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Test your German! For Beginners and Advanced: 34 German lessons, German Grammar, Idioms, Quotes and 2 Online Tests Apparently, not all of the studies had truly soundproof rooms, so videos might be heard in the hallway by experimenters and their discussions might be overheard by the receiver. Critics of both the ganzfeld and autoganzfeld questioned whether most of the studies had truly eliminated this avenue for sensory leakage. The following information comes from a series of posts by user EvraVon53, who reveals how he tried his own replication of the controversial Ganzfeld Experiment while in college

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Metzger W. (1930). Optische Untersuchungen am Ganzfeld. II: Zur Phanomenologie des homogenen Ganzfelds. Psychologische Forschung, 13.Williams, B. (2011). Revisiting the ganzfeld ESP debate: A basic review and assessment. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 25.Therein lies both the attraction and the repulsion of meta-analysis. The results may depend on which individual studies one excludes from the meta-study. Establishing the existence of telepathy in the ganzfeld seems like too important an issue to have the result determined by meta-analyses. Surely, there should be an effort made to conduct a well-designed study with a very large number of participants.Bertini, M., Lewis, H., & Witkin, H. (1964). ‘Some preliminary observations with an experimental procedure for the study of hypnagogic and related phenomena’, Archivo di Psicologia Neurologia e Psychiatra, 6.

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Stiftung Warentest: Testberichte zu Elektronik, Haushalt und Gesundheit sowie Finanzen, Versicherung und Steuern.. Parker, A. & Wiklund, N. (1987). The Ganzfeld: Towards an assessment. Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, 54.What happened next is almost unique in psychological science: an active and constructive dialogue between proponents and sceptics.  #creepy #ganzfeld effect #ganzfeld #the ganzfeld effect #hallucination #trip #trippy #hallucinate #hallucinate without drugs #what do drugs feel like #disturbing #unsettling #spooky #creepypasta..

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Hyman, R. "The Ganzfeld Psi Experiment: A Critical Appraisal." Journal of Parapsychology. 1 Sep. 1985, Volume 49: 3-49.In a 2013 podcast, Brian Dunning reviewed the flaws of the ganzfeld studies and came to the conclusion the technique had failed as evidence for psi and interest in ganzfeld has declined.[41] However, in ganzfeld, the idea is to instead provide homogenous stimuli. The subject, called the "receiver", sits comfortably in a recliner, wearing headphones playing gentle white noise. The room is bathed in red light and the receiver wears translucent cups over the eyes, so all they see is a uniform, featureless red. They are relaxed and cozy. That's the physical setting of the experiment. Two other people are involved: an experimenter and a "sender". The sender, in an isolated room where they cannot be seen or heard by the receiver, concentrates for 30 minutes on a "target", which is some object or video clip or something. Throughout the 30 minutes, the receiver is supposed to verbally recite what they see or imagine. The experimenter, who is also supposed to be isolated from both the sender and the receiver, records what the receiver says, and usually keeps notes about what they describe. German, meaning complete field. ganzfeld (uncountable). (attributive) Applied to a particular phenomenon of visual perception. autoganzfeld. ganzfeld effect. ganzfeld experiment

Their article failed to convince. In 1999 the Bulletin published a thorough critique of Honorton and Bem's paper. Its authors were experimental psychologists Richard Wiseman and Julie Milton, and it focused on the failure of the popularly reported positive results to be replicated by independent researchers. After a deep discussion of all the problems found with Honorton's body of work, Wiseman and Milton concluded:When you suffer from sleeplessness, you hallucinate, right? That’s what the Ganzfeld experiment is all about, in a nutshell. Ganzfeld effect question.? Allow me to begin with a little preliminary information. I thoroughly enjoy science. Especially when I can experiment on my roommates. Recently I attempted to make one of.. The ganzfeld had become a victim of its own success: believing the effect had been demonstrated beyond doubt, some of those who used it preferred to explore new variations rather than keep repeating the same thing. But this had implications for the ganzfeld as a replicable experiment, since these new approaches did not always work. Clearly a standard needed to be defined in future research.

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  2. Parker, A. (2001). The Ganzfeld: Suggested improvements of an apparently successful method of psi research. Paper presented at the symposium on parapsychology at the 27th International Congress of Psychology, Stockholm. Published in European Journal of Parapsychology, 16.
  3. Testing the effects of Ganzfeld. First time doing the test. The Ganzfeld experiment uses sensory deprivation to elicit the Ganzfeld effect: an altered state of consciousness that includes.

Watch ITV live - the widest range of quality TV for the whole family. Award winning programming including dramas, entertainment, documentaries, news and live sport A more pertinent problem highlighted by Hyman had been raised years earlier,26 and remains persistent today.  Although the PRL series used eight different experimenters, Hyman regarded the series as one large experiment carried out in a single laboratory, directed by one research leader. He asserted the PRL work should therefore be considered not as replications of earlier work but as a new starting point, and that new replications were needed to establish the psi effect as real and repeatable.  The ganzfeld is often regarded as the flagship of experimental parapsychology. It is a simple means of reproducing spontaneous psi (psychic) experiences in the laboratory, where controls can be applied to eliminate normal explanations. This makes it the main candidate for a repeatable (replicable) psi experiment – a reliable means of producing psi in the laboratory. Moreover, the level of success (effect size) is often sufficient to indicate that psi is not just a statistical anomaly but has content that is psychologically meaningful.

Ray Hyman was quick to object to an analysis carried out on the whole database, with all its shortcomings, as opposed to one based on the later (post-communiqué or post-PRL) studies that had been designed to overcome them. But now he went further, repeating the criticism that almost all the above-chance hitting came from four experimenters who contributed half the studies to the original Pre-PRL database.41Honorton then introduced a quality evaluation, identifying the number of potential flaws in each study, and again found no relation between quality and outcome. Here too, Hyman disagreed. (The problem was later avoided by the quality rating being made by persons who were blind as to the outcome of the studies.) 

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Objekt - Ganzfeld Borne of mutual inspiration, legendary duo Dopplereffekt and sonic adventurer Objekt present Hypnagogia, a split 12 on Leisure System, with each transmission derived from a.. So with replication as the goal, many researchers at many locations took up the torch and began performing autoganzfeld tests. Publications continued to be produced, many of them continuing to find positive — if small — results. It was this decade and a half of replication efforts that led to the next major publication on ganzfeld experiments. Honorton and his collaborator, Daryl Bem, published this time in a more mainstream journal, Psychological Bulletin, in 1994 (after Honorton's death). Their conclusion was optimistic, but measured:

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The sender concentrates and uses mental intention to try to telepathically communicate the target to the receiver. Breaks are taken and the sending process is repeated several times. It is important that the experiments use truly random methods of selecting which packet to use and which target to select from that packet. In the autoganzfeld, the selecting and showing of the target to the sender was automatedCan you transfer your emotions or thoughts to another person out of the boundaries of laws of physics?Paranormal investigator Susan Blackmore (2001) has an insider's view of the ganzfeld. She has gone over the circumstances under which the ganzfeld studies were conducted and the papers that have been published in support of the psi hypothesis. Here are her comments: In fact, you can try it at home! All you need is a ping-pong ball, a pair of headphones and a red light source.In 1982 Honorton had started a series of autoganzfeld experiments at his Psychophysical Research Laboratories (PRL). These studies were specifically designed to avoid the same potential problems as those identified in the 1986 joint communiqué issued by Hyman and Honorton[dubious – discuss]. The PRL trials continued until September 1989. In 1990 Honorton et al. published the results of 11 autoganzfeld experiments they claimed met the standards specified by Hyman and Honorton (1986).[18] In these experiments, 240 participants contributed 329 sessions.[19]

In recent years, the replication issues that have plagued parapsychology have started to appear also in psychology. As many as two-thirds of the results previously regarded as established have failed to replicate because of flawed methodology such as multiple analysis of results, faulty statistics, file drawer problems, fraud, and biased selection of data. One conclusion is that parapsychology might be given credit for having identified and tackled these problems earlier, strengthening confidence in its findings.  Rhine, L. E. (1962). Psychological processes in ESP experiences. Part II Dreams, Journal of Parapsychology, 27. The Ganzfeld experiment attempts to use sensory deprivation and isolation to try and get the person I have heard anecdotally from researchers that some test subjects actually feel calmer inside the.. Meaning of ganzfeld medical term. What does ganzfeld mean? ganzfeld. A visual stimulus that consists of completely homogeneous and colourless luminance conditions throughout

The true history of the experiment that is said to present the strongest evidence yet for telepathic abilities.   Edit: Another possibility is that he had a spike or drop in blood sugar, depending on how long it had been since he had eaten (which may or may not have anything to do with diabetes - it's possible to have these spikes without being diabetic, but bad blood sugar levels can cause episodes like this). Prior knowledge of being in an altered state can also have a placebo effect, which could conceivably heighten the effects of anything else that might have been going on.Hyman, R., & Honorton, C. (1986). ‘A joint communiqué: The psi ganzfeld controversy’, Journal of Parapsychology, 50.

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Hyman’s and Honorton’s meta-analyses were published in the 1985 issue of the Journal of Parapsychology.14  Honorton found 28 studies that used direct hits as the measure, and of these 12 were statistically significant.  When combined in the meta-analysis, these studies were enormously significant with a Stouffer z of 6.60. Unlike Hyman, Honorton found no relation between sample size and significance.Hyman brought a considerable amount of skepticism to the table, so I was expecting his article to find all sorts of problems with Honorton's work, which covered 42 studies in which 55% showed positive evidence of psi. Hyman did report problems, however his own corrected analysis found not the random chance result of 25%, but a still-significant 30%, which, in itself, appears to still represent pretty amazing evidence that Honorton's receiving subjects were in fact receiving some kind of impressions from the senders. However, not so fast. The criticisms that Hyman found were inadequate randomization; sensory leakage (meaning that in some cases, the receivers could actually hear what was going on in the sender's room next door; in others, it was possible for things like the sender's fingerprints to be visible on the target object for the receiver to see); and inappropriate statistical analysis.The receiver's and sender's rooms were sound-isolated, electrically shielded chambers with single-door access that could be continuously monitored by the experimenter. There was two-way intercom communication between the experimenter and the receiver but only one-way communication into the sender's room; thus, neither the experimenter nor the receiver could monitor events inside the sender's room. The archival record for each session includes an audiotape containing the receiver's mentation during the ganzfeld period and all verbal exchanges between the experimenter and the receiver throughout the experiment".

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Cover your eyes with the ping pong ball you cut in half earlier and sit comfortably in a chair under the red light.Palmer, J. & Broughton, R. S. (2000). ‘An updated meta-analysis of post-PRL ESP ganzfeld experiments’, The effect of standardness. The Parapsychological Association 43rd Annual Convention: Proceedings of Presented Papers (pp. 224-240). Durham, NC: Parapsychological Association.Almost no work has been done to understand what characterizes successful experimenters.50 However, a current review indicates that they have often had psychic experiences of their own, and, perhaps even more crucial, they tend to perform well in their own ganzfeld experiments51 (striking examples include Dalton and Parker).52  Until recently, this has been something of a taboo topic, perhaps because of the natural concern of parapsychologists not to differentiate their work from other science.Moreover, as Storm and Ertel showed, the variance for Milton and Wiseman's 30 studies clearly exceeded chance, meaning that there was a negative effect – sometimes called ‘psi-missing’ – as well as a positive one. In addition, had the older studies been added this would have increased the statistical significance to enormous levels.31 However, Milton and Wiseman argued that the only studies that counted as replications were those carried out after the PRL studies, which, as did Hyman, they saw as setting the standard for future replications.32

Интересное. Интересное. Интересное. Просмотр. Просмотр. Просмотр. Больше. Поиск Palmer, J. (2017) Editorial. Statistical issues in parapsychology: Hypothesis testing-plus an addenum on Bierman et al. (2016). Journal of Parapsychology, 80.

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This only served to piss him off even further. He attempted to attack me, then moved to a corner of the room and sat in silence for about 20 minutes, pointing at various things and being scared by basically any given object. Eventually he got up, stormed into the backyard, across the lawn, and ran into a few thin tree branches hanging overhead. He promptly began punching them, causing him to fall in the mud.Despite Hyman's objections, for a period of five years it seemed that parapsychology had won some tacit acceptance.  Although there was no stampede to replicate findings, some research funding was forthcoming.27 The situation changed again when, in 1999, Milton and Wiseman published in the Psychological Bulletin a new meta-analysis of 30 studies reported between 1987 to 1997. This showed a near-zero effect size and an overall statistic that was on a non-significant (although a later re-analysis suggested it just reached the level of significance).  They concluded: ‘The ganzfeld technique does not at present offer a replicable method for producing ESP in the laboratory’.28

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  1. In 1979, Susan Blackmore visited the laboratories of Carl Sargent in Cambridge. She noticed a number of irregularities in the procedure and wrote about them for the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research.
  2. The history of ganzfeld experimentation is essentially the history of a particular battle between skeptics and believers; a cordial battle, but a battle nevertheless. Beginning in the 1970s, the leading proponent was American parapsychologist Charles Honorton, a staunch believer in psychic abilities, who was dedicated to finding a reliable scientific method of establishing the reality of psi. Honorton's idea was that whatever psi abilities many people may have is lost in the sea of constant stimuli that we're all receiving all day long. We see, we hear, we touch, we think, to such a degree that if we did receive a psychic impression we'd never recognize it as such. So by placing subjects into a ganzfeld state, it's thought that the signal-to-noise ratio would be increased, by shutting off all that noise, and subjects might be more likely to recognize a psychic transmission.
  3. We continue to differ over the degree to which the effect constitutes evidence for psi, but we agree that the final verdict awaits the outcome of future experiments conducted by a broader range of investigators and according to more stringent standards.
  4. In 1982, Charles Honorton, one of the most famous psychiatrists of the time, decides to replicate the experiment after receiving approval from the ones who criticise the methodology of the experiment. This time it turns out to be a 34% success, with only 1% decrease.
  5. We may be justified in having a very high confidence that when ganzfeld studies are done, receivers are likely to guess correctly a one-in-four target at significantly greater than chance odds. It is still a leap to assume that information or energy has been transferred. Maybe it has but how it occurred is anybody's guess. As Bem and Honorton say: if there is an anomalous transfer of information or energy, it doesn't have to be paranormal.

Check out Ganzfeld Effect on Beatport. Don't Look Any Further Ganzfeld Effect Remix Ganzfeld Effect, The Writers Block Ultra Honorton, C. (1977). Psi and internal attention states. In Wolman BB (Ed), Handbook of Parapsychology. New York: Van Nostrand.

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Telepati yeteneğini test etmek üzere başvurulan çeşitli deney yöntemleri bulunmaktadır. Ganzfeld uyarımı Ganzfeld uyarımı (İng. ganzfeld stimulation) Parapsikoloji laboratuvarlarındaki deneylerde.. In 2013, Bryan Williams reported a meta-analysis based on 59 studies (30 from Milton and Wiseman and 29 additional ones from the Storm et al 2010 study).43 Here the focus was entirely on the post-PRL autoganzfeld studies, as Hyman had insisted.  This confirmed the earlier results, with a hit rate in the order of  30-32% depending on whether or not the highly successful Dalton study is included.  In short, the correct target film clip was identified correctly close to one in three times whereas chance guessing would make it one in four. Williams found that replication of the PRL work had now been attempted by 15 laboratories, of which more than half had produced a similar hit rate. His verdict was that ‘the psi ganzfeld effect has indeed been replicated by ‘a broader range of investigators’ under stringent standards.’44 3) Bədən həssaslığı testi (Arthur J.Barsky,Grace Wyshak,Gerald.L.Klerman). 4) Əhvalınız yoxdur A further update with regard to steps taken to resolve replication issues appeared in 2010, again in the Psychological Bulletin. Here, Storm and his co-workers extended their earlier analysis of post-1997 studies to 2008, finding a further 30 studies.40  This time they decided to exclude the highly successful Dalton study (mentioned above), since this was regarded as an ‘outlier’ for its unusually high hit rate of 47%.  The aim was to make the distribution of scores follow the normal variation recommended for statistical evaluation, and thus provide maximum confidence in the final result. This meta-analysis concluded that nine of the 29 studies were independently significant and established once again a highly significant hit rate of 32%, an effect that would have required as many as 95 mainly below-chance studies to eliminate.

Ideally, a randomization procedure should be used to determine the order in which target and decoys are presented to receivers. It is possible that a pattern of sending and selecting might occur that has nothing to do with information or energy transfer, but rather has something to do with human tendencies to choose the first, second, third, or fourth item when given a choice to select one. The autoganzfeld experiments were designed to randomly assign the order of showing the target and decoys to the receiver. The autoganzfeld also avoided the problem of forcing a choice from the four potential targets by introducing a 40-point scale for the receivers to measure how close they thought each target was to the kinds of mentation they had been having. It seems to have been the case that in some of the ganzfeld experiments receivers tended to select the second, third, or fourth item presented much more frequently than the first one shown. To avoid this kind of selection bias, randomization of the order in which the actual target is shown should be used and checks should be made to make sure that the target is presented in each of the four positions at nearly equal rates. A History of Psi in the Ganzfeld by Andrew Endersby The Best Case for ESP? (2000) by Matt Nisbet, Skeptical Inquirer What's the story on "ganzfeld" experiments? (2000). The Straight Dope Last updated 27-Dec-2011

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  1. Ganzfeld - EP, 2018. Noer the Boy
  2. It was my impression that when said friend began to hallucinate, he would still have complete self awareness. However, in our case, he did not. Instead, he began freaking himself out by creating shadows with his hands in front of the red lamp we had sitting over him. I found this pretty funny and proceeded to do the same thing. He did not like this one bit and kicked the nearest object, which happened to be a bed, with all of his strength, then proceeded to curl up into a ball. I decided this was enough and I took the ping pong balls off of his eyes.
  3. After much discussion and four draft agreements, Hyman and Honorton finally agreed on a joint statement, as follows:
  4. DIY Ganzfeld Goggles: Ganzfeld goggles are used to create a range of hallucinations. The most common and mild of hallucinations is visualizing colors streaking across an otherwise plain background
  5. Milton, J., & Wiseman, R. (1999). ‘Does psi exist? Lack of replication of an anomalous process of information transfer’, Psychological Bulletin, 125.
  6. gly impressive correspondences derived from both supposedly real hits and chance correspondences, finding that they were indistinguishable. To achieve this, Westerlund re-arranged recordings that belonged to an earlier experiment he had been involved in, and which had given significantly negative scores for the receivers’ assessments of hits. However, since the artificial matches were not compared to those from a successful ganzfeld, it was conceptually difficult to know what was responsible for the false hits. Also, the original experiment was carried out under stressful interpersonal conditions, which might explain the remarkable negative scoring. Whatever the case, the matches artificially found by Westerlund were unlike the specific matches found in long sequences of real time ganzfeld images, which can often be seen to closely follow diverse and sudden changes of content in the film clips, a characteristic of the best qualitative hits.57 

This prescient comment drew attention to what has become known as the experimenter effect, the source of much controversy in parapsychology (see below).Parker, A., Persson, A., & Haller, A. (2000). Using qualitative Ganzfeld research for theory development: top down processes in psi-mediation. Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, 64.On the other hand misperceptions sometimes occur, as happens also with normal vision. For example, when the film-clip shows a woman defending herself with a crooked stick, this stick appears to the receiver as a ‘boomerang’.

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Parker, A., Frederiksen, A., & Johansson, H. (1997). Towards Specifying the recipe for success with the Ganzfeld. European Journal of Parapsychology, 13.Mainly, Hyman felt that Honorton's work suffered from a type of statistical complication called multiple testing. In a nutshell, multiple testing is when you take more and more variables into account between two groups; sooner or later you're going to find more and more differences between them. These variables included the different ways that researchers had categorized the senders and receivers, cross referencing them to the results. They found that subjects were more likely to have positive results if they had been educated in a creative field; if they already had a strong belief in psychic powers; if they were extroverted; and if the experiment was conducted in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Hyman believed that the positive results reported by Honorton were due, at least in part, to multiple testing effects that inappropriately considered these types of variables. Hyman also found that the "file drawer effect" came into play, which is when studies are abandoned when they end up not showing any interesting results. Thus, the body of published work was inappropriately skewed to include those results which showed a positive result, which is going to happen sometimes simply due to random variances. Hyman figured that, working backwards and accounting for the degrees to which various weaknesses were present in each of the studies, the actual size of the effect was zero. His closing line was:Da Silva, F. E., Pilato, S., & Hiraoka, R. (2003). Ganzfeld vs. no Ganzfeld: An exploratory study of the effects of Ganzfeld conditions on ESP. Proceedings of Presented Papers: The Parapsychological Association 46th Annual Convention. Durham, NC: Parapsychological Association.Parker, A. & Westerlund, J. (1998). Giving the Ganzfeld an old and a new twist. Paper presented at the 41st Parapsychological Association Convention: Halifax Canada.Indeed, the percentage rises to 43% when the experiment is conducted by successful people, and to 50% with artists.

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Parapsychologists continue to argue against these meta-analyses on the grounds that they included studies that departed in major respects from the standard ganzfeld protocol. Besides the use in one of musical targets,35 noted above, another study adopted a serial ganzfeld method that employed four target film clips per session, in order to maximise any flood of psi that might occur .36The result of this collaboration was a process called the autoganzfeld study. This was a computer controlled version of the ganzfeld experiment, where randomization and the other methodological weaknesses identified by Hyman and others were eliminated. In expressing his satisfaction with the potential of the autoganzfeld process, Hyman wrote: Onlayn test-sınaq portalı - Məntiq testləri, İnformatika testləri, İngilis dili testləri The ganzfeld studies examined by Hyman and Honorton had methodological problems that were well documented. Honorton reported only 36% of the studies used duplicate target sets of pictures to avoid handling cues.[14] Hyman discovered flaws in all of the 42 ganzfeld experiments and to assess each experiment, he devised a set of 12 categories of flaws. Six of these concerned statistical defects, the other six "covered procedural flaws such as inadequate randomization, inadequate security, possibilities of sensory leakage, and inadequate documentation."[15] Over half of the studies failed to safeguard against sensory leakage and all of the studies contained at least one of the 12 flaws. Because of the flaws, Honorton agreed with Hyman the 42 ganzfeld studies could not support the claim for the existence of psi.[15] Want to discover art related to ganzfeld? Check out inspiring examples of ganzfeld artwork on DeviantArt, and get inspired by our community of talented artists

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Hamiləlik testi nə vaxt düzgün cavab göstərir?Mayalanmadan neçə gün sonra edilən test dəqiq nəticə verir? Sayta daxil olun və oxuyun 2. Sending the target. The sender is seated In another soundproof room, preferably in another part of the building rather than adjacent to the receiver's room. A pool of opaque packets contains potential targets. Typically, the packets will consist of four pictures or four short video clips. Ideally, the pictures or videos are very unlike each other. Ideally, the target is arrived at by a truly random selection being made from the packets and then another random selection being made from the selected packet. Ideally, the experimenter who works with the sender and the sender himself do not meet with the receiver or the experimenter who is working with the receiver until after the receiver has been shown the target and the three decoys and has made her selection. At that point the actual target may be revealed and a recording made of whether it was a hit or a miss.Hyman, R., Honorton, C. "A Joint Communique: The Psi Ganzfeld Controversy." Journal of Parapsychology. 1 Jan. 1986, Volume 50: 351-364.

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FurMark - GPU stress test and graphics card benchmark.. Another viewpoint is that this merely reinforces doubts regarding claims that the ganzfeld is a successful replicable methodology. In 2016, parapsychologists Bierman, Spottiswoode and Bijl created a computerized simulation using ‘worse case scenarios’ of fraud and selection of data, to see if these would bring the distribution of ganzfeld scores near to chance level.45  The worst-case result they found was 27%, which is only slightly statistically significant, and well within the 5% margin of error.Honorton didn't agree with all of Hyman's criticisms—especially the ones claiming that there were statistical flaws in Honorton's meta-analysis—but he did agree that there were sufficient problems with the database that no grand conclusions should be drawn until further studies were done, studies that were very tightly designed and controlled. Across the line of battle was Ray Hyman, at the time a professor of psychology at Harvard. In the 1980s he came across Honorton's body of work, said to be the best evidence yet for psi. Hyman studied it carefully, and came away unconvinced. In his assessment, the positive results so flaunted by the parapsychologists was due to methodological error. In 1985, Hyman published an article in the Journal of Parapsychology called "The Ganzfeld Psi Experiment: A Critical Appraisal".

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In a typical ganzfeld experiment, a "receiver" is placed in a room relaxing in a comfortable chair with halved ping-pong balls over the eyes, having a red light shone on them. The receiver also wears a set of headphones through which white or pink noise (static) is played. The receiver is in this state of mild sensory deprivation for half an hour. During this time, a "sender" observes a randomly chosen target and tries to mentally send this information to the receiver. The receiver speaks out loud during the 30 minutes, describing what he or she can "see". This is recorded by the experimenter (who is blind to the target) either by recording onto tape or by taking notes, and is used to help the receiver during the judging procedure. Although this work was based on a small case study, it demonstrated clearly that the feelings and associations that occurred at the onset of sleep, as represented in hypnagogic imagery, related to the film content. Charles Tart, a pioneer in altered-states research, included this report in a book of readings later to become a classic called Altered States.10 This work inspired Braud, Honorton and Parker, each working independently, to adapt and apply the emerging technology to psi-research.Critics immediately pointed out major problems in the authors’ selection of studies.  The largest study, which was unsuccessful, had departed from the standard ganzfeld protocol by employing musical targets instead of the customary visual ones.29  The authors omitted the most successful of Parker's ganzfeld studies;30 also they failed to take account of a highly significant study by Kathy Dalton that was about to be reported, on the grounds that this was an ‘outlier’ (although some parapsychologists have taken a similar view: see below Towards the Resolution of the Replication Issue?).Blackmore’s skepticism stands in stark contrast to Radin’s glowing optimism and his claim of overall hit rates with odds against chance of a million billion to one (Radin 1997: 88). He seems to be overstating the case when he writes “We now know that ... psi effects do occur in the ganzfeld” (88). A recent review of studies on ESP using the ganzfeld procedure concluded that _. no convincing evidence for psychic ability had emerged from the majority of studies

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Today we're going to enter a quiet, darkened room, sit comfortably, and prepare to receive psychic imagery, in what's often claimed to be the most convincing evidence for the reality of psi — psychic abilities. The idea of being able to transmit thoughts from one person to another is so compelling that there's never been a shortage of researchers hoping to find a way to develop it. We all wish we could have such a superpower, so we all want this to be true. Today's subject is ganzfeld experiments. Ganzfeld is German for "whole field", referring to its method of replacing the whole of your field of perception. Let's take a close look and see what it is, how it works, and — most importantly — whether it does indeed promise to be proof of psi.The VCR containing the taped targets was interfaced to the controlling computer, which selected the target and controlled its repeated presentation to the sender during the ganzfeld period, thus eliminating the need for a second experimenter to accompany the sender. After the ganzfeld period, the computer randomly sequenced the four-clip judging set and presented it to the receiver on a TV monitor for judging. The receiver used a computer game paddle to make his or her ratings on a 40-point scale that appeared on the TV monitor after each clip was shown. The receiver was permitted to see each clip and to change the ratings repeatedly until he or she was satisfied. The computer then wrote these and other data from the session into a file on a floppy disk. At that point, the sender moved to the receiver's chamber and revealed the identity of the target to both the receiver and the experimenter. Note that the experimenter did not even know the identity of the four-clip judging set until it was displayed to the receiver for judging. A ganzfeld experiment is a technique used in the field of parapsychology to test individuals for extrasensory perception. It uses homogeneous and unpatterned sensory stimulation to produce the.. Bem and Honorton (1994) investigated certain personality traits and characteristics as potential psi-conducive variables which they suggested play an important role in claimed ESP performance.[19] According to parapsychologists these factors are thought to be positively correlated with increased scores in ganzfeld experiments, as compared to unselected participants.[29] Traits and characteristics of subjects thought to increase the chance of obtaining a successful hit rate in a psi experiment include: As noted earlier, the odds of succeeding is called a power analysis and allows us to know just how many trials or participants are needed for the experiment to reach statistical significance. This obviously depends on the strength or effect size of the phenomena being studied; it is analogous to painting with concentrated paint rather than diluted paint, which would require many more layers – equivalent to trials or participants – to achieve the same result. By selecting potentially successful participants, the effect size can be shifted from slight to moderate. It has been calculated that, theoretically, the experiments could become so effective that replication rates of 80% can reached.61 

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  1. In 1994, Daryl Bem and Honorton published a paper in Psychological Bulletin in which they claimed the autoganzfeld studies of 1983-89 replicated the ganzfeld studies of 1974-81. They argued that the autoganzfeld, though much superior in design than the ganzfeld, got similar results. They listed a number of features of the autoganzfeld that seemed to answer the questions that any skeptic might have.
  2. These experiments, which looked so beautifully designed in print, were in fact open to fraud or error in several ways, and indeed I detected several errors and failures to follow the protocol while I was there. I concluded that the published papers gave an unfair impression of the experiments and that the results could not be relied upon as evidence for psi. Eventually the experimenters and I all published our different views of the affair (Blackmore 1987; Harley and Matthews 1987; Sargent 1987). The main experimenter left the field altogether.
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  5. ating just these sources of error. If Bierman et al’s estimate is assumed to be true, for argument’s sake, such a small effect size would mean that parapsychologists would have in future to test over 700 participants to have a good (80%) chance of obtaining significant results – an impossibility considering their limited resources.
  6. I bet the Ganzfeld procedure will be featured on SouthPark... if it has not already. Lol but the ganzfeld is more 'natural' if ya know what I mean, all that other shit kinda just makes you go out of..

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  2. Actually, what we know is that the jury is still out and it probably will never come in if the best that parapsychologists can come up with is a statistic in a meta-analysis that is unlikely due to chance. Even if we take the data at face value, we know that no matter how statistically significant the results are, the actual size of this psi effect is so small that we can’t detect it in a single person in any obvious way. We have to deduce it from guessing experiments. What hope do we have of isolating, harnessing, or expanding this power if a person who has it can’t even directly recognize its presence? Then again, what if Dean Radin is right?
  3. e tedesco Ganzfeld si può tradurre in italiano come campo totale. Si riferisce a un protocollo sperimentale in cui un soggetto viene sottoposto a deprivazione sensoriale per verificare le sue..
  4. However, doubts concerning the validity of Sargent's claims of success were voiced by Susan Blackmore, a psychologist then based at Bristol University who had herself previously carried out psi research but was emerging as a leading sceptic. In 1979 she visited Sargent’s laboratory at Cambridge, and four years later declared reservations about his work.17  In 1987, eight years after her visit, she published a detailed article describing her misgivings. The article abstract states:
  5. The ganzfeld experiments are among the most recent in parapsychology for testing telepathy.[1] For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for Ganzfeld experiment

However, the addition of non-ganzfeld data here confuses matters. The fact remains that the ganzfeld appears not work for most researchers, suggesting that the ganzfeld has not fulfilled its earlier promise as a procedure invulnerable to experimenter effects.  After my brother and I carried him inside, he started coming back to himself, and would respond to a few questions with answers that tended to be entirely nonsensical. It took another full half hour after that for him to completely normalize and he was left with a massive headache.Hyman re-calculated the result as, at best, a 33% hit rate – still statistically highly significant. But the problem remained that many studies were potentially faulty.However, there were enough problems with the original ganzfeld studies that Honorton and Hyman issued a joint communiqué in 1986 in which they detailed the kinds of safeguards that future experiments should take. Hyman writes: “In our joint paper, both Honorton and I agreed that there were sufficient problems with this original database that nothing could be concluded until further replications, conducted according to specified criteria, appeared.” In the joint paper, they wrote: “We agree that there is an overall significant effect in this data base that cannot reasonably be explained by selective reporting or multiple analysis. We continue to differ over the degree to which the effect constitutes evidence for psi, but we agree that the final verdict awaits the outcome of future experiments conducted by a broader range of investigators and according to more stringent standards (Hyman & Honorton, 1986, p. 351).

Certainly, Honorton’s meta-analysis had shown that the results of the earlier work did not depend on one or two laboratories: six out of ten had produced significant results. However, as noted above, these studies were not of the same quality as the autoganzfeld studies, and for Hyman they didn't count. A further negative factor was the inclusion of the dubious Sargent work.Parker, A. & Millar, (2014). Revealing parapsychology’s best-kept secret. Journal of Parapsychology, 78. Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: ganzfeld. ganzfeld in anderen Sprachen: Deutsch - Englisch

Bierman, D. J., Spottiswoode, J. P., & Bijl, A. (2016). Testing for questionable research practices in a meta-analysis: An example from experimental parapsychology. Retrieved from PLoS One. 2016 May 4;11(5):e0153049. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0153049. eCollection 2016. (March 7, 2017) Ganzfeld. 255 likes. Audiovisual noise/glitch/drone/ambient from Karlsruhe. Here's a short clip from Ganzfeld's interpretation of the Vox Populi archive earlier in the month in Vienna

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  1. Today's subject is ganzfeld experiments. Ganzfeld is German for whole field, referring to its A ganzfeld state is a bit different from sensory deprivation, as made famous in the movie Altered States
  2. ‘There is an overall significant effect that cannot be reasonably explained by selective reporting or multiple analysis. We continue to differ over the degree to which the effect constitutes evidence for psi, but we agree the final version awaits the outcome of future experiments conducted by a broader range of investigators and according to more stringent standards’.15
  3. One of the first issues to be resolved was that of ‘data massage’ or multiple analysis. In the ganzfeld, success could be identified by the target being correctly picked in preference to the non-targets (a ‘direct hit’). This would be most effective measure if ESP is an all-or-nothing process. But if information is partially conveyed, then other measures might be preferred: the sum of rankings given to targets compared with the decoys, or by rating the closeness of target content to the recalled imagery.  This issue was never entirely resolved. However, Honorton decided to keep direct hits as the measure, on the pragmatic basis that it was the most commonly used, and it has become the conventional method.13
  4. Hyman analyzed these experiments and wrote they met most, but not all of the "stringent standards" of the joint communiqué.[20] He expressed concerns with the randomization procedure, the reliability of which he was not able to confirm based on the data provided by Bem. Hyman further noted that although the overall hit rate of 32% was significant, the hit rate for static targets (pictures) was in fact insignificant (inconsistently with previous ganzfeld research). The overall significance of the experiments was solely due to dynamic targets (videos).[20] In the hit rates regarding these dynamic targets, however, some interesting patterns were found that implied visual cues may have been leaked:

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GANZFELD DENEYİ. 20 Cevap. 8 Favori. ilk edit test 1: uygun ortam sağlanamadığı için test yarına ertelendi yarın daha karanlık bir ortam daha yüksek ses ayık kafa ile gerçekleştireceğim Blackmore described how, on her own initiative and without Sargent's consent, she opened some of the envelopes and discovered they did not contain cards with the appropriate (randomly) selected code for the target pictures – a break in protocol. This irregularity could have been an accidental error, but it could also have been a fraudulent means of producing significant results. At least one other irregularity observed by Blackmore was the presence of Sargent with the subject during the judging stage, which could have allowed him to influence the subject’s selection of the target. Ganzfeld Effect Guarda i video clip on-line. Ganzfeld Effect. vues 97. Répétition à la radio 1 Storm, L., Tressoldi, P. E., & Di Risio, L. (2010). Meta-analysis of free-response studies, 1992– 2008: Assessing the noise reduction model in parapsychology. Psychological Bulletin, 136.While there are a number of reasons that researchers avoid special participants and sample only normal populations, these factors are important considerations in future replications of ganzfeld experiment, and may be useful in predicting the outcome of these studies.[29]

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The new ganzfeld studies show a near-zero effect size and a statistically nonsignificant overall cumulation... The autoganzfeld results have not been replicated by a "broader range of researchers." The ganzfeld paradigm cannot at present be seen as constituting strong evidence for psychic functioning.AnswerSave7 AnswersRelevanceEmbarrassed DemocratLv 58 years agoFavorite AnswerYou may not realize it, but "disorientation" or "sensory deprivation" techniques are sometimes used for "advanced interrogation" and are considered by some people to be a form of torture. I understand the Ganzfeld concept of trying to encourage telepathy by limiting sensory input, but you really have to improve your test subject selection process. Not everyone is cut out for this type of experiment.In fact the later analyses by Baptisa et al and by Storm et al suggest that psi behaves in this lawful way. However, in order to achieve this the authors had to remove so-called outliers – in particular the extremely successful 1977 study reported by Dalton47 which reached the record hit rate of 47%.  This may appropriately concede to Hyman an important point regarding experimenter effects.  From the meta-analyses reviewed above it is evident that the psi-ganzfeld does not work for most experimenters while for some it works extraordinary well. Removing outliers in the interest of making a more balanced or homogenous distribution may be fully justified for statistical purposes but it hides something fundamental about how psi works. It also seems somewhat arbitrary to exclude the Dalton study when it is considered that Parker Study 4 also gave 47%48 and Wezelman and co-workers obtained 44%.49 Effect sizes are also not so dissimilar.

In his most recent assessment Hyman went so far as to assert that meta-analysis is in any case insufficient for the purpose of scientific acceptance; a theory is needed – a tactic that does not merely move the goal posts, but obscures the goal altogether.42            The Skeptoid weekly science podcast is a free public service from Skeptoid Media, a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit. Album The Ganzfeld EP, Matmos. Tracking list e i testi dell'album: The Ganzfeld EP Data di pubblicazione: 16 ottobre 2012 Richard Wiseman published a paper discussing a non-psi hypothesis based on possible sender to experimenter acoustic leakage in the autoganzfeld to account for the results.[21][22] David Marks has written "Wiseman and his colleagues identified various different ways in which knowledge of the target could have been leaked to the experimenter. These included cues from the videocassette recorder and sounds from the sender who, of course, knew the target's identity... their conclusions provide little reassurance that sensory cueing of the experimenter was in any way substantially blocked."[6]

Ganzfeld deneyi olarak bilinen bu deney, görsel algımızın nasıl da karşılaştırma üzerine kurulu olduğuna dair nefis bir örnektir. Eğer sadece bir renk görüyorsanız ve görsel korteksi tetikleyecek.. Carl Sargent was one of the most successful ganzfeld researchers of the 1980s. His and his co-workers’ findings formed an important part of the early ganzfeld data analysed by Hyman and by Honorton.  That it was carried out at Cambridge University gave it political importance.Blackmore, S. (1987). ‘A report of a visit to Carl Sargent’s laboratory’, Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, 54. 8-Letter Words (1 found). ganzfeld. Comments. What made you want to look up ganzfeld? Include any comments and questions you have about this word

It is concluded that this data base is too weak to support any assertions about the existence of psi.The real-time autoganzfeld was therefore devised, with a timing feature introduced that synchronised mentation reports with film clips.54  This enables the receiver to record the imagery he or she is experiencing as they happen, via a microphone directly into the computer. The computer program superimposes these voice recordings (mentation reports) in real time onto both the target film clip and the three decoys. The judge (often the receiver) can then listen to the recording and decide which is the best match. The technique also enables the sender to listen to the receiver's voice from the ganzfeld room via a one way microphone communication to earphones or to speakers, adding considerable excitement to the procedure. The success of this technique seems now well-enough established to make it part of the gold standard for the future autoganzfeld research.55 

This article, along with further criticisms of Sargent's work from Adrian Parker and Nils Wiklund remained unpublished until 1987 but all were well known in parapsychological circles. Sargent wrote a rebuttal to these criticisms (also not published until 1987)[43] in which he did not deny what Blackmore had observed, but argued that her conclusions based on those observations were wrong and prejudiced. His co-workers also responded, saying that any deviation from protocol was the result of “random errors” rather than any concerted attempt at fraud.[44] Carl Sargent stopped working in parapsychology after this and did not respond "in a timely fashion" when the Council of the Parapsychological Association asked for his data, and so his membership of that organization was allowed to lapse.[45] Before we look at what happened next, let's hear out both Honorton and Hyman to see exactly what was right or wrong with the research. Most of this involved what are called meta analyses, which is when you combine the results of multiple studies with the goal of getting a better idea of what the whole body of research in a field has concluded. Meta analyses are tricky animals, because studies can be conducted in so many different ways, and are often of greatly varying quality. All sorts of statistical methods can be employed (rightly or wrongly) to try and account for and control these differences. It's not surprising — in fact it's to be expected — that researchers can come up with greatly differing findings doing meta analyses on the same set of studies. Please select Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) Danish Dutch English French German Hindi (Devanagari script) Hindi (Latin script) Italian Norwegian (Bokmål) Polish Portuguese Portuguese.. Somewhere along the path of exploration, I discovered several articles and passages related to a peculiar phenomenon known as the Ganzfeld Effect - something that's been used quite frequently in parapsychological research, in.. The experimenter, who was not so well shielded from the sender as the subject, interacted with the subject during the judging process. Indeed, during half of the trials the experimenter deliberately prompted the subject during the judging procedure. This means that the judgments from trial to trial were not strictly independent.

Refining the way targets are selected may also be important. The evidence suggests that, while emotional targets give better results than neutral ones, even better results can be achieved by emotional targets that contain special relevance for the receiver.63Parker, A. (2000). A review of the Ganzfeld work at Gothenburg University. Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, 64.

I would not refer to this depressing incident again but for one fact. The Cambridge data are all there in the Bem and Honorton review but unacknowledged. Out of twenty-eight studies included, nine came from the Cambridge lab, more than any other single laboratory, and they had the second highest effect size after Honorton's own studies. Bem and Honorton do point out that one of the laboratories contributed nine of the studies but they do not say which one. Not a word of doubt is expressed, no references to my investigation are given, and no casual reader could guess there was such controversy over a third of the studies in the database.The rationale behind the use of the ganzfeld for psi research is that the technique simulates in the lab many of the conditions that appear to be necessary – if not sufficient – for  psi to occur in ordinary life.  It seems clear that the later studies have fulfilled the requirements originally agreed by Hyman and Honorton.  Few parapsychologists accept his criticism that the use of film clips departs from the original methodology using static images, and is therefore not a true replication, since the same process is at work. Hyman’s recent concern about the limitations of meta-analysis may have substance in itself, but surely represents an unacceptable shift of stance with regard to the joint communiqué. 

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