he can't see as she is face down on the pillow. Marshall, Lily and Barney are only able to fill in a part of the puzzle. As the four go on a quest to figure out the remainder of the puzzle (with Marshall fixating on the pineapple), the journey may start with the message on Ted's right arm. Ted believes that perhaps Robin, who was on a date with her multi-multi-millionaire boyfriend for the evening and who Ted called all evening in his drunken stupor, can also provide some information on what happened. Written by Huggo

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  1. How I Met Your Mother (Khi Bố Gặp mẹ) là câu chuyện của một người cha (Ted) kể lại cho 2 con. Những câu chuyện đều xung quanh nhân vật Ted và cách anh ấy gặp được vợ của mình. Ted sống với cặp đôi Mar
  2. How I Met Your Mother ran for nine seasons on CBS from 2005-2014. Ostensibly the story of a man in the future telling his children the complicated story of how he met Nor did the producers, who found themselves increasingly straining how long a guy could tell the story of how he met his kids' mother
  3. isce about Hurricane Irene, which hit New York in the summer of 2011 and was the impetus to the incident that prompted the sign to be erected. - Safety-conscious Ted wanted to leave the city before the approaching hurricane. While Barney, Lily, and Robin thought that Ted was overreacting, Marshall, who was between jobs and had just lost his medical insurance until his new job started in two weeks, was suffering from hypochondria and wanted to leave. But telephone calls from various parents, news of the strength of the hurricane as it got closer and closer to New York, and interpersonal relationships between the five at that time made them continually change their individual
  4. Last week's 'How I Met Your Mother' installment The Broken Code saw Barney and Ted sorting out Ted's lingering feelings for Robin, while Lily attempted to find Robin a female friend besides herself, so how does the final season keep rolling down the aisle? Read on for your in-depth recap of everything..
  5. How I Met Your Mother is an American sitcom that originally aired on CBS from September 19, 2005, to March 31, 2014. The series follows the main character, Ted Mosby, and his group of friends in Manhattan

Ted latest girlfriend, Jeanette, has barricaded herself in Ted's bedroom following their break-up, which in part was prompted by Ted's friends convincing him that she's crazy, and his own realization that he didn't see a future with her. It isn't easy to get her out without her causing major destruction because of her crazed state. Beyond Ted trying to figure out how to get her to leave, his friends try to figure out if Jeanette's current behavior is all her fault. Meanwhile, Marvin is eight months old, and no one has realized that Robin has never been left alone with him, nor has she ever picked him up, which is due to fear of the unknown. When Lily leaves Marvin with Robin on an emergency, an incident happens between Robin and Marvin about which Lily would probably be quite angry. Robin decides not to tell Lily about what happened... at least not yet. Written by Huggo [Related: Why 'How I Met Your Mother' connected so deeply with millennials]. So while Ted mulls it over in the rain at the train station, we're treated to 2015: The gang meets at the bar, where Ted and the Mother are now engaged. Ted is planning his dream wedding at a 17th-century castle in France Thanksgiving 2007 is a special one for Lily as the first with Marshall and Lily as Mr. & Mrs. It is also the first with the five friends spending it together, which they hope will become a tradition, except that Robin has invited Bob, the 41-year old she has just started dating. The potential tradition may seem a little different for Robin and Ted as after six months of no longer being a couple, they still haven't gotten to a stage of feeling comfortable with each other in a friends situation. They can't even spend time alone together without that awkward feeling. After they break that awkwardness with an unforeseen act the night before Thanksgiving, they have to come to an understanding about whether they truly are friends or if spending time together now is just a matter of convenience. And Marshall has something extra to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day. He he renamed this particular Thanksgiving "Slapsgiving". He previously won a bet with Barney allowing him to slap Barney five times. Two slaps have already occurred. But Marshall has set up a countdown clock to when he will provide Barney with slap number three on the middle of Thanksgiving. Written by Huggo Since Marshall had been busy with work, a stressed Lily singlehandedly planned their housewarming party, and was worried that it was going to be a disaster. Her premonition came true. Over a five minute period during the party, a series of events that took place simultaneously in the living room, dining room and kitchen resulted in what to the untrained eye looked like a confusing mess if knowledge of only what was happening in one of those three rooms was known, but made total sense when viewed from all three rooms combined. Some of the issues and topics of conversation that led to the disaster included Robin's confrontational nature versus Ted's non-confrontational nature, Marshall pondering whether he should refuse boss Garrison Cootes' demand that they return to work in the middle of the party, Mickey's new beekeeping hobby, what happened to a plate of vegan spring rolls, why Lily didn't want anyone to eat the block of Gouda that Marshall served, and Barney's even more than usual adoration of his penis. Written by Huggo How I met your Mother played very close to heart for me, as I am/was the same age as the characters on the show and going through similar issues. I really did love how it took Barney having a daughter to truly turn him around. That I believe, but, WHERE THE F**K was that story and its build up

After a month of long-distance-relationship with Victoria, she's already sent Ted three care packages full of stuff he likes, but he hasn't sent her any. Marshall works in Barney's office and doesn't like it all or the people he works with, but Barney talks him once again into keeping the job. Marshall decides that it must be easier to work in the office if he adapts to the people he is working with and gets some "get psyched" training from Barney. Written by Sab As he started comforting her following Simon dumping her for the second time in her life, Barney ended up sleeping with Robin. In the aftermath, both Robin and Barney want to pretend that it never happened. It ends up being seemingly easier for one than the other. Barney feels that his actions are making him looking guilty especially in front of Ted, to who he feels he broke his self-written bro code in sleeping with the ex of a friend. As such, Barney hires an unemployed Marshall to be his lawyer. Marshall's legal task is to go through the bro code to find a loophole that made it OK for Barney to sleep with Robin. Meanwhile, Ted's thirtieth birthday is approaching, for which the gang are throwing him a not so surprise rooftop birthday party. The party may be ruined by Barney and Robin's secret, and by Lily's new goat, which she rescued from slaughter. As Ted relates this story to his children in 2030, he admits upon completion of the story that he got a large portion of it incorrect. Written by Huggo As Lily and Marshall become a threesome with the arrival into the world of Marvin Wait-For-It Eriksen, Ted, Robin and Barney review the status of their lives at this present time. Ted and Robin come to an understanding about their relationship. Robin believes that Ted has always chased after the wrong girl, with the exception of one, who she encourages Ted to go after. But Ted will have to make one further decision based on the status of that woman's own life at this time. And Barney is afraid that running away to Atlantic City has led to the end of his and Quinn's relationship. Their relationship is able to survive this incident, so much so that they decide to take their first vacation together to Hawaii. But they have some problems getting through airport security because of the magician's box Barney has in his carry-on, the secret to which he refuses to divulge except to a fellow magician. The secret of the magician's box will lead indirectly to Barney's life with who will become his wife. Written by Huggo It's approaching Ted's thirty-first birthday, and he's at a desperate time in his professional life. He refuses to take the job as an architecture professor since he sees that as a failure of not being an actual architect. So he takes the only design job offered to him: to design a restaurant, a rib joint, in the shape of a cowboy hat. For three solid days, this job is the focus of his life to the exclusion of all else including celebrating his birthday (much to his friends' chagrin, they who planned a surprise party for him on the rooftop). But Lily's pet goat throws a small wrench into Ted's life. Up on the roof, Marshall is contemplating making the literal six or seven foot horizontal leap to the roof of the adjacent building (where there is an inviting hot tub), missing which would mean falling several stories to the ground. Although he's thought about doing it for years, he seems closer now to doing it than ever. And Barney thinks that he's in love with Robin and plans on telling her so, until Robin pulls a "Mosby" on him. Written by Huggo

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  1. Lily moves in with Ted and Marshall and although it was Ted's idea to ask Lily to move in, he starts to worry that the apartment changes too much with Lily there. Another issue for Ted is who will keep the apartment after Lily and Marshall got married. In the end, a real fight starts between Ted and Marshall over the apartment. Written by Sa
  2. g from an incident where she assaulted someone. The assault had something to do with her feelings for Barney, and not being able to deal emotionally with watching Barney court Nora, especially in the public and over-the-top manner he was doing it. As Robin tells the story, which includes her helping Barney as a "friend" erase the many loose hanging scams to pick up women so that Nora will think him a changed man, Robin's therapist, Kevin, gets more and more exasperated by the long winded nature of Robin's story. Part of that exasperation comes from what he sees as a tangent to the story he wants and needs to hear, but that Robin swears is cogent to the assault charge. That tangent concerns Ted inserting himself into Lily's pregnancy, as he has always seen himself, Marshall and Lily as an unbreakable threesome, like three peas in a pod. As Ted especially had issues with advice doled out by Dr. Sonya - Lily's somewhat free-spirited obstetrician - Marshall, Lily and ultimately Ted had to figure out what role, if any, Ted was going to play in the pregnancy. Written by Huggo
  3. The ninth season of How I Met Your Mother received mostly positive reviews from critics, gaining a better reception than the previous season. The review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes gave an 80% approval rating for the season with an average rating of 7.3/10, based on 10 reviews.[27] At the end of the season, Max Nicholson of IGN gave the season a negative review, writing: "Many How I Met Your Mother fans felt betrayed after watching the series finale -- and understandably so after Season 9 spent 22 of its 24 episodes building towards a wedding that was basically meaningless. In retrospect, almost any other arc would have made a better foundation for Season 9, including the series finale. In the end, unbalanced storytelling, lack of focus and unfunny detours led to the show's eventual downfall."[28] Adam Vitcavage of Paste Magazine gave the season a lukewarm review, saying that "Nothing was over-the-top funny, but it was a perfect combination of laughter and sweet moments that really do make up for all of the lackluster episodes in the past few seasons."[29]

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  1. ent wedding is also part of their future. After some convincing by Marshall for Lily to woo him the right way, they do decide to get married. A perceived problem is that most of Marshall's family now hate Lily for walking out on him in the first place. To avoid the wrath of the Eriksen's at a wedding ceremony, Marshall and Lily decide to go to Atlantic City to elope, with only their three closest friends by their side. Although some do have some work issues to get around, all three of Ted, Robin and Barney head off to Atlantic City for the event. But once there, Marshall and Lily run into an obstacle that it takes three days to get a marriage license in New Jersey. Lily in particular does whatever she has to to make sure they get married on this day. Meanwhile, the guys seem more preoccupied with being tourists in Atlantic City than they are with the wedding. Ted is preoccupied with Robin's less than formal wedding attire. And Barney is preoccupied with some mysterious Chinese who seem to know him really well. Written by Huggo
  2. d as he soon finds out that she is a friend of an old girlfriend, Cindy, with who their relationship ended very badly. But Ted also remembers that Cindy's roommate - who Ted only saw the back of - could actually be Ted's soul mate. Will Ted risk approaching this woman while receiving the wrath of Cindy on the chance that that woman is Cindy's roommate? Meanwhile, Robin has had a difficult summer trying to get over Don, and the way she looks shows it. And Lily and Marshall have scheduled tonight as the first night they will try to conceive a child. Marshall has even saved himself for two weeks in preparation. But someone may get between Marshall and Lily getting together this evening: Marvin Sr., who is a little too involved in Marshall's life for Lily's liking. Written by Huggo
  3. Ted is going through his usual mourning process after his break-up with Robin. Barney encourages Ted to get out of mourning and become his "wing man" once again, but Ted isn't sure when he'll be ready to date. He decides the time has come when Robin, who went away to Argentina for her mourning phase, comes back to New York with a new boyfriend, an exotic Argentinean masseur named Gael. Ted wants to show Robin that she is not winning the break-up. So while going out with Barney to pick up women, Ted hooks up with Amy, a woman not generally Ted's type as she's a bit wild and lives on the edge. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily have a double date with Robin and Gael, but Marshall and Lily, as Ted's best friends, vow it's only so they can learn to hate Gael, which ends up being a difficult thing for them to do. As Gael may become a permanent fixture in their lives, Ted comes to the realization that he needs to have some closure to his and Robin's break-up. Written by Huggo
  4. ently in the group's Thanksgiving festivities much to both Ted and Zoey's chagrin in more ways than one. Written by Huggo
  5. The storm of the century has hit New York in early 2009. The snowfall is supposed to last for three days, meaning that the city is at a virtual standstill for that long. Ted and Barney are supposed to meet two out- of-town college girls at MacLaren's, but without the girls' phone numbers they can only sit there and wait to see if they show up. Carl wants to close the bar early to volunteer at a shelter, and Ted and Barney convince him to let them run the bar while he's gone. The start of their stint has them living their dream as they've talked about buying a bar and never having last call. Their dates arrive, but the night doesn't end up as they envisioned. Meanwhile, one of Marshall and Lily's rituals is that whenever one goes out of town, he or she brings a 6-pack back from the visited city and the other meets her/him at the airport with a chauffeur's sign. But they decide that they've matured past such things and won't carry out this ritual upon Lily's return from Seattle. But Robin convinces Marshall to go to the airport with the sign because she's sure Lily will have the 6-pack. Meanwhile, the woman sitting next to Lily on the plane convinces her that Marshall sounds like the kind of man who will be there waiting regardless of their agreement. Will one of them be disappointed? Written by Huggo
  6. ister, Reverend Robert Lowell, upon who Lily seems to make a bad impression. Lily's bad impression may in turn affect the ability of Barney and Robin being able to hold their wedding in his church. And Daphne tries to prepare Marshall in telling Lily about his offer to become a judge. Written by Huggo

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How I Met Your Mother (tạm dịch nghĩa tiếng Việt là Khi Bố Gặp Mẹ) là một sitcom được ưa chuộng của Mỹ kéo dài từ năm 2005 tới năm 2014. Đây cũng chính là lý do vì sao How I Met Your Mother là bộ phim cực kỳ phù hợp với những bạn đang muốn luyện tiếng Anh qua phim, đặc biệt là tiếng Anh.. Marshall is sitting around with Ted, Barney, Ranjit and William Zabka talking about, among other things, Marshall soon becoming a judge. It makes Marshall think about how Lily gave up so easily about her dream to move to Italy after going missing for a few hours after their heated and very passionate argument. As such, Marshall wants to find out what Lily did during those few hours that made her change her mind. Billy mentions that he thinks he saw Lily get into a car at a local store down the road, that car who Marshall figures out belongs to The Captain. Marshall's first thought is that Lily had sex with The Captain, who Marshall now wants to beat up. But the group going to visit The Captain makes Marshall realize that that could not have been the case, despite Lily indeed having been there at The Captain's house. Ted thinks he's figured out the mystery, which he slowly - glacially - begins to tell everyone. Is Ted correct? Meanwhile, Robin is still surprised that her mother showed up, she who wants to meet Barney. In talking to her mother about her own marriage makes Robin believe that she may be looking at herself in thirty years. Written by Huggo The ninth season features a cast of six actors who receive star billing. Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris, and Alyson Hannigan all reprise their roles in this season. Cristin Milioti, who was revealed as The Mother in the Season 8 finale, has been promoted to series regular, a first for the series.[5] Marshall and Lily are doing many of their post-wedding tasks, such as writing thank you notes and preparing their individual "death folder", which is a package of information for the other in case of their untimely death. Lily implies that the folder should contain a personal letter, of which Marshall was not aware. He quickly writes a heartfelt letter to the love of his life. Unable to resist the urge, he opens Lily's letter which isn't quite what he was expecting. Robin, who had a good time in Argentina, can't seem to capture that joie de vivre she had while in Argentina, even though Gael is still doing those things he did in Argentina which made her so carefree. A move by Gael may show Robin if she really is cut out to be the "Argentina Robin". And impressed by how Gael attracts the women, Barney and Ted decide to take on that attribute they believe is attracting the women: being a foreigner who can only have a short term fling before heading home. Written by Huggo

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Ted is searching for a date for a wedding. He asks Robin to come with him to the wedding as his "date" and she says yes. Problems evolve when the bride-to-be Claudia tells him he didn't check "plus one" on the reply card and forbids him to bring someone along to the wedding. Ted now has problems to tell Robin that she cannot come with him and asks the Stu, Claudia's future husband, if he can bring a "date" and he says "yes". This leads to further problems. Written by 123 As both Robin and Barney's elderly relatives start to arrive in Farhamptom, both openly muse about their relatives' lives and that they are probably no longer doing it after all these years. So Robin and Barney decide they need to have sex one more time before marriage ruins the magic of the act. Locked out of their suite without any way to get to the lobby to get another key before they are spotted by said relatives who they know won't leave them alone once they see them, they try to find someplace - anyplace - in the inn to have that last pre-marriage sex without being spotted by any of the relatives. Lily comes across a list Ted has written about all the things he wants to do in New York before he moves to Chicago, that fact which Lily still is the only of his friends that know. They discuss many aspects of the list, primarily the only thing not yet checked off and the overall nature of the list. And as Marshall and Daphne drive through Wisconsin, Marshall can't help but show his disdain for the state neighboring his beloved Minnesota. Written by Huggo

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How I Met Your Mother - Season 7 (Also Known As: H.I.M.Y.M ) is a Comedy, Romance TV Series whose creators are Carter Bays and Craig Thomas. It was released on 19 Sep. 2011. It stars Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders Ted is telling his children about a series of seemingly unrelated events that took place in 2009 all at around the same time: Robin getting food poisoning and vomiting on air; Barney miscalculating that a Czech super model will be his two hundredth sex partner; and Marshall overusing poster sized charts he has made up by the graphics department at GNB. Why is he telling them these stories in combination? Because they all led to him standing on a certain street corner at a certain time which resulted in him meeting their mother. As Ted is standing on that corner at that time, he is tapped on the shoulder by... Written by Huggo

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How Your Mother Met Me. The story of The Mother, from her traumatic 21st birthday to a number of close calls with meeting Ted to the night before Storyline. Ted Mosby sits down with his kids, to tell them the story of how he met their mother. The story is told through memories of his friends Marshall.. How I Met Your Mother. How to Fix a Drug Scandal. How to Get Away with Murder. Carter Bays ve Craig Thomas'ın yarattıkları How I Met Your Mother konu olarak, romantik başrol Theodore -Ted- Mosby'nin (Bob Saget) hayatının aşkı -eşiyle- tanışma hikayesini flashbacklerle anlatan bir sit-com It's days before the hearing in front of the Landmark Preservation Society. The issue of the Arcadian has placed a strain between Barney and the rest of the gang, especially now that Marshall is working as Zoey's lawyer and Ted, despite being the GNB headquarter's architect, is now siding with Zoey on the issue, more to support her than perhaps he truly feeling that the Arcadian is a building worth saving. Ted has second thoughts when he learns that Barney will lose his job if he states at the hearing that he supports keeping the building as a landmark. Ted's friends question him about the reason he is siding with Zoey and whether it will have the effect he desires. On the flip side, will Zoey support Ted regardless of what he states at the hearing? Lily believes she's come up with the solution to help Ted, Barney and Marshall. Written by Huggo In 2009, Ted goes on a blind date with a woman named Jen. It isn't until they're at the restaurant about ready to order that they both come to the realization that they are reliving the same blind date they had with each other in 2002. This date is going about as well as that first one did, but as they come to the conclusion that their dating lives have pretty much stalled in that seven years, they decide to relive the remainder of that date from seven years ago to learn why they make such bad first impressions. But as they learn what they did wrong, will those turn into rights for the two of them, or will wrongs always be wrongs? Meanwhile, Barney comes up with a plan to hijack Marshall without either Robin or Lily knowing what's going on. The reason is that Barney has come to the conclusion that Marshall's life is controlled by Lily and in Barney's mind he needs to get out and have some guy's fun. So Barney takes him to a strip club. There, Marshall opens up about how he fantasizes about other women. But Marshall and Barney ultimately have to tell Lily and Robin where they went since something much more important happens at the strip club than the need to hide their whereabouts from their significant others. Written by Huggo

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Little Minnesota Episode 10: The Fight Episode 9: The Naked Man Episode 8: Woooo Episode 7: Not a Father's Day Episode 6: Happily Ever After Episode 5: Shelter Island Episode 4: Intervention Episode 3: I Heart NJ Episode 2: The Best Burger in New York Episode 1: Do I Know You. How I Met Your.. The Mother pilot has a surprise twist that may ultimately be the show's downfall, but the cast is so immensely likeable, they should be able to overcome any viewer disappointment with sheer charm. How I Met Your Mother Recap: Baby-Making Time In the season finale, Marshall and Lily start making plans. How I Met Your Mother Recap: Smoke Break While Robin tangles with her new co-worker/future-love-interest, the gang tries to quit smoking The final episode of How I Met Your Mother aired in 2014 and featured scenes of main character Ted Mosby's kids filmed when the show first started in 2005. So despite checking in with them at regular intervals throughout the nine season run, it has actually been over ten years since we last saw Luke..

"You made us sit down and listen to the story about how you met Mom, yet Mom is hardly in the story," she continues. "No -- this is the story about how you're totally in love with Aunt Robin. And you're thinking about asking her out and you want to know if we're okay with it." Ever since Marshall and Lily got married, Ted feels that his "best bro" Marshall has turned from being a "me" to a "we". That's why Ted is so excited when Marshall agrees to recreate one of their crazy college road trips to Chicago's Gazola's pizza joint, which is closing. But this trip is not quite what Ted was expecting as Marshall invites Lily. As Lily's presence changes the nature of the road trip, Ted tries to regain what he wanted this trip to be. Meanwhile, Robin may be deported unless she becomes a US citizen. Robin, a patriotic Canadian, isn't sure if she wants to become an American. Barney, who doesn't understand why anyone wouldn't want to be American, helps Robin become his version of American. But when Robin's withdrawal symptoms become too much for her to handle, she falls off the wagon. This experience shows her where she really fits and where her patriotic heart lies. Written by Huggo How I Met Your Mother, 9 Sezondur hayatımızda olan ve yıllar geçse de unutulmayacak dizilerden biri oldu. Bilindiği gibi dizi; Ted'in 2030 yılında 2 çocuğunu da karşısına alıp anneleriyle nasıl tanıştıklarını anlatmasıyla başladı. 8 sene boyunca Ted'in karısının kim olacağını büyük bir azimle bekledik © 2014 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The Associated Press contributed to this report. Ted and Tracy get married after a long engagement and the kids, but she gets sick and dies, a development that many fans speculated upon in recent weeks because of a foreshadowing in an earlier episode.

In April 2013, Ted is feeling all alone with Marshall and Lily preoccupied with their family, Robin and Barney planning their wedding, and Ted without a significant other in his life. Barney asks Ted if he would like to go see "Robots Vs. Wrestlers Legends". Ted decides against it. Ted is visited by future versions of Barney and himself, who try to convince him to go or not to go with current Barney to the event. The visit by these future versions of Barney and himself, who have the knowledge of what happens in the future, eventually opens Ted's eyes to why he has really received these visits. Meanwhile, Marshall embarks on a battle with Robin as Robin has received credit at MacLaren's for a cocktail he created, while Lily vows to stay neutral in their battle. Written by Huggo Ted still isn't ready to see Robin. To help Ted get over her, Barney persuades him to try online dating, even down to picking the women Ted should date. But when Ted goes on these dates, he sees only one thing: Robin. He has to figure out if that actually means that he is still in love with her despite needing to get over her. Meanwhile, Barney himself has gotten to the point of being jealous of all the men Quinn meets professionally. As much as he likes certain parts of her being a stripper, he does whatever he can to persuade her to quit and find another job. And although it is still five weeks until Lily's due date, Marshall is treating the time like the baby has already arrived, which is driving Lily crazy and making both a little sleep deprived. Lily has her own plan of getting Marshall back into the here and now. Written by Huggo

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After his break-up with Quinn, Barney gets right back on his old horse with what he calls Bangtoberfest, but he wants Bangtoberfest to be different than his old pick-ups, which may be a little more difficult than he first imagines. Meanwhile, Mickey unexpectedly comes to live with Lily and Marshall after he burns down his house. His arrival may be perfect timing for Lily and Marshall, as Lily is about to go back to work and they haven't been able to find a nanny that they can afford; however, Lily doesn't trust Mickey to be their nanny if her own upbringing is any indication of how he would look after Marvin. When they do find someone whom they consider the perfect nanny (and she them), a certain quest by one of their friends may prove to place a slight obstacle in the proceedings. Ted and Robin end up competing about which of their current relationships is at a better place. Written by Huggo After that, Ted wraps up the story -- how I met your mother -- that he had been telling his children throughout the length of the show. Ted, feeling once again that Robin is the girl for him, decides to make one last ditch attempt to win her heart by performing a grand gesture. His plan entails waiting for her in her apartment, which he can only do by borrowing Lily's spare key. With one small glitch, Ted is able to pull off his grand gesture. Overwhelmed, Robin, doesn't know how to respond. Her answer - with Ted only accepting a "yes" or "no" with no in-between - takes into consideration a work issue. To help Robin make up her mind, Ted feels like he has to produce an act of God... with a little help from one of Barney's old girlfriends who would rather see Barney dead than help him. Meanwhile, Marshall finds out that Lily applied for a summer long art fellowship in San Francisco when he listens to a voice message left on their answering machine that offers her the position. As the two argue over what it means for their relationship and their upcoming wedding, neither has the heart to finish the argument for fear of its possible outcome. Written by Huggo

Ted and Robin have just had their first fight. Part of the issue is that Robin believes that Ted's job is boring, and about which he rambles on and on, especially when he's had a bad day. Barney convinces Ted that his job may or may not be boring, but that he needs to be more convincing and suave in saying what he does for it to be attractive to the women. For fun, Ted tries using his job as a pick-up line to a beautiful woman - a kick-boxer named Anna - and it works. Robin hears about Ted picking up this woman, but she isn't overly concerned about what it means. But as Robin, with Lily by her side, goes on trek following Ted's movements that night, Robin becomes more concerned as it looks as if Ted is willing to go outside of his comfort zone to impress and thus sleep with Anna. Robin comes to a realization about herself as the night comes to a close. Written by Huggo Ted, Marshall and Lily are happy for Barney now that he has started dating Robin's co-worker, Patrice. Despite Patrice not being an obvious match for Barney as she is the most caring person in the world, they believe his attraction to her is an over-correction from previously dating Quinn, who he did not trust. The one person not happy for Barney is Robin, who, despite stating that she is no longer in love with Barney herself, doesn't understand Barney and Patrice's pairing. Robin believes that if she can get a hold of Barney's playbook and show it to Patrice, Patrice in turn will dump Barney for seeing who he really is. Meanwhile, Marshall's mother is coming for a visit. Lily doesn't want Judy to stay with them, until they bond over a confession that Judy makes to Lily that Lily would like to help her with and that Judy doesn't want Marshall to know about yet: that she is ready to move on after Marvin's death and start dating. A further action by Judy may make Lily change her mind about Judy's confession. Both Robin's task and the situation at the Eriksen household place Ted in the middle, he who only wants to recover the many items that his friends have borrowed from him over the years but have never knowingly returned. Written by Huggo Hoping for a second chance after their intense first date, Ted invites Robin to a party, but when she doesn't show up, he throws a party again...and again. Fantasy Girl: Lindsay Schoneweis. Marshall and Lily and Robin and Kevin having been double dating. Robin and Kevin have had to endure watching Marshall and Lily fight all the time, while they say that they don't fight. Regardless, Kevin decides that he wants to move to the next step with Robin: he asks her to marry him. After thinking about the proposal, Robin thinks she knows how she will answer, but first she needs to clear the air which may change the picture entirely. Meanwhile, despite Barney having a sure thing, he acts as wing man for Ted. Quinn, the wing girl of Ted's prey for the evening, ends up being wise to Barney's manipulative ways. For missing out on his sure thing, Barney believes that Ted owes him one. What Barney wants as his payment, after hearing about it from Marshall and Lily, is for him and Ted to take the "drunk train" i.e. the last train out to Long Island where everyone inebriated is willing to go to bed with anyone else on board. The drunk train experience doesn't end up being what either expects, so they have to figure out why. Written by Huggo Since Marshall and Lilly cannot afford the cost to level the floors of their new place, Marshall proposes its time to start selling some of Lilly's designer clothes. Lilly instead wants to make the money selling her paintings which takes her to some low places. Ted tries for an interesting look while Barney finally meets the girl that has been ruining his chance with women. Written by Andrew

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Ted meets a beautiful woman named Victoria at Claudia's and Stu's wedding and they spend a great time together that night. Unfortunately, Ted and Victoria made a deal that they will never see each other again after that night and they do not exchange telephone numbers or anything else. The morning after the wedding party, Ted wants desperately to see the girl again. So he starts searching for her and asks anyone from the wedding who could have possibly know her, but she seems to be lost. Written by Sss How I Met Your Mother. Now and again a sitcom comes along that undermines all The form's broken hand-wringing about multicamera-and-couch comedy. CBS does it again with this bright, cleverly constructed half-hour that features a topnotch cast and a sly, too-good-to-give-away twist

With the Internet and smartphones pervading his and his friends' lives, doing an online search of people just met, especially dates and potential dates, is the norm for Ted. Although it was originally Barney and Robin who did this searching for him, the background searches have saved him a lot of grief in the past in uncovering skeletons which are automatic deal-breakers for a relationship. Ted decides to go back to the 20th century after he makes a date with Janet McIntyre, a woman he has just met. They made a pact not to Internet-research each other to allow that first date to be one of true exploration. But Ted making this agreement doesn't stop Robin and Barney from Internet-searching on his behalf. When they find some juicy information about Janet while Ted is already on his date with her, they text Ted on his smartphone and Ted must decide if he'll look at what Robin, Barney, and even Lily believe is "for the love of God!" information. Meanwhile, with the ultrasound completed, Dr. Sonya has written down the gender of Lily and Marshall's unborn baby and placed the information in a sealed envelope, but they say they don't want to know. However, Barney will do whatever it takes to discover the envelope's contents. Kevin, who is still dating Robin, tries to keep his professional thoughts of Barney, Marshall, Lily, Ted, and even Robin to himself. Written by Huggo How I Met Your Mother is inserted with funny, romantic situations that will definitely help viewers have moments of relaxation. Disclaimer: This site does not store any files on its server. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties

Ted has just started dating a woman named Royce. Like all the other relationships he's ever had, he's waiting to learn what baggage Royce is carrying that will ultimately ruin the relationship. When Ted and Royce go to see a movie called The Wedding Bride, Ted learns that he too carries some baggage, namely that he was once left at the altar. What makes this baggage worse is that the movie, which is now a big hit, was written by Stella's husband, Tony Grafanello, about Ted and Stella's relationship and break-up where the Ted character, named Jed Moseley, is painted as the bad guy and the Tony character the good guy. Perpetually happy Marshall helps Ted understand how to deal with his baggage. Written by Huggo Marshall and Lily think that it's time they got their own place. Lily automatically thinks they should rent, but Marshall gets it into his mind that he wants to buy, not knowing yet about Lily's massive credit card debt. What's worse is that the first place they look at, Marshall loves without the real estate agent even needing to do a sell job to them. It's in a neighborhood real estate agents coin Dowisetrepla, of which they've never heard. Marshall finally finds out about their financial issues once they try to secure a mortgage. Beyond the argument Lily and Marshall have the size of their debt, Lily comes up with an unconventional solution to their problem. But will they ever find out what Dowisetrepla means? Meanwhile, Barney secures a key to the condominium that Marshall and Lily want to buy. His purpose?: to pretend that the place is his own so that he can sleep with a woman there for a one time only purpose, leave and never have to see her again. Written by Huggo

Over 10 Years Later, Is The Cast Of 'That 70s Show' Still

Как я встретил вашу маму (How I Met Your Mother, 2005

During what is supposed to be their rehearsal dinner at the Inn, Barney, handcuffed, and Robin are in the security office of the only laser tag facility in Farhampton, Barney handcuffed for causing a disturbance. Barney and Robin explain how they got to where they currently are, which includes Robin's compromise on the wedding by not having it Canada as she wanted, Barney's want to hold the rehearsal dinner as a game of laser tag, and the two previously agreeing that there would be no more last minute surprises in their relationship. For that rehearsal dinner, Robin and Barney reluctantly agreed to let Ted play the piano, something that he believes he can learn to do in a couple of month's lesson time. What Ted ends up deciding to do on this matter irks Lily. Conversely, Ted is irked that Lily doesn't seem to be able to keep secrets, despite she having been able to keep Ted's secret thus far about moving to Chicago following the wedding. Lily feels the need to unburden herself to Ted about another secret, namely Marshall accepting the judgeship without asking her first, which in turn affects their plans to move to Italy for her work. Ted's action in response surprises Lily. Written by Huggo Marshall announces he's proposing to Lily, prompting Ted to realize that he needs to find love and settle down.Most of the last season has been set in one weekend: Robin and Barney's wedding, where Tracy was the bass player in the wedding band. The final episode skips through several years, where we learn that the two get divorced three years after their wedding, because of her success as a television correspondent. After their split, Robin slowly gets pushed out of the gang. Ted has an interview in Chicago for what he considers his dream job. But he and Robin have just missed their flight and are trying whatever they can to catch another flight to get to Chicago in time for his interview. As they go on their quest, they reminisce about the events that led up to them missing the flight. The story started six months earlier, the story elements which involve the two of them, Barney, Marshall and Lily, and which include a court date that morning, a subway ride gone wrong and jumping the turnstile, training for and running the New York City Marathon, a wedding dress sale, a never ending car alarm, a hot dog dinner and a found 1939 penny. Ultimately, who will Ted trace the missing flight back to? But as Ted recounts this story to his children in 2030, he considers the penny to be his lucky penny for the destiny it brought. Written by Huggo A page for describing Funny: How I Met Your Mother. From Pilot: Barney kissing Marshall. The cab driver asking about the spankings. Ted: Hey, how easy do you think it is to sneak into a zoo

How I Met Your Mother - Emmy Awards, Nominations and Win

How I Met Your Mother Posts on Fanpop. All of the following was written by the fabulous writers of How I Met Your Mother, we are just putting it into one big list.If you wish to make a contribution to the yonvilat Great serie. The chapter of sauna is the best! Do you remember this sauna portable Ted is learning a few secrets about Robin: she's scared of the seven dwarfs, and she refuses to go to the mall. Although she is up front about why she fears the dwarfs, she refuses to tell Ted and the others about why she won't go to the mall. Marshall believes it's because she got married in a mall and is still married. Barney believes it has something to do with Robin having performed in a porn video. The two of them make a slap bet with each other: whoever is right gets to slap the other across the face as hard as he can. They even ask Lily to be the slap bet officiator, as long as she promises to be unbiased. Ted tries to find out Robin's secret, but she asks him to respect her privacy on this issue. When Ted does eventually pry it out of her, he wishes he didn't know as he doesn't know what to do with the information. But as time goes on, Barney actually finds out that it has to do with a video starring someone named Robin Sparkles. It is only then that Robin makes full disclosure. Meanwhile, the slap bet takes a few turns, but ends incomplete... for the time being. Written by Huggo Marshall and Lily finally have got the perfect place they always wanted to get married at. The only problematic thing about this is that the place is only available in two months. So, this means a lot of work for everybody. To listen to a band Marshall wants to play at the wedding, Lily,Barney and Robin sneak into a High School prom. While the other three are at the prom, Marshall and Ted, who had actually planned a "men's night", are wrapping up wedding invitations until Lily wants Marshall to come to the prom too. Of course, Ted comes along too. Written by Anonymous

12 How I Met Your Mother Fan Theories That Are Leg-en-dar

On Halloween, Ted makes his annual visit to a boring party, where he met his dream woman four years earlier, lost her number and hopes each time that she'll show up. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily go on a double date with Robin and her new boyfriend (Jeremy Gabriel). Carl: Joe Nieves. Hula Girl: Krizia Bajos. Marshall has stayed in Minnesota to help his mother following his father's funeral. Individually, all the gang telephone Marshall to relate a story to him regarding Ted. What they can all agree on in the story telling is that their new friend Zoey agreed to set Ted up with her cousin, who shall be called "Honey" (as that's the only name Ted can remember of her as he relates the story to his children in 2030, "Honey" only a pet name they all used to describe the type of person she was), the most gullible person in the world. By the end of the evening, Ted did not go home with her. His reason: he's in love with married Zoey. Ted never wants to see Zoey again which places the others in a bind as they've come to really like Zoey and don't want to lose her as a friend. But as Marshall gets more and more information from the others in the group about what is going on with Ted and Zoey, he is the only one who is able to see the entire picture. So from Minnesota, Marshall has to fix the problems in New York since no one else can with what limited information they have. Written by Huggo After telling Robin that he loves her, things fall apart for she and Ted and he figures that it's all over for the two of them, but not for long as Ted finds out from Lily after she met Robin that she (Robin) likes him and Ted tries once again to win her affections, by throwing a party at his and Marshall's place, but it turns into 3 parties in 3 nights, when Robin was a no show for the first 2. Meanwhile, after Lily said yes to Marshall's marriage proposal, she has become extra affectionate to him in the bedroom and Marshall is worrying about finishing a huge paper to write for law school, that is due soon. Written by goleafs84 Как я встретил вашу маму - How I Met Your Mother

"No, I don't buy it. That is not the reason you made us listen to this," declares his daughter, Penny (Lyndsy Fonseca). "This is the story about how you're totally in love with Aunt Robin." Barney feels that its time for Marshall to get out in the dating scene once again. He likens Marshall being single to a kid in a candy store, with any candy ready for his picking. Barney tells him that he'll be Marshall's wing man in picking up girls. Their nights out don't quite work out that way, but when the opportunity finally arrives for Marshall and a potential date, Marshall doesn't seem to know what to do. Meanwhile, Robin receives a surprise visit: from Lily. Lily implies that she had the best summer in San Francisco, not only with the art fellowship, but with life overall. Robin tells Ted about Lily's return, the two who argue about whether they should tell Marshall. But when Ted finally sees Lily, he has a different point of view. Written by Huggo Child-hating Robin is dismayed at being pregnant, but is mildly surprised at Barney's reaction when she tells him that he's the father. Beyond how this situation will affect Robin's relationship with Kevin, they both go through a rollercoaster of emotions about being potential parents based on encounters with other people: Barney's with his pre-Ted wingman Insane Duane, and Robin's with Lily's gynecologist Dr. Sonya, who delivers additional news about her situation. Ted, who can tell that something's bothering Robin, tries, against her wishes, to cheer her up without knowing the entire situation. Meanwhile, Marshall is determined to have the best Christmas-light display ever in the tri-state area. He gets a taste of what fatherhood will be like when he gets help putting up the display from neighborhood teen Scott. Written by Huggo Robin is about ready to say "I love you" to Ted - the first time she would have said it to any man - but it just won't come out. These feeling coincide with a visit to New York by Robin's seventeen year old baby sister, Katie Scherbatsky. Katie doesn't arrive alone, but with her two month boyfriend, Kyle, who is also visiting family in New York. Katie plans on losing her virginity to Kyle on this trip, something that Robin tries her hardest to talk her out of. Robin requests her friends' help in convincing Katie not to lose it to Kyle, but to wait for someone special. This request makes everyone discuss their first time, which brings up some controversy between Marshall and Lily based on Robin's first time. And Barney's first time comes straight out of a movie... or several movies. Written by Huggo

It's St. Patrick's Day 2008. Like they have every year and like most New Yorkers do, Barney believes that he and the gang are going out partying. But Marshall, Lily, Robin and Ted have instead decided to go to Marshall and Lily's new place and play board games. A dejected Barney goes off to party without them. But Barney later convinces Ted to ditch the others and join him when he tells Ted that he has found hot dates for the two of them. Ted feels guilty about ditching the others. As the evening progresses and as Ted feels guilty about one action after another, the evening just gets better and better for him. Reverse karma seems to be working for Ted, but will the universe ultimately punish him by night's end? Meanwhile, Marshall, Lily and Robin head to the new apartment. Robin notices something strange about the place. When she figures it out, she tells Marshall the problem, he who doesn't have the heart to tell his wife that the place they just bought with their life savings has this major, major flaw. Written by Huggo Rather than go to McLaren's, their usual hangout, Barney convinces Ted to go to the airport with him to "pick someone up". It turns out that they're there to pick up some girls. While doing this, they fly to Philadelphia, get arrested by airport security and that's when Ted starts to wonder why he ends up in these adventures with Barney. Meanwhile Marshall has studying to do, so Lily and Robin do a girls night out and Lily notices guys are buying drinks and try talking to Robin, so Lily starts to wonder what it would be like to have her engagement ring off, and with Marshall's "blessing", she takes it off. In the end, Lily realizes that things aren't all that great with the ring off and Ted understands why he goes on these adventures/misadventures with Barney. Written by goleafs84 In the aftermath of Ted and Zoey's break-up, Ted is having second thoughts. He is freaking out about an issue with the GNB headquarters, and historically when Ted freaks out about something, he turns to dating an old girlfriend if only for something comfortable and familiar, however bad returning to that relationship ended up being. When Barney and Robin find out that Ted is going to meet Zoey to get back together with her, they have to try and figure out where that meeting place is so that they can stop him. Beyond piecing together this puzzle, Barney and Robin's quest leads to them discussing their own relationship. Meanwhile, Lily has come down with a case of food poisoning from some soup. Marshall eats the soup three hours later, which means that his symptoms of excessive vomiting will start three hours later than Lily's did. Marshall has a job interview with a major environmental law firm in a few hours, and he is just hoping that he can make it through the interview without vomiting. Ted and Barney argue about which of them will have the pleasure of pushing the button when the Arcadian gets imploded. And one of these situation is the starting point for an imminent trip to the altar. Written by Huggo

James continually badmouthing the institution of marriage leads to a showdown between him and Robin in the form of their respective wedding rings, that showdown which Robin wins. This confrontation leads to Loretta coming to her black son's defense against Robin. As such, Barney is forced to choose between his family and his soon to be wife. Lily learns that Ted is getting Barney and Robin multiple wedding gifts. This act is the last straw in what has been a slow burn for Lily and Marshall since their wedding as Ted never got them a wedding present, despite Marshall having dropped continual hints over the years. But when they eventually confront Ted, Ted flips it around on them, stating that he did get them a wedding gift. They never sent him a thank you note, about which he continually dropped hints to Marshall over the years. They will have to get to the bottom of whether Ted really did get them a wedding present or if he really forgot to. Written by Huggo It's the Christmas season 2006, and as usual, Lily, who loves the festive nature of the holidays, is the chief decorator, which everyone else in turn loves and appreciates. On Christmas Eve, Lily finds the old answering machine that was unplugged during the summer while she was gone. It was unplugged because Marshall, still despondent over his and Lily's break-up, would listen to Lily's old messages. Ted and Lily decide they can once again plug it in. However, one of the old messages that Lily hears on the machine is from Ted to Marshall, in which Ted calls Lily a bad name (using the word "grinch" as a euphemism when the story is later told). Ted is sorry, but he refuses to apologize to Lily, since in his mind, she really was a grinch for what she put Marshall through. Although Ted later tries to make it up to her, Lily already has taken her revenge on Ted. Again for Marshall's sake, Ted has to try to make up with Lily before Marshall comes home, he who is secretly running his own Christmas errand instead of completing his term paper like he said. Meanwhile, Barney is sick with a cold, but he refuses to acknowledge that fact. When he finally admits it, Robin wishes he hadn't. Written by Huggo Barney is devastated to learn that his mother is selling the Staten Island house in which he grew up, which means packing up and putting away all his happy childhood memories. He convinces his friends to help him, his mother Loretta and his brother James pack up the house. When the gang are packing things up, what they see and learn is that Loretta told Barney and James what to them are obvious lies about their growing up period. While James quickly learned that they were lies when he was younger, Barney always believed and still believes everything Loretta told him. What Barney and James also find is an unmailed letter, the contents of which could affect one of their past and one of their future. Meanwhile, Lily and Marshall argue about what things they will tell their children about such issues as Santa Claus. And Robin tries to find a good balance of how to "sell" Ted to one of her girlfriends. Written by Huggo I just don't get it. Sure, Neil Patrick Doogie's character was amusing, and the rest of the cast is pretty decent, but it just felt like a weak standard-fare sitcom with punch lines that were either obvious or not that funny. Two new couples are borne at approximately the same time. Lily has just moved into her run down and tiny new apartment. After taking a look at it, Ted and Robin know she can't live there. Robin would invite her to stay at her place, but Lily is allergic to dogs. And none of the gang have ever even been to Barney's place, he who doesn't offer. But after a mishap at Lily's place, she is desperate to stay with Barney if only for a short time. After some pleading, Barney reluctantly agrees. Barney's reluctance turns to joy when he sees that Lily can be of some use in life. Barney and Lily fall into fake wedded bliss. Is a divorce imminent? Meanwhile, Marshall is lamenting not being able to do typically couple oriented activities anymore, those things such as going to concerts, to the theater or to brunch. But when he asks his old law school friend Brad, who is also going through a recent break-up himself, to use his second ticket (which was originally purchased for Lily when they were still a couple) to an Alanis Morissette concert, Brad agrees. But Marshall and Brad start doing many of those couple things together. As they settle into coupledom, is their divorce also imminent? Written by Huggo

Ted has just met a woman named Holli. He wants to call her right away, but Barney tells him he can't because of the "three day rule". To shut Barney up, Ted promises that he'll follow the rule and not call her for three days. Ted finds what he thinks is a loophole: he'll text her instead. But the one text leads to a series of texts over the course of the day that makes Ted discover that Holli may be his perfect girl. Will he tell her that he loves her? That's what Barney and Marshall believe will happen since it really is Barney and Marshall who Ted has been texting, and Barney and Marshall have been responding pretending to be Holli. Barney stole Ted's phone, into which he changed Holli's cell phone number for his own. Robin finds out about what Barney and Marshall have been doing. Believing it to be mean to their best friend, Robin tells Ted what they did. Ted seeks his revenge by texting back a message which will make Barney and Marshall wonder which of the two really is his best friend. Meanwhile, Barney and Marshall have a memorable afternoon with a large, intimidating security guard named Stan with a romantic side. Will either tell Stan that he loves him? Written by Huggo Barney provides Ted with what both may consider the greatest opportunity in Ted's career. Barney is part of the search committee to hire the architectural firm to design Goliath National Bank's new headquarters, which would be a building integral to the Manhattan skyline. A Swedish architectural collective called Sven is currently being considered, but Barney has gotten Ted and his company at least the opportunity to make a pitch. Ted works hard to come up with what he believes is the perfect design, but it ultimately isn't chosen. What Ted doesn't know is Barney's role in the committee and why his design didn't come out on top. Meanwhile, Robin, single and jobless, wants to spend more quality girl's time with Lily. When Lily invites Robin to join her at her conservative colleague Jillian's birthday party, Lily and Robin are surprised that in her personal life, conservative Jillian is unfortunately what they call a "woo" girl, someone who always yells "woo" at the top of her lungs when anything remotely interesting happens to her. But when Robin decides to join Jillian's circle of "woo" friends, Lily also tries to become a "woo" girl herself, which doesn't fit into her general demeanor. Written by Huggo Barney can't stop promoting his new job at Goliath National Bank (GNB). He keeps asking Marshall to interview for a job. Marshall tries to find a job. Robin is on a 7 day cleanse diet. Everyone is at the pub and they're promoting a new burger. Everyone gets the burger and that leads to Marshall reliving his first days in New York when he found the "best burger in New York City." This leads to a quest to find the place with a neon red burger sign and a green door. A crazy strong Regis Philbin gets in on the action. Written by Anonymous Victoria is about to leave to go to Germany for two years for a donate fellowship. Ted doesn't know if he should her ask to stay or if he should tell her to leave. Marshall needs a new suit and Barney helps him. Meanwhile, Robin and Victoria accompany Lily to a wedding dress fitting and also the girls talk about whether Victoria should leave Ted or not. Written by la-de-da In 2030, Ted has a prominent photo in his house of him, his four friends and his parents at his parent's thirtieth wedding anniversary brunch. Ted invited his old fashioned and non-communicative parents, Alfred and Virginia Mosby, to New York for a visit for the occasion. They all look very happy in the photo. But Ted tells his children the not so happy back stories behind the happy faces in the photo. Marshall and Lily were still trying to figure out their relationship following their break-up. Their measures to one up the other in a sexual manner ended up with a few unusual results. The evening before the photo was taken, Barney and Alfred went out for drinks. Barney's stories to Ted later about what happened that evening made Ted's relationship with his father on tender hooks. And before Robin met Ted's parents, Ted told her that Virginia would imply incessantly that she wanted whoever Ted's wife to be to start a family soon. But as Virginia seemed to imply the opposite to Robin, Robin began to wonder - really to fume - what it was about her that Virginia hated so much as to not want Robin to bear Ted's children. Written by Huggo

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