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Currently, there is no approved diabetes treatment like this available in the US. Through his company Stem Cell Bahamas, Dr. Mesples is conducting a clinical trial at Doctors Hospital - Bahamas Medical Center in Nassau, The Bahamas. This trial is open to any type 1 diabetic and chronic type 2 diabetic worldwide.For companies and academic scientific researchers: We are looking to support an array of scientific work related to COVID-19 disease. Examples of this include diagnostics, therapeutics, or modeling for epidemiological characteristics. We hope to accommodate applications for fast-track funding via the short form below: 

Heavy neutron irradiation of plutonium results in four major isotopes of einsteinium: 253Es (α-emitter with half-life of 20.47 days and with a spontaneous fission half-life of 7×105 years); 254mEs (β-emitter with half-life of 39.3 hours), 254Es (α-emitter with half-life of about 276 days) and 255Es (β-emitter with half-life of 39.8 days).[57][45] An alternative route involves bombardment of uranium-238 with high-intensity nitrogen or oxygen ion beams.[58] Einsteinium was discovered as a component of the debris of the first hydrogen bomb explosion in 1952, and named after Albert Einstein. Its most common isotope einsteinium-253 (half-life 20.47 days) is produced artificially from decay of californium-253 in a few dedicated high-power nuclear reactors with a total yield on the order of one milligram per year. The reactor synthesis is followed by a complex process of separating einsteinium-253 from other actinides and products of their decay. Other isotopes are synthesized in various laboratories, but in much smaller amounts, by bombarding heavy actinide elements with light ions. Owing to the small amounts of produced einsteinium and the short half-life of its most easily produced isotope, there are currently almost no practical applications for it outside basic scientific research. In particular, einsteinium was used to synthesize, for the first time, 17 atoms of the new element mendelevium in 1955. To learn more about the organization and their cutting edge procedure, you can read their project summary here:In other words, a DAO is the perfect instrument to distribute crypto-currencies i.e. it is through commerce and economic activity (via investment) that we find the path to the planetary adoption of crypto Einsteinium-253 (half-life 20.47 days) was identified in 1952 by teams of scientists from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the Argonne National Laboratory and the Los Alamos Scientific..

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Most of the available einsteinium toxicity data originates from research on animals. Upon ingestion by rats, only about 0.01% einsteinium ends in the blood stream. From there, about 65% goes to the bones, where it remains for about 50 years, 25% to the lungs (biological half-life about 20 years, although this is rendered irrelevant by the short half-lives of einsteinium isotopes), 0.035% to the testicles or 0.01% to the ovaries – where einsteinium stays indefinitely. About 10% of the ingested amount is excreted. The distribution of einsteinium over the bone surfaces is uniform and is similar to that of plutonium.[98] Although no new elements (apart from einsteinium and fermium) could be detected in the nuclear test debris, and the total yields of transuranium elements were disappointingly low, these tests did provide significantly higher amounts of rare heavy isotopes than previously available in laboratories.[69] Diabetes is a growing epidemic and it is global. In the United States alone, 30.6 million children and adults (10-13% of the population) have diabetes. Currently, one in three newborns in the U.S. are projected to be diagnosed with diabetes during their lifetime. The World Health Organization claims diabetes is an epidemic without control. It is one of the leading causes of mortality in the world, causing over 6 million deaths annually. Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the US.

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Einsteinium has been around since 2014, and since its inception has served the same purpose: funding scientific projects voted on by its holders. Einsteinium's Telegram and Reddit communities.. According to a recent Reddit post, the user known as Team-periwinkle is planning to perform a 51% attack against the Einsteinium cryptocurrency. This project is a small-cap altcoin, and it seems it has.. Einsteinium (Es) - Einsteinium is the seventh transuranic element with the symbol Es and atomic number 99 of the actinide series to be discovered, was identified by Ghiorso at Berkeley Reddit.com. Select. No Max Group Solo Only Duo Only Trio Only. Extended Search. Reddit.com/r/PlayRust - Monday - EU. Official. Wipe

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Welcome to Reddit's official /r/PlayRust Main EU server! - No cheating or exploiting. No impersonation of staff members These results were published in several articles in 1954 with the disclaimer that these were not the first studies that had been carried out on the elements.[12][13][14][15][16] The Berkeley team also reported some results on the chemical properties of einsteinium and fermium.[17][18] The Ivy Mike results were declassified and published in 1955.[8] Reddit and Crisis Text Line plan to deliver live mental health help to Redditors. Reddit has unveiled its new manipulated media policy just days after Facebook rolled out similar rules on deepfakes Dr. Mesples’ treatment protocol of transplanting autologous bone marrow stem cells, without immuno suppression, into chronic type 1 diabetic patients, is a treatment that drastically improves the health and quality of life of the diabetic patient. This treatment manages to recover the function of the injured pancreatic islet cells and increase the production of insulin in 75% of patients within 4 months after treatment. Allowing treated patients to achieve metabolic stabilization, requiring lower doses of insulin or becoming insulin free for 3 to 5 years. The treatment does not cause lesions in the bone marrow, which recovers quickly after transplantation, so the treatment can be repeated as many times as necessary to continue or improve metabolic stabilization.The Aragon Network is due to go live by year’s end. The product, currently in alpha, is already very user-friendly and comprehensive in terms of features, the most immediate consequence of its use which will be the creation of (hopefully) a tidal wave of decentralized autonomous organisations (DAOs)

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  1. We are deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Stephen Hawking. He was an incredible human being who made an immeasurable contribution to science and humanity. Though his legacy will live on forever, he will be greatly missed by all.
  2. Einsteinium(III) oxide (Es2O3) was obtained by burning einsteinium(III) nitrate. It forms colorless cubic crystals, which were first characterized from microgram samples sized about 30 nanometers.[28][35] Two other phases, monoclinic and hexagonal, are known for this oxide. The formation of a certain Es2O3 phase depends on the preparation technique and sample history, and there is no clear phase diagram. Interconversions between the three phases can occur spontaneously, as a result of self-irradiation or self-heating.[83] The hexagonal phase is isotypic with lanthanum(III) oxide where the Es3+ ion is surrounded by a 6-coordinated group of O2− ions.[75][80]
  3. ology, perks, and how to navigate the various communities of the popular social platform
  4. Global Cell Med USA intents to present to the FDA the clinical trial data from Argentina, China, and Bahamas and use that data to get credit for completing Phases 1 and 2 in the FDA’s new stem cell treatment approval process. If approved the US clinical trial will begin as a final Phase 3 trial.
  5. He correctly points out that money flows from the top, down through controlled channels that limit the amount of power any individual is allowed to have, and cleverly identifies that whilst crypto(-currencies) have done very well with issuance (the “printing” of money, in his parlance), they’ve done less well with adoption (distribution)

The human body has a complex system to convert digested food into energy, which is necessary for survival. The body’s digestive system converts digested food into glucose, often referred to as blood sugar, and it is deposited into the blood stream. The glucose in the blood stream is taken into cells where it is converted to glucagon, the body’s energy source. Insulin is the key enzyme in this process and it is made primarily in the islet cells within the pancreas. Type 1 diabetics have none or very small amounts of naturally produced insulin in their bodies. They cannot convert blood sugar into glucagon so they have no way to produce life supporting energy. Shutterstock koleksiyonunda HD kalitesinde Einsteinium Emc2 Cryptocurrency Einsteinium Coin On temalı stok görseller ve milyonlarca başka telifsiz stok fotoğraf, illüstrasyon ve vektör bulabilirsiniz Litecoin source tree. Contribute to emc2foundation/einsteinium development by creating an account on GitHub

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  1. g at production of higher transuranic elements and transactinides.[93]
  2. ated, and their intrinsic properties are often deduced by extrapolating back experimental data accumulated over time. Other experimental techniques to circumvent the conta
  3. Einsteinium (EMC2) price, performance and general information. 24h. 7d. Name. Einsteinium. Symbol. EMC2. Rank. #207. Einsteinium price. $0.04343. Market Cap
  4. ation of the debris from the explosion had shown the production of a new isotope of plutonium, 24494Pu, which could only have formed by the absorption of six neutrons by a uranium-238 nucleus followed by two beta decays.
  5. The Einsteinium Foundation (EMC2) is committed to helping with the response to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. We are actively looking to fund innovation in the area of therapies, drugs, and vaccines related to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. We urge members of the Einsteinium community actively involved in scientific work to reach out to us via email (projects@emc2.foundation) or the short form below. Additionally, for any member of the crypto community at large that believes in our mission and is looking to be involved in some manner, we have a short form below where you can sign up.
  6. Einsteinium is an item added by the MineChem mod. It has the Atomic Number of 99 and is a Radioctive, Metal, Solid, Actinide Element. Einsteinium can be used to create the following items: Ender Pearl. Enderium Blend. Enderium Ingot (Thermal Foundation). View All FTB Twitter Feed
  7. Unfortunately, type 1 diabetics are predisposed to diabetes. It is a generic disease so one cannot be naturally infected with the disease. Generally some kind of trigger, either internal and/or external, signals the diabetic’s autoimmune system to treat their islet cells in their pancreas as an antigen or foreign invader to the body. The autoimmune system then destroys the insulin producing islet cells and the process for creating energy for the body.

Learn more about Einsteinium (EMC2). You can mine the Einsteinium decentralized digital coin, which is done so using the Scrypt algorithm along with the proof of work (pow) consensus Einsteinium is a synthetic element with the symbol Es and atomic number 99. As a member of the actinide series, it is the seventh transuranic element. Einsteinium was discovered as a component of the debris of the first hydrogen bomb explosion in 1952, and named after Albert Einstein You can buy Einsteinium with Bitcoin on Bittrex. What is Einsteinium? A Beginner's Guide. So how does Einsteinium accomplishes its philanthropic mission and what makes it so attractive to investors Beta When the price hits the target price, an alert will be sent to you via browser notification. To receive alerts, please allow web browser notification permission. Live Einsteinium data, market capitalization, charts, prices, trades and volumes. Einsteinium is a type of digital crypto currency, utilizing peer-to-peer transactions, mining and other technological feats..

Once the Phase 3 clinical trials results have been examined and approved by the FDA, Global Cell Med USA will obtain a permit to market Dr. Mesples’ treatment protocol to qualified medical practitioners that treat diabetes in the US. Einsteinium is a proof of work currency with a philanthropic side goal of funding scientific research and cutting-edge IT and crypto projects. Advertise Here or Hide Ads

NASAA, which released a warning for Main Street investors regarding the risks associated with crypto and ICOs early this year, said the probe is focusing on suspicious cases of initial coin offerings (ICOs). Einsteinium (EMC2) güncel fiyatı, değişim grafikleri, analizler ve haberler. 1 EMC2 ne kadar ediyor Geçmişten günümüze Einsteinium (EMC2) fiyatları. Neler kaybettiğini veya kazandığını görebilmen.. In his recent article Why Everyone Missed the Most Mind-Blowing Feature of Cryptocurrency, Daniel Jeffries makes the point that the true power of crypto-currency technologies lies in its ability to disintermediate the issuance and distribution of money i.e. to replace the 400 year old banking cartel that runs the world, and the attendant violence that keeps it in power Zeus Protocol and Einsteinium, a Cryptocurrency Zeus Protocol and Einsteinium, a Cryptocurrency that Focuses on Generating Funds for Scientific Research are excited to announce a partnership

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  1. Like all synthetic transuranic elements, isotopes of einsteinium are very radioactive and are considered highly dangerous to health on ingestion.[3]
  2. istration and enter their approval process at Phase 3. This is the last clinical phase before the stem cell treatment is approved for mass marketing as a medical practice.
  3. It also creates massive costs and expenditures for individuals and healthcare systems. In the U.S., the total annual economic cost of diabetes in 2015 was an estimated $245 billion.

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Reddit: 3,187 subs. Bitcointalk , Chat. Alert. News from Einsteinium's Team. All Cryptos News JCI is the international arm of the U.S.-based Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO); the same body that certifies more than 21,000 hospitals in the United States. Fewer than 850 hospitals outside of the United States have earned the accreditation and Doctors Hospital remains one of only two acute care hospitals in the Caribbean region to be recognized for its consistent adherence to international quality standards.

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  1. utes. It crystallizes upon cooling at about 425 °C into an orange solid with a hexagonal structure of UCl3 type, where einsteinium atoms are 9-fold coordinated by chlorine atoms in a tricapped trigonal prism geometry.[78][85][87] Einsteinium(III) bromide (EsBr3) is a pale-yellow solid with a monoclinic structure of AlCl3 type, where the einsteinium atoms are octahedrally coordinated by bro
  3. To help heal type 1 diabetics, utilizing Dr. Mesples’ diabetes treatment protocol in the United States.
  4. The atmospheric results were supplemented by the underground test data accumulated in the 1960s at the Nevada Test Site, as it was hoped that powerful explosions conducted in confined space might result in improved yields and heavier isotopes. Apart from traditional uranium charges, combinations of uranium with americium and thorium have been tried, as well as a mixed plutonium-neptunium charge, but they were less successful in terms of yield and was attributed to stronger losses of heavy isotopes due to enhanced fission rates in heavy-element charges. Product isolation was problematic as the explosions were spreading debris through melting and vaporizing the surrounding rocks at depths of 300–600 meters. Drilling to such depths to extract the products was both slow and inefficient in terms of collected volumes.[5][64]

Original text is taken form https://cointelegraph.com/news/us-and-canadian-securities-regulators-coordinate-ico-probe-in-operation-cryptosweep Einsteinium coin is a Bitcoin-like currency with a philanthropic objective of funding scientific research, cutting edge IT and crypto currency Einsteinium [EMC2] is a cryptocurrency with its own blockchain Unfortunately, changing this behavior, as much as has been tried, is not within the realm of possibility, simply because those structures have amassed sufficient power to retain their status quo

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  1. Welcome to my Reddit Video Downloader. Here you can download Reddit videos (with audio). Also convert Reddit Videos to mp3. All we need is a Reddit Post Link
  2. He thought that science was a powerful instrument. Einstein died in 1955. The artificial element einsteinium has been named in his honour
  3. However, owing to its low melting point and high rate of self-radiation damage, einsteinium has high vapor pressure, which is higher than that of lithium fluoride. This makes this reduction reaction rather inefficient. It was tried in the early preparation attempts and quickly abandoned in favor of reduction of einsteinium(III) oxide with lanthanum metal:[27][29][74]
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Einsteinium price today is $0.04352350 with a 24-hour trading volume of $77,807. EMC2 price is down -0.6% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 220 Million coins and a max supply of 300 Million coins. Bittrex is the current most active market trading it. In order to explore addresses and transactions, you may use block explorers such as emc3.cryptocloudhosting.org and emc2.tokenview.com. Additional information can be found at https://www.emc2.foundation/. "We’re putting ourselves in the shoes of investors. We’re seeing what’s being promoted to investors. And then we’re taking the next step and then we’re finding out whether they’re complying with securities laws." Reddit Only. Filter. Filters ×. From Einsteinium. Reddit Only. ×

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Contrary to the lighter actinides californium, berkelium, curium and americium which crystallize in a double hexagonal structure at ambient conditions, einsteinium is believed to have a face-centered cubic (fcc) symmetry with the space group Fm3m and the lattice constant a = 575 pm. However, there is a report of room-temperature hexagonal einsteinium metal with a = 398 pm and c = 650 pm, which converted to the fcc phase upon heating to 300 °C.[27] The word relating to the great Albert Einstein. It describes a person or a group of people who are exceptionally smart and far superior to others. Someone who has einsteinium qualities will live far.. Like ownership in bitcoin, participation in a DAO is open i.e. anyone on the planet regardless of income level, faith, political inclination or jurisdiction can become a token holder without requiring permission. A child in Jakarta can buy tokens the same as an investment banker in New York because the DAO serves everyone equally Einsteinium (EMC2) historic and live price charts from all exchanges. Find all related cryptocurrency info and read about Einsteinium's latest news Reddit is an interesting place. If you enjoy NSFW then you need to checkout the best Reddit NSFW threads. Check out Reddit NSFW on your Android, iOS or Computer

As I’ve recounted elsewhere, investors no longer even know what dividends are, and CEOs collect as much of the profit as they can (and particularly in the US, that is quite a lot) at the expense of shareholders, employees and customers. The management of modern corporations consists of manufacturing substandard products, lobbying governments so they can manipulate markets, cooking the books and generally bamboozling the public to keep sales high — all with the single aim of amassing as much value into the hands of the few (management), at the expense of the many (shareholders)The isotope 248Es was produced by irradiating 249Cf with deuterium ions. It mainly decays by emission of electrons to 248Cf with a half-life of 25±5 minutes, but also releases α-particles of 6.87 MeV energy, with the ratio of electrons to α-particles of about 400.[61] We are pleased to be sharing their important work and look forward to helping them reach their goals once we launch our Einsteinium Accelerator later this summer.

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  3. The new trial in the Bahamas will utilize a larger patient base and develop a standard protocol for the stem cell re-transplantation process. At the conclusion of the Bahamas’ clinical trial, Dr. Mesples will apply for a marketing permit from the Bahamian Government to begin selling his treatment to medical practitioners that treat diabetic patients from around the world.
  4. Einsteinium is highly reactive and therefore strong reducing agents are required to obtain the pure metal from its compounds.[73] This can be achieved by reduction of einsteinium(III) fluoride with metallic lithium:
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At the time, the multiple neutron absorption was thought to be an extremely rare process, but the identification of 24494Pu indicated that still more neutrons could have been captured by the uranium nuclei, thereby producing new elements heavier than californium.[4] Einsteinium EMC2 Information. Автор: einsteinium , 1 марта 2014 в CRYPTOCURRENCY ANNOUNCEMENTS

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einsteinium. Από Βικιλεξικό. Μετάβαση στην πλοήγηση Πήδηση στην αναζήτηση Einsteinium (EMC2) là một altcoin sử dụng thuật toán Scrypt PoW với khoảng 300 triệu coin. Einsteinium có sứ mệnh huy động quỹ nghiên cứu khoa học dựa vào thuế khai thác.. Einsteinium-247 (half-life 4.55 minutes) was produced by irradiating americium-241 with carbon or uranium-238 with nitrogen ions.[59] The latter reaction was first realized in 1967 in Dubna, Russia, and the involved scientists were awarded the Lenin Komsomol Prize.[60] The Einsteinium Foundation (EMC2) is committed to the COVID-19 response. We are actively searching to fund innovation in the area of therapies, drugs, and vaccines related to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Einsteinium Price (Einsteinium price history charts). 1 EMC2 = $ 0.042 USD. Reddit subscribers. 3,181. Tweets per day #Einsteinium. 1. Github stars

And, Reddit users are interacting too. So, follow any topic of your choice on this website and you'll receive new updates related to the topic very frequently.NSFW content is often pornographic or.. Now, since the The Last of Us Part II leaks have naturally been dissected in details on multiple gaming communities, I am just going to link the reddit spoilers for those who do want to read them in detail Dr. Mesples research into diabetes treatment began in Argentina. There he created a diabetes treatment that involved infusing a diabetic’s own stem cells, collected from the diabetic’s bone marrow, into the pancreatic system to stimulate the regrowth of islet cells in the pancreas. The treatment was non invasive and did not utilize autoimmune suppressant drugs. In 2005 the Argentinian Government authorized Dr. Mesples to conduct clinical trials, using his new treatment protocol. The results were very promising. There were no adverse side effects or health events. The treatment was shown to improve blood glucose control, insulin secretion, reduce insulin injection requirements, and not require autoimmune suppressant drugs. The new treatment protocol showed a strong potential to become a primary or supplemental treatment for type 1 diabetes sufferers, improving their quality of life, avoiding complications of diabetes such as kidney failure, blindness, and lower limb neurological damage.

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Apart from the self-destruction of solid einsteinium and its compounds, other intrinsic difficulties in studying this element include scarcity – the most common 253Es isotope is available only once or twice a year in sub-milligram amounts – and self-contamination due to rapid conversion of einsteinium to berkelium and then to californium at a rate of about 3.3% per day:[34][35][36] At present there is a great deal of thinking devoted to the issue of adoption, including models where money is literally given away. Of course, no one can say for sure what will work and what won’t — there are no guidelines and we are walking in undiscovered country — but in thinking more deeply about how money is distributed we necessarily arrive at the corporate structurebitcoin could thus learn this valuable lesson and ensure that its audience understands clearly that the value of the coin is in holding it. buying interest in derivatives like ETFs is not the same and should not be regarded as the same Many Reddit users commented that they found the video disturbing given the kid's apparent young age. TheRealElite's bio states that they're in seventh grade, so there's a good chance the ranter is also in..

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so we have it Einsteinium @einsteiniumcoin Our announcement will be made Dec. 19th at 12 pm PST. einsteinium. subscribe unsubscribe3,083 readers. 2,610 users here now 99-Einsteinium. Chapter · January 2007 with 1 Reads. It provides energy level parameters and branching ratios for atomic nuclei with atomic number Z = 99 (Einsteinium)

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..Jamaican dollar - JMD Jordan - Jordanian dinar - JOD Kazakhstan - Kazakhstani tenge - KZT Kenya - Kenyan shilling - KES Krypto - Aion - AION Krypto - Burst - BURST Krypto - Einsteinium - EMC2.. Einsteinium-254 was used as the calibration marker in the chemical analysis spectrometer ("alpha-scattering surface analyzer") of the Surveyor 5 lunar probe. The large mass of this isotope reduced the spectral overlap between signals from the marker and the studied lighter elements of the lunar surface.[97]

The analysis of the debris at the 10-megaton Ivy Mike nuclear test was a part of long-term project. One of the goals of which was studying the efficiency of production of transuranium elements in high-power nuclear explosions. The motivation for these experiments was that synthesis of such elements from uranium requires multiple neutron capture. The probability of such events increases with the neutron flux, and nuclear explosions are the most powerful man-made neutron sources, providing densities of the order 1023 neutrons/cm2 within a microsecond, or about 1029 neutrons/(cm2·s). In comparison, the flux of the HFIR reactor is 5×1015 neutrons/(cm2·s). A dedicated laboratory was set up right at Enewetak Atoll for preliminary analysis of debris, as some isotopes could have decayed by the time the debris samples reached the mainland U.S. The laboratory was receiving samples for analysis as soon as possible, from airplanes equipped with paper filters which flew over the atoll after the tests. Whereas it was hoped to discover new chemical elements heavier than fermium, none of these were found even after a series of megaton explosions conducted between 1954 and 1956 at the atoll.[5] Reddit NSFW stands for Reddit not safe for work. Today, everywhere people are searching for Reddit NSFW and Reddit NSFW list. So, in this post, I will give you the best list of nsfw subreddits Separation of trivalent actinides from lanthanide fission products can be done by a cation-exchange resin column using a 90% water/10% ethanol solution saturated with hydrochloric acid (HCl) as eluant. It is usually followed by anion-exchange chromatography using 6 molar HCl as eluant. A cation-exchange resin column (Dowex-50 exchange column) treated with ammonium salts is then used to separate fractions containing elements 99, 100 and 101. These elements can be then identified simply based on their elution position/time, using α-hydroxyisobutyrate solution (α-HIB), for example, as eluant.[72]

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The Einsteinium Foundation is a non-profit organization (NPO), and the world's first NPO to be backed by cryptocurrency. The defining characteristics of The Einsteinium Foundation is its ongoing commitment to research and charitable missions throughout the world, and to the safeguarding, maintenance, and development of Einsteinium, an international digital currency built on a secure, decentralized open ledger, or blockchain.The metal is divalent and has a noticeably high volatility.[31] In order to reduce the self-radiation damage, most measurements of solid einsteinium and its compounds are performed right after thermal annealing.[32] Also, some compounds are studied under the atmosphere of the reductant gas, for example H2O+HCl for EsOCl so that the sample is partly regrown during its decomposition.[33]

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See more 'Reddit' images on Know Your Meme! Visual map of the NSFW elements found on Reddit that really maps out the variety of different preferences and neither proves nor dispels the fabled Rule.. Einsteinium Or VPNCoin: a Comparison of Einsteinium (EMC2) and VPNCoin (VASH). Which one is a better investment For members of the community that want to participate in the response: We are looking to recruit anyone that is interested and capable of supporting the ongoing mission of EMC2. Of paramount importance is the organization of human capital willing to take on this difficult problem in an emergency. If you are interested, please fill out the short form on our Careers page below: The Einsteinium News is a good news crytpocurrency publication, all stories are self-written, each We want The Einsteinium News to be the place where products and services go to make a good first.. View entire discussion ( 8 comments)More posts from the einsteinium communityContinue browsing in r/einsteiniumr/einsteinium**About the Einsteinium Foundation** The Einsteinium Foundation was created to help, in any small way it can, raise funding for cutting edge scientific research. To this aim we created Einsteinium, a new crypto currency (similar to Bitcoin), to gather funds that can be distributed to projects the community chooses. Combined with donations from the community at large we will help fund some of the most innovative projects currently under-way or help seed those waiting to start.3.2kMembers

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The therapy strategy invented by Dr. Alejandro Mesples is patent pending. It is based on the utilization of a diabetic’s own stem cells within their bone marrow. A patient’s bone marrow is stimulated using a drug called Filgrastim and then the stem cells are aspirated from the iliac crest bone. Those bone marrow stem cells undergo another regime of preparation before they are reintroduced back into the patient. The aspirated and prepared bone marrow stem cells are then transplanted into the patient via intravenous injection – an ambulatory procedure. Dr. Mesples’ treatment does not use autoimmune suppressant drugs or cell culture. Einsteinium EMC2 coin discussion group An overview of all Einsteinium resources for your crypto research: links to the official website whitepaper, discussion boards, FAQ pages, the Einsteinium blog and blockchain explorers Einsteinium definition, a transuranic element. Symbol: Es; atomic number: 99. See more. einsteinium. [ ahyn-stahy-nee-uh m ]. SHOW IPA ETH Developers Reveal Ethereum 2.0 'Phase 0' Could Launch July 2020 In Reddit AMA. Einsteinium. EMC2. $10,237,590

A DAO is, in essence, a corporation, but without the trappings of corruption i.e. without law, litigation, judges, jurisdictions et cetera. It is a corporation whose bylaws are embedded in the heart of a cold, perfectly logical and totally inhuman machine that enforces the proper and just distribution of value Einsteinium (EMC2). Einsteinium (EMC2). Ellaism (ELLA). Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Stem cells are special cells in our body that can replicate and differentiate – meaning they can transform into a myriad of healthy functioning cells found in your body. Dr. Mesples’ treatment protocol uses a diabetic’s adult stem cells that already exist in their bone marrow are small protein molecules that act as chemattractants, leading the migration of treated stem cells to the damaged pancreas. einsteinium. synonyms - similar meaning - 118 Read authentic reviews on Einsteinium: Pros, Cons and Summary. Einsteinium is intended to advance science and reduce investments in irrelevant IT projects The rare isotope einsteinium-254 is favored for production of ultraheavy elements because of its large mass, relatively long half-life of 270 days, and availability in significant amounts of several micrograms.[95] Hence einsteinium-254 was used as a target in the attempted synthesis of ununennium (element 119) in 1985 by bombarding it with calcium-48 ions at the superHILAC linear accelerator at Berkeley, California. No atoms were identified, setting an upper limit for the cross section of this reaction at 300 nanobarns.[96]

Get detailed information on Einsteinium (EMC2) including real-time price index, historical charts, market cap, exchanges, wallets, and Einsteinium Price Index, Historical Chart and Market Cap Because of the short half-life of all isotopes of einsteinium, any primordial einsteinium—that is, einsteinium that could possibly have been present on the Earth during its formation—has long since decayed. Synthesis of einsteinium from naturally-occurring actinides uranium and thorium in the Earth's crust requires multiple neutron capture, which is an extremely unlikely event. Therefore, all terrestrial einsteinium is produced in scientific laboratories, high-power nuclear reactors, or in nuclear weapons tests, and is present only within a few years from the time of the synthesis.[6] The transuranic elements from americium to fermium, including einsteinium, occurred naturally in the natural nuclear fission reactor at Oklo, but no longer do so.[47] Einsteinium was observed in Przybylski's Star in 2008.[48] Add your favorite summoner for easy updates on the latest stats. 6. Einsteinium Favorites. Update. Summary

Magnetic properties have been studied for einsteinium metal, its oxide and fluoride. All three materials showed Curie–Weiss paramagnetic behavior from liquid helium to room temperature. The effective magnetic moments were deduced as 10.4±0.3 µB for Es2O3 and 11.4±0.3 µB for the EsF3, which are the highest values among actinides, and the corresponding Curie temperatures are 53 and 37 K.[38][39] I agree with Daniel that crypto will only bear fruit as a function of world-wide adoption and, as I argued in my article BTC Ad Astra, this adoption is less likely to happen as a function of the transnational value of crypto, than it is from its investment (store of value) quality, simply because from a comparative perspective, the average man can reach the conclusion of his need for participation more readily by viewing the price on a screen, than by observing advantages in the spending efficiency of the currencyEinsteinium is produced in minute quantities by bombarding lighter actinides with neutrons in dedicated high-flux nuclear reactors. The world's major irradiation sources are the 85-megawatt High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR) at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, U.S.,[50] and the SM-2 loop reactor at the Research Institute of Atomic Reactors (NIIAR) in Dimitrovgrad, Russia,[51] which are both dedicated to the production of transcurium (Z > 96) elements. These facilities have similar power and flux levels, and are expected to have comparable production capacities for transcurium elements,[52] although the quantities produced at NIIAR are not widely reported. In a "typical processing campaign" at Oak Ridge, tens of grams of curium are irradiated to produce decigram quantities of californium, milligram quantities of berkelium (249Bk) and einsteinium and picogram quantities of fermium.[53][54]

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Einsteinium-253 was produced by irradiating a 0.1–0.2 milligram 252Cf target with a thermal neutron flux of (2–5)×1014 neutrons·cm−2·s−1 for 500–900 hours:[63] Luminescence of Es3+ ions was however observed in inorganic hydrochloric acid solutions as well as in organic solution with di(2-ethylhexyl)orthophosphoric acid. It shows a broad peak at about 1064 nanometers (half-width about 100 nm) which can be resonantly excited by green light (ca. 495 nm wavelength). The luminescence has a lifetime of several microseconds and the quantum yield below 0.1%. The relatively high, compared to lanthanides, non-radiative decay rates in Es3+ were associated with the stronger interaction of f-electrons with the inner Es3+ electrons.[92]

Get email notifications whenever reddit creates, updates or resolves an incident. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply Einsteinium has a high rate of nuclear fission that results in a low critical mass for a sustained nuclear chain reaction. This mass is 9.89 kilograms for a bare sphere of 254Es isotope, and can be lowered to 2.9 by adding a 30-centimeter-thick steel neutron reflector, or even to 2.26 kilograms with a 20-cm-thick reflector made of water. However, even this small critical mass greatly exceeds the total amount of einsteinium isolated thus far, especially of the rare 254Es isotope.[46] We also engage with several Advisory roles which provide assistance to the EMC2 Foundation by offering innovative and dynamic perspectives. The high radioactivity of einsteinium has a potential use in radiation therapy, and organometallic complexes have been synthesized in order to deliver einsteinium atoms to an appropriate organ in the body. Experiments have been performed on injecting einsteinium citrate (as well as fermium compounds) to dogs.[2] Einsteinium(III) was also incorporated into beta-diketone chelate complexes, since analogous complexes with lanthanides previously showed strongest UV-excited luminescence among metallorganic compounds. When preparing einsteinium complexes, the Es3+ ions were 1000 times diluted with Gd3+ ions. This allowed reducing the radiation damage so that the compounds did not disintegrate during the period of 20 minutes required for the measurements. The resulting luminescence from Es3+ was much too weak to be detected. This was explained by the unfavorable relative energies of the individual constituents of the compound that hindered efficient energy transfer from the chelate matrix to Es3+ ions. Similar conclusion was drawn for other actinides americium, berkelium and fermium.[91]

Nineteen isotopes and three nuclear isomers are known for einsteinium, with mass numbers ranging from 240 to 257. All are radioactive and the most stable nuclide, 252Es, has a half-life of 471.7 days.[43] The next most stable isotopes are 254Es (half-life 275.7 days),[44] 255Es (39.8 days), and 253Es (20.47 days). All of the remaining isotopes have half-lives shorter than 40 hours, and most of them decay within less than 30 minutes. Of the three nuclear isomers, the most stable is 254mEs with a half-life of 39.3 hours.[45] After the war he spoke out pas¬sionately against nuclear weapons and repression. Einstein died in 1955. The artificial element einsteinium has been named in his honour ..DGB DigitalCash, DASH DigitalNote, XDN Distributed Credit Chain, DCC Dock.io, DOCK Dogecoin, DOGE Dragon Coin, DRG Dropil, DROP Dynamic, DYN Eidoo, EDO Einsteinium, EMC2 Elastos.. While Einsteinium Foundation is preparing more official updates, I am willing to post a 'soft update' and to provide some insights, as interest in this coin is constant. First important thing is that Foundation as.. The meta-analyzes showed that adult hematopoietic stem cells are the ones that show the best results in terms of the peptide c elevation and the decrease in daily insulin use. Dr. Mesples came to these same conclusions in his research 10 years ago.

The next step is to obtain an Independent Review Board Opinion (IBR) on the efficacy of Dr. Mesples’ treatment protocol for treating type 1 diabetics.Within the last three years, 3 meta-analyzes were published in medical journals concerning the transplantation of different types of cells and techniques to treat type 1 diabetics. This analysis included over 1500 patients from around the world (outside the US).In 1955, mendelevium was synthesized by irradiating a target consisting of about 109 atoms of 253Es in the 60-inch cyclotron at Berkeley Laboratory. The resulting 253Es(α,n)256Md reaction yielded 17 atoms of the new element with the atomic number of 101.[94]

Global Cell Med is not a household name, but someday that could change. The organization, based out of the Bahamas, under the direction of Dr. Alejandro Mesples has been working on a procedure to treat Diabetes Type One, a global epidemic currently affecting more than 30 million adults and children in the US alone.Ghiorso and co-workers analyzed filter papers which had been flown through the explosion cloud on airplanes (the same sampling technique that had been used to discover 24494Pu).[5] Larger amounts of radioactive material were later isolated from coral debris of the atoll, which were delivered to the U.S.[4] The separation of suspected new elements was carried out in the presence of a citric acid/ammonium buffer solution in a weakly acidic medium (pH ≈ 3.5), using ion exchange at elevated temperatures; fewer than 200 atoms of einsteinium were recovered in the end.[6] Nevertheless, element 99 (einsteinium), namely its 253Es isotope, could be detected via its characteristic high-energy alpha decay at 6.6 MeV.[4] It was produced by the capture of 15 neutrons by uranium-238 nuclei followed by seven beta-decays, and had a half-life of 20.5 days. Such multiple neutron absorption was made possible by the high neutron flux density during the detonation, so that newly generated heavy isotopes had plenty of available neutrons to absorb before they could disintegrate into lighter elements. Neutron capture initially raised the mass number without changing the atomic number of the nuclide, and the concomitant beta-decays resulted in a gradual increase in the atomic number:[4] Dr.Mesples’ research in Argentina was not hampered by the bureaucracy and financial agendas inherent in the US. Thus he was able to create a treatment for diabetes using stem cells that does not require autoimmune suppressant drugs. Do to the successful results of Dr. Mesples’ previous clinical trials, Global Cell Med USA should be able to enter the FDA approval process as a mature Phase 3 stem cell treatment clinical trial, eliminating years of clinical trials and millions of dollars in expenses. As soon as the minimum number of patients are treated and the results approved by the FDA, Global Cell Med USA could have a treatment for diabetes on the market in the US in less than 2 years that is non invasive, economical, and effective.Einsteinium is a synthetic, silvery-white, radioactive metal. In the periodic table, it is located to the right of the actinide californium, to the left of the actinide fermium and below the lanthanide holmium with which it shares many similarities in physical and chemical properties. Its density of 8.84 g/cm3 is lower than that of californium (15.1 g/cm3) and is nearly the same as that of holmium (8.79 g/cm3), despite atomic einsteinium being much heavier than holmium. The melting point of einsteinium (860 °C) is also relatively low – below californium (900 °C), fermium (1527 °C) and holmium (1461 °C).[3][25] Einsteinium is a soft metal, with the bulk modulus of only 15 GPa, which value is one of the lowest among non-alkali metals.[26] To circle back to Daniel, if the bus driver weren’t chained behind the wheel, he might write that great American novel he always dreamed of. If his income weren’t crippled with overbearing taxation, if he weren’t forced by tyrannical governments to have his investments managed by Wall Street funds happy to take fees but remain otherwise unaccountable to him, if his cost of living weren’t as high as it is owing to the corruption of the system, he might have that chance

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Best einsteinium memes - popular memes on the site ifunny.co. Every day updated. #einsteinium memes. 21 results found US and Canadian state and provincial securities regulators have opened probes into potentially fraudulent crypto investment programs in what has been dubbed “Operation Cryptosweep”, according to a press release May 21. The latest crackdown on suspicious crypto investment products is reportedly the largest such coordinated investigation by state and provincial officials.Founded in 1919, the NASAA is an association of state and provincial-level securities regulators in the US, Mexico, and Canada. Through the association, state securities regulators can coordinate and take part in “multi-state enforcement actions,” as well as share information.Separation procedure of einsteinium depends on the synthesis method. In the case of light-ion bombardment inside a cyclotron, the heavy ion target is attached to a thin foil, and the generated einsteinium is simply washed off the foil after the irradiation. However, the produced amounts in such experiments are relatively low.[70] The yields are much higher for reactor irradiation, but there, the product is a mixture of various actinide isotopes, as well as lanthanides produced in the nuclear fission decays. In this case, isolation of einsteinium is a tedious procedure which involves several repeating steps of cation exchange, at elevated temperature and pressure, and chromatography. Separation from berkelium is important, because the most common einsteinium isotope produced in nuclear reactors, 253Es, decays with a half-life of only 20 days to 249Bk, which is fast on the timescale of most experiments. Such separation relies on the fact that berkelium easily oxidizes to the solid +4 state and precipitates, whereas other actinides, including einsteinium, remain in their +3 state in solutions.[71]

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Litecoin source tree. Contribute to emc2foundation/einsteinium development by creating an account on GitHub Bitcoin Forum > Alternate cryptocurrencies > Announcements (Altcoins) > ANN-EMC2 Einsteinium FUNDING THE FUTURE WITH THE FUTURE OF CURRENCY KMD-dPoW MRPH Reddit

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Einsteinium(II) chloride (EsCl2),[89] einsteinium(II) bromide (EsBr2),[90] and einsteinium(II) iodide (EsI2)[82] have been produced and characterized by optical absorption, with no structural information available yet.[81] Einsteinium (EMC2) price based on hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges. Charts, ranks, volume, ROI, ATH, EMA & other analytics - everything you may need. Watchlist, alerts & price levels.. The only current effective strategy for treating type 1 diabetics and preventing death is to inject diabetics with insulin throughout the day on a predetermined schedule. Insulin treatment is invasive, complicated to use, and very expensive. Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: Einsteinium Einsteinium. Einsteiniumisotop {n} [auch: Einsteinium-Isotop]. Unter folgender Adresse kannst du auf diese Übersetzung verlinken: https..

Alleged scams have reportedly used fake addresses, flashy marketing materials, and guarantees of up to a 4 percent daily interest rate, while failing to report the potential risks of crypto-investments. Some fraudulent ICOs even used fake celebrity photos to endorse their product. Einsteinium. Albert Ghiorso et. al. 1952   In these unprecedented times, we hope for your safety and that of your families. Please stay home and help to flatten the curve. The decisions and actions we take today can impact the future spread or mitigation of this virus. From past outbreaks, we know that with combined human effort we will make it through this to more prosperous times.  List of known Einsteinium pools (EMC2) Scrypt PoW algorithm. Live network hashrate distribution, pool fees & minimum payment comparison. Mining Pools & Block Explorer Dr. Mesples and his team at Stem Cell Bahamas have begun a clinical trial at the Bahamas Medial Clinic. The current trial was approved by the government’s National Stem Cell Committee and confirmed for efficacy via an Independent Review Board Opinion by the University of Miami Medical Stem Cell Division. (The Bahamas clinical trial is similar to a Phase 3 FDA trial in the US ) The trial is being conducted at the Bahamas Medical Center, owned by Doctor’s Hospital Health Systems of The Bahamas. Doctors Hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI).

Check out Einsteinium's art on DeviantArt. Browse the user profile and get inspired. Einsteinium. Anton. 2 Watchers763 Page Views3 Deviations. Profile Navigation. Einsteinium Einsteinium

The periodic table is a tabular arrangement of the chemical elements. It is organized in order of increasing atomic number. There is a recurring pattern called the periodic law in their properties, in.. You use einsteinium to get the Heavy Sledge Hammer. Talk to Einstein's brother in the dance club male toilets and answer his riddle to get einsteinium - this requires a set, unkown level of intelligence (usually at least 300 or somewhere in the hundreds) See if Reddit is down or it's just you. Check current status and outage map. Post yours and see other's reports and See if Reddit is down or having service issues today. 0. Reports in last 20 minutes

Separation of the 3+ actinides can also be achieved by solvent extraction chromatography, using bis-(2-ethylhexyl) phosphoric acid (abbreviated as HDEHP) as the stationary organic phase, and nitric acid as the mobile aqueous phase. The actinide elution sequence is reversed from that of the cation-exchange resin column. The einsteinium separated by this method has the advantage to be free of organic complexing agent, as compared to the separation using a resin column.[72] Einsteinium: the essentials. 99Es. Available einsteinium properties... Einsteinium is radioactive rare earth metal named after Albert Einstein. It is of no commercial importance and only a few of its.. The first microscopic sample of 253Es sample weighing about 10 nanograms was prepared in 1961 at HFIR. A special magnetic balance was designed to estimate its weight.[3][55] Larger batches were produced later starting from several kilograms of plutonium with the einsteinium yields (mostly 253Es) of 0.48 milligrams in 1967–1970, 3.2 milligrams in 1971–1973, followed by steady production of about 3 milligrams per year between 1974 and 1978.[56] These quantities however refer to the integral amount in the target right after irradiation. Subsequent separation procedures reduced the amount of isotopically pure einsteinium roughly tenfold.[52] Reddit is one of the best websites to kill your spare time. It has lots of intelligent subreddits specialized in different fields. Many of these topic-specific subreddits are larger than even the most popular..

Regulators from across 40 jurisdictions coordinated by the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) have initiated up to 70 investigations, with more to come in the following weeks. Securities regulators have reportedly warned as many as 35 companies about violations of state securities laws with some cases resulting in cease-and-desist actions.So if corporations are to become part of the solution, perhaps they need to be tricked into doing so. It’s not difficult to imagine how, given that they are completely driven by profit motives

Einsteinium is a chemical element with the atomic number 99. That means an Einsteinium atom has 99 protons and 99 electrons. It is a synthetic element, so all isotopes are radioactive. Einsteinium belongs to the actinoids, and it is the 7th of them reddit. api. portfolio Earlier in May, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) launched a fake initial coin offering website to increase awareness of the typical warning signs of scam ICOs and to promote investor education.From the perspective of commerce, a DAO can compete head to head with any corporation, but with the great advantage of neither having to answer to tax authorities, nor having to retain lawyers, accountants, HR personnel, or any of the panoply of parasites that currently drain corporate profit. Most importantly, they run without executive management and the attendant “sweetheart deals”, golden parachutes and exorbitant bonuses — thus preventing the funnel effectSome 238U atoms, however, could absorb two additional neutrons (for a total of 17), resulting in 255Es, as well as in the 255Fm isotope of another new element, fermium.[7] The discovery of the new elements and the associated new data on multiple neutron capture were initially kept secret on the orders of the U.S. military until 1955 due to Cold War tensions and competition with Soviet Union in nuclear technologies.[4][8][9] However, the rapid capture of so many neutrons would provide needed direct experimental confirmation of the so-called r-process multiple neutron absorption needed to explain the cosmic nucleosynthesis (production) of certain heavy chemical elements (heavier than nickel) in supernova explosions, before beta decay. Such a process is needed to explain the existence of many stable elements in the universe.[10] redditery is a minimal reddit client. It directly displays most pictures and videos

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