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Hi again Jeff. It is good advice to check the battery level. You could easily do this inside Polar Beat app. See the picture. Do not rely on this info only. My best method is to measure the battery with a multimeter. The voltage should be close to 3V when the battery is out of the sensor . But you should put a small load to battery to measure the voltage under load. I use a 100ohm resistor to short the battery poles and measure the voltage simultaneously. If the voltage under load is less than 2V – time to change the battery.My girlfriend thinks about buying a M430, she likes the features but the watch itself looks a quite large because she has small wrists.Thanks for the in-depth review. It helped me find the right watch for me and I’m quite happy with that it’s delivering as described at 16+ recorded activities. Cheers.

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You state that it does track HR during swimming. How is the accuracy of the HR in the water, compared to for example with the HR of the Garmin Swim-HRM?Yes. You enable it in a specific sport profile. To access these click on your profile name/icon top right of polar flow. I don’t think it warms the user though that would be good at the mo! (-;The M430 also will connect to running stride sensors and the Polar balance scale.  Again, like the HR strap, the running stride sensors must be Bluetooth Smart only.

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While Polar did send me the M430 as a loaner unit to test, I'll be returning it like always. From there I'll go out and get my own for the DCR stash from That platform is rolling out to the M430 (via free firmware update), later this year. Until then it'll have the regular metrics. If you want to see what these.. Thanks for the review, excellent as always, but was just wondering what kind of battery life were you getting when just using the watch casually without GPS activities?

The last thing you want when you’re mid-exercise is a notification your tracker just doesn’t have enough juice to make it all the way through. Thankfully, that isn’t something we noticed being an issue with the Polar M430. The 280mAh is small but since it’s only usually powering the tiny screen, we saw it last roughly a week on a single charge.The elastomer strap and casing around the watch unit feels solid, and after a month of constant use the M430 isn’t showing any signs of wear at all — we imagine it should last a good few years. Polar recommends keeping it clean by running it under the tap after every session.Something is wrong with your unit. I charge mine every about 5 days and I run about an hour every day, 6 days a week.Would it be possible now to use red lap button to count laps and then update distance manually on Polar Flow/Strava basing on number of laps?

I personally find the Polar Flow site a bit thin for individual activity analysis compared to what Suunto and Garmin offers, but it’s not bad.  Plus, as seen above you can separate out automatic laps from manual laps – as noted earlier something Garmin doesn’t do.I’m in the market for a replacement to my Mio Alpha 2 as the screen was badly damaged. The Mio did a great job for indoor workouts that included ellipticals, bikes, dumbell work, machines, etc., basically cross training. I also play a lot of tennis, and the Mio once secured and locked in on my heart rate did a good job during matches.

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  1. Prijsontwikkeling. Anderen bekeken ook. Polar M600
  2. It’s been awhile now, and I can report the M430 meets my needs. Still haven’t tried anything other then various indoor gym workouts, but that is my primary need…anything else is just added bonus.
  3. ded him – how clever was a Backlight function implemented in their RCX5 watch….
  4. I do a lot of indoor cycling. I am 100% sure that it counts steps while I am cycling indoors… Why didn’t Polar disable steps counting when doing indoor cycling? Can it be turned off?
  5. Reloj deportivo - Polar M430, GPS, Pulsómetro, Negro al mejor precio con 2 años de garantía y 30 días de devolución en MediaMarkt. Ya puedes hacerte con el reloj M430 de Polar con pulsómetro en color negro. Dispone de GPS para hacerte un seguimiento de cerca de toda tu actividad y mide tu..

The vibration intesity is fixed so no. You could try wearing it on the other wrist for activities. The skin of the wrist on the side that normally wears a watch is pretty odd, pale, less fat, less vascular and probably less sensitive. It is normally your non dominant arm. I find the optical hr works better on my dominant arm. Its a good reminder to adjust strap tension too. Not sure if you need to set the side worn in the app or whether this is just for activity tracking.I believe the watch / GPS antennae are constant so it would only be the size of the attached band that varied. I have weedy wrists but it I find it pretty comfortable. It is compact compared to some devices but of course there are smaller. You would have to try one and see if she likes the look and fit. It is rather functional looking but is a great device and it is my every day wear and run watch (I have various Garmin, Suunto and Polar devices). It is the only watch where I have found the optical HR to be acceptable (on a par with Scosche Rythm+). I gave a white one to my daughter and she loves it. It looks less bulky in a lighter colour to contrast the black watch face. It is certainly not “huge”.

Polar M430 Bianco Taglia S - Orologio GPS con... Polar M460 è un bike computer con GPS, compatibile con i misuratori di potenza di ultima generazione, Strava Live Segments e Polar Smart Coaching Can you explain these readings from my m430? I can assure you that I wasn’t asleep from 8:30 in the morning until 3:10 in the afternoon. In fact I wasn’t even wearing the monitor that day.

The Continuous Heart Rate feature complements the 24/7 Activity Tracking feature on your M430. While the 24/7 Activity Tracking feature records your wrist movements to track your activity, the Continuous Heart Rate feature also tracks your heart rate around the clock in order to give you an even more precise calculation of your calorie consumption than before. The Continuous Heart Rate tracking feature allows for a more personal measuring of your overall activity because it takes into account your body’s response to the intensity of physical activity, that is, how much your heart rate rises when you’re physically active. Also physical activities with very little wrist movement, such as cycling, can now be tracked.In summation: it rarely looses my HR, and is reporting a HR consistent to what I know it should be. I’ve only encountered the one repeatable case where it will loose my HR, but overall, the statement that it tracks 95% of the time I’d say is pretty spot on. It’s tracking my calories burned, and it’s reporting a range that is realistic and closer to what the Mio and FT7 before it did, as opposed to the Garmin Vivos I tried. I like the level of information in the apps, and find it easy enough to use. I’ve had no syncing issues with my iPhone. Turning off the Smart Notifications has resulted in a nice improvement on battery life as well. I’m generally very satisfied and unless something changes, I’m keeping it as the replacement for my Mio.Any advice or personal opinions between the two would be greatly appreciated! As I’ll be buying one quite soon. Thanks!I want to first dig into some of the steady-state riding once I leave the city, starting around the 40-minute marker:A couple words from me – I bought a used Polar M430 on friday and I am lovin it (bought it because of this review)! Battery life is great. I charged it on saturday, since then I run 42 minutes and cycled indoors for about 1,5h. Yesterday I had HR enabled to test it (don’t think I need it) and after 2 whole days I have like 80% left (without HR would be like 90). GPS spot on with my iPhone. It’s light, looks better than on pictures.

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  1. For me, the vibration of m430 is too weak, you may not notice it during the training, it is rather a problem of the watch, another problem is that, the light is always off when pressing any button, and even no light during alert, it is very inconvenient when running at night time, hope Polar can fix these, it will be better if sound alert is added as a choice, data such as stride if added will be much better.
  2. Thanks Nicola. I’m fairly sure that point 2 will be correct in the latest Polar watches but whilst the timestamps given by the RC3 GPS were in the correct format, if you paused it it gave correctly formated, but incorrect timestamps in that they weren’t actual time. This is what the gpx file had from the RC3:
  3. Thanks for your replies. Nicola, Im sure im somewhat hairier than you haha. Thanks Drew, ive heard that interval training is less accurate. Do yo have the polar m430 thou?
  4. Is the screen size and resolution the same as M400? The large black border is the one feature I dislike compared to the FR watches.
  5. I find that the instant pace tracking with the M430 is really poor! As an example, I did a 10k race this weekend in a park, 4 laps with very open turns, very easy for the GPS to track – and indeed the GPS tracked it perfectly.

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  1. It’s certainly not the best-looking device we’ve tested, and it’s lacking in the sorts of smartwatch features some might expect from a modern fitness tracker, but its Polar’s training and data services that really elevate the M430 into being the great fitness tracker it is.
  2. e your VO2Max.  This is a heck of a lot more relaxing than doing a hard interval workout to get that VO2Max number.
  3. ated heart icon on the screen when it’s locked.
  4. The Polar M430 is an update to the excellent Polar M400 running watch, with the inclusion of heart rate monitoring on the rear. So now that optical HRM has trickled down to the mid levels of Polar's portfolio, what's the M430 like out on the run

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but using the m430 for a week am really impressed ….did a 32min run yesterday and Optical on M430 and H10 paired with M400 on other wrist exactly same average HR and never more that a few BPM out with each other.Polar included light smartwatch-style functionality, but it’s clear that the M430 wasn’t built with this in mind. You can choose between notifications with previews or without but either way, they’re not entirely great. The text is usually clipped, even on short notifications, and since dismissing one involves long-pressing the back button, it also takes far too long to dismiss them.Hello Frederik Claes I am using the M430 since 22.06.2017. The second night of use ended like you show here – no sleep data. I remember when I open My Day first in the morning watch asked “Press OK to see the sleep data” (as it asks every morning), So I pressed OK – nothing happened, pressed a few more times – nothing. Pressed BACK and try to open My Day again – the message was not there any more. And no sleep date recorded for that night. I remember that night – went on bed on time but in the middle of the night went to kitchen for a glass of water, watched a TV for 20-30 minutes and went to bed again. May be such a behaviour interrupts the M430 sleep tracking algorithm somehow. 9 days later no such problem any more.The entire watch looks formed out of a single piece of elastomer, and while the straps can be removed and replaced, it’s not the same kind of easily-changeable wristband you’d find on the Polar A360. The way the elastomer forms around the top and bottom of the watch also means it’s impossible to lay on its back — which can make charging the device more of a pain. This is made even worse with the exceptionally short proprietary charging cable.It’ll works 100% obviously with Polar’s stride sensor, it works with the much cheaper MilestonePod too, once you’ve signed up to their beta firmware program. This is ending soon so will be a standard feature. The only caveat is auto calibration does not work, no problem for me as I have a track close by. But I’m not you. Then you have the option of the super expensive Stryd power meter that just works, but would be overkill as this watch can’t yet use the power data. Beyond that I’d avoid all other Bluetooth sensors. All will pair with various missing features, either cadence, pace or stride length.

In terms of software updates, the M430 runs on the same software as the majority of Polar’s other fitness trackers, and that ecosystem has seen its fair share of updates in the last year. We expect Polar to continue to improve the software experience as it goes.Hello Lee. If you have vibrating out if zone alarm in the same time as your interval starts or ends – it is impossible to detect the interval change. Same for me. I try to keep my HR inside the recommended zone and to avoid constant vibration. The vibration alert is a big battery eating monster!This seems to increase battery life by a lot, I’d guess up to 12 hours of recording, an 8 hour hike dropped about 1/3 off the battery bar.The M430 tracks swims (OWS) if you turn the GPS on, perhaps the accuracy could be improved a little in OWS, I found it a little all over the plce. But for running the GPS and oHR are sweet. It’s a great run watch.

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Free 2-day shipping on qualified orders over $35. Buy Polar M430 GPS Running Watch -Black, Medium/Large - (725882041247) at Walmart.com It’s been a few months since Polar first announced the M430, which builds upon their previously popular M400 GPS watch aimed primarily at the running crowd.  While the M430 is a modest upgrade to the M400, it does bring with it features that enable it to keep up in the marketplace – notably an optical HR sensor.  But the list didn’t stop there, they’ve also added in vibration capability as well as new lower power GPS modes to get longer battery life, plus a slew of smaller changes that I’ll dive into more deeply.And why you insist to continue using those bulky chest straps when the M430 pics your heart rate from the wrist and works fine?That kind of tech support kinda gets on my nerves and that’s why I thought you might have some additional insights as you’ve tested the M430 yourself extensively.

Product Review: The Polar M430 GPS smartwatch has a wrist-based heart-rate monitor, built-in GPS and 100 sport profiles, ranging from yoga to martial arts. Polar M430 review. £137.36 View retailers. Test score Until now, your M430 has offered you a summary of your sleep in about 90 minutes after you’ve woken up. After updating your M430 to this release, you can opt to summarize your sleep right after you’ve woken up.Yes if set to track continuous hr in settings but it will only display a few numbers on the watch (min sleep, min awake, max). You can spot check hr. When synced you get a graphical display of hr through the day. 70% of what? I presume age predicted max hr in which case pretty conservative and probably OK for you. There are other ways of calculating zones which rely on a measured max hr and resting hr (Karvonen) which you should avoid. It makes the lower zones harder. The lack of polar support for these (the resting hr value has no effect on zones!) is a big disappointment to me and I have gone back to my fenix 3hr despite the shortcomings of Garmin connect and the device. I really like the speed, accuracy and simplicity of the M430 along with polar flow with its free phased hr training programs. I am sure it helped me win a 10k recently (within age and gender cat but a win is a win! (-; )The M430 does not have the Race Pace feature, rather it has a ‘Finish Time Estimator’. As it’s name would suggest, you input the distance you’re going to run and will estimate your finishing time based on your pace. -Mike@PolarUSA

I made couple of swims in calm water and this time results are much better. Also my swimming was more controlled and without pauses. When zoomed in there are still some strange jumps, but overall it’s decent and I believe total distance is close.Added optical HR sensor: Polar believes this 6-LED sensor is their most accurate to date Added vibration capability (alerts): This does however replace audio alerts, which go away Slightly increased battery: Mostly to maintain battery life with added optical HR sensor Added new low-power GPS modes: These enable the unit to get up to 30 hours of GPS-on battery time – High Accuracy Mode: 1-Second Recording Mode: Plots a GPS point every second, HR is every second too – Medium Accuracy Recording Mode: Plots a GPS point every 30 seconds, HR is every second still – Low Power Recording Mode: Plots a GPS point every 60 seconds, HR is every second still Changed the wrist strap design: This was to improve optical HR accuracy by reducing weight and increasing tightness. Added new watch faces: These can be changed in the menus to float your boat Enabled Fitness Test with optical HR sensor: This is pretty rare in the industry Added new sleep algorithms: This will give additional data in the Polar Flow app Firmware Updates Available via Bluetooth Smart: This unit needs no desktop computer at all. Added Stopwatch functionality: Pretty straightforward I think. New connector: This new connector replaces the micro-USB used previously that was a support nightmare 24×7 HR coming this Q3 2017: Currently the unit doesn’t record 24×7 HR, rather, only workout HR. A firmware update later this year will address that.Hi Neil. I mostly use my 430 for running and have no personal experience of using it in recording mode for more than five hours. What I do know is that it is possible, in the different sport profile, to disable GPS all together. I don’t know what that will give you extra in battery life, but I guess it will be a significant difference!

12 121.99 RUB. Product description Polar M430 S. Automatic translation Original description available here. M430 S is a multi-sport watch that allows you to control every turn with its GPS system. Furthermore, this device allows you to measure pace and distance accurately When you posted this I was confused as I was confident I had seen adjustment for vibration but was unable to see this on the website. I thought I was going mad. When I looked at the mobile app you can adjust the “volume” for sports profiles and had almost subconsciously assumed that on the M430 (c.f. M400) this meant vibration intensity. I even increased the volume from the default and convinced myself if worked. Was I wrong? I will have to play around with these settings and see the effect. I have not tried switching off the vibration alerts and was not aware this did not work.The mobile app also has options to connect to different platforms including Nike+, Strava, TrainingPeaks, MyFitnessPal, and Apple Health.  Some of these can also be configured via the Polar Flow website too.

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Hmm, definitely seems like some sort of bug – though honestly not sure where the origination of the bug is. Maybe the Polar folks can validate (they follow here). There is a new firmware update available for Polar M430. Update your running watch on your computer via FlowSync or on your mobile via Flow app. Version number: 1.1.34. Release date: April 11th, 2018. Improvements/fixes in this releas On the same topic, personally I would very much appreciate a “Sports Gadget Recommendations” twice a year 🙂 When will you publish the next one ?

By the way, the optical sensor is not as good as here in the review is painted. Today he several times hung for several minutes during training showing a value of 80 to 90 at real 140. Then he suddenly began to work as it should. The conditions did not change. I was still waiting for the guys from Polar to release a new flagship. I bought a m430 to use an optical sensor … probably I made a mistake.PS as well as running I do orienteering as a sport, so use the GPS a lot, although only for post-race analysis of where I went….Thanks for the great review, I have really waited for it. Your review confirmed my decision to buy m430, it seem that finally someone has managed to develop ohr that works well enough in most of the situations.The Polar M430 costs $200 and you can buy it from Polar’s website, or from a host of retailers like Amazon. The M430 comes in a variety of colors, including White, Black, Peach, Green, and Blue.

used my M 430 stopwatch feature but can’t get it to zero or clear. Support is no help. Any tips on how this feature works?I do a fair bit of treadmill running and used to get a ‘Running Index score’ as I have a polar stride sensor with my m400 but i don’t with the m430 – any ideas?

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Yup. I actually did some filming of it. Let me try and dig that up – shot it about a month ago. It was reasonable for the most part.Is this a known issue, or is my watch defective? I assume it’s a known issue because the foot pod was mentioned.Emailed to support. Good afternoon. This is the 4th time I have written to support about my m430. Originally the band became discoloured after only 2 weeks and remained so (partially grey, grey, partially black and black. I havent received any feedback. Since Christmas the band surrounding the watch face has pulled away to the extent that it catches on everything and looks unsightly and cheap (it appears the band pins are the only thing keeping it together). This is the 3rd polar watch I have had and by far the cheapest and poorest quality. I pre ordered and so paid $300 to receive it in Asia. This is not the quality one expects or the after sales support. I’ve never had any problems with my old Polar f55 and f11 (only battery replacements by authorised dealers) and garmin products (or even my Basis Peak). I purchased it in Thailand and are currently in Vietnam. Polar M430: Design and build quality. Despite the M430 being 0.5mm thicker than the M400, at 12mm, because of the heart rate tracking smarts, Polar Included in that firmware update is the addition of continuous heart rate monitoring, so now outside of training events, you can keep an eye on daily bpm..

Polar M430 czarny w x-kom.pl > Odbiór za 0 zł w dowolnym salonie, błyskawiczna wysyłka. Polar M430 to zegarek sportowy do biegania z GPS oraz możliwością pomiaru tętna z nadgarstka, zaawansowanymi funkcjami treningowymi Polar oraz całodobowym pomiarem aktywności The sitting / standing / walking / running is an indication of the intensity level of your current activity. When you’re standing still it’s quite logical that it doesn’t identify whether your legs are straight or not. Also it would be strange that you’ll swing your arm two times and it displays as running. There’s a small delay necessary to interpret the movement. I find it’s quite accurate. When I’m doing household tasks it doesn’t always display as walking, but it says standing. Lower intensity. Go to vacuuming or mopping and it will switch to walking or sometimes running.– Doesn’t synchronise its watch time from satellites like the Garmins do. – Does timestamp GPS files with actual time, just incremented time* – Can’t give you GPS co-ordinates (ok not vital as an everyday feature but if I did happen to be stranded in the Kalahari, might be useful…).

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after 5 months of use, the belt itself has become convex. Sport Consulting from Poland quickly sent a new strap for free 🙂Alp Fitness: link to alpfitness.com Joe Friel: link to trainingpeaks.com Jim Vance: /https://runwithpower.net/2016/05/04/jim-vances-running-power-zones/

Can somebody elaborate on the accuracy regarding i.e. total climb of a run or ride. In case it is inacurrate is Polar Flow correcting the GPS data?I did notice you mentioning the A370 and making refeence to your review of that device to see some info about its sleep metrics. I did look at the review (just double checked again right now) and I don’t see anything I did not yet see with my M430? Maybe I’m not looking well enough?I contacted Polar support with the same issue and they were able to confirm that the wrist-based HRM on both – the M430 and the A370 will not work on “darker skin types”.Come to think of it, I did just buy new Jabra Bluetooth headphones that are connected to my Polar M430, I wonder if that has any thing to do with it.

Similarly, on the Polar Flow site you can create structured workouts which then show up on your watch under ‘Favorites’.  These structured workouts allow you to build out specific goals for given portions of the workout.Additionally, you can also use Amazon to purchase the unit (all colors shown after clicking through to the left) or accessories (though, no discount on Amazon).  Or, anything else you pickup on Amazon helps support the site as well (socks, laundry detergent, cowbells).  If you’re outside the US, I’ve got links to all of the major individual country Amazon stores on the sidebar towards the top.  Though, Clever Training also ships there too and you get the 10% discount.

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1) Sleep from sunday -> monday: – M430 device: My Day shows sleep time and actual sleep time – Polar Flow: Diary -> Activity: fell asleep and woke up symbols are visible/logged however – Polar Flow: Diary -> Sleep: weekly overview: all metrics are visibleTo solve that problem I either upload to Endomondo and from there I sync with Strava using Taapirik or upload to my PC and edit in Golden Cheetath and export a tcx file that I upload to Strava.The problem with most standardized port designs is that they aren’t great for waterproofing because they tend to attract corrosion into small parts.  Whereas charging port designs that are made with waterproofing in mind usually last much longer.  In any case, it’s new here:

It generally checks every 2-5 min (lasts 7 days). Easiest way is to set up activity (mine is other indoor- no GPS) then press start. It will last at least whole day. Then you’ll know everything..max min average HR, spikes total calories …a true indication of your health. From memory U can manually add in max HR in settings. Do it once from the app & even set what the watch displays.We had no issues with connectivity between the M430 and the Polar Flow at the start of the review, but some issues began to pop up later on. While syncing happened seamlessly in the background, the Polar Flow app seemed to experience issues with updating some of the dashboards, refusing to fill in the relevant data. This was made extra strange by other screens admitting that missing exercises had been done. Still, while annoying, this wasn’t a deal breaker.The F5 did seem to have some odd struggles on a few of those (both HR & GPS), in one case though I tried to re-iterate that it was on a Spibelt, so that doesn’t much count there. But the others were interesting and hence why I called them out too.1 hour and 41 minutes, 898 calories, max HR of 183. The GPS also did well tracking a nice 1.5 mile walk with the kids at a park during the holiday weekend.Contradictory to your article (correct me if I’m wrong) I do get advanced sleep metrics with my M430, but sometimes it just doesn’t show data for some days in the weekly overview, even though the data is available if you look at it in diary view. See my screenshot for an example of what I’m experiencing.

You mentioned that 24/7 heart rate tracking was coming this fall. Will that be in an updated version of the M430 or an entirely new watch?Not really. Are you connected to a foot pod? (any foot pod!) You could factory reset. You could reinstall the firmware. If it still is an issue presumably it is a hardware fault and you would need to contact Polar.

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Jamil is absolutely right, this product does not work for people with dark skin. If your completion is similar to Denzel Washington or darker, stay away from this product until Polar can prove that they have fixed the issue.– The FR235 GPS was much better than the Polar M400, but I have the feeling that the M430 is better than the M400 too. Yesterday (after a software update that was supposed to improve A-GPS) it was better around my usual park loop and did better on the track as well. Earlier this week it did ok around narrow streets in Florence, and when running in the open in a big park it really excelled. As I said, I don’t have the FR235 anymore to compare directly, but I think they must be close. I am actually looking forward to Ray’s in-depth review to see what he made of it.Hello again Frederik, I have 10 consecutive days of correct sleep analysis already. I had some issues with LOOP2 sleep analysis in the past – missed some nights with no logical reasons. Just a few times for a year of usage. Do you see Sleep time and Actual sleep data on the M430 screen for these days that are missing in the WEB service?Plainly ridiculous that the use of the only water capable 5 kHz signal for real time heart rate while swimming Is NOT supported. So I am still going to use the A300. What’s up Polar? However, Polar updated the firmware of the watch and Polar M430 users have been able to enjoy continuous heart rate tracking ever since. Recovery Status - Polar M430 Only. Recovery Status estimates the time you need to recovery between training sessions. Although it's more relevant to..

Was a long time m400 user. Switched to Ambit3 Peak for 30+ hrs battery life and route navigation. Surprised I unable to read the small data fields on top/bottom of the display and the contrast was very low on the LCD-screen in cold weather. And it was bulky/heavy.I’ve compared the ‘medium’ GPS accuracy mode to ‘standard’ mode on the same loop (a trail with lots of twists and turns) and ‘medium’ run came in at 14.6K, ‘standard’ at 14.7K.Note, the M430 does NOT track your heart rate 24×7.  Meaning, it does NOT have continual heart rate tracking like the Polar A370, or any of Fitbit’s optical HR sensor enabled watches.  It only uses its optical HR sensor for workout usage (which is records), or if you check your HR (but that value isn’t recorded anywhere then). Polar says that’s coming in Q3/2017 (by the end of September).

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In my opinion the vibrations for M430 are stronger than for M600. So far I haven’t missed it which often happened with the M600.From here this data is then sync’d to the Polar Flow mobile app via your smartphone, and onwards to Polar Flow – Polar’s training log site.  Here’s how it’ll look there:The device says heart rate not found and will not read HR when worn on top of wrist. I get some readings when worn on the bottom of my wrist (palm side up.)Hi Nikos Yes. They are set within a sport profile (which makes sense as zones differ between running, cycling and swimming) under “related to sport” rather than device. You have to select the option “free” rather than “default”. You can also set custom pace zones in the same way and construct phased pace based training too. The M430 does not support power at present though it will link to a BLE foot pod (such as Stryd) for accurate instantaneous pace. There are some good calculators and advice out there if you want a good guestimate of your zones. Alternatively (after a rest day or so) take the test (and the pain) with a 30 minutes best effort. You can then use lactate threshold HR or threshold running pace as a basis for your custom “free” zones within a particular sport profile.Now that’s pretty much a crap-show in the beginning.  The TICKR-X strap (which is the Fenix 5 in this case) was clearly having some sort of issue up-front, which I think may have been low-battery issues.  I replaced it afterwards and it was fine following that.  Meanwhile the Suunto Wrist HR optical HR is way off too.  However, the M430 is closest to what I would say is accurate.

Save polar m430 to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Unfollow polar m430 to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. You'll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive With that new features listing out of the way, let’s start with the watch from the beginning – most notably the home screen.  It’s here that you’ve got your watch face to show not just the time, but also your current activity status for the day (towards your step goal).Once ready, you’ll press the start button again and the unit will start tracking/recording your workout.  You’ll press the up/down buttons to change data pages.  Here’s a small gallery of some default ones while standing still to see the data page sizing differences:

Hi Claudio. It was the first thing I thought of and adjusted it on the fly but it made things worse. I then paused the session, stopped running, loosened the strap and waited for my HR to catch up (it actually increased during this pause), then carried on and it was OK. It was windy, raining and dark. I suspect this was because of peripheral vasoconstriction in my arm and tightening the strap actually made things worse. I think the bottom line is this tech works well most of the time – but sometimes that is not good enough. ECG based HR is rock solid. I have now acquired a V800.I’m on holiday and because of heat and humidity I could not follow Polar’s marathon program. After sunset it’s still 30°C and humidity is around 80%. I opted for swimming and I found that M430 supports open area swimming. Results are so so as GPS is all over the place. Is there a way to smoothen the track or am I expecting too much from M430? Firmware updates are performed to improve the functionality of your M430. They can include improvements to existing features, completely new Updating the firmware with a mobile device or tablet You can update the firmware with your mobile device or tablet if you're using Polar Flow mobile.. Right now we only have average heartrate and duration. That’s rather incomplete without actual distance swum.

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