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  1. I was not familiar with the term “tub thumping” so I had to google it. I learned that the term comes from the lyrics of a song; the lyrics can be read at http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/chumbawamba/tubthumping.html
  2. ent Nazi leader and commandant of the Plaszow concentration camp
  3. Shia LaBeouf's with his Wife Mia Goth Where Hands Touch: Amandla Stenberg, Abbie Cornish, George MacKay and Director Amma Asante Interview Captain Fantastic Clip - Don't die (farewell at..

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Mia Goth was cast in 'Nymphomaniac' when she was still a teenager. Goth's journey to playing Sara began with a Skype call with Guadagnino, a director she describes as.. (1) The accused as commandant of the forced labour camp at Plaszow (Cracow) from 11th February, 1943, till 13th September, 1944, caused the death of about 8,000 inmates by ordering a large number of them to be exterminated.I see that your problem is that you don’t understand how the war crimes trials were conducted after World War II. New laws were made by the Allies AFTER the alleged crimes were committed. These new laws applied only to the Germans and their Allies. The most important of these new crimes was called “participating in a common design or common plan to commit war crimes” or “co-responsibility for war crimes.” The war crimes that were prosecuted under this new law were new crimes such as “Crimes Against Humanity.”

oh my gosh dont u get it ? the movie was BASED on a true story look Amon up on wikipedia hes the worst man at that time. Monika doesnt feel sad she knows hes horrible.OK.and furtherglory u just dont get it do u? And Schindler was his “friend” because he wanted to stop him. In the movie he tells him that power is forgiveness. Its wrong but he did thet on purpose so that amon would stop killing.No Dip.IF FURTher glory if uya still dont believe me contact Helen Jonas!! Amon goeth lover thats what ur r dupidAmon was convicted of being a member of the Nazi party and a member of the SS, which was a volunteer Army. The Allies made a law that all members of the Nazi party and the SS were automatically guilty, even if they had done nothing wrong. Amon was guilty of the deaths of the prisoners in the camp, even if they died of disease. He was guilty of the murder of prisoners who were executed even if there was a reason that they were legally executed. He was a war criminal because he was on the losing side in a war. None of the soldiers in the Armies of the Allies were ever put on trial, no matter what they did during the war. The winners are never war criminals.I assume that you believe that Germany started World War II by invading Poland. I blogged about that at https://furtherglory.wordpress.com/2010/02/24/alfred-naujocks-and-the-start-of-world-war-ii/“on 13 March 1943, the Jewish ghetto of Kraków was closed down with the surviving inhabitants imprisoned in the new slave labor camp. Approximately 2,000 people died during the evacuation. At his later war crimes trial, it was revealed that Göth had personally killed many slave laborers during the action.”Keep in mind that these camps were set up for Germans who were put into these prisons BEFORE they ever did anything. That was not the case for the Polish citizens who were put into camps AFTER they became Resistance fighters.

Monika Göth. Goeth, Amon Leopold Göth (de); Amon Goeth (pt); Amon Goeth (en-gb); 阿蒙·歌德, 阿蒙·戈特, 阿蒙·哥德, 阿蒙·格特 (zh); Amon Goeth (da); ამონ გიოთი, გიოთი (ka); Amon Goeth.. Monika’s mother was Ruth Irene Kalder who was Oskar Schindler’s secretary before she became the mistress of Amon Goeth; she was a former movie actress.In the documentary Inheritance, Monika is shown at the site of the Plaszow camp as she meets Helen Jonas, who was one of the two women prisoners who worked for Amon Goeth in his home. Explore historical records and family tree profiles about Monica Goth on MyHeritage, the world's family history network

Holocaust denial is punishable by five years in prison in many European countries.   But what about Holocaust exaggeration?  For that, you get recognition, millions of dollars, and an Academy Award. Monika Pietrasinska (Моника Петросинска) Playboy February 2015 Poland. 23.02.2015. Источник Es entstand durch ein zweitägiges Interview mit Monika Hertwig, der 1945 geborenen Tochter des Im Jahr 2005 sagte Monika Hertwig (geborene Göth): Ich bin von der Archivarbeit begeistert

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Commandant Amon Goeth had two Jewish housemaids who lived in the basement of his villa: Helen Hirsch and Helen Sternlicht. Helen Hirsch is now Helen Horowitz and Helen Sternlicht, who is shown in the photo above, is now Helen Jonas, formerly Helen Rosenzweig. According to a book, entitled Oscar Schinlder, written by David Crowe, Goeth differentiated between the two Helens by calling Helen Hirsch by the nickname Lena and renaming Helen Sternlicht with the name Susanna. In the movie, the two Helens are a composite of the two real life Helens, although both Helens appear together briefly in one scene.this calls for a whole new type of research. such info should actually come out. so what was amon actually convicted of????

Последние твиты от Monica⚡ (@goth_monica). Black like my soul ▶My Chemical Romance◀ ¤Fan de la emo trinity y de TØP¤ Killjoy♡ ▪Universitaria▪ *Books* *fanfics.. I just can’t believe it, that people deny that this happened. Do you think people just make up such horrible experience for fun? Interview mit Monika Hertwig. Aus PemperWiki. Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche. 7 Auseinandersetzung mit Göth und dem NS. 8 Monika Hertwigs Rolle heute. 9 Helena Sternlicht Goeth’s mistress killed herself after she saw another documentary in which she herself had given an interview. She killed herself because the documentary twisted the facts, just as this new documentary does. If Amon Goeth was so evil, why did Oscar Schindler introduce his own secretary (Monica’s mother) to him? Why did Monica’s mother stay with Goeth to the very end? Why did Schindler remain friends with Goeth to the end? The photo above shows Helen Sternlicht Jonas on the left and Monika on the right. In the background is the Jewish memorial stone at the site of the former Plaszow camp. Goeth had two Jewish maids, both named Helen, who lived at his villa. Helen Hirsch Horowitz, the older of the two, was the maid that was featured in the film Schindler's List.

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  1. How do you explain the fact that his girl friend, Ruth Irene Kalder, stayed with him to the end? She even went with him to the place where he was sent after he was arrested and diagnosed with diabetes. How do you explain the fact that Oscar Schindler remained his friend until the end and even helped him to store some of the goods that Goeth had stolen from the Plaszow camp? How do you explain the fact that Oscar Schindler introduced his secretary, Ruth Irene Kalder, to Goeth so that he could invite her to move in with him as his girl friend?
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  3. Other units, working at different times at the murder sites, were themselves murdered once their work was done. The SS wanted no trace to survive either of their crimes, or of the slave laborers who were being forced to hide them. End Quote
  4. Monika Hertwig (* 7. November 1945 in Bad Tölz als Monika Kalder, zwischenzeitlich Monika Göth) ist die Tochter des KZ-Kommandanten Amon Göth und der Kosmetikerin Ruth Irene Kalder
  5. Apparently, Monika Goeth initiated the meeting with Helen by writing her a letter. She was trying to be nice to the woman who had worked for her father. Because of her goodness in trying to make amends for what her father had allegedly done, Monika was taken advantage of by the documentary film maker. She was taken to the house where her father DID NOT LIVE when he SHOT PRISONERS WITH A MACHINE GUN from his balcony, according to Helen. This could not have happened because there was a hill between the house and the camp. So, in other words, Helen lied in the documentary. Monika was made to suffer in order for James Moll to make some money off of her pain.

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There were two prisons (penal units) for SS men; one of them was at Dachau. There were 128 SS men in the penal unit at Dachau when the camp was liberated. The story that is told in the movie about how Amon Goeth chose his housemaid is actually closer to the story of how Helen Sternlicht Jonas was selected by Goeth.The world should never pity those officers you so feverishly try to defend(I thought you are just ill-informed, but now it starts to be REALLY disturbing why you do it), if I was to be in command of a machine that tortures and kills thousands of innocent people in front of my eyes, I would rather die myself, and I am not an army officer, and they’re supposed to have much more honour than the civillians, those German officers who had, decided not to follow the first Nazi orders and they died, and those are the only ones deserving respect.After World War II ended, the American military turned Amon Goeth over to the Polish government for prosecution as a war criminal. He was brought before the Supreme National Tribunal of Poland in Krakow. His trial took place between August 27, 1946 and September 5, 1946.

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  1. Monika Hertwig talks about her father Amon Leopold Göth — Смотреть на imperiya.by
  2. What is Monica? Can you remember the names of the children of all your friends? Monica lets you quickly and easily log all those information so you can be a better friend..
  3. Monika Göth was born in November 1945. Her father was executed by hanging on September 13, 1946 when Monika was 10 months old. His last words were "Heil Hitler."
  4. The SS soldiers were lined up and shot BEFORE the liberators got to the concentration camp. The shooting took place in the SS garrison, not inside the concentration camp. The reason given for the shooting of the SS men is that the liberators had found a train parked outside the camp, loaded with dead bodies. These prisoners had been killed when the train was strafed by American planes.
  5. In the background of the photo above is the rear of Amon Goeth's villa at Plaszow, where he allegedly shot prisoners in the camp with a high-powered rifle from the balcony.

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Photos of Amon Goeth's villa and his daughter Monika Göth

You wrote: “Keep in mind that these camps were set up for Germans who were put into these prisons BEFORE they ever did anything. That was not the case for the Polish citizens who were put into camps AFTER they became Resistance fighters.” again and again you repeat, that Polish citizens DID something that lead them to be put in concentration camps, are blind??? STOP repeating this bull and blasphemy!!! read my post and don’t even try to write about things you have no idea about!!! I enjoyed reading this page lots of interesting facts and concepts the only thing that makesme wonder is why the fuss over if he did or didnt shoot from his balcony and hit someone…weknow he killed and he was aweful…why be so passionate about one detail?

You wrote: “anyone involved in organising, overseeing or carrying out such a crime had to be convicted of mass murder.” And what about the barbaric experiments on prisoners in Dachau and Auschwitz?? You think ANY doctor can have ANY excuse for what those para-scientists did to those people? Will you defend THEM as well??You wrote: Btw. “fighting illegally”- are you insane? we were fighting against the occupyig army and under commands of our LEGAL government on exile.”I think the term you’re looking for furtherglory is “falsus in unum, falsus in omnibus” which is a legal principle meaning, essentially, if you lie about one part of a story, you should not be believed about any other part of your story. It a standard of legal precedent used in court cases in which a witness, once caught perjuring themselves, has his/her entire testimony disqualified. And I agree, I have no idea who or what Amon Goeth was, but I do think it is completely unfair to to have this man and his progeny equated with the devil because of an obvious lie that has been propagated through a medium(publishing and Motion pictures) that is not required to be held up to the scrutiny of true scientific peer-review or any real legal standard of justice. Other than the testimony of the two Helen’s(which have been proven to be, in some very important aspects, false – and again falsus in unum, falsus in omnibus) I have seen no other real, non-circumstantial or non-hearsay evidence that shows this man was anything like he was portrayed in Keneally or Speilberg’s works.

The photograph below shows Amon Goeth as he was escorted from the courtroom after being sentenced to death. At 6 foot 4 inches tall, Goeth towered over his Polish guards. Monica Dewey's conversation is exactly like her singing — cool, clear, brimming with intelligence and charged with humor. F. Paul Driscoll, Opera Magazine: February 2020

The American Military Tribunal had jurisdiction ONLY over men who staffed the concentration camps which American soldiers had liberated. These camps include Dachau, Buchenwald and Mauthausen. The AMT had no jurisdiction over the men who were on the staff of the Majdanek camp because Majdanek was liberated by the Soviet Union. The crimes committed by Martin Weiss at Majdanek could only be prosecuted by the Soviets. Weiss was convicted of crimes committed at Dachau before he could be put on trial by the Soviets. It had nothing to do with the nationality of the prisoners in the Majdanek camp. I don’t know the details of what happened. But what comes to mind, seeing as how I’ve also received awards, is that actors at one time were relegated to the other side of the wall and today are being consecrated. We’ve come a long way.

This tricky graduate interview question can intimidate graduates as they wonder how to show they are innovative. TARGETjobs reveals the answers to avoid, the best skills to talk about, careers where.. Come to the interview with some intelligent questions for the interviewer that demonstrate your Interviewers always ask if you have any questions, and no matter what, you should have one or two.. The movie is FICTIONAL!!! It is based on a novel called “Schindler’s Ark” which was written by Thomas Keneally. The movie “Schindler’s List” is NOT a documentary. There are many scenes in the movie which are not true. For example, in the movie, Amon Goeth pardons his 14-year-old groom when his work performance does not meet his standards, but then shoots him in the back with a high-powered rifle.did the american camps enslave the prisoners and forced the to work for big industries for nothing?? did they starve the prisoners??? did they beat them up and sent “unfit” individuals for executions???? did the camps hold children who were exposed to medical testing like lab animals??? of course when amon worked as a camp commandant he didnt know that what he was doing was illegal, coz it was legal in germany at the time to be a racist, in fact it was a matter of national pride to hate non-arians and to treat them as animals coz they belonged to a lower race/ species!!!! what he was doing was legal by nazi standards, but illegal by international laws, the geneva convention, and all human standards possible. if amon wasnt aware that what he was doing was immoral, then he was a party to the crime. and dont tell me he didnt know where he was sending the people he deemed as unfit in his camp and loaded them on trains. he knew so well where they were going and what their destination entailed. he was part of the cruel machine that was designed and operated to exterminate races deemed unworthy!!!!Most definitely the Antonioni films and then the comedies, like, for example, The Girl with the Pistol. Making people laugh is a wonderful thing. Discovering how to make people laugh is like discovering you are the king’s daughter.

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  1. als did not allow the defense of following orders, but that changed after the trials and now anyone in the military can use the defense of following orders.
  2. Yes. They are extraordinary. I’ve just seen Archibugi’s new film, and I think she’s very good. But there’s a whole group of good ones. They seem lighter, less tied to the traditional rules.
  3. The groom for Goeth’s horse was 14-year-old Irwin Gotfried, who survived the Holocaust. After the war, Gotfried emigrated to the San Francisco bay area where he lived in a community that included 2,000 other Holocaust survivors.

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When I wrote that it was the custom to bring criminals to the camps to be executed, I meant that convicted criminals, who were on “death row” waiting for execution, were brought from the German prisons to be executed at a concentration camp. Some of the convicted criminals were brought to Dachau and Buchenwald to be the subjects of medical experiments. During World War II, criminals in the German prisons, who were not on “death row” were sent to the camps where they were put to work, instead of serving their sentence in a jail cell.And THIS :”After the war, the Germans were rounded up and put into “war crimes enclosures” where they were treated worse than the concentration camp prisoners ever were.” – THIS is ABSUUUUURD!!! Give me the number of german civillians who died there? hem?? Saying they were treated worse than in any concentration camp is a BIG FAT UGLY LIE. Inger Irene Monica Göth's Geni Profile. Contact profile manager. Daughter of Karl Folke Göth and Gunhild Elisabeth Göth Sister of Yvonne Monica Gunhild Göth and Siv Anita.. Arthur Haulot was a prominent member of the International Committee of Dachau. He had more influence than the 31,000 prisoners in the camp, and especially more influence than the 15,000 prisoners who had only arrived at Dachau two weeks before the camp was liberated. He was not allowed to speak in defense of Martin Weiss at the trial.

The balcony on the upper story of the house in the photo is where Goeth shot prisoners in the camp with a high powered rifle when Plaszow was a labor camp and not yet under the jurisdiction of the SS Economic Administrative Main Office in Oranienburg, according to Thomas Keneally's novel Schindler's Ark, on which the movie Schindler's List was based. After the camp became a concentration camp, Goeth was not allowed to shoot prisoners at random, according to the novel. At the time that Plaszow was a labor camp, Goeth and his mistress Ruth Irene Kalder did not live in the house shown above.When Plaszow was being closed in the fall of 1944, Oskar Schindler requested that Helen Sternlicht and her sister, Anna, be put on the female “Schindler’s List.”One other thing: There was no defense against the new “common design” legal concept. In addition, the German “war criminals” were presumed guilty before they were put on trial. In a normal trial, the defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Martin Weiss was NOT proven guilty. Monika Göth in front of Amon Göth's villa at Plaszow. Photo Credit: Don Holtz. Shown in the photo above is Monika Göth standing at the rear of the house where Amon Goeth..

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There was no international law regarding concentration camps at that time. International law was created by the trials conducted by the Allies after the war. The Geneva Convention pertained only to Prisoners of War from countries which had signed the Convention. There were no POWs at the Plaszow camp. How can you say Goeth wasnt responsible for any murders? He lead the liquidation of the polish ghetto and there are eye witness accounts of his actions there as well as in the labor camp. There are also eye witness accounts of him shooting at workers there for sport. What are you getting out of denying this? And Schindlers story is fiction? That should be news to those whose lives he saved.

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Monika Hertwig talks about her father Hauptsturmführer Amon Goeth who was in In this first clip associated with the Inheritance lesson plan, Monika Hertwig recalls her father, the Nazi commandant.. Amon Goeth’s crime was that he was stealing from the warehouses at the Plaszow camp and taking bribes from the prisoners. That’s why he was arrested by Dr. Konrad Morgen. Schindler was arrested at the same time because he was helping Amon to store the stolen goods. Schindler was as much a criminal as Goeth, but he took a bunch of Jews with him when he moved back to his home town in Moravia because he needed the Jews to put in a good word for him. Otherwise, Schindler would have been convicted as a war criminal because he was a member of the Nazi party and he was in charge of a sub-camp of Plaszow.

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I don’t know politicians. I decided not to take on politics. We have little time. I like my friends, work, and then there are fifty things that interest me before politics. Having said that, I read at least two newspapers per day.“Martin Weiss, one of the Commandants at Dachau, was convicted by the American Military Tribunal of being a war criminal and hanged because he was responsible for all the deaths at Dachau while he was the Commandant, even though he had not personally killed or harmed anyone.” Nice try to manipulate the facts, the truth is that his “improvement of the conditions in the camp” was a direct consequence of the SS main economist, Oswald Pohl, order to increase the productivity of workers from the camp. The prohibition of regular beatings ordered by Weiss were only aimed at increasing the prisoners physical abilities to work. While Weiss was a in command of the Majdanek concentration camp, he was no less cruel than other commanders, quite on the contrary, the numer of executions was acctually raised under his command.

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I just skipped through ddlc to get to monika, just so I could get as far into her dialog as possible. this is one of her longer conversations. every minute or so, she'll start talking about something, she talks.. the jewish holocaust is an exaggeration, get a life. the true holocaust is what jewish americans did to the indiansThe prohibition of beatings was ordered by Heinrich Himmler, not by Weiss. Weiss ordered the prohibition of the “tree-hanging” punishment at Dachau before it was prohibited in all the camps. At the BFI LFF 2018 Premiere Scene's Claire Bueno and Mike Jonas interview Tilda Swinton and Mia Goth 2002, an interview book with Göth's daughter, Monika, was published in Germany under the name Ich muß doch meinen Vater lieben, oder? (But I must love my father, mustn't I?). For the first time..

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Flickering Myth's Tom Beasley chats with Mia Goth about Luca Guadagnino's Suspiria. A darkness swirls at the center of a world-renowned dance company.. OnlyFans.. Interview- Joyce Connor MUA - Majean G. Hello again beautiful people! In keeping with fashion month I thought I would have another related post but this time on make up You are correct. I made a mistake in a comment. However, I have it correct on my website at http://www.scrapbookpages.com/Poland/Plaszow/Plaszow03.html

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I have been blogging, almost daily, for three years. The blog post that has gotten the most hits is at https://furtherglory.wordpress.com/2010/06/02/did-amon-goeth-save-more-jews-than-oskar-schindler/There might have been some babies thrown alive into the fire. I wouldn’t put it past those Nazi monsters.Goeth was charged with being a member of the Nazi party and a member of the Waffen-SS, Hitler’s elite army, both of which had been designated as criminal organizations by the Allies after the war. His crime was that he had taken part in the activities of these two criminal organizations. The crime of being a Nazi applied only to Nazi officials, and Goeth had never held a job as a Nazi official. In fact, at the time of Goeth’s conviction by the Polish court, the judgment against the SS and the Nazi party as criminal organizations had not yet been made by the Nuremberg IMT.

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I think very positively of it. What’s new in Italian cinema is that it doesn’t seem like any other kind of cinema. It’s a new wave, a different way to tell stories, and I like it quite a lot. The actors are good. Today there’s acceptance even for those who don’t have a good voice. The big directors used to dub everything. Now they no longer do.so you actually believe that Dr. Morgen, the SS judge would have actually arrested amon on charges of murdering jewish prisoners!!! you actually believe that a nazi would ever try another for this kind of crime???The defendants in the trials of the American Military Tribunal were only charged with crimes against the Allies. Crimes committed at Majdanek against citizens of countries that were not Allies with America were not prosecuted by the AMT. America had no authority to prosecute Weiss for executions at Majdanek because Majdanek was not liberated by Americans. Crimes committed at Majdanek were prosecuted by the Soviet Union before the end of the war and by Poland after the war, but Weiss was dead by that time.Perhaps there are no divas, but that’s an advantage. There are so many very good young actresses – Margherita Buy and Valeria Golino. I personally have never been a diva. I’ve never been dubbed. That’s what is new today. You no longer dub.Occupation of germany had NEVER been even close to the HORROR of the occupation of Poland by German Nazis, check the numbers of CIVILLIANS who died in the time of the post-war occupation of Germany and WWII occupation of Poland!

(4) Between September, 1943, and 3rd February, 1944, the accused closed down the forced labour camp at Szebnie near Jaslo by ordering the inmates to be murdered on the spot or deported to other camps, thus causing the death of several thousand persons.I don’t understand your comment. You are replying to Paul, but you seem to be addressing the owner of this blog. You added “Dick.” Is that your name, or are you calling someone a “Dick.”?

Yes, I know that over 1/3 of the prisoners at Dachau were Poles. But were they innocent Polish citizens who were brought to Dachau for no reason? No, they were captured Resistance fighters, who were fighting illegally in violation of the Geneva convention. Dachau was mainly a camp for “political prisoners,” meaning that they were men who were “enemies of the German government.” Dachau was first set up as a camp for Communists who were trying to over throw the German government. […] Inheritance,” a documentary about Monika Hertwig, the daughter of Amon Goeth which you can read here. My blog post about the documentary Inheritance is in the top five of my most read […]Let me make it more clear to you why I am making a fuss about this documentary: A film that is called a documentary is supposed to be the TRUTH. In this documentary, Monika Goeth, the daughter of Amon Goeth, is confronted by a woman who worked for Goeth; she tells her that the people who died at the Plaszow camp died because of one man, who was Monika’s father. There were three Commandants of Plaszow and prisoners were brought there specifically for execution. Amon Goeth was responsible for seeing that the executions were carried out; he didn’t order the executions.How do we know Amon Goeth “killed” and how do we know he was “awful”? We know this from a NOVEL written by a novelist living in Australia who knew nothing about the Holocaust. His novel was turned into a FICTIONAL movie by Steven Spielberg. Based on that, Amon Goeth is now the most evil man who ever lived, second only to Hitler. His daughter now has to suffer because of the stories told by Thomas Keneally and Steven Spielberg. I made a “fuss” over “one detail” because this one LIE stands for all the lies told in the FICTIONAL story of Schindler’s List. These lies are harming living people who are completely innocent. This is the “common plan” theory of guilt, which was an ex post facto law that was made up by the Allies after the war. Amon Goeth didn’t know that it was a war crime to be involved with the concentration camps at the time that he worked in one of the camps. Besides that, Plaszow was not a “death camp.” There was no gas chamber at Plaszow.

Snippets from the documentary 'Inheritance'. Monika Hertwig talks about her father Hauptsturmführer Amon Goeth who was in charge of the Plazow Concentration Camp It is no secret that during all sorts of wars there are multiple examples of ill-treatment of the people involved,ussually on both sides of the conflict, but DO YOU TRY TO COMPARE AMERICAN INTERN CAMPS WITH NAZI CONCENTRATION CAMPS??? either you are crazy, or YOU NOW NOTHING and better stop writing in the iternetr, or at all, cause sorry, but are making an idiot of yourself, in front of the whole world. MONSTER [Big Bang]. 3:50. Monica Raymund In the film Schindler’s List, which is a fictional story based on a novel entitled Schindler’s Ark, the villa where Amon Goeth lived is shown being right next to the Plaszow camp when it was actually far away from the camp. The camp was located in a quarry, but not the quarry where Steven Spielberg filmed the movie. 16 Job Interview Struggles

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Monica Lewinsky has become a vocal anti-bullying advocate in the over 20 years since Monica Lewinsky arrives at the TrevorLIVE Los Angeles benefit event at the Hollywood.. You presented a top-notch resume, and you received a call for an interview. Now you need to know how to do a successful interview. We'll cover some great tips on how to.. (5) Simultaneously with the activities described under (1) to (4) the accused deprived the inmates of valuables, gold and money deposited by them, and appropriated those things. He also stole clothing, furniture and other movable property belonging to displaced or interned people, and sent them to Germany. The value of stolen goods and in particular of valuables reached many million zlotys at the rate of exchange in force at the time.The photo above shows Ralph Fiennes as Amon Goeth, shooting prisoners in the Plaszow camp in the movie Schindler's List. In the background is the quarry where Steven Spielberg built a replica of the Plaszow camp. The actual camp was in another quarry nearby, which was not visible from Amon Goeth's balcony. Note that the balcony shown in the movie was not the balcony of Goeth's villa. Interviews

Amon Goeth’s job did not involve selecting Jews to be sent to a death camp.He took bribes from the prisoners who were selected to be sent from the ghettos to Belzec and sent them instead to Plaszow which was not a death camp.This should be fucking removed. Exaggeration of what? 6 million innocent ppl were slaughtered, including children! Why would the survivors single him out as evil? The man was an unforgivable murdering piece of scum and may he rot in hell forever! 🙂

Noticias de última hora sobre la actualidad en España y el mundo: política, economía, deportes, cultura, sociedad, tecnología, gente, opinión, viajes, moda, televisión, los blogs.. Bottomline, you posted a great , UNBiased article on a very serious piece if history …you showed neither bias or opinion, you only examined and told the facts in a easy to understand, matter a fact way…and you did not deserve to be INSULTED for doing so. Come on people …..let’s evolve a little here.It was not against German law to set up and maintain a concentration camp. America also had concentration camps, although they were called “internment camps.” Putting American citizens in internment camps was a violation of the Fourth Amendment of the American Constitution. If Germany had won the war, every person in American who had any connection with the internment camps could have been prosecuted as a war criminal. Stop with this bullcrap! Amon was a killer, and I dont care if he killed from his house or from a hill! Do you even hear your self as you go on, and on with this shit? Is Amon a better man for not killing inside of his house? NO.. as you said, he maybe didnt get clear sight from there…. You are a just are pathetic, as Amon was…

Monica Lewinsky is launching a new social media campaign by replacing her Twitter name with the worst names she's been called Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden came off panicked in an interview that was supposed to put the Tara Reade sexual assault allegations to rest, raising questions about what incriminating.. When a person has diabetes, they can have emotional problems when their blood sugar is not normal. He may have had fits of temper when his blood sugar was too high or too low. But his good friends stayed with him through it all. He was diagnosed with diabetes after he was arrested for stealing from the camp. How do you explain the fact that he was not arrested earlier when he was killing people in the camp?

Btw. “fighting illegally”- are you insane? we were fighting against the occupyig army and under commands of our LEGAL government on exile.If Amon Goeth was as bad as you say he was, why did his mistress stay with him until the bitter end? His mistress was introduced to him by Oscar Schindler, who remained friends with Amon until the end. Why would Schindler introduce his secretary to a man who was shooting prisoners at random from his balcony? Why didn’t his mistress just walk out the door and leave Amon while he was busy murdering people out on the balcony? Monica Keena, Actress: Freddy vs. Jason. Monica Keena was born in New Jersey on May 28, 1979, to Bill and Mary Keena and was little sister to Samantha, the Keenas' first.. There were 31,000 prisoners at Dachau when the camp was liberated because prisoners had been brought to the main camp from the sub-camps, only weeks or days before the liberation. According to Holocaust Believers, the prisoners had been brought to the main camp in order to kill them. The true story is that the prisoners were brought to the main camp so that they could be turned over to the Americans in an orderly manner. Before the prisoners from the sub-camps were brought to the main camp, there were around 15,000 prisoners at Dachau.

wow furtherglory person would not accept the crimes of Goeth’s even if he/she will go back in time and see this crimes happening!! : ( WOW NOT EVEN WORTH IT argue with this person,,, so shock still people like this….. ok the balcony story not true YES what about the rest? just give straight responses to specific questions and stop quoting “you wrote” ” you wrote” just answer the F***ing question !!!!! is actually an insult defending this person people died in the most possible cruel salvage way !!!!!!! on my mothers side her great grand mother was never seen again EVER was dragged beaten before the eyes of their young children!!!!!!! by ss soldiers who were just “following orders” i cannot imagine people that had power to send orders to do this to people (sorry my english not good) 😦 u must love hitler ha tell us about him he is probably ur hero ! dont even bother replying to me . feel sorry for u Monika Hertwig, the daughter of Amon Goeth, is the subject of the 2008 PBS documentary film entitled Inheritance. James Moll, the film maker, deliberately used bad lighting to.. American internment camps were against American law. The people who were interned here were selected on the basis of race or ethnicity. German citizens living in South America were kidnapped and brought to America to be interned in a camp.“Amon Goeth could have done more good deeds than Oskar Schindler”….you are now stating what “could have been” and have strayed from the facts. There are no facts that he did anything but evil. Do not take a painting, paint over it, and then say it was the original painting. You lie in doing that. I understand that you are trying to get at the truth, but don’t try SO hard that you look right past it and find lies. The truth is he was evil. There were many witnesses to that. His mistress killed herself. His daughter deserves to live a life of peace. None of this was her fault. But you need to stop glossing over the truth with your “hopes” for a better past that didn’t actually happen. Stop it.

So I will repeat to you : Polish people (icluding Polish Jews) in Nazi concentration camps were innocent citizens who were brought there by the only reason: NO REASON, you know how Nazi army selected Poles for camps? Two or four trucks (on both sides of a street, any street, any time), soldiers come out with machine guns and dogs and take ALL the people, on the street, from the buildings on this street (the so-called “łapanka”, a method designed to make Poles afraid at all occasions), the old, and small children, or those who were resisting shot dead on spot, rest to the camp, if you find it a reason, GOD bless you, you need it. For your information, caught resistance-movement soldiers(Polish Underground Army) were mostly, after tortures, pretty fast executed. I don’t know how to find Monika’s e-mail address, but perhaps someone else reading this would know.When I arrived in Camp Plaszow, I was assigned to clean barracks. At the third day, a tall SS walked in the room, and he was Amon Goeth. At the time, I didn’t know who he was. But he looked around and he said to the woman that was in charge of us to send me to his house. And I really didn’t know what a brutal man he is, but he was a madman. He was a madman. He always, from the balcony he watched the camp, and he’s standing with the little machine gun through the window. He said, “You see those dumb heads? They’re standing, doing nothing.” He says, “I’m going to shoot.” And you could hear shooting like hell. And I could hear him whistling a happy tune, like he did so well. And this face with such satisfaction! I can’t forget that. The dreams after so many years he’s chasing me, I’m hiding. Because I lived in constant fear, constant fear, just looking at him. He was barbaric. An Interview with Monika Göth Hertwig on YouTube. C-SPAN Q&A interview with Jennifer Teege on My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me: A Black Woman Discovers Her.. Thank you. I think what this person is doing is deplorable. Pointless. These evil men are dead and have been dead for years. What is the point of trying to portray them as falsely accused? Let the Jews have their say, whatever it is, whatever they want to say, because it can do no harm. Germany is a respectable country again. This woman whose father was evil is living not with the fact that she is his child, but that her mother was wicked enough to abuse her verbally. As for the movie Schindler’s List, we all know it was BASED on actual events, making it fiction, but we also know there were ACTUAL EVENTS, and we cannot forget that! This person dishonors their loss!

Futherglory all you are presenting is your blog for your defense. We are not dumb to be persuaded by your propaganda easily. Why would we believe in your blog.. .I mean everything of it has your own insight…i assume that u are just fabricating something here. To do those who are reading ur articles, i must say that they have to read credible references. They better research to the accounts of the victim..not here. And the thing that he worked with Hilter would mean a thing. I guess the testimonies of the witnesses are enough to codemn him. Listen to the best Goth Interview shows. Goth Interview. shows. We couldn't find any related tags - remove a tag to change your results

Go to Cracow area and I guarantee you will be surprised how many eye-witnesses, or their stories (told to their children and grandchildren) of criminal activity of Goeth you may find, do you need more proof? Please don’t repeat that there is no proof, knowing what things acctually happened in Nazi camps and in whole Easter Europe during Nazi occupation, saying that there is no proof of a guilt of a commander of one of those camps is just ABSURD.Kairos, you’re beautiful! “She has a choice…And I am a Jew. Monika,stop blaming yourself. I view it as you are the only redeeming thing he ever produced. I am glad you are here…God Bless you…” Your touching humanity almost made me cry. I only hope Monika will read your lovely remark. I believe it has the power to help heal her pain.You have to be one of the biggest idiots ever to be set up a blog. I mean seriously all you have done is repeat the same bollocks about a balcony overlooking the fact that whether he held the gun himself or just agreed to letting people be murdered – he let people be murdered. If you don’t think that’s a monster, if you think that it’s okay to defend the someone responsible for one of the worst camps there where, then you’re as must as a monster and nazi sympathiser as he was. You are a complete idiot. I shall expect yet another copy and pasted version of teh same answer you’ve given every reply. That’s the problem with people who make all of their claims based on what they find on the web, it’s not actually reality. Dick.When the Germans began the construction of Plaszow in late 1942, Helen Sternlicht’s mother, Lola, and one of her older sisters, Sydel (Sydonia), were sent there to work. As the Krakow ghetto was being liquidated, Helen Sternlicht decided to try to sneak into Plaszow because she did not have the blue Kennkarte which was necessary for identification. Helen had already learned about the death trains to Belzec and was desperate to join her sister and mother at Plaszow. She hid in a milk wagon going to Plaszow but was discovered by the driver just before he arrived at the camp. She managed to escape his grasp and made it into the camp, where she was given a job cleaning barracks. One day while she was cleaning windows, Amon Goeth walked in and said, “I want this girl in my house. If she is smart enough to clean windows in the sunshine, I want her.”

Ironically, it is quite annoying to see Israelis continue to cover up their atrocities while inventing/exaggerating crimes of their enemies. This makes them worse than the Nazis because no one dares dispute them as it would be too controversial.You wrote: “he didnt know where he was sending the people he deemed as unfit in his camp and loaded them on trains. he knew so well where they were going and what their destination entailed.”Still shot from Inheritance shows the balcony where Amon Goeth allegedly shot prisoners in the Plaszow campAn SS officer in charge of one of the biggest Nazi concentration camps : “was convicted and hanged even though he had not personally done anything wrong whatsoever. ” – LOL, man, look at the absurdity of this, I’m sure he was innocent like the virgin mary.IN ADDITION to prosecuting the Germans for committing crimes against the prisoners in the camps liberated by the Americans, the AMT could also prosecute Germans who had committed crimes against Americans or their allies. For example, the AMT prosecuted Germans who had any association whatsoever with executing Soviet Commissars. The order to execute Soviet Commissars was given by Hitler, but anyone who was there at the time of the executions was guilty of a war crime, under the new rules set by the AMT. You can read about this at http://www.scrapbookpages.com/DachauScrapbook/DachauTrials/WilhelmRuppert.html

“During these selections the Germans massacred hundreds people, the ghetto streets were soaked in the blood of their victims. The Germans executed hospital patients, the old, as well as children from the orphanage that was situated in the ghetto. The Optima factory saw the isolation of hundreds of Jews in extreme heat without food or water before their subsequent deportation to the death camps.“On March 13-March 14, 1943 the final ‘liquidation’ of the ghetto was carried out under the command of SS-Untersturmführer Amon Göth. Eight thousand Jews deemed able to work were transported to the Plaszow labor camp. Those deemed unfit for work – some 2,000 Jews – were killed in the streets of the ghetto on those days. Any remaining were sent to Auschwitz.[2]”The fact is: No matter how nice a guy Amon might have been, he was a cold blooded murderer. Manson was said to be charming. Bundy was extremely charismatic and Eichman threw lavish parties. Guess what?! THey are still murderers, deranged plain and simple. While you can’t hold the guilt of the parents to the child, there is the possibility of the child coming to terms with what their parents do. Eichman’s youngest spoke out many times against his father’s activities. But at least he acknowledged them. Search for Monika Goeth. Filter. Title 0 I thank you for your thorough research. I agree with you that documentaries should be factual, no matter who the subject is. Those who responded with vitriol to your reasoned rebuttal of the flawed narrative including murders from a balcony that could not have possibly happened are missing your point entirely. Truthfulness and accuracy are ALWAYS important. The introduction of fabricated events, perhaps to ‘juice up’ a documentary, should properly cause us all to question if its other assertions can be relied on. Your search for truth, and rebuttal of inaccuracies and falsehoods, does NOT make you a holocaust denier. Those who have equated the two should be ashamed of themselves. I would like to ask you about the eyewitness accounts stating that Goeth set his dogs on prisoners to tear them limb from limb. Has your research authenticated them?

By pointing out that the Poles were “allies with British forces and with Americans,” you are admitting that these prisoners were fighting alongside the Allies in a war. They were not innocent people, who were minding their own business, who were pulled out of their homes and taken to Germany where they were put into a concentration camp. (3) As a SS-Hauptsturmführer the accused carried out on 3rd September, 1943, the closing down of the Tarnow ghetto. As a result of this action an unknown number of people perished, having been killed on the spot in Tarnow; others died through asphyxiation during transport by rail or were exterminated in other camps, in particular at Auschwitz. Interview Magazine. Prep Goth. Source: interviewmagazine.com Published: June 2016. Vie Monika Hertwig, Tochter des KZ-Kommandanten Amon Göth Bild: F.A.Z. - Foto Wolfgang Eilmes. Einen Mantel des Schweigens breitete man in der Familie Göth über die Vergangenheit des..

In Schindler's list there's a scene in which Amon Göth, the commandant of the concentration camp, shoots some prisoners from his balcony Well, you seem to want to get at the straight facts of the matter, as is your right; but after the war, wasn’t it logical that no one would care to defend the Nazis, seeing as how they had started the war? Isn’t ‘the truth’ the first victim of the war? My point is, no one then cared to say anything for the Nazi’s case, even for the historical record.

Did the Commandant of Plaszow really shoot prisoners at random, from his balcony, just for the fun of it?  Not unless he had some special kind of rifle that could shoot bullets over a hill.It’s a game, freedom. A great invention. We should take flowers to the person that invented it. It’s a gift to go see. I always go. And I watch television like everyone else but not passively. I am choosy. Il rosso e il nero, for example, or Costanzo’s show, but I am not a habitual watcher.

He mentions Annalise was his mentor and writes How to Get Away With Murder on the board. End scene. Read an interview from the creator of the show at the source “It was not against German law to set up and maintain a concentration camp.”- but it WAS against Polish law to kidnap on a massive scale Polish civillian citizens, torture them, and transfer them to concentration camps in Germany-like Dachau, do you know that over 1/3 of all prisoners in Dachau were Poles, who were allies with British forces and therefore also with Americans, though because of occupation it was through the Polish Underground Army and Polish Emmigrant Government wich was the legal Polish Government during WWII and they were valid regulations between our coutries before post-war Soviet influences in Poland.She was not being attacked. She herself said she doesn’t like the children of any of the perpetrators. This film was documented in her words. She was not shown as a monster, but rather a very sensitive woman. I agree that she should not pay for the price of a man she never knew, but in her own words she states that although she cannot change the past, she can create a better future. How is this portraying her as a monster? As for Goeth, nobody in the film “Inheritance” claimed in the camp from his balcony, but rather that he shot people walking TO the camps. I agree that it is unlikely that this actually happened, but you are treading on VERY THIN ICE with your claims. You sound like a sympathizer to the Nazi agenda, and that is not good. Is it so bad that a man who was responsible for the killing of thousands of innocent people (as well as an entire political party) be characterized, even fictionalized, in a film as a monster? Even a film that was well advertised as “fiction”? He was as selfish, evil man who deserved to die along with any and all SS men and women who took the innocent life of even ONE JEW. I don’t believe that a single SS Nazi died unjustly after the war. More than 6 millions Jews were killed in WWII. That didn’t happen in a battle where they were able to defend themselves. You mock their death with your pointless inquiries. I suggest you search for a more meaningful goal in life.There were a few people who spoke out for the Nazi’s case after the war. For example, John F. Kennedy who spoke out on his own and also wrote a chapter in his book “Profiles in Courage,” about Robert A. Taft’s defense of the Nazi’s case at the Nuremberg IMT. You can read this chapter of Kennedy’s book at this web site: http://www.jfkmontreal.com/profiles_in_courage.htm

Amon Goeth did not have the authority to order prisoners of a labor camp to be murdered on the spot. Keep in mind that Goeth had been arrested by Dr. Georg Konrad Morgen, the SS judge who investigated him. He was arrested because he took property from the inmates as bribes to keep them off the list of prisoners to be sent to a death camp. Schindler was arrested at the same time by the SS judge because he was hiding the property taken by Goeth. Goeth was not arrested by Dr. Morgen on a charge of murdering prisoners, which seems to indicate that he did not murder prisoners of a labor camp on the spot. You can read about the trial of Amon Goeth here: http://www.ess.uwe.ac.uk/WCC/goeth.htmAmon Goeth was found guilty on all counts. He was hanged in Krakow on September 13, 1946, exactly two years to the day that he left the Plaszow camp after being arrested. The scene of his hanging was filmed and the film clip is included in the documentary “Inheritance.” Goeth’s body was cremated and his ashes were thrown into the Weichsel river.Oh and forget the movie, I have read lots of factual accounts of survivors who claimed he was evil and and cruel and a cold blooded murderer, they gained no academy award for such claims! These survivors could have made these claims about any person, why him? Sign me up!

In the fall of 1998, I visited the site of the former Plaszow camp and my tour guide took me to see Amon Goeth’s house, which is shown in the photo above.  I asked the guide where the camp was located and she said, “You can’t see the camp from here because it is behind a hill.” The guide told me that the house next door, shown in the photo below, was actually used in the film “Schindler’s List” because it was nicer than Goeth’s real house.btw, I would like to remark that you often write Germans instead of German Nazis and that is a big difference, you should regognize the fact that not all German people were acctually Nazis but the country was governed by such, and the high rank officers unfortunately, no matter how much respect one may have for the army, were also NAZIS, even if not all were murderers in their hearts, they became ones in their deeds, being in command of a unit, one takes responsibility for it, and they made their choice so they met their end, which was ONLY a consequence of their own previous decisions.In 1943, SS Judge Dr. Georg Konrad Morgen of the Haupt Amt Gericht (SS-HAG) was given an assignment to investigate and prosecute corruption and unauthorized murder at the Buchenwald concentration camp. His next assignment was to investigate the Plaszow camp. As a result of his investigation, which involved interviewing the prisoners, Amon Goeth was arrested by the Central Office of the SS Judiciary and imprisoned. Goeth was charged with stealing from the warehouses and factories at Plaszow, but not with shooting prisoners from the balcony of his home. There is no evidence whatsoever that Amon Goeth shot prisoners from his balcony, which was not even possible in real life.

I was losing sleep over your comments, so I did a new post yesterday about Schindler’s List, which you can read at https://furtherglory.wordpress.com/2011/05/25/America had internment camps for Japanese-Americans and German-Americans during the war. Was everyone who was associated with these camps a war criminal? Setting up these camps was a violation of the Bill of Rights of the American Constitution. Was Roosevelt a war criminal for doing this? German-Americans were kept in internment camps for two years after the war was over.

Adam Grünewald, the Commandant of Hertogenbosch, was convicted of maltreatment of prisoners and sent to a penal unit. Karl Kuenstler, a Commandant of Flossenbürg concentration camp, was fired from his job for drunkenness and debauchery.Do you think it’s right that Marcello Mastroianni complained about what is happening in Italy right as he was receiving an award from Culture Minister Jack Lang?It would certainly have been a pleasure to watch a child grow up. Perhaps it would have been nice, but as I have never had any, it’s not a problem.Pat Buchanan spoke out for the German case in a recent book, “Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War.” He explains in great detail that it was the British that started World War II, not Germany.Helen Hirsch moved to Israel after World War II ended, and became part of the close-knit circle of the “Schindler Jews” in Israel who provided the information that became the basis for Thomas Keneally’s novel Schindler’s Ark and Steven Spielberg’s movie Schindler’s List. Snippets from the documentary Inheritance. Monika Hertwig talks about her father Hauptsturmführer Amon Goeth who was in charge of the Plazow Concentration..

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