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Cape Verde facts: Official web sites of Cape Verde, links and information on Cape Verde's art Cape Verde is divided into two island groups, the Barlavento (windward) islands.. Kap Verden turismi: Tripadvisorissa on Arvostelut: 153 554 Kap Verden hotelleista, nähtävyyksistä ja ravintoloista, minkä ansiosta se on paras Kap Verden koskeva turismisivusto The Cape Verde archipelago is located approximately 375 miles (604 km) off the coast of West Africa. It is composed of ten islands (of which nine are inhabited) and eight islets.[8] The islands have a combined size of just over 4,000 square kilometers.[8] The islands are divided into the Barlavento (windward) islands (Santo Antão, São Vicente, Santa Luzia, São Nicolau, Sal, and Boa Vista) and the Sotavento (leeward) islands (Maio, Santiago, Fogo, and Brava).[8] These islands are divided into 22 municipalities (concelhos) and subdivided into 32 parishes (freguesias) (see Administrative divisions of Cape Verde). The largest island, both in size and population, is Santiago, where the capital of Praia is located.[8] The Republic of Cape Verde or Cape Verde is a republic located on an archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean, off the western coast of Africa. The previously uninhabited islands were discovered and colonized by the Portuguese in the fifteenth century..

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Partial calque of Portuguese Cabo Verde, from cabo (cape) + verde (green). IPA(key): /keɪpˈvɝd/. Cape Verde. Country in Western Africa. Official name: Republic of Cabo Verde. In October 2013.. Väder Kap Verde. Här listar vi väder för alla platser i Kap Verde. Ska du ut och resa? Spara destinationen som favorit och ha koll på hur vädret blir på din semester The economy of Cape Verde is service-oriented, with commerce, transport, and public services accounting for more than 70% of GDP. Although nearly 70% of the population lives in rural areas, agriculture and fishing contribute only about 9% of GDP. Light manufacturing accounts for most of the remainder. Fish and shellfish are plentiful, and small quantities are exported. Cape Verde has cold storage and freezing facilities and fish processing plants in Mindelo, Praia, and on Sal. Expatriate Cape Verdeans contribute an amount estimated at about 20% of GDP to the domestic economy through remittances.[4] Wikipedia:WikiProject Cape Verde. Wikipedia open wikipedia design. This is a WikiProject, an area for focused collaboration among Wikipedians

Average prices of more than 40 products and services in Cape Verde. Prices of restaurants, food 20.00. Prices in Cape Verde. These data are based on 92 entries in the past 18 months from 17.. Holiday & Travel in the Cape Verde Islands: Holiday-Packages, All Inclusive, Hotels, Flights, Excursions, Forum, Live Webcams and Photos of Cabo Verde Clicking the button below will trigger our attention and we will investigate the accuracy of the records on the page. Thank you for helping us! Port of Praia, Cape Verde

Cape Verde. Quite the same Wikipedia. Cape Verde. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Cape Verde — noun an island country in the Atlantic off the coast of Senegal • Syn: ↑Republic of Cape Wikipedia. Cape Verde Swamp-warbler — Taxobox name = Cape.. Kap Verde (port.: Cabo Verde) ist ein Inselstaat mit neun bewohnten Inseln im Zentralatlantik, 460 Kilometer vor der Westküste Afrikas. Die Inseln gliedern sich in eine nordwestliche und eine südöstliche Gruppe. Nordwestliche Inseln: Santo Antão - Wanderinsel. São Vicente - Kulturelle Hauptstadt Mindelo

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  1. The country's future economic prospects depend heavily on the maintenance of aid flows, the encouragement of tourism, remittances, outsourcing labor to neighboring African countries, and the momentum of the government's development program.[4]
  2. Cape Verde has significant cooperation with Portugal at every level of the economy, which has led it to link its currency first to the Portuguese escudo and, in 1999, to the euro. On June 23, 2008 Cape Verde became the 153rd member of the WTO.[12]
  3. Cape Verde (Portuguese: Cabo Verde, Kriolu: Kabu Verdi) is a country in West Africa. It comprises a group of islands of the Atlantic Ocean, west of Senegal
  4. cabo verde. şükela: tümü | bugün. 1975'de bağımsızlığını kazanmış eski portekiz cabo verde-cesaria evora 1997 audio cd çiplak ayakli kontes olarak taninan latin dünyasinin..
  5. Since 1991, the government has pursued market-oriented economic policies, including an open welcome to foreign investors and a far-reaching privatization program. It established as top development priorities the promotion of a market economy and of the private sector; the development of tourism, light manufacturing industries, and fisheries; and the development of transport, communications, and energy facilities. From 1994 to 2000 about $407 million in foreign investments were made or planned, of which 58% were in tourism, 17% in industry, 4% in infrastructure, and 21% in fisheries and services.[4]
  6. The Cape Verde archipelago was uninhabited until the 15th century, when Portuguese explorers discovered and colonized the islands, establishing the first European settlement..

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  1. Deutsch Wikipedia. Kap-Verde-Escudo — Escudo Staat: Kap Verde Unterteilung: 100 Centavos ISO 4217 Code: CVE Abkürzung: CVEsc, CV Esc., Cifrão Wechselkurs: (fix) Deutsch Wikipedia
  2. By 1972, the PAIGC controlled much of Portuguese Guinea despite the presence of the Portuguese troops, but the organization did not attempt to disrupt Portuguese control in Cape Verde. Portuguese Guinea declared independence in 1973 and was granted de jure independence in 1974. Following the April 1974 revolution in Portugal, the PAIGC became an active political movement in Cape Verde. In December 1974, the PAIGC and Portugal signed an agreement providing for a transitional government composed of Portuguese and Cape Verdeans. On June 30, 1975, Cape Verdeans elected a National Assembly, which received the instruments of independence from Portugal on July 5, 1975.[4]
  3. Schweizer Vertretung in Cabo Verde. Bilaterale Beziehungen Schweiz-Cabo Verde. Infos zu Einreisebestimmungen/Visa für Cabo Verde
  4. Kap-Verde-Escudo — Escudo Staat: Kap Verde Unterteilung: 100 Centavos ISO 4217 Code: CVE Abkürzung: CVEsc, CV Esc., Cifrão Wechselkurs: (fix) Deutsch Wikipedia
  5. Cape Verde's growth over the last few years has been fueled by tourism and a stable economy. Between 2011 and 2012 alone, tourism in the country grew 28%, which was..

Kap Verde Detailliertes Profil. Enthält Informationen über Demografie, Geographie, Regierung, Wirtschaft, Telekommunikation, Transport, Militär und transnationale Fragen Wikipedia:WikiProject Cape Verde. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. To join WikiProject Cape Verde, edit this section and add *{{subst:me}} and any comments to the..

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  1. Cape Verdean social and cultural patterns are similar to those of rural Portugal,and African.[8] Soccer games and church activities are typical sources of social interaction and entertainment.[8] The traditional walk around the praça (town square) to meet friends is practiced regularly in Cape Verde towns.[8] In towns with electricity, television is available on two channels (Cape Verdean and Portuguese).[8]
  2. 17th century 1642–1975  Portuguese Timor (East Timor)1 19th century Macau    1864–1999  Coloane    1849-1999  Portas do Cerco    1851–1999  Taipa    1890–1999  Ilha Verde 20th century Macau    1938–1941  Lapa and Montanha (Hengqin)
  3. If you're not quite sure where is located Cape Verde on a map, Geolocaliz helps you out with more than a thousand cities and countries around the world
  4. Cape Verde, also known as Cabo Verde, is made up of 10 major islands about 560 km (350 miles) off the west coast of Africa. Located in the central Atlantic Ocean, the..

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Though Cape Verde's islands are all volcanic in origin, they vary widely in terrain.[8] A still-active volcano on the island of Fogo is the highest point on the archipelago (elevation 2,829 meters).[8] Extensive salt flats are found on Sal and Maio.[8] On Santiago, Santo Antão, and São Nicolau, arid slopes give way in places to sugarcane fields or banana plantations spread along the base of towering mountains.[8] The current population of Cape Verde is 551,186 as of Wednesday, May 13, 2020. Population clock live, current, historical and projected population The Flag: Cape Verde emoji is a flag sequence combining Regional Indicator Symbol Letter C and Regional Indicator Flag: Cape Verde was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015 Cape Verde Tourism: Tripadvisor has 153,624 reviews of Cape Verde Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Cape Verde resource

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Cape Verde (Portuguese: Cabo Verde, Kriolu: Kabu Verdi) is a country in West Africa. It comprises a group of islands of the Atlantic Ocean, west of Senegal. It is part of the region of Islands collectively known as Macaronesia Cabo Verde Map - Explore Map of Cabo Verde (formerly Cape Verde) to know about this island country extending an archipelago of ten volcanic islands in the central Atlantic..

Cape Verdean literature is one of the richest of Lusitanian Africa. Famous poets include Frusoni Sergio, Tavares Eugénio, and B.Léza, and famous authors include Manuel Lopes, Henrique Teixeira de Sousa, and Almeida Germano. This is an audio version of the Wikipedia Article: Cape Verde Listening is a more natural way of learning, when compared to reading

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17th century 1680–1777  Nova Colônia do Sacramento 19th century 1808–1822  Cisplatina (Uruguay) Kap Verde - Die wiederentdeckten Inseln. Türkisfarbenes Meer, Palmen, breite Küstenregionen, schwarzes Vulkangestein, Kratergebirge und Wüste - Willkommen auf den Kapverdischen Inseln Cape Verde's parade during Beijing 2008 opening ceremony. Gymnast Wânia Monteiro leads Cape Verde's Olympic athletes in the Parade of Nations during the Beijing 2008 Opening Ceremonies

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Cape Verde can be found in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Africa. The country spans 10 different islands of volcanic origin and several dozen small islets Caboverde.com è il sito internet finalizzato alla promozione turistica eco-sostenibile di Capo Verde ed è utile per organizzarsi da soli una vacanza nell'arcipelago di Capo Verde.

Kap Verde har blivit allt populärare, inte minst bland nordbor. Inte undra på. Här råder ett västafrikanskt klimat som innebär stabil värme året runt och omkring 350 soldagar per år Airlines with flights to Cape Verde listed at Skyscanner. The fastest way to find the cheapest low cost airline prices. Accurate information for budget, last minute and charter.. Kap Verde. Connected to: {{::readMoreArticle.title}}. This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit) Fogo island in Cape Verde. Upload media Wikipedia. Cape Verde had the status of Portuguese colony until 1951 when Portugal changed its status to Overseas Province and..

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Die Inselgruppe Kap Verde im Überblick: Erfahrungen & Tipps der FAZ für den Urlaub auf die Kapverden. Bilder und Videos zu: Kap Verde In the USA, the children and grandchildren of the first immigrant waves became involved in the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. This led them to make links with other US black groups. Cape Verdeans moved to places all over the world, from Macau to Haiti to Argentina to northern Europe. [15] Kap Verde består av arton stycken öar, varav nio är bebodda. Under din charterresa till Kap Verde kan du enkelt ta dig mellan öarna och därmed få en varierad och händelserik semester 1 1975 is the date of East Timor's Declaration of Independence and subsequent invasion by Indonesia. In 2002, the independence of East Timor was recognized by Portugal and the rest of the world.

15th century 1420           Madeira 1432           AzoresCape Verde is a stable democracy. The Cape Verde constitution—adopted in 1980 and revised in 1992, 1995, and 1999—forms the basis of government. The president is head of state and is elected by popular vote for a 5-year term. The prime minister is head of government and proposes other ministers and secretaries of state. The prime minister is nominated by the National Assembly and appointed by the president. Members of the National Assembly are elected by popular vote for 5-year terms. Three parties now hold seats in the National Assembly--PAICV 40, MPD 30, and Cape Verdean Independent Democratic Union (UCID) 2.[4] Cape Verde. Ibat king Wikipedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Republic of Cape Verde. República de Cabo Verde. Motto: Unity, Work, Progress Cape Verde's official language is Portuguese. It is the language of instruction and government. However, the Cape Verdean Creole is used colloquially and is the mother tongue of virtually all Cape Verdeans. Cape Verdean Creole or Kriolu is a dialect continuum of a Portuguese-based creole, which varies from island to island. There is a substantial body of literature in Creole, especially in the Santiago Creole and the São Vicente Creole. Creole has been gaining prestige since the nation's independence from Portugal. However, the differences between the varied forms of the language within the islands have been a major obstacle in the way of standardization of the language. Some people have advocated the development of two standards: a North (Barlavento) standard, centered on the São Vicente Creole, and a South (Sotavento) standard, centered on the Santiago Creole. Manuel Veiga, PhD, a linguist by training, and Minister of Culture of Cape Verde, is the premier proponent of Kriolu's officialization and standardization. Hos Flygresor.se hittar du alltid billiga flygbiljetter till Kap Verde, med uppdaterade priser. Jämför priser & boka en billig resa här & nu

Kap-Verde-Escudo. ISO 3166 Kode. Cabo Verde ist ein Inselstaat in Afrika mit neun bewohnten Inseln im östlichen Nordatlantik, 460 Kilometer vor der Westküste Afrikas Bedeutungen für die Abkürzung kap., Kap., K. ▶ Alle Bedeutungen im Überblick ✓ Ähnliche Abkürzungen zu kap., Kap Abkürzung kap. 1 Abkürzungen gefunden in 3 Gruppen. Gehe zu Forma Book a hotel in Cape Verde online. Hotels from budget to luxury. Good rates. Hotels in Cape Verde. Enter your dates and choose from 1,033 hotels and other places to stay

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Das Wappen von Kap Verde enthält einen Kreis, in dem der Staatsname auf Portugiesisch geschrieben steht. Der Kreis enthält zusätzlich eine Fackel in einem Dreieck. Diese Symbole repräsentieren Freiheit und Einheit des Staates Cape Verde Hotels. Bed and Breakfast Cape Verde Kap Verde. Aktuelle Uhrzeit: 00:09:28. Atlantic/Cape_Verde Cape Verde Time (CVT). Sommerzei Looking for the definition of Kap Verde? Find out what is the full meaning of Kap Verde on Abbreviations.com! 'Cape Verde' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most.. Cape Verde /ˌkeɪp ˈvɜːrd/, offeecially the Republic o Cabo Verde, is an island kintra, spannin an archipelago o 10 islands locatit in the central Atlantic Ocean, 570 kilometres aff the coast o Wastren Africae

Dance forms include the soft dance morna, and its modernized version, passada(zouk), the Funaná - a sensual mixed Portuguese and African dance, the extreme sensuality of coladeira, and the Batuque dance.The Cape Verde diet is mostly based on fish and staple foods like corn and rice. Vegetables available during most of the year are potatoes, onions, tomatoes, manioc, cabbage, kale, and dried beans. Fruits like banana and papayas are available year-round, while others like mangoes and avocados are seasonal.[8] Category:Cape Verde. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Africa portal. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Cape Verde cape-verde/ostrova-zelenogo-mysa.html Kap Verde [. ˌkapˈvɛrdə] (in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz amtlich portugiesisch Cabo Verde [. ˌkabuˈveɾdɨ], im Deutschen veraltet: Inseln des Grünen Vorgebirges) ist ein afrikanischer Inselstaat, bestehend aus den Kapverdischen Inseln mit neun bewohnten Inseln im Zentralatlantik..

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Cape Verde — noun an island country in the Atlantic off the coast of Senegal • Syn: ↑Republic of Cape Wikipedia. Cape Verde Swamp-warbler — Taxobox name = Cape.. Praia ist die Hauptstadt der Republik Kap Verde und liegt auf der Insel Santiago. I love it been on plateau praia santiago cabo verde the flood was awesome congratulations for the owner and the chef

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Wikipedia:WikiProject Cape Verde. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This is a WikiProject, an area for focused collaboration among Wikipedians Använd det här enkla verktyget för att snabbt konvertera Praia, Kap Verde som en enhet av Tidszoner. Ittoqqortoormiit, Grönland. Ponta Delgada, Azorerna. Praia, Kap Verde Kap Verde (portugiesisch Cabo Verde; República de Cabo Verde) ist ein Inselstaat vor der Westküste Afrikas im atlantischen Ozean. Er besteht aus einer Inselgruppe mit neun bewohnten Inseln. Der Archipel der Kapverdischen Inseln hat eine Gesamtfläche von rund 4.000 km² und wird von 500.000..

Maio, Cape Verde. For other uses, see Maio (disambiguation). ^ a b c d e f g Cabo Verde, Statistical Yearbook 2015, Instituto Nacional de Estatística Anmerkung zum Artikelgebrauch: Der Artikel wird gebraucht, wenn Kap Verde in einer bestimmten Qualität, zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt oder Zeitabschnitt als Subjekt oder Objekt im Satz steht. Ansonsten, also normalerweise, wird kein Artikel verwendet. Worttrennung: Kap Ver·de, kein Plural КА́БО-ВЕ́РДЕ (Cabo Verde), Республика Кабо-Верде (República de Cabo Verde). Банковско-кредитная система включает 3 гос. банка (Bank of Cabo Verde.. The Republic of Cape Verde ( /ˌkeɪp ˈvɝːd/ (help·info)) (Portuguese: Cabo Verde, IPA: [ˈkabu ˈveɾdɨ]), is a republic located on an archipelago in the Macaronesia ecoregion of the North Atlantic Ocean, off the western coast of Africa. The previously uninhabited islands were discovered and colonized by the Portuguese in the fifteenth century (though there may have been earlier discoveries), and attained independence from Portugal in 1975.

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List of Cape Verde newspapers, news sites, and magazines featuring sports, entertainments, jobs, education, festivals, tourism, lifestyles, travel, and business Kap Verden tasavalta eli Kap Verde (port. Cabo Verde, 'vihreä niemi') on Afrikan saarivaltio. Se sijaitsee Atlantin valtamerellä, noin 450 kilometrin päässä Länsi-Afrikan rannikolta. Se on Makaronesiaan kuuluva tasavalta Suomi: Kap Verde on eräillä Atlantin valtameren saarilla sijaitseva Afrikan valtio. Wikimedia Commons. Wikinews. Wikipedia. Wikivoyage

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Kap Verde (amtlich Republik Cabo Verde) ist ein westafrikanischer Inselstaat, der aus 15 Inseln gebildet wird. Die Hauptstadt ist Praia. Gemäß ihrer Verfassung versteht sich die Republik als eine Parlamentarische Demokratie 17th century 1642–1975  Cape Verde 1645–1888  Ziguinchor 1680–1961  São João Baptista de Ajudá 1687–1974  Bissau2 18th century 1728–1729  Mombassa (Mombasa) 1753–1975  São Tomé and Príncipe 19th century 1879–1974  Portuguese Guinea 1885–1975  Portuguese Congo (Cabinda)15th century 1415–1640  Ceuta 1458–1550  Alcácer Ceguer (El Qsar es Seghir) 1471–1550  Arzila (Asilah) 1471–1662  Tangier 1485–1550  Mazagan (El Jadida) 1487- middle 16th century  Ouadane 1488–1541  Safim (Safi) ll▶ Welche Vorwahl hat Kap Verde? ⌕ Jetzt die richtige Ländervorwahl finden ☎ Das Telefonbuch ✓ Ihre Nr. Vorwahl Kap Verde. Von Deutschland zu internationalen ZielenVon Deutschland de.wikipedia.org > Kap Verde - Wikipedia. Kap Verde - Inseln unter dem Wind. Die Kapverdischen Inseln, auch Kapverden genannt, liegen verstreut im Atlantischen Ozean - etwa 500..

The military of Cape Verde consists of a coast guard and an army; 0.7% of the country's GDP was spent on the military in 2005.Responding to growing pressure for pluralistic democracy, the PAICV called an emergency congress in February 1990 to discuss proposed constitutional changes to end one-party rule. Opposition groups came together to form the Movement for Democracy (MPD) in Praia in April 1990. Together, they campaigned for the right to contest the presidential election scheduled for December 1990. The one-party state was abolished September 28, 1990, and the first multi-party elections were held in January 1991. The MPD won a majority of the seats in the National Assembly, and MPD presidential candidate Mascarenhas Monteiro defeated the PAICV's candidate with 73.5% of the votes. Legislative elections in December 1995 increased the MPD majority in the National Assembly. The party won 50 of the National Assembly's 72 seats. A February 1996 presidential election returned President Monteiro to office. Legislative elections in January 2001 returned power to the PAICV, with the PAICV holding 40 of the National Assembly seats, MPD 30, and Party for Democratic Convergence (PCD) and Party for Labor and Solidarity(PTS) 1 each. In February 2001, the PAICV-supported presidential candidate Pedro Pires defeated former MPD leader Carlos Veiga by only 13 votes.[4]17th century Portuguese India    1687–1749  São Tomé de Meliapore 18th century Portuguese India    1779–1954  Dadra and Nagar Haveli

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kap verde etiketli parçaları, sanatçıları ve albümleri bul. Last.fm'de en yeni kap verde etiketli müzikleri bul The Cape Verde archipelago, in the Atlantic off the coast of Africa, features stunning 10 islands. Here, you'll find gorgeous beaches, volcanoes and very friendly residents Immediately following the November 1980 coup in Guinea-Bissau, relations between Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau became strained. Cape Verde abandoned its hope for unity with Guinea-Bissau and formed the African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde (PAICV). Problems have since been resolved, and relations between the countries are good. The PAICV and its predecessor established a one-party system and ruled Cape Verde from independence until 1990.[4]16th century 1500–1579?  Terra Nova (Newfoundland) 1500-1579?  Labrador 1516–1579?  Nova Scotia

Kap Verde. Kap Verde. Avers. Revers Cape Verde from Mapcarta, the free map. Cape Verde is a country in West Africa. It comprises a group of islands of the Atlantic Ocean, west of Senegal Cabo Verde, also called Cape Verde, country comprising a group of islands that lie 385 miles (620 km) off the west coast of Africa. Praia, on Santiago, is the capital

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16th century 1511–1641  Portuguese Malacca 1512–1621  Banda Islands 1512–1621  Moluccas (Maluku Islands)    1522–1575  Ternate    1576–1605  Ambon    1578–1650  Tidore 1512–1665  Makassar 1553–1999  Macau 1533-1545  Ning-po 1571–1639  Decima (Dejima, Nagasaki) Cape Verde was a colony of the Portuguese Empire from the initial settlement of the... Government organisation · Praia, Cape Verde. 38 people checked in here Cape Verde has few natural resources and suffers from scant rainfall and limited fresh water. Only 4 of the 10 main islands (Santiago, Santo Antão, Fogo, and Brava) normally support significant agricultural production, and over 90% of all food consumed in Cape Verde is imported. Mineral resources include salt, pozzolana (a volcanic rock used in cement production), and limestone.[4]

Most Cabo Verdeans have both Portuguese and African ancestors, and identify as Creole or Mulatto Cape Verde (Cabo Verde) is a small country made of 10 islands in the Atlantic Ocean, 500 km It's home to about half a million people, but the Cape Verdean diaspora around the.. Cape Verde (Cabo Verde) is a small country made of 10 islands in the Atlantic Ocean, 500 km off the coast of Africa. It's home to about half a million people, but the Cape Verdean diaspora around the..

Some countries shine brightly on the map of the world. Your eye is drawn to them before your brain has clicked into gear. The US is one of them. So is France Kap Verde är ett land som består av 10 större öar och några obebodda småöar. Efter självständigheten år 1975 hade Kap Verde ett enpartisystem fram till en ny grundlag antogs år 1990 In 1462, Portuguese settlers arrived at Santiago and founded Ribeira Grande (now Cidade Velha), the first permanent European settlement city in the tropics.[4] They named the islands Cabo Verde (from which the English Cape Verde derives), after the nearby Cap Vert on the Senegalese coast.[5] In the 16th century, the archipelago prospered from the transatlantic slave trade.[4] Pirates occasionally attacked the Portuguese settlements. Sir Francis Drake sacked Ribeira Grande in 1585.[4] After a French attack in 1712, the city declined in importance relative to Praia, which became the capital in 1770.[4]Cape Verde music incorporates Portuguese, Caribbean, African, and Brazilian influences.[16] Cape Verde's quintessential national music is the morna, a melancholy and lyrical song form typically sung in Cape Verdean Creole. Other popular genres include funaná and batuque music. Amongst the most worldwide known Cape verdian singers, is the singer Cesaria Evora, whose songs became a hallmark of the country and its culture.

16th century 1506–1615  Gamru (Bandar Abbas) 1507-1643  Sohar 1515–1622  Hormuz (Ormus) 1515-1648  Quriyat 1515-?   Qalhat 1515–1650  Muscat 1515?-?   Barka 1515-1633? Julfar (Ras al-Khaimah) 1521–1602  Bahrain (Al Muharraq and Manama) 1521-1529?  Qatif 1521?-1551? Tarut Island 1550-1551  Qatif 1588-1648  Matrah RTC (Cape Verde). From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Until 1997, Cape Verde was one of several nations that did not have a television channel, up to around the.. São Vicente (Portuguese for Saint Vincent) is one of the Barlavento Islands, the northern group within the Cape Verde archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, off the west African coast. It is located between the islands of Santo Antão and Santa Luzia, with the Canal de São Vicente separating it from Santo Antão ..Guinea-Bissau Guyana Haiti Honduras Hong Kong Hungary India Indonesia Iran Iraq Ireland Island Israel Italien Jamaica Japan Jemen Jordan Kaimaninseln Kambodscha Kamerun Kanada Kap Verde..

Rufe jetzt in Kap Verde mit Viber Out zum günstigsten Tarif an. Günstige Auslandsgespräche ins Mobil- und Festnetz. Keine Verpflichtung, keine Verbindungsgebühren und eine erstaunliche Sprachqualität Politics of Cape Verde takes place in a framework of a semi-presidential representative democratic republic,[1] Information from wikipedia article Politics of Cape Verde Cape Verde has been steadily developing[18] since its independence, and besides having been promoted to the group of "medium development" countries in 2007, leaving the Least Developed Countries category (which is only the second time it has happened to a country[19]), is currently the 9th best ranked country in Africa in terms of Human Development Index.

Cape Verde's strategic location at the crossroads of mid-Atlantic air and sea lanes has been enhanced by significant improvements at Mindelo's harbor (Porto Grande) and at Sal's and Praia's international airports. A new international airport was opened in Boa Vista in December 2007. Ship repair facilities at Mindelo were opened in 1983. The major ports are Mindelo and Praia, but all other islands have smaller port facilities. In addition to the international airport on Sal, airports have been built on all of the inhabited islands. All but the airport on Brava enjoy scheduled air service. The archipelago has 3,050 kilometers (1,895 mi.) of roads, of which 1,010 kilometers (628 mi.) are paved, most using cobblestone.[4] Cape Verde is fairly difficult to spot on a world map, or even on a map of Africa, but the country has a lot to offer. Each island serves up a different set of attractions and reasons.. Synonyme: 1. Kapverden, Kapverdische Inseln, amtlich: Republik Kap Verde. Quelle: Wikipedia-Seite zu 'Kap Verde' [Autoren] Lizenz: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Suomi ja Kap Verde. Kap Verden edustautuminen Suomessa Around 71 percent of the population is Creole of mixed black African and Portuguese descent. The remainder of the population is mostly black Africans, with a small number of whites. The European men who colonized Cape Verde did not usually bring wives or families with them. As female African slaves were brought to the islands, inter-marriages occurred.[8]16th century 1505–1769  Santa Cruz do Cabo de Gué (Agadir) 1506–1525  Mogador (Essaouira) 1506–1525  Aguz (Souira Guedima) 1506–1769  Mazagan (El Jadida) 1513–1541  Azamor (Azemmour) 1577–1589  Arzila (Asilah)

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