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Amazon.com operates the largest, most sophisticated system of warehoused products and Yes, your subscription supports OAXRAY for one Amazon account. So your virtual assistants and employees.. I don’t appreciate being charged 99dollars for prime when I did not order it. But after calling prime it was easy to cancel.

I ordered a gift on Monday, December 17th and was just informed I would not receive it until the 24th, possibly later. I thought you were more efficient that this! Now I have to come home from the party on the 24th and pray the gift arrives, then possibly go back to the party with no gift. I doubt I will order from you again.First up is the “What Can We Help You With?” section. Click the buttons here to explain the type of product or service that you need help with: an order, one of Amazon’s unique products, downloadable digital content, or something else.  Note that depending on which one you choose, you may get different sub-options.  For example, if your problem is with An Order I Placed (as it is in the screenshot here), you can search for and select the specific order that you’re having a problem with.Hi I was billed by Amazon Prime 11/13/18 where I did not finalized my transactions in my surprise! This is so shocking to me!! Please cancel the amount billed to me today!

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Thanks! While we're unable to respond directly to your feedback, we'll use this information to improve our online Help. On May 05 2016 an unauthorized charge was made to my banking system for a Amazon Prime membership a second time in two years. I am asking Amazon to return $99.00 imediately and refrain from any future charges not authorized.Charged me a 100 dollars on my credit card for amazon prime. Did not order it. complete scam. Better get full refund.

As an Amazon seller, we all need to contact Amazon everyday for issues related to customers Amazon has tons of support teams located all over the world. If we contact the wrong team, we may.. I wish to cancel my membership. Reason I am still waiting for a refund issued 21 July 2017. I find no other to reach anyonetrying to follow instructions to download FREE Amazon Prime Videos. Followed instructions to point of getting 5 digit registration code. Was interrupted for a few hours, now the code is not being accepted. How do I get Downton Abbey on my Vizio TV for free?I have never had your service nor did I want them I received my bank statement today only to notice I have charges from u starting on 4-3-2016 until 4-28-2016 hate to see next month’s .bank statement don’t know who signed.me up for this but would like my money refunded ASAP so far total amount is $181.66 is this even possible for 1 month? I don’t know how this happened but I’m on a fixed income and need a total refund

I again contact Amazon to reiterate how important it is that they keep my account secure, and not They contacted Amazon by phone, and they don't have a recording to give me. I'm going to have to.. I like amazon, and being a member, however, I am having a problem trying to watch my prime member series, the player is doing something, because I have to keep waiting for it to rebuff. I know it is, or I hope it does not have a virus, being that I just downloaded an anti-virus. please tell me what else I can do.I am not happy with Amazon Prime membership. Every time I place an order and it says in blue “Prime” two day free shipping, after I complete my order the estimated delivery is always at least two or three days (sometimes more) later! I as well as many other people I know are getting ready to cancel their Amazon Prime memberships because of this. What’s the point in paying almost $130 a year for services they don’t promise? I think Amazon is a complete scam lately. I wonder how the local news channels would like to see all my orders that I have placed that were supposed to be “Prime” shipping???

My deliveries continue to be thrown over my back fence instead of my front porch. Please make sure that they get delivered to the proper place!On Aug7, a charge for 11.97 was put on my charge card and then again two weeks later/ paying my bill I am informed another charge for 11.97pending/ I never gave my ok and the card in question has not been used in two years and suddenly these charges are coming up,I want to know why and cancel those charges or I will cancel prime which is on a totally different cardI DID NOT sign up for this and I DEMAND a refund. I have absolutely no use for Amazon prime. What is going on here? I cant find a # to call and cancel,i cannot afford to take a hundred dollar hit,and wait for its return.Someone help please,they wont reply to me online.I signed up on the word of a friend then, the first thing I tried to order wanted shipping.I signed up for the no shipping costs.IT FEELS LIKE A SCAM, and I want out Login to the Amazon account. Click on top left triple line logo. You will see this page. How do you contact Amazon Prime customer service? Update Cancel

I signed my daughter up for a shared account. However, when she placed an order she was charged $99 for a prime account. Why? Amazon VPCIsolated Cloud Resources. Amazon API GatewayBuild, Publish, and Manage APIs. Contact our sales and business development teams to learn more about AWS Amazon.com is an online retailer of books, computer software, computer hardware, movies, music, electronics, toys, and much more. Contact information They charged me over a $100 for a membership that I did not agree to. Unfortunate for a large company. They provide no contact info on their page. I would not recommend purchasing anything through this company. This is a scam, misleading, and a terrible way to respect consumers. You lost a customer- clearly others.

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i am disgusted that ,,despite my clicking on close account (on october 4th) money was taken from another account of mine because the card i had been using was no longer viable . no wonder bill gates is so rich . can make fools of us all . should be able to close account if i want , i too need contact number to sort this out .as i am almost housebound this is my only way to shop .cannot use joint account my husband does not want to . cannot change card as cannot access account details .Each month I am receiving debit card of Rs 739.63 linked to my ICICI account XXXX O269. I have already requested to close. However, deduction is still continued. How do I get refund. Please stop direct deduction. Last message 4th Dec 2017 & repeated 4th Jan 2018 How do you contact Amazon Seller Performance? Here's the answer when it comes to how to contact seller performance: you can't You have taken £79 out of my bank on the 4/4/16 I did not authorise this & I would like you to refund it back in but by the sounds of it you do it all the time to your customs . Surprise surprise can’t find a phone number so if I don’t get any reply I will be take in legal advise

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I just want to say thank you very much for taking money from my checking account without telling me ahead of time. Now I am overdrawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My name is Priscilla Coleman Reece I don’t have A AMAZONE PRIME account and I called to get refunded for the charges you keep removing from my account and was told that this will be done and I would be refunded and also refunded the extra $99 I’m in process of getting to reach out to you because I never set this up,Someone has fraudulently registered me for Amazon Prime Membership. I did not sign up for this membership. I have had to block the original debit card from my bank. The membership amount was $106.93. This amount must be refunded to me. Please let me know immediately when that transaction can be completed.

I need to talk to PERSON about getting my Amazon acct set up on auto-pay through my bank. Each times I try, I am told to try later and then the phone disconnects Please help.Amazon Shop Categories Unlimited instant videos, MP3 and Cloud Player, Amazon Cloud Drive, Kindle (wi-fi, Kindle DX, Accessories, eBooks, Newspapers, Magazines, Kindly Stores), Appstore for Android (Apps, Games), Digital Games & Software (Game Downloads, Software Downloads), Audible Audiobooks, Books, Mobies, Music & Games (Movies & Tv, Blu Ray, Amazon Instant Video, Music, MP3 Download, Musical Instrumentals, Video Games, Game Download), Electronics & Computers (Home Audio & Theater, Camera, Photo & Video, Cell Phones & Accessories, Car Electronics, Appliances, Musical Instruments, Laptops, Tablets, Desktops, Software, PC Games, Printers & Ink, Office & School Supplies), Home & Garden (Kitchen, Furiture, Bedding, Appliances, Arts, Crafts, Pet Supplies), Grocery, Toys, Kids & Baby, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry, Sports, Automotive & Industrial and more.I have an amazon prime account. I would like to make a payment but the bill has not come in the mail.Still haven’t seen the refund you promised for the membership I never used. Never ordered anything and canceled my membership, was told I would receive the refund on my Credit Card. Haven’t gotten it yet. THanks, JimmyI was charged for Amazon Prime which apparently I ordered, but do not need and would not use. I called the number on this page and they answered right away. Were very nice and helpful. Hopefully the credit will post as soon as they said it will. Surprised and happy with the great customer service.

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Have been trying to get a verification of my prime cancellation before money gone from my account. Not easyWhat/where is my account log in info? Sadly I didn’t cancel this prior to the end of the trial, but I have no idea how to access as it was never sent to me. Please advise. I’m going to give this a year and we’ll see…..

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  1. I was billed for things I did not authorize. I called, was told they needed to have access from their end to go into my computer. I was called dumb and hung up on. That’s the short version. Worst customer service ever
  2. I DID NOT order Amazon Prime. Please cancel ASAP and provide a FULL refund of all payments made to you to date.
  3. There was no notice E-mail, or even a dialog letting me know that my 30 day free trial had expired or that they would automatically withdraw any fees from my account.

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You withdrew money but did not deliver product. No phone number to talk to a human being. I am VERY upset. I have confirmation number. Will not give to you until you contact me……….. Amazon.com. 29M likes. Official Facebook page of www.amazon.com Months after my last purchase, I began being charged for amazonprime. As my account shows, I am not and never have been a member of Prime. My monthly e-mails and phone queries are ignored. One operator did say that I could not cancel, because I am not a member! Cancel immediately and refund all of your bogus charges.I have never been asked to be a member or told of the charge involved.This is a scam to defraud.customers and will take legal advice if I am not given a refund immediately.

Sincerely, Robert M. Lacy Jr.I was charged 102.77 for membership that I did not authorize I am not a member call them and they said that it will be removed but call my credit card and changed number to be sure that it doesn’t happen againI received a Prime membership charge from amazon prime in which I’m not aware of it on 12/28/2017. How can you take $99 without any notification and without my consent? It is really unethical. I’m not a member of the Amazone prime except buying one single tie. Please refund my balance.I did Not authorize any payment to Amazon Prime Membership in the amount of $107.17.. This amount I want back in my card account now.. I am contacting the New York State Attorney Generals Office and The Better Business Office. I also tried contacting you by phone but your representative I could not understand and he hung the phone up on me.. Tried for over a hour to contact this phone number again with NO response. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL….we use amazon all the time and are very well pleased. when I got my credit card statement this week I had been charged 99.00 dollars for amazon prime. I don’t know how this happened I didn’t even know what this was until I called my daughter and she explained it to me . I would like it canceled and reimburse me my money. please send me a response in an email. thank you

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  1. This Company or should I say Con artists took money from my bank account & i never even gave them this information.. I’m totally baffled.. I don’t check the details of my bank every month though I should & now will but when I did I saw that i had been charged for some “phantom” membership for many months bank.. to deal with this thru the bank is an inconvenient process so I chose to call their “customer (which I am not) service ( which they don’t give) & dealt with someone that had me so frustrated with her cycling around the truth routine by the end of the call I was furious. Needless to say I am very pissed off this is just another scam and I hate that they’re getting away with it I’m going to stop now because I don’t want them to get any more of my time.. but the principle of this makes me so angry that I am considering legal action!! My warning ⚠️ would be.. don’t sign up for anything with Amazon Prime ❗️
  2. Hello everyone , my account was charged 107.17 on 8/31/2017 .. I made a phone call to the number I saw listed online. I spoke with Laura R. She apologized and immediately started the process for my refund of the full amount. So far, I am satisfied with the customer service I received today. I was told that I should be receiving my refund within 1-3 business days! If you guys are having trouble reaching them, here is the number!
  3. I just received my credit card statement and see that I have an Amazon Prime membership, etc. for a total of $105.19. If I did (and I certainly don’t recall signing up) it was in error. I would like it cancelled and my credit card credited. Also, I placed an order one day and IMMEDIATELY tried to cancel. Was told it had already gone to shipping or somewhere so I received all that and will pay for it…..just make cure my prime membership is cancelled. thanks, Joyce Hathcock
  4. Having asked for a 7 day trial it took 24 hours to get email. Then more hours of waiting. And I won’t sit endlessly tap tap tapping to download something called Microsoft Silverlight. No no no. Now I want all traces of prime GONE. Take this as notice to never, ever again email me with anything to do with prime, and you will get no thanks for wasting HOURS of my time. Life’s too short. Geraldine Bird
  5. I didnt know i signed up for the free two day shipping and I would like to be taken off of that service I dont want it
  6. Deje que su banco los llame..Asi fue que me devolvieron mi denero para tras en me account. No los llame otra ves llame mi banco y esplique que me sacaron dinero y no le di permiso. En unos 10 dias me volvieron el dinero para tras. Perdone mis errores. No escribo espanol muy bien pero trato, que no??

Pour appeler le SAV Amazon depuis l'étranger, composez le +33 1 74 18 10 38. Le coût de l'appel dépendra de votre opérateur. Joindre un web conseiller par formulaire de contact sur Interne I’LL NEVER USE AMAZON AGAIN. A DAY OFF THAT WAS RUINED BY STUPID AMAZON EXEC’S WHO THOUGHT IT WOULD BE A GREAT IDEA TO SAVE MONEY AND GET JOE FIBIMIGONG OR SUSIE BALAMBAM TO STUMBLE THROUGH THEIR POOR GRAMMAR AND PRONUNCIATION AND ONLY MAKE CUSTOMERS ANGRY.I am extremely disappointed that I ask a question (that indicates I am in no way trying to ‘cheat’ Amazon Prime), only to have you slufe me off to a “not associated with Amazon” service that wants $36.00 to answer my question.

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  1. ute plus your standard network charge. Amazon Customer Service Contact Number
  2. Package was left in front of my garage, not on the porch. Anyone could see it and take it. 248-366-0424
  3. Got charged for Prime without ordering or wanting. Difficult to even call in. When I did get a number that worked, the gentleman was very calm and efficient. He promised to reverse the unauthorized charges. Thank you for that. Although since some pinhead within Amazon Prime Management seems to think trickery or outright theft of credit card numbers to produce Prime memberships is acceptable, he or she is an unethical moron. I will probably never order anything again via Amazon or any other company that is stupid enough to try to steal from the people who use it’s services, rather than excel in quality of experience.
  4. I order to items and needed them by a certain date. I have prime and they were suppose to arrive. I got a message saying the company I work for was not open and we were then I got another message about another package that they delivered it to somewhere and it wasnt here I now have to go out in the cold wet weather and buy it on top of already buying it with you guys. I am pissed i want my packages and I hope they are received and because one was taken somewhere else. I am very frustrated and I need you guys to do something about it.
  5. Your contact phone number is not available Will you please send a currrent telephone number? Edna Ginno
  6. Why doesn’t my email download anymore ? I always read my mail on my tablet but not anymore. About three days now
  7. I just have a question. Will you ever make a season 5 on Bosch? Which is by far my favorite show ever

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Amazon marks opening with launch of new Amazon Future Engineer Bursary for students at Manchester University, the graduation of the first cohort of AWS re/Start students in Manchester.. Hello, Now I just found out that the company did charged 2 times on 02/08/17 and yesterday 05/02/17 and I did not order the books that I did not receive any of those. That charged twice $107.02 so I need to confirm that cancel the membership of mine (S307039000473636 and 10327171015) . I needed to know that they will refund the amounts. I really appreciate that they will correct those. Have a nice day. To enhance your Amazon shopping experience we provide price history charts, price drop alerts, price watches, daily drops and browser addons NOT A GOOD WAY TO DO BUSINESS…..I doubt I’ll ever feel comfortable ordering from you again. CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP

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Amazon.com, Inc. offers a range of products and services through its Websites. The Company's products include merchandise and content that it purchases for resale from vendors and those offered.. My daughter has been checking my bank statements and found taken from my account. 1.15/1/18 £7.99 , 13/2/18 , £7.99 13/3/18 , £7.99 . 16/4/18 ,£7.99 I don’t know what these payments have been taken for They total £31.96 I am 84 and can’t remember buying anything of that amount. I know I have bought a couple of things from Amazon one being from a chemist but that was very recently. PLEASE CAN YOU SEND ME DETAILS I AM A PENSIONER AND LIKE TO TRY AND KEEP A CHECK ON WHAT I SPEND.I am watching Endevaour and it reloads every two minutes. What is the problem. It is 8:30 on wednesday , august 20th, 2014. Help!!!!!!Contacted PRIME customer service rep (Bryan) on 12/27/17 to complain that a pkg dropped off at local KOHL’s store (new service) on 12/11/17 still does not show in Amazon’s online returns center. KOHL’s says they can’t track and no way for customer to track on Amazon account. Bryan says still shows ‘in transit’ so he immediately refunded my money to a gift card I have on file with Amazon. I won’t select the KOHL’s option again — no way to track, delayed refund. UPS issued a refund on another return with a couple hours after scanning into UPS facility. I will use this option in future.

Hello I have never signed up for Amazon Prime and now I have a charge on my account for $11.68 and I need to be refunded my money and cancel the membership cuz I never signed up for that.I am being charged for delivery and purchase of sandals I purchased on line from you Over and over again and I don’t know why. Will you please sort this out for me. I live in Israel and I am getting rather angry and upset about it. Will you please sort this out for me. I really do not want to persue this legally. Please attend to this problem immediately. Lawrence Benjamin.

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Trying to cancel my membership but no luck in contacting customer services. Not a happy customer G.HamiltonNeed a bit more detail about how this process works? Read our step-by-step guide (with pictures) below. Amazon Music. Ayuda PrimeVideo.com. Paginas más visitadas. Con Amazon Prime disfruta de envíos GRATIS y rápidos, video, música y mucho más I was told I would get a credit for Amazon Prime cancelled in September and taken out this month. I have not received it and am very unhappy! I want my credit of $12.99Amazon Prime is a good source if you want something within 2 days. I never had any problems with the deliveries. Then only thing that I had problems with is they charge you without your consent and then I found out that you have to call and cancel, I had to do it at least three times. But they have always refunded my money within 24 hours.

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  1. You people took money out of my account and I am not a prime customer. As the others wrote you do not answer the and someone actually answered and hung up on me when I told them what I wanted.
  2. Hi, I’ve tried out Amazon Prime for 1 month,and cancels it after they’ve charged me 99$,I got all the money back,but now my prime is cancelled and they still charged me 49€,I haven’t ordered anything so why did that happen?,how can I get my money back?
  3. i do not know who authorized to take 106.92 from my visa card for some membership, but it was not me or my wife. you have made a big mistake and my money best get back on my card immediately or my lawyer when be contacting amazon prime asap. I hope this is made clear. This is illegal when I did not authorize this

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Rented a movie on amazon. Sound was so low I could not hear up with the sound turned all the way up. I turned it off. Can I get a refund?Amazon China Contact 400-810-5666 400-881-8688 (Fax) 86-400-810-5666 (international) Email: [email protected]I just got charged 105.68 on my card never gave permission unless Amazon tricked me! I tried finding a Customer Service number to call…No luck yet!Good morning. I was just charged 99.00 for a new amazon prime membership and I don’t even have amazon prime. So I would like to have this fixed and my money back really soon. I can’t afford to lose that money. Thank you

I have had the same experience as the other respondents – I never gave you an account number on which to charge the prime service. I signed up for the free trial on November 26. When we went to cancel the service at the end of the month, there was no record of an account for me. My credit card has now been charged $99. I will call the credit card company to protest the charge and have it removed from my bill. My past experience with Amazon has been positive and cooperative. The experience with Prime has been totally unsatisfactory. Trending Now: Get 97% Off + More At Amazon With 68 Coupons, Promo Codes, & Deals from Giving Assistant. Save Money With 100% Top Verified Coupons & Support Good Causes Automatically

money has been taken from my account i did not give my credit card details to your company how did you get money from my account micheal o connell cork city sourthern ireland i can not find no for youA big shout out to Tanya who helped track down a TV antennae. The information was not easy — no tracking info on the site. She was able to find the info and returned a call quickly. She certainly turned was was going to be a cancellation and Radio Shack visit into a happier afternoon.Amazon.com Head Office Amazon.com, Inc. 1200 12th Ave. South, Ste. 1200 Seattle, WA 98144-2734 USA Phone: (206) 266-1000 / (206) 266-2171 Fax: (206) 266-1355

Find an Amazon warehouse, delivery driver, or shopper job near you. Earn $15/hr or more. No previous experience needed. Start as soon as 7 days. Apply now Amazon is a disgrace and i’ll never use or recommend this service again. I’ve been paying for Prime every month for over a year and never signed up to it and had no idea it was coming out my account. I don’t even know what the thing is!! I am fuming! I will be seeking a full refund.I just look at my bank accout and $100 have been taken out from Amazon Prime membership…..who gave the authorization??? I’m sending this message to all to check your checking accounts in detail to avoid this charges…. Incredible….

I was charges $100 dollars for Amazon Prime and I am not an Amazon Prime subscriber. How do I get this charge off my account?Want Amazon prime off my credit card…I never ordered this…..don,t use it and can,t afford this as on senior fixed in come. Please this is not mine to pay for the passed year. Feel like paying for someone elseAmazon is a joke. I ordered a $12 t-shirt for my daughter. A month later Amazon took it upon themself to deduct $99 from my bank account without my authorization for a Prime Membership. I have called 3 times to get a refund. Each time I have called they have told me they have no record of me calling. I am furious! This is such a scam! First they told me someone in Germany ordered it. Second story was I signed up for it. All lies. I have yet to get a refund!

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The agent explained the most efficient option is for customers to contact the customer service department a minimum of one business day prior to the end of the free trial to cancel the service. This way, there is no lag and the customer’s credit card will not be charged. We were pleased with the call and the overall result. We want to hear if your experience resembled our experience. Share your store with us in the comment section below.How do you get away with steeling people’s money. Right…. Free trial, you can cancel anytime!! The only problem is that there’s no way you can cancel !!! What a scam you have going.


Amazon Web Services - Amazon S3 - Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is a scalable, high-speed, low-cost web-based service designed for online backup and archiving of data and application progra I cancelled my amazon prime account about two months and I notice I am still being charged every month. I wish to cancel this immediately.Move your mouse cursor over “Need More Help?” and click Contact Us.  You may be prompted to log in (again) when you do this; you can click Skip Sign In to skip this step, but by logging in, they will have your information ready when you contact them.I did not tell any one to charge my account for a membership. I would like for my account to be credited with the 106.92 back into my account. Thank You Doris Nail

Amazon prime, I am disappoint with Amazon Prime Because ya didnt ask me without my permisson take my money out $99 and pls refund back me $99.. Also please make sure close my acct Amazon Prime.. pls leave my money alone… Thanks, Kelli Press Center. Contact. AMZN Amazon.com, Inc. Common Stock. Data is currently not available. $2286.04

I have had £79. deducted from my credit card without my authorisation.I demand a full refund immediately.I have received my bank statement and have been charged 99.00 for AmazonPrimeMembership amzn.com/prime NV. I never authorized this and do not want this and want it cancelled and a full refund credited to my account ASAP.I did not buy anythings from your website. I can not understand why there is a deposit from my account, and it is a huge number 106.92. Click Edit Items or Details to go back to the previous screen if you entered any information incorrectly.  Otherwise, click in the box that says “Enter Additional Information” and type in a more detailed explanation of the problem.  Depending on the information you’ve already given about your problem, you may get a hint as to what to put here.I have never been so disappointed, Last month I call Amazon to correct an account I never opened. The man from another country seemed nice and pretended to help. I am now talking to Omar and he wants all my credit info again. Since I didn’t make thus purchase I cant give it to him. I have never felt so cheated in my life. No wonder you are so large stealing money from people. I am on social security and very limited funds Please make sure I am refunded 3 months of monies I did not charge.

Srs Amazon Prime, solicito me reversen el cargo realizado a mi Tarjeta Visa de Wells Fargo Bank, realizado el dia 13 de Octubre 2017, por el Monto de 105.19 USD, cuyo cargo no he autorizado ni aprobado, desconozco como lograron tener mis datos. Favor eliminar mis datos de Cuentas y Tarjeta de Credito, para que no se repitan estos cargos inconsultos. attentamente. Fernando Salazar Vizcaino.SINCE MOST OF YOUR BUSINESS IS TO ENGLISH SPEAKING PEOPLE PLEASE HIRE PEOPLE WHO CAN SPEAK ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I revived an email from your self’s telling me you were going to put £79 back in my bank as I cancelled amazon prime as yet this as not yet come threw and was 5 days ago

How to contact different department from amazon seller's team including seller performance team Other than contacting seller support in Seller Central, you might find it more useful to contact.. Please cancel my membership NOW! When I joined I was unaware of the price of the membership. I DO NOT WANT ANY FURTHER DEALINGS WITH YOU!! The amount of $107.17 was charged to my visa card ending with digits 3457. Please refund my money on this card asap. Thank you Frances RushingI did the 2 day free trial .. and now they just took at 107 dollars .. HUM FOR WHAT IT WAS A TRIAL !!!!!! SO MAD

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Amazon Prime deducted $99.00 from my checking account without my authorization, this borders on criminal. Don’t want the membership, just my money backwards!I am an Amazon Prime(xia.ji@me.gatech.edu.cn), but I forget my password, both of my email address and cell phone have changed. who can help me to reset my password? Thanks.iam disgusted with amazon customer servicei signed up for primr got a nice picture on tv but nosound,no help on and on ,iam a 20yt+ customer a fcc lic ret engr very angryI am thoroughly flabbergasted by the audacity Amazon Prime has in regards to stealing my money. Simply by ordering a product through Amazon, Amazon has access to my personal banking information,takes advantage to deduct $99.00 for a membership I did not ask for. I will do my best never to use Amazon again.

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this has got to be the worst service it iis impossible to get a phone number the site wont let me get any usefull informationWhen ordering some items from Amazon USA, I clicked the box for a free one month trial for Amazon Prime. I attempted to experiment with it but was unable to do anything because it seems my computer is too old and has IOS 9.3.5 and I need IOS 10.0. I did not sign up for prime membership, only the trial, to see if it would work, which it did not. You are now sending me emails calling me a Prime Member and my bank account indicates you have charged me $12.99 for something on Oct. 1, 2018. Can you please refund that amount as I did not order anything else from you and am assuming you are charging me for Prime membership, which I do not want. You never indicated you would sign me up automatically after my trial period, having never asked me if I wanted to join or not. In my opinion a company as large as yours with a reputation to uphold should not stoop to policies of entrapment.I do not want to join this program. And this is the second time I complaint about that. You made a charge my money 107.17$ and 35$ for OVERDRAFT FEE FOR TRANSACTION POSTED ON 10/20. Please return this fee for me.There’s some problems to get my books. Please send it again. Please do not cancel my order. Because I pay them with research fund and the period of research will be expired soon. If you cancel them, I cannot get it back forever.I was charged a membership fee of 107.17 that I did not authorize as soon as I saw I contacted Amazon Prime and they took care of it right, and also offered to remove my payment information. The customer service rep was very understanding and helpful. Thank you for the prompt service!

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iam ao angry at the evasiveness of amazon customer service,isigned up for prime for my tv,iam a many year customer,20+i struggled to get a picture then i never got sound ,and no way amazon helped me,but endess merrygoround of fixed thst didnot work, iam 88 fcc lic cert engrtech lic engr my opinion mazon will falter and go down the drain rhey got my money i got nothingI really like Amazon Prime, but my only issue is that they will have a television series and have a few of the seasons on prime and then I can’t watch anymore because I have to buy it. This makes me very upset, I understand y’all have to have a way to make money, but this just seems unfair. I would really appreciate if you could have all the television series finished so I could further enjoy my watching experience. Thank You.I am getting a lawyer and you can pay my bank fees I never talked or gave permission for you to take out money out of my account this is the way you do business you are not going to last if my bills dont get paid because the ‘refund still has not been done tomorrow i am on tuscon.s radio ,news ; what ever it takes to get out the truth on you shades tacticsI don’t understand how prime movie works and no customers service can give me information about it. Hope you not Gonna take any money of my account. Please get back to me and let me know. Not happy… Amazon Connect Streams Documentation. (c) 2018 Amazon.com, Inc. All rights reserved. The Amazon Connect Streams API (Streams) gives you the power to integrate your existing web..

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Please cancel membership for Amazon Prime, which I did not order or authorize. I spoke with your representive Jamie on Sunday, May 24, 2015. She was very professional and nice. She advised me that full cost of $105.68 will be refunded to my A/E credit card. Thank You Последние твиты от Amazon (@amazon). Official Twitter account of Amazon. Follow @AmazonNews for the latest news from Amazon. Seattle, Washington Amazon has taken money from my account without permission. If anyone forms a class action suite please let me know.

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The money wrongfully deducted is not automatically refunded. I was told it could be 3 days before it is put back. By the time it gets refunded, I will have paycheck from my job. In the meantime I have $33 for gas and food for me and my kid until Wednesday. Please investigate this process. It is very wrong to do this to people. I love Amazon. I rent at least one movie a week. But I know better than to think I can afford a $100 Prime membership all in one hit. Please have mercy and fix this process.I tried amazon prime trial and was told I can cancel anytime but can’t find any area on the website for this. I don’t want amazon prime.I did not order Amazon Prime and you mailed me for it.. Please cancel it at once. Otherwise I will be reporting this to The BBB. This is a disgrace.amazon prime took £79 out of my bank account which I did not know if I had know I would not have order anythink as I am a hard worker and you take money without telling I would like it back as it was a one of purchase I will not be using it again

Pl cancel my membership I was not aware how did you get my account no information I don’t need this pl reverse my 99$ to my account and take me if you membership. I want my money ASAP thank youI did not authorize anyone at your company to charge me for amazon prime membership, I do not want to be a member, I have not used your service, please refund the money you took from my account, and remove me from your service. thank you . William HackneyI have not signed up for Amazon Prime – don’t even know what it actually is – took money out twice out of my American Express – they put the money back in my account – now you have taken it out of my account again. Man on phone cannot be heard – heavy accent and talking and noise in the background. All these comments here about Amazon taking money out of accounts without authorization !!Amazon sent me concerning a book I never received. Environmental Science 5th edition. I never got the book. I thought I was kicked out the system, so I rented digital on Vital Source. The money that was took off the card should be immediately refunded.I had a month trial, was unable to use do to not being able to sign in EVER. I have now been charged 99.00$ I would like to cancel and have this money refunded back to my card asap.

Customers can contact the customer service department with questions and concerns relating to Amazon Prime here https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/contact-us/general-questions.html?ie=UTF8&nodeId=518316&type=email&mode=&skip=true#a. In order to send a message to the customer service team, you will need to have an Amazon.com account or create an account. Since we currently are an Amazon member, we sent a message asking about the free trial.Received an email advising me I had accrued $28+ in Prime Credits that would be automatically applied to my next purchase. Tried to make purchases twice tonight. No credit applied at checkout.My Amazon Prime Video stopped loading the page yesterday. I can’t contact Help or Contact Us as the page won’t stay loaded. It flickers and gives a scrambled version whenever I try to load it.I contacted Amazon and was assured my membership for prime would be taken off my bill. Also another order I requested was not delivered. This too was refunded. It was a very pleasant transaction procedure. Absolutely no hassle and my blood pressure remained normal. Great experience.ok last night i ordered my daughter a pokemon luxio in a 7 to0 8 inch.big this morning we received time a very small 2 inch i have been orderiing them a long

Money was taken from my account for a Prime membership….I don’t know how it occurred…. but I don’t need it. Please let me know how to undo this. Thank you Darryl GravesIt seems you Amazon are taking people’s money out of their acct. without their knowing, I am just reading all this , wow!! how dishonest.I did not sign up for amazon prime / did not go on your site / did not order any thing from your site. Please give my money back .There isn’t even a proper way to contact amazon. I want my $99 or whatever it is that you charged me without my consent and anything else that has been charged onto my account this year.

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