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Red carnations are often used to symbolize love and admiration, much like other red flowers (like red roses!). Red carnations are perfect for anniversaries, Valentine's Day, birthdays and more to show someone how much you love and appreciate them. The carnation looks beautiful with any flower! Distinguished by layers of petals in a variety of hues There are different theories on how this flower was named. One theory was that the carnation was.. Carnations are part of the flower genus Dianthus. In Greek, the name Dianthus means, roughly translated, flower of the gods or flower of love. They share the Dianthus family with Sweet Williams, Allwood Pinks and other similar plants.3. There are many health benefits of using carnations both internally and externally. Although studies still need to be performed to know more about their benefits and everyone is advised to see a doctor before using carnations, the flower has been known to help calm the nervous system, reduce muscle spasms, improve heart health, help in the production of sweat, and help with topical problems such as dry skin, rashes, and eczema. Carnations are even currently used in various skin care products, including creams, lotions, and perfumes.

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Happy Birthday: If you’re looking for a bouquet that promises to inject an instant hit of color into the lives of your nearest and dearest, bright and pretty blooms comprising carnations, delicate germini, roses, veronica and statice. The January birth flower, Carnation is a powerful flower! Delve deeply into Carnation Meaning & Symbolism! Carnation Color Meanings, Spiritual Meanings & History Remove the plastic bag when most of the seeds have germinated. According to Jeanne Rose, master gardener for the University of California, set the growing tray in direct sunlight to continue growing the seedlings. Water each day to keep the soil damp but not saturated.

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Large flowers, with one big flower per stem.

Flower delivery London and UK by Flower Station. Creating warm, beautiful flower arrangements wrapped elegantly and delivered to a location of your choosing This somewhat mesmerizing bloom has been popular for centuries and is one of the oldest flowers in existence. The history of this exotic flower dates back to the ancient Greek and Roman times, as the blooms were considered an important part of art and decor.

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Order white carnations flower and pink carnations flower with midnight delivery. Send carnation flower online. Avail express shipping also Bright Letterbox Flowers: These exquisite blooms promise to raise feelings of warmth and sunshine, even on a rainy day. You can send them directly to the recipient, and the best part? They’ll fit through their letterbox! Vibrant roses perfectly complement carnations, freesia, chrysanthemum and statice flowers for a combination that will enhance any room in the house.The greenhouse, or florist, carnation is an important commercial plant in England and the United States. Carnations originally came from southern Europe, but several varieties are grown in the United States, both outdoors and in greenhouses. The carnation may bloom throughout the year, depending on its cultivation and the climate. Carnations are usually raised by planting young shoots from the stems of mature plants, or by 1 bending one of the stems into the ground again so that it forms a new root Carnation plants require a rich, loamy soil combined with a small amount of manure, leaf mold, and some sand.These carnations are either red or pink, and they also bloom during the summer months. They can be used as a groundcover and are considered short-term perennials. Native to western Asia and most of Europe, they are an introduced species in the United States. The Maiden Pinks have blooms that are loosely tufted and leaves that are narrow and very green. Its varieties include:

Dwarf flowers, which is the smallest type of carnation.

This carnation is a basic pink color and is actually very common and popular with carnation lovers. They grow up to 2 feet in height and usually include five pink petals that have fringed edges. They flower from May to August. They originated in Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria, but are now commonly found throughout states in the Midwest and the south, as well as the northeast.Carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus) are one of the most common cut flowers used by florists. Grow carnations in well-drained alkaline soil in full sun. They are more tolerant of humidity than other varieties of dianthus.

Even flowers and roses like a bit of gossip. Welcome to Pollen Nation, the go-to destination for floral connoisseurs around the world.Plant the division in the hole at the same level it was before and backfill the hole with amended soil. Carnation. Dianthus, its botanical name, means divine flower. Carnation was the flesh-pink colour Elizabethan portrait painters used as a background wash

Send carnation flowers in all colors of the rainbow from pink carnations to blue carnations. From romantic to fun, local carnation delivery is easy You can find carnations in various colors with each color bearing a special meaning fit for different occasions or symbolisms. 50shares. Pin. Share. Twitter. WhatsApp. Flipboard. Email. Carnations literally means the Flowers of Gods.. Its three main types are differentiated by size but it also comes in hundreds of varieties Begin grouping three additional carnations of different colors and place them on the right side in the vase.

Plant a garden for the clove-like aroma of carnations. Though many modern carnations offer more beauty than fragrance, carnations like the heritage "Malmaison" and hybrid "Can Can Scarlet" offer spicy scents.Place your bouquet of carnations away from direct sunlight and heat. Carnations prefer a cooler atmosphere and will live longer if kept cooler. Move your carnations to a cool, 40- to 50-degree Fahrenheit area overnight to add days to your carnation life. Fresh floral arrangements will become an increasingly important part of home décor and the sophisticated look and elements illustrated here will draw an audience to your floral department

The carnation flower's message is as individual as the recipient is. While they all symbolize love, distinction and fascination, you can tailor your message by the color you choose 5. To reduce or eliminate physical and emotional symptoms, the carnation can be used in several ways, including:Perennial carnan>tions (Dianthus caryophyllus) are particularly popular and are amongst the impressive 300 species that make up the Dianthus genus, which is part of the Caryophyllaceae family. They are also related to other garden blooms, comprising pinks – a category that showcases several different Dianthus species, and annual sweet William (which also goes by the name of Dianthus barbatus).2. Carnations have been a symbol of love for many centuries. Even its scientific name, Dianthus, means “love.” At one time, if you sent a carnation it symbolized a certain message that required a response. According to custom, if a solid-colored carnation was sent back, it meant “yes;” if a striped carnation was sent, it meant “I can’t be with you right now;” and a yellow carnation meant “no.”A beautiful shade of medium pink, its petals are wide and they almost look like they have only one. They can grow to almost 2 feet in height and have green leaflets and pink flowers with purple markings in the center. They flower from June to September and have capsuled fruit that contains several brown seeds. The flowers grow well in dry areas that are very low-lying.

Cheddar Pinks are perennial flowers and bloom in the summer time, showing off blooms that are a beautiful shade of pink and which are very fragrant. The Cheddar Pinks are often used as a groundcover, in part because they grow in a dense mat. They work best in zones 4-8, and they bloom from May to June. The flowers also grow best in full sunlight and get up to one foot in height. They are extremely fragrant and grow best when they are not over or under watered. Moreover, they do not tolerate very wet soil or cold soil, and they are a beautiful rose-pink in color. The Cheddar Pinks are also a protected species in the U.K. since 1975.This is a very popular type of carnation and can come with regular or fringed edges. It is available in red, white, or purple with a green center. If you deadhead the flower, you can extend its blooming period, and it has a very sweet scent, as well. Since it grows low to the ground, it is easy to enjoy the scent of the Dianthus Superbus, and the flower also contains sweet nectar. This is one flower that is edible if you boil it first, and the resulting tea is good for uses that include contraception, to ward off infections, and for diuretic purposes, to name a few. Anyone interested in learning more about its uses should do some research on the Internet to find additional information.Carnations can bloom for six to eight weeks, beginning in June. Carnations can be grown in many colors and last a long time after being cut.

Spray flowers, with several smaller flowers per stem.

The carnation also has religious connotations, as Christians believe the bloom first arrived on earth when Mother Mary wept for Jesus as he carried the cross.These are what people generally think of when they hear the term “carnation.” They are always in colors such as pink, red, white, or salmon, and they come with foliage that is greyish-green in color. Carnations love humid conditions and therefore, they do very well in the South and other parts of the country where the humidity level is high. Since this type of carnation has been cultivated extensively for the past 2,000 years, it is difficult to know where it came from, but most professionals think it came from the Mediterranean region. They perform better in full sun and soil that is neutral or slightly alkaline, and their varieties include:Save 15% Sitewide | Code 050 AppliedExtended Mother's Day Delivery Guaranteed • It's Never Too Late! • No Contact Delivery AvailablePink carnations symbolize a Mother's love which makes them perfect for Mother's Day, Mom's birthday, congratulations for a new baby & more. Pink carnations are one of the most popular color of carnations and look beautiful in any arrangement.

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Dianthus can be grown as border plants, groundcover, underplantings for roses and other shrubs, or in containers. Choose from hundreds of free flower pictures. Download HD flower photos for free on Unsplash

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  1. Dig the hole at least 12 inches deep and twice as wide as the division to be planted. If the soil has already been worked so it is loose, you can use a hand trowel to dig the hole. Mix about 25 percent organic matter, like compost or leaf mold, into the removed soil. If planting more than one division, dig the new holes 6 to 12 inches apart.
  2. White. Yellow. Flower Type. Alstroemeria. Carnation. Carnation (16). Filter By. Occasion Flower Color Flower Type Feeling Container
  3. Order white carnations flower and pink carnations flower with midnight delivery. Send carnation flower online. Avail express shipping also
  4. Chiltern Seeds offer a wide range of flower seeds online so you can grow colourful flowers from Whether you are looking to grow scented flowers, wildflowers, or pollinators, our popular flower..
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Dig around the mature carnation clump using the shovel. Dig down about 10 inches to reach the roots under the clump. Stunning arrangements of Carnations. Choose from a variety of colours to suit your taste. As some flowers have limited availability due to Covid-19, we may need to substitute some or all of the..

Carnation flowers can also be sent to new mothers in hospitals who have just delivered. You can give them pink carnation flowers for baby girls or purple ones for baby boys Carnation Scans The use of carnations in outdoor settings is varied, as they can be used as companions for other plants or as the main attraction. They make for spectacular border plants and do not look out of place in plant pots or containers either. You may also wish to add them to a rock garden if you want to inject a series of bright colors.4. In addition to physical problems, emotional challenges can be eliminated or reduced with the use of carnations. This includes a variety of nervous disorders, such as basic tension and nervousness, which is why the flower is often used in massage oils. In fact, their nerve-calming capabilities are impressive, although many of them are not yet backed up by science. Again, visiting a physician before trying anything with carnations in it is always highly recommended.Native to most of Europe, the Dianthus Armeria is a grassy-pink color and consists of five bright red petals in small clusters located at the top of the stems. They bloom from early to late summer and can even grow up to 12 inches in the wild, although they grow much higher when properly taken care of. Because of its basic color, this type of carnation is often used in gardens as an ornamental flower and to highlight other flowers.

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Avas Flowers offers same-day flower delivery when you order and send carnation flower arrangements to that special someone. Buy carnations today • Large-flowered Carnations – which brandish one large flower per stem. • Spray Carnations (also known as Mini Carnations) – which feature an abundance of smaller flowers. • Dwarf flowered Carnations – which feature several small flowers on one stem.

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Carnations are a robust and sturdy flower. They won't wilt or bruise as quickly as other cut fresh flowers. When taken care of, these flowers can withstand a lot of conditions and are often best.. Read carnations from the story flowers. by uangogh (♡) with 170 reads. romance, michaelclifford A short story based on a boy who dyes his hair each time he buys the girl of his dreams flowers..

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  1. Carnations can be grown easily from cuttings, especially those taken from the suckers that form around the stem base, the side shoots, or the main shoots prior to flowering. For best results, use the cuttings from the base of the plant, as these tend to create the strongest plants. You’ll also need to remove cuttings from the plant during autumn or winter. The cuttings should be rooted in sand and placed in a container or pot, where they will need to stay until the months of spring. This is generally in April, as this is when the ground is suitable for planting, and the temperatures have warmed up enough. To promote good growth, use quality soil and opt for a sandy loam. It’s also important to consider the location when planting carnations. They require at least a few hours of full sunlight each day and should be watered on a regular basis until the soil appears moist. However, avoid saturating the soil through over-watering as this has the effect of turning the foliage a shade of yellow and can encourage root rot.
  2. g for as long as possible.
  3. CARNATION is a flowering plant, Dianthus caryophyllus, of the pink family (Caryophyllaceae). It usually grows from 2 to 3 feet high. The leaves are slender and grass like, and the blossoms are fairly large. They have toothed edges and a rich, spicy fragrance.
  4. Pictures of Carnation flowers (Red Carnations,Pink Carnations,Yellow Carnations,Purple Carnations,Green Carnations).Beautiful carnation photos and images on this website

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Select from traditional pink shades or a range of single and mixed colors. Carnations come with white, yellow, apricot, green, deep red and purple blooms. Popular mixes include white with crimson borders or candy-stripe red and white blossoms. Are you searching for Carnation Flower png images or vector? Choose from 190 Carnation Flower graphic resources and download in the form of PNG, EPS, AI or PSD White carnations represent purity and luck. If you want someone to know your pure love for them, an arrangement of white carnations and other mixed flowers are the perfect gift. Bouquets of white carnations are also used to wish someone luck, so there are many occasions which you can send these pure white carnations for!

Gift your loved ones a fresh carnation bouq. Our carnation flower bouquets are cut fresh and are available for affordable delivery nationwide A beautiful red flower often planted in public gardens or picked and put on display in houses. Large plantations of carnations can be found in and around Gridania

Trim about 1 inch of stem off the bottom of each carnation, using a sharp scissors or a knife, every two to three days. Cuts should at a 45-degree angle to allow as much water uptake into the stem as possible. At the same time, trim off any leaves of the carnation that will be submerged under water in your vase. Buy or Send Carnation flower bouquets and arrangement online in Dubai - Ferns N Petals offering same day and midnight delivery services in across UAE at best price

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Carnations are hugely versatile flowers whether used as a focal flower or as a support act in a vase of other blooms. They work particularly well with bold flowers such as large headed roses.. Carnations for Delivery! Carnation arrangements start at a low price. Looking for the perfect carnations for delivery? From You Flowers offers a wide selection of carnations for delivery Those who grow carnations on a regular basis will know how important it is to pinch, stop and prune blooms. When it comes to plucking carnations, ensure three to four nodes remain at the base of the plant and remove the stem. In addition to this, ensure the plant’s foliage isn’t exposed to direct heat, such as that of the sun if outdoors or from an oven if you have the plants inside.Place a sprig of baby's breath to the back of the carnation trio and place them on the left side of the vase.1. The flower comes in numerous colors, including the multi-colored varieties that can have two or more colors. Many thousands of years ago, carnations were used to improve health and beauty, and today they are known for their medicinal and nutritional uses, as well.

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With a history that dates back an astounding 2,000 years, it comes an as little surprise to discover carnations are rich with mythology, symbolism, and debate. Certain scholars state their name comes from the word “corone” (which translates to flower garlands) or “coronation” because of its use in Greek ceremonial crowns. Others have suggested this floral variant is derived from the Latin word “carnis” (meaning flesh) and refers to the flower’s initial pink hue or “incarnacyon” (which translates to incarnation), and stands for the incarnation of God-made-flesh.Carnation plants are perennials that produce flowers the first year they are planted. This type of flower is available in many different colors and sizes. To switch out carnation plants, dig up the roots to remove the undesirable perennial from the garden. Replace the plant with the desirable carnation variety.6. Many medical conditions have been shown to be relieved by using carnation, including inflammation, endometriosis, skin irritations, nausea, chest congestion, flu and cold symptoms, anxiety, PMS, diarrhea, sagging skin, and even depression.

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  1. Viruses: Yellow spotting and leaves that are mottled is an indication that your carnations are suffering from a virus. To treat, use insect and mite controls and destroy any infected plants.</p>
  2. Growing flowers farm. We have multiple colors and kind carnations. We want to create the best For this reason we care each appearance of our flowers and have a carnations crops around the Bogota..
  3. Carnation flower. Tax day. Ramadhan kareem. I have appreciated your site so much My suggestion is add more variety of flowers
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Welcome to Carnations.my Flower Delivery. Shop Now. Flowers for Special Occasions. We have a wide variety of flowers to express yourself to your friends and loved ones Flower name Rating. A flower you produce is not in the database ? A flower you produce is not in the database ? You can add it by filling this quick form Yellow carnations are historically used to symbolize disappointment, especially in ones love life. With that being said, I don't know anyone who wouldn't love bright, cheerful yellow carnations- just make sure your message comes across clear (if you're not trying to show disappointment). Carnation paper flower is quick and easy to make for beginners, so I decided to share this FREE tutorial and template as the first paper flower in the series of DreamyPosy.com's DIY wedding paper..

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Read stories about Carnation Flower on Medium. Discover smart, unique perspectives on Carnation Flower and the topics that matter most to you like carnations in bulk, flowers, white carnations.. Botany adds the ability to breed flowers by growing and maintaining a garden. This includes vanilla flowers as well as 36 new flowers. Each flower has several traits, including one of 80 different colours, which can be bred and mixed to give 80 different coloured pigments Long-lasting and available in lots of colors, our Mother’s Day carnations are beautiful on their own in a Mother’s Day carnation bouquet or when added to a mixed arrangement of flowers. With each color having its own unique meaning, our carnations for Mother’s Day will help you convey anything you want to say for the many special moms in your life, including grandmas, sisters, wives, daughters, aunts and friends. With quick and convenient online ordering, you can be sure that your carnations for mom will be cared for every step of the way, from the time you hit send to the moment they arrive at her door. So if you want to bring lasting enjoyment to the woman who means so much, a gift of sweet carnations is sure to delight long past Mother’s Day. Qualities the carnation cut flowers. According to Society of American Florists: Bright, clean and firm flowers and leaves Fairly tight petals Different grades of carnation cut flowers. Parameter. Grade

Dwarf, or micro, carnations grow 2 to 4 flowers per stem. The blooms are a tiny 1/2 to 3/4 inch across. The stems reach up to 16 inches. These small flowers are found predominantly in white, yellow, red, purple and bi-colored. Dianthini are a type of dwarf carnations with white-edged petals. Send flowers and send a smile! Discover fresh flowers online, gift baskets, and florist-designed arrangements. Worldwide flower delivery Like many plants, carnations can become susceptible to diseases. It’s important to know what to look out for if you wish to protect your plant. A few of the more common ailments include the following:

Carnation definition, any of numerous cultivated varieties of the clove pink, Dianthus caryophyllus, having long-stalked, fragrant, usually double flowers in a variety of colors: the state flower of Ohio Pull the clump from the hole. Pull the clump into three to five equal sections. Each section can be transplanted. One of the divisions can be returned to the current hole. Flowers possess a very own power of expression and are the perfect gift on the international day of Lilies: The lily is an ode to femininity, elegance and sensuality. Carnations: Heart on fire, passion and..

..flowers 2319 - Carnation - Flowers wallpaper, Carnation flowers high-definition picture, free 100%. 2319 - Carnation - Flowers wallpaper, Carnation flowers high-definition picture, free 100% Place the three carnations of different colors into the center of the vase. Add a sprig of baby's breath to the combination for additional color and texture contrast. Baby's breath is inexpensive and can be purchased at supermarkets and home and garden centers.

Buy carnations flowers bouquet online from MyFlowerTree - Online florist portal with free shipping. Send white and red carnation flowers online with same day delivery Some people believe adding a copper penny to the bottom of your vase will extend the life of flowers. Though it may help some types of flowers, the addition of copper into the water of your carnations will decrease its life.

Remove all leaves from the stems that will be under the water level when the carnations are in a vase. Cut the bottom inch from the ends of the carnation stems at a 45-degree angle and place the cut carnations into a vase of cold water immediately.Woodland Basket: An ideal gift to give those you wish to share your deepest condolences with. This picture-perfect floral tribute boasts a basket brimming with white oriental lilies, green carnations, white roses, freesia, and chamelaucium – all of which complement one and other.There are hundreds of carnation cultivars to add to your garden. Plant miniature varieties in containers and hanging baskets. Standard carnations thrive in full-sun borders and mixed with wildflowers.

  1. Carnations & Bulk Flowers 25 items. Looking for cheap flowers to use in a floral craft or large volume project? Our selection of value silk flowers such as silk carnations will fit your needs
  2. Please see delivery information below. Natural Fresh Flowers Pink Carnations can be used alone or with other blooms for a multitude of purposes; simple or intricate floral designs..
  3. g. Divide the plant in the spring to add another carnation plant to the garden.
  4. Today, flowers remain a welcome substitute for words, enhancing the giver's message with fragrance and beauty. Every flower has a meaning, and can convey certain emotions, thoughts..
  5. Keep the water in your vase of carnations clean and full. Change the water in your vase every day, or every other day. Check to make sure all the stems are submerged into the water at all times. You may add floral preservative to your water or 1/4 tsp. of boric acid to one quart of water to further extend the life of your carnations.

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Thomas, in his gilded baby carriage adorned with a bird, had already died when Hogarth was working on the picture. The crossed carnations (funeral flowers) beside him are a tender reminder of death Therefore, a carnation flower is considered auspicious in several circles. Its hues of pink, red, peach and orange brighten the atmosphere of the place where it is kept and also helps lift the mood The carnation is native to southern Europe. The original flower was white, but a variety of color forms have been developed; flakes have stripes of one color; bizarres are striped with two or three colors; picotees have a narrow band of color along the edge of the petals; and fancies are mottled or spotted. In England and other countries where the climate is suitable, the carnation is grown outdoors as a border flower. This form is harder and more fragrant than the greenhouse carnation. The border carnation is seldom grown in the United States because it requires cool summers and mild winters.Ruffle the petals of your carnations, gently, every few days. By ruffling the petals you are stimulating the flower to take up more water and, thus, live longer. How to Cut Carnation Flowers. Are Carnations Perennials or Annuals? Dianthus Fast Facts. How Do Florists Dye Carnations? How to Keep a Carnation Flower Alive

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  1. Alibaba.com offers 4,347 carnations flower products. About 56% of these are Decorative Flowers A wide variety of carnations flower options are available to you, such as occasion, color, and..
  2. Bacterial Slow Wilt or Stunt: Bending, twisting, curling and stunting of side shoots and lower leaves, followed by the death of the lower leaves, is a clear indication your plant is suffering from bacterial slow wilt.
  3. The carnation is held by the stem and the spray can is held far enough away from the flower so that a fine spray is applied. Several coats of fine spray work better than one heavy coat which can leave unsightly drip marks. To color just the flower edges, the paint is sprayed in a shallow dish and the flower edges are dipped in the paint.
  4. 1-Large flowered Carnations - one large flower per stem. 2-Spray Carnations (Mini Carnations) - with lots of smaller flowers. 3-Dwarf flowered Carnations - several small flowers on one stem
  5. Главная/carnations. Как начать работу? Принципы работы
  6. All flowers wither, just like my love for you. 32. Roses are red 71. Roses are red, I know they're nice. I've bought carnations

Carnation Flower Delivery with Clare Florist. Carnations were first mentioned in Greek and Roman scriptures where they are detailed as being used to create ornate garlands and crowns Delivery of all arrangements with carnations as main flowers. Best Carnation flowers arrangement

Sweet Williams (Dianthus barbatus) are treated as annuals in cooler climates and as perennials in warmer climates. They are often short-lived, even as perennials. Plant Sweet Williams in full sun in well drained alkaline soil. Divide every 2 to 3 years to prolong their life. Sweet Williams will reseed. If the seeds are removed, new plants will form around the base of the old plant.Cut the desired carnation stems for floral arrangements using the garden shears. It is important that at least three leaf nodes remain at the base of the stems for the plant to continue blooming. A leaf node is the point along the stem where the stem swells for a leaf to grow from the stem. Cut just above a leaf node to remove a carnation and stem. Flower Fairies™ are tiny creatures (the biggest is only 20cm tall) that live in the tree tops, marshes Each Flower Fairy lives and sleeps in their chosen flower, plant or tree, and as this grows the fairy..

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  1. A site called National Flower Series states that the carnation IS the national flower of Spain. I think they should call a session of the parliament and make a decision about this matter
  2. Scatter the red carnations evenly across the surface of the soil. Spread soil over the seeds just enough to cover the them. Place the growing tray into the plastic bag and seal it.
  3. Carnations are of 3 types Large flowered, Spray (Mini Carnations), Dwarf flowered and in many colors like Red, Pink, Yellow, White, Green and each color representes a unique meaning in human life
  4. Comment on Happy Birthdays Flowers That Match Her Birthstone by websolute
  5. ate. The heat speeds up ger
  6. Dianthus are susceptible to Fusarium wilt, root rot and crown rot. Aphids, grasshoppers or mites may attack dianthus plants.

Download 6,904 Carnations Flowers Stock Photos for FREE or amazingly low rates! New users enjoy 60% OFF. 120,688,491 stock photos online Find the best selection of cheap flower carnations in bulk here at Dhgate.com. Including beautiful flower centerpieces and sexy sweetheart flowers at wholesale prices from flower carnations.. Sources to buy heirloom carnations? For cut flowers, suppliers include California flower wholesaler Florabundance and New York Flower Guy

We are offering carnation flower. the standard carnation is a colorful flower of multiple petals native to mediterranean climates and cultivated around the world Carnation flowers last for several years once established. The plants increase through seeds and plant divisions. Just dig the plants in the fall, cut into sections and replant.7. You can also enjoy some culinary delights when you choose to cook with carnations. Before doing anything else, you need to be sure you remove the base of the petal, as it is extremely bitter when cooked. You can use the petals to liven up your pies, salads, and sandwiches, and if you crystallize the petals you can make cakes and pastries more dressy and more attractive.

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