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Merle border collies. This page has music available that you may turn on. You can hear Dainty Davy by clicking the right arrow above. Left is blue merle Teal, belonging to Bob Adams of Kircaldy, Fife, Scotland. Bob is a hill walker, and Teal is his walking.. Jazz the blue merle border collie. 2 year old blue merle Border Collie. Left, Juli Mangham rescued Blake and says that she's been told many times that he is an Australian Shepherd mix, but she thinks is a Border Collie (he does have a tail, but he holds it curled over his back much of the time). Interestingly enough, Blake does not seen to have any white patches, but we think that his white collie markings are hidden by very heavy speckling. Merle affects only the black, but speckling, which is often mistaken for merling, affects the white, and a dog can have both merling and speckling. 2) brown and white, brown and white with tan, brown and white/ mottled, brown and white with Tan / mottled, lila and white, lila and white with tan, lila merle, lila merle with tan

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  1. Until we have some pictures of harlequin Border Collies, at left is a photo of Mike Vaughan's harlequin Smooth Collie puppy.
  2. Border collie prodaja u oglasima sa slikama i cijenama. Najveća ponuda i najbolje cijene: border collie. Border Collie Blue Merle slobodan za parenje. Posjeduje rodovnicu i uzgojnu dozvolu
  3. Lilac is the colour produced when chocolate is diluted. Both the dilute and choc genes are recessive so two copies of each of the genes must be present in a dogs genetic makeup in order for a choc base colour to be diluted. A lilac and white will have two copies of both the choc and dilute genes. pictured below...Pip aka Packhams Ever Ready Pipin owned and loved by Lissa Searle, Hampshire Harriers Flyball Team
  4. Border collie bleu merle JULKA. Theodore Goodman. Blue Merle Border Collie Tom Selleck, is Single and Available for Adoption

Border Collie Merle Welpen. Sortieren. neuste Anzeigen älteste Anzeigen Preis aufsteigend Preis absteigend Relevanz. Vor 2 Tagen. 2 Border Collie Blue merle noch da. Dülmen, Coesfeld. Informiere dich über neue Border Collie Merle Welpen A stunning blue merle dog with inherent drive which has taken him to Grade 7 agility. His lovely temperament shows through his easy Before contacting or visiting the advertiser for this Border Collie. Please make sure you have printed and read this checklist fully A ‘double merle’ is a merle that has two copies of the merle gene, this is to be avoided at all costs as there are numerous health issues associated with this genetic combination, mainly deafness, poor eyesight and general poor health and development. A double merle will often appear excessively white coloured and may have abnormally small eyes; these are produced when two merles are mated so merle to merle matings are to be avoided. Problems can occur when you get a ‘phantom’ merle, a dog that genetically is a merle but does not appear to be one; this dog could then inadvertently be mated with another merle. Same as blue tricolour but with the merle gene also present. A slate tricolour merle dog has two copies of both the dilute and tricolour genes and one of merle. Pictured below is Ghost (Fast Forward da Casa d'Arinia), Trust Your Heart Border Collies, Germany In the region between England and Scotland (Border country), there have always been favourable conditions for sheep grazing and people have used sheepdogs since time out of mind. And most probably this breed was developed in this region.

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  1. Border collies. Cat and dog and rabbit together on a white background
  2. Bu kategoride 621 adet Border Collie yavrumuz sahiplendirilmek üzere sizleri beklemektedir. Border collıe yavruları. İstanbul pet class. 6 gün önce. Görüşülür İncele. Border collıe yavruları
  3. According to Molinario, it was recently noticed that the MM or the double merle gene pair does not produce the same effect in all breeds. Molinario posits that some groups of genes may be able to buffer or displace the MM pairs. In the Valchiusella, for example, the Australian red (ee) gene seems to provide that buffer. This might explain why some breeders, like Cane di Oropa (Oropa Sheepdog) breeders, or the Australian Koolie breeders, can be breeding double merles with impunity.
  4. ate. Coat colour is controlled by a number of do
  5. e. Cause. Cooper, The Blue Merle Border Collie. Pet. BorderCollie Lovers

Blue Merle Border Collie puppy at fourteen weeks demonstrating stereotyped breed-specific behaviors including eye (gaze and lowered stance); this dog's eyes are different colors, which is not uncommon in merles. Few handlers of working Border Collies... Me and my family live near Cambridge and are after a new addition to our family. Unfortunately, we had two of our much loved collies pass away last year, one... Border Collie - the most intelligent dog. People fall in love with it right away. Sometimes the coloration may be monochromatic. The eye color ranges from brown to blue. Sometimes they are multicolor, especially in the case of the merle variety Where an animal has two identical genes this is called homozygous and where they are different it is heterozygous.

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John snow is a kennel club registered, three-year-old (DOB: 5th June 2016), stunning looking blue/lilac Merle border collie. He is a loving family pet with a... Suggested Searches: border collie puppies kelpie border collie puppy border collie pups border collie pup koolie border collie kelpie australian shepherd border collie x chocolate border collie working border collie golden retriever merle border collie... Right, is Kipper who belongs to Figueroa of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We had to include her photo because she demonstrates the "merle eye". Her left eye is part blue and part brown. As you can see, every merle dog does not have "merle eyes", nor is the "merle eye" limited to merle dogs. Kipper competes in flyball.

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The Border Heeler is a highly energetic, alert, and focused dog who is both intelligent and loyal. This breed is extremely Both parent breeds require some grooming maintenance, though the Blue Heeler parent contributes less need than the Border Collie breed parent They are intelligent dogs and may be easy to train if the master is firm and tactful enough. However, they can be independent and often display a streak of stubbornness. Hence proper handling with positive reinforcement is needed. These web pages are copyright ©2013 and maintained by webmeistress Carole Presberg with technical help from webwizard David Presberg ALL RIGHTS RESERVED If you are interested in using ANY material on this website, you MUST first ask for permission.Border Collies learn really very quickly, are intelligent, submissive and accommodating to the wishes of its owner. They are considered to be number one not only as working dog for farmers, but also in many dog sports, beginning from agility via frisbee up to dog dancing, where they often take the first place. Already having one Aussie, a blue merle named Kai, I quickly fell in love with this little puppy, just from a single photo it had stolen my heart. I adopted a double Merle Aussie from a puppy mill in Lancaster also. She is just the sweetest pup ever! She is deaf and has blue eyes with starburst pupils, although..

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Originating in the Anglo-Scottish region, the Border Collie is a livestock guardian breed popular for its high level of intelligence, athletic body, high energy levels, and affectionate nature. Explore 27 listings for Blue merle border collie puppies for sale at best prices. The cheapest offer starts at £200. Check it out Border Collie Colours. **Please Note - All text and images on this website are copyright to Bryning Border Collies unless otherwise Same as blue merle but the merle gene is acting on a diluted black/white base. Two copies of the dilute gene and one copy of the..

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This page has music available that you may turn on. You can hear "Dainty Davy" by clicking the right arrow above. You may also turn it off by clicking on the two parallel lines. (Sequenced by Lesley Nelson-Burns.) A researcher at Clemson University in South Carolina, Leigh Ann Clark, is researching what modification causes harlequins instead of "ordinary" merles. She's looking at [Great] Danes (where harlequin occurs frequently), but is also interested in other breeds in which harlequin may occur. These would be breeds where merle occurs. What she is looking for are merles, where the dilute patches are very pale (white or nearly white). Ah, border collies. They're full of energy, loyal and almost too smart for their own good. If you're looking for a dog that loves having the job of watching over your family and is 1. The border collie is a working dog that will stop at nothing to do a job — even as a pup The MLPH-gene (locus D) is responsible for the blue and white coat colour that causes dilution of the original black colour to final blue in dogs of homozygous genotype dd. Here is an example of blue merle: A border collie korábban a brit juhászok titkos kedvence volt, manapság azonban egyre népszerűbb a városokban és a filmekben is. A border collie egészséges fajta, szőrzete nem igényel sok ápolást. Nem ugatós, lakásban és kertben tartva egyaránt kellemes társ..

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Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for Blue merle border collie puppies for sale. Contact Blue Merle Border Collie on Messenger. Community. Page transparencySee More. Performance & event venue. BorderCollie Lovers. Website. Giotto di Fossombrone Are Border Collies Hypoallergenic? Can I Just Shave My Border Collie? Border collies will leave traveling fur-balls around your home that have a mind of..

Pennut täyttivät jo 5 viikkoa. Ne ovat käyneet ulkona ja saavat myös päivittäin liikkua olohuone/keittiö tilassa. BLACK-AND-WHITE BLUE BRINDLE LILAC MERLE PATTERNED WHITE & COLOR-HEADED WHITE RED (CHOCOLATE /BROWN) This is Concho who belongs to Tamara Minter of West Texas. At first I thought Concho might be a saddle-pattern blue merle, but the photo of him as a puppy indicates that he has the same amount of tan as he did when he was young, so he is just an extreme tricolor.

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Later when my vet told me her breed I looked up on internet and found that border collie cost around 10-15k. Don't get fooled by people who are saying it will cost you in lacs. So if you are planning to bring one home, you surely will love him and also will struggle to keep.. Slate merle coat colour is caused by dilution of blue merle, i.e. presence of merle mutation together with the homozygous genotype dd (Locus D). A dog with slate merle is born, if one parent was merle heterozygote Mm or homozygote MM and both parents had at least one allel d.Stud only, not for sale, sorry : Merlin: blue Merle & white, Rex: red & white collie, and Shep: classic black & white border collies at stud (not for sale,... A Border Collie egy éber, energikus, intelligens, hűséges, védelmező, és tanulékony fajta. A leggyakoribb színek: fekete, kék, csíkos, szürke és piros. Annak érdekében hogy az egészséges maradhasson, rendszeres testmozgásra van szüksége Interestingly, all modern Border Collies are descendants of a prize-winning dog from Border Collie Pomeranian mix Size and Weight. The Border Collie is a medium-sized dog as In the Pomeranian, many variations in color are possible including black, tan, blue..

[ Short Haired Blue Merle Border Collie Kin - aesthetic Board for Annon ! I hope you like it! ] Reblog. Pretty girl . IG: @adventuring_bordercollies Lapinhullun Muumi pentueen viralliset nimet: Tytöt: * Lapinhullun Pikku Myy * Lapinhullun Tahmatassu * Lapinhullun Taikurinhattu Pojat: * Lapinhullun Muumipeikko * Lapinhullun Haisuli * Lapinhullun Mörkö Sandra the blue-eyed Border Collie at 15 months old—I have had Sandra since she was 8 weeks old. Although I consider myself quite strict with her we have such a great balanced relationship. Having had Border Collies in the family previously, I had never had my own and I also live alone, so I knew what..

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Other Similar Breeds:Border BeagleBorder JackScotch CollieRough CollieSmooth CollieBearded Collie History and Origin They have a long and eventful history deriving their ancestry from the landrace collies. Collie in Scottish dialect means sheepdogs, and this is the job for which these dogs are extremely famed. When Rome had conquered Britain, they brought along with them their dogs which were big, heavily boned and adept at herding. When the Viking raiders began invading Britain, they also carried their canines which were herding dogs though smaller in size with a swift gait. The old Roman breeds and the spitz-kind dogs were crossed resulting in agile, herding breeds which were adept at working in the hilly terrain of Wales and Scotland. The Border Collie is regarded as the best herder in the world, doing their job with ease and efficiency.Sable merle coat colour is caused by the effect of ASIP gene (Lokus A), particularly the allel ay together with the presence of genotype MM or Mm (Merle-gene). eBay Kleinanzeigen: Bordercollie, Kleinanzeigen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! eBay Kleinanzeigen - Kostenlos. Bordercollie Deckrüde kein Verkauf. Biete meinem Border Rüde zum Decken an. Ich bin auf der suche nach Border-Collie Züchter die Red Merle züchten Border Collie Macho Blue Merle, Pedigree,microchip,laudo Nas. Ninhada De Border Collie Blue Merle F - Linhagem Importada

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All Border Collie Rescue started in November of 2008. The founder saw a need for additional funding and foster homes for rescued In ABCR's first year, twenty five Border Collies were rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed. To date ABCR has placed 1.. This colour is very rare in the UK and there is therefore confusion over the correct name; we usually refer to this as golden/yellow or Australian red although again, the shades can vary greatly. Obviously in Australia/NZ they just refer to this colour as red. Red is also a recessive gene so two copies of the gene must be present in a dogs genetic makeup in order for it to be red. Both parents must carry the gene in order for it to be produced in a litter. If you mate two reds you will only produce reds. Neither the tricolour or merle gene can be expressed on this coat colour so it is unwise to ever mate a golden red with a merle unless you knew the lines very well; if the merle carried the golden red gene you would almost certainly produce phantom merles. pictured below...our very own Sunny! What makes the Border Collie Unique? Although Border Collies are well-known for Red Merle, Gold, White, Blue, Sable Merle, Red, Chocolate, Brindle, Lilac, Sable, Liver While Border Collies with blue eyes are accepted in the show ring, this characteristic is.. We have for sale 2 border collie puppies one is a black and white boy and the other is a blue merle girl. They have been bought up on our farm and well...

Boder collie family of border castle. BLUE MERLE & Black White 보더캐슬에서 오랜만에 자견 분양합니다. 2019년 5월 28일생. 천재견 니콜과 켄의 자견 효리와 블루멀 로이의 자견들 분양 중입니다 Blue Billywig BV. Keresek: Keresek: border collie kölyköt Győr-Moson-Sopron megyében. Keresek: Keresek fajtatiszta jellegű ingyen elhozható Border Collie kutyust. Kutya

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  1. Each hair is more than one colour/shade, usually black at the root and a light sandy brown at the tip. Sables are relatively rare in the breed and again, the tricolour and merle gene cannot be fully expressed on the clear sable coat colour so as with the ee reds it is not really wise to mate a sable with a merle as you may produce phantom merles. The sable pattern can act on any base colour i.e. black, chocolate, blue or lilac. See the pics below for an example of sables with different base colours 1) 'Rico' aka Bryning Gold Blend - black shaded sable 2) 'Monkee' aka Bryning I'm A Believer - blue shaded sable 3) 'Falck' aka Steady Lines Falck - chocolate shaded sable 4) 'VJ' aka Fire n Ice van 't Hof Diabolo - lilac shaded sable
  2. Bordercollie kennel Rovaniemeltä. Pennut 6 viikkoa. 24.4.2020 by Nora Leave a Comment. Pennut siirtyivät jo olohuoneeseen. Pentujen isoäiti Fia, haluaisi myös kovasti hoitaa pentuja ja karkaa pentujen luokse aina kuin Fokuksen silmä välttää.
  3. Download Bordercollie stock photos at the best stock photography agency with millions of premium high quality, royalty-free stock photos, images and pictures at reasonable prices
  4. These two dogs, Buddy on the left and Lacy on the right, are both tan merle (or merle on a recessive yellow base). Buddy belongs to Donna Mar and Lacy belongs to Allyson Keyser.
  5. g! No papers! 4 months old! Utd o Blue Rock, Ohio » Border Collie. **Edit 5/9/20 we have a litter available, please inquire. No merles
  6. Left, look at this handsome father and son. They are Skye (the dad) and Blue, both belonging to Bob Lund of Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland. Skye is the son of Teal, above. He is now (2004) 4 years old, but was about 2 1/2 years old in the photo, and Blue was about 4 months.

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  1. Left, this gorgeous red merle Border Collie is appropriately called Fire. He belongs to Dawn Sandberg from Rockford, Illinois.
  2. ate it? It has, he says, become the hallmark of many groups of herding breeds. Molinario wonders if the M gene has something to do with herding acumen. He believes that it may make a dog more attentive to motion in the flock. I'd like to see a study done before I am convinced.
  3. Originating in the Anglo-Scottish region, the Border Collie is a livestock guardian breed popular for its high level of intelligence, athletic body, high energy levels, and affectionate nature. Border Collie Pictures. Blue Border Collie.
  4. An article appeared on Wednesday, March 8, 2006 on the AKC Canine Health Foundation website that the merle patterning gene has been identified by the laboratory of Dr. Keith Murphy, Professor, Department of Pathobiology at the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of Texas A&M University. If this interests you, please click on the link above for the full article.
  5. Mercury is a typical friendly and energetic boy, a mix of the best show and working lines with a faultless temperament. He is fully health tested and has...
  6. Border Collie (border Collie Jalisco) Mirlo. $ 8,799. 5 vendidos - Jalisco. Border Collie Merle Cachorros. $ 9,500. 12x $ 791 67 sin interés. 1 vendido - Jalisco
  7. We have a Beautiful litter off true border collie puppies Two stunning blue merle with blue eyes Two black an white one with tri All four puppies are little...

[ Short Haired Blue Merle Border Collie Kin - aesthetic Board for Annon ! I hope you like it! ] Reblog. Pretty girl . IG: @adventuring_bordercollies Последние твиты от Border Collies (@border_collies). Border Collie tweets, dog tips, dog health, Border Collie pedigee info, quotes and puppy info, we now have rss feed available as well. Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Schitterende border collie pups, op dit moment maakt ons nestje border colli pups het goed. Onze reutjes en teefjes zijn nu oud ge. Gezocht een blue merle border collie pup. GereserveerdEergisteren. LandgraafEergisteren Merle is a modifying gene that causes ‘patchy’ pigmentation over the body, this can also extend over the nose and eyes producing pink noses and blue or odd coloured eyes. Merle is a dominant gene so a blue merle will only have one copy of the gene. When a merle is mated to any other ‘colour’ merles can always be produced. Blue merle is when the merle gene is acting on a black/white base. pictured below...Roger Brown's 'Josie' (Bryning Bolt from the Blue)

Red Merle Border Collie dog, 6 months old. ON WHITE BACKGROUND Portrait of blue merle border collie with blue eyes Stunning, rare lilac and white border collie with world champion pedigree available for stud KC name Hillside Spirit of Ecstacy. He has a faultless temperament,...

Border Collie. Such a stunning blue merle #merle #bluemerle..

  1. Merle ist im eigentlichen Sinne Farbe sondern eine Fellscheckung, die ursprünglich durch eine Mutation des Silver-Locus-Gens entstanden ist. Also welche Farbkombinationen führen zu diesem Farbschlag? Black tri mit Blue merle ohne Tan zum Beispiel
  2. Kamalan reippaita kaikki ovat, tekevät tarpeensa jo ulos. Täällä on kunnon meno ja painit. Viimeinen viikko alkoi tällä porukalla yhdessä. Ensi viikolla lähtee jo ensimmäiset uusiin koteihin.
  3. The Border Collies of the modern times, however, is said to have their ancestry linked to the Old Hemp which is a tricolor breed, born in 1893, in Northumberland. The AKC recognized it in its herding dog category on 1st October 1995, and besides U.K and U.S.A, it also attained popularity in Australia as well as New Zealand.
  4. Genomia s.r.o. Republikánská 6 312 00 Pilsen e-mail: laborator@genomia.cz » Contact & location
  5. Blue Merle border cross sheepdogs blue girl sold (pic 1) £550 black girl sold (pic 2) £450 blue boy sold (pic 3) £500 blue boy sold (pic 4) £500 blue boy sold ...
  6. Same as choc merle but the merle gene is acting on a 'diluted' choc/white base. Two copies of both the dilute and choc genes and one copy of the merle gene are present. Pictured below is Lizz (Qualified to Comebye of Pinewood Country) owned and loved by Danielle Boushouwers of Nice of you to Comebye kennels in Holland.

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  1. This lovely creature (left) is 6 year old Katie, who belongs to Andrea Russ from Portsmouth, England. Of Katie, Andres says: "Kate competes at senior level in agility and considering her handicap (me) does quiet well, but more importantly she is a wonderful pet and very much loved."
  2. Same as chocolate tricolour but with two copies of the dilution gene also present. A lilac tricolour dog has two copies of the choc, dilute and tricolour genes. This makes them rather rare as it requires 3 lots of recessive genes! pictured below...Astra Mist; owned, worked and loved by Laura Cunningham, Corrie Dhu Sheepdogs
  3. Pennut täyttivät 2 viikkoa. Kaikki sai matokuurin, kynsien leikkauksen ja punnituksen. Kilttejä pentuja, kaikki meni oikein hyvin. 🙂
  4. d that this website is not affiliated with any organisation and it is not an official registration database but a place for the community of dog lovers worldwide. Therefore no guarantees as to the correctness of the information can be given. About us / Disclaimers.
  5. Same as blue merle but the merle gene is acting on a diluted black/white base. Two copies of the dilute gene and one copy of the merle gene are present. pictured below...our very own Canen Spangle
  6. Bear is an amazing looking tri merle border collie. Not only is he stunning looking, he also has a personality to match. Very friendly with people and loves...

Bordercollie dog. Collie, blue. Royalty-Free Stock Photo. A bordercollie dog who runs near a path in the grass of a merry air Ders the dog Bordercollie Bordercollie Tweed Dog Studying dog Dog and Disc Red border collie dog dancing Dog on sled Left, Zack is a blue merle with a preponderance of white, and I associate his look with double merle breeding and possible deafness. But Zack's owner, Pete Firth of Manchester, England, says he is not deaf. Zack is a rescue dog. Left is blue merle Teal, belonging to Bob Adams of Kircaldy, Fife, Scotland. Bob is a hill walker, and Teal is his walking companion. Paul Adams, the illustrator of Teal, above, is Bob Adams son. Merle is more a pattern than a color. It can affect any base color, so you can have blue merle (on base black), red merle (on base red), sable merle (on whatever base the sable is affecting), slate merle (on base blue), etc. Therefore, we have chosen to present one page with all the possible merles for which we currently have examples.

The Border Collie is smart, energetic, alert and hardworking. They make for perfect house companions, but always love to be busy, in some kind of a task. When bored they could indulge in a whole lot of destructive activities like digging holes, scraping furniture and so on. They are initially wary and reserved with strangers but could gradually get friendly when it sees his master greeting the unknown face amicably. They are affectionate towards kids but are better suited with older ones. They are good chasers, and the sight of smaller kids could trigger this aspect causing them to nip or run after the little ones. The same goes for dogs and other pets, hence socialization is needed before you acquaint your Border Collie with other pets. Do Merle Border Collies have blue eyes? Yes, because not only does the merle gene give brighter coats, but also lighter-colored eyes. A blue merle Border Collie can have faded amber, light green, or pale blue eyes partnered with their intense gaze

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Mins. Secs. More Border Collie On Board - Blue Merle Products. Do you have other border collie designs The blue merle Border Collie is a beautiful dog, but there is a nasty secret lurking behind this gorgeous pattern. We take a look If you're looking into getting a Collie, you may well be considering the possibility of welcoming a blue merle Border Collie into your home Border collies are the most popular for many reasons, so feel free to ask any questions you may have about this wonderful working breed. We love out border collie puppies. Colors greatly vary from gold, red, lilac, chocolate, sable blue merle and of course black..

Was ist das Problem bei Border Collies? Der Border Collie ist ein Koppelgebrauchshund. Ein Hund, der auf weiten Flächen Englands Schafe zusammentreiben muss, die den Menschen in der Regel gar nicht gewohnt sind 7 collie pups 3 have very unusual colours slate blue and white 3 are traditional black and white and 1 blue merle all are well socialised pups looking for...

Border Collie Özellikleri, bakımı, Border Collie nasıl bir köpektir?, Eğitimi kolay mı? apartmanda beslenir mi? bütün bilgiler. Border Collie ülkemizde çok fazla üretilmeyen ama yinede bazı çiftliklerde üreticilerde bulabileceğimiz Dünya'nın en akıllı köpeklerinden.. Näin ne nukkuvat, aina samassa kasassa. 🙂 Kynnetkin jo leikattiin varmaan kolmannen kerran, ja kiltisti kaikki ne antoivat leikata. However a border collie with the wrong owner can easily become a problem dog with neurotic behavior. A Border Collie is the most amazing thing that walks on four paws! They truly have human-like qualities and are intense thinkers, very affectionate, loyal, and.. I'm looking to stud out my lovely natured border collie blue Merle called Kap. I'm not looking to charge. If the mating is successful I would just like one of...

Another superb example of a red merle is Aki, right, a 1 1/2 year old Border Collie who belongs to Nathalie Goovaerts of Belgium. Die Rasse der Border Collies gilt als freundlich, verschmust und kinderlieb. Ein Border Collie hat seine Bezugsperson gerne im Blick. Besitzer sollten dem Hund unbedingt Die Augenfarbe ist braun, nur bei der Fellvariante Blue-Merle dürfen ein Auge oder beide.. Our beautiful border collies, smoky - blue Merle and Kamba - sable white had their litter of healthy pups on the 6th March. We have 6 boys and 1 girl and have... Same as black tricolour but with two copies of the dilution gene also present. A blue tricolour dog has two copies of both the dilute and tricolour genes. Pictured below...Jace (Bryning Ray of Sunshine); owned and loved by Julie Kondor, Trevellis Border Collies, UK

This is "Slate", left, a slate merle who belongs to Angie Boughton from Minnesota. It's easier to understand slate merle when looking at Slate. He looks just like a "regular" blue merle, except, where blue merles have black (particularly, the nose, and black patches), Slate has blue or dark grey. The lighter grey or dilution, is the same as on "ordinary" blue merles (though it may be paler, because blue is already a dilution). Find Merle Border Collie in Canada | Visit Kijiji Classifieds to buy, sell, or trade almost anything! New and used items, cars, real 1 beautiful stunning purebred border collie puppy male , mother is a Black and white and dad is a registered red merle they are.. Peetulla oli koulutehtävänä lukunurkkaus ja lukea kirjaa pehmoeläimille… No täällä ei tarvitse pehmoille lukea. 🙂 Slate merle is merle on a blue base. Since the term "blue merle" was already taken for merle on a black base, slate merle is what they called it. We have just one example of slate merle and hope to get a few more, because it is hard to tell that Fog, left, is a merle. Fog is the littermate of Rain and son of Mac, above. Given the tan on his head, body, and legs, one might think he is a slate brindle, which also would be difficult to see. So we'll take his owner's word for it that he is merle, as she is an experienced breeder. Fog is amazing-looking, and I have to say, I've never seen a dog look more like a wolf before. Breed border collies for over 40 years for good health, temperament and type. All breeding stock have been hip, elbow scored and DNA tested for CL, TNS, CEA We currently have Black / White and Blue Merle Border Collie puppies whelped on 15/02/20

Border Collies learn really very quickly, are intelligent, submissive and accommodating to the wishes of its owner. Here is an example of blue merle: . Blue and red merle colour is caused by Merle gene that has been identified on the canine chromosome 10 (CFA 10) Border Collies make loyal, faithful pets that thrive on company and stimulation. Border Collie Dog Breed Information, Facts & Advice. This highly intelligent, graceful dog is Border Collies commonly have black and white or red merle (tan and white) coats, and..

De Border Collie is een atletisch gebouwde hond met een korte of matig lange vacht. De meeste Border Collies zijn zwart met wit, maar er zijn ook andere kleuren mogelijk zoals wit met bruin of blauwgrijs, driekleurig of blue merle (zwarte vlekken op een grijsblauwe.. Gorgeous proven blue border collie for stud. He s exceptionally well behaved and very friendly. He is in perfect health and fully up to date with all...

Pennut siirtyivät jo olohuoneeseen. Pentujen isoäiti Fia, haluaisi myös kovasti hoitaa pentuja ja karkaa pentujen luokse aina kuin Fokuksen silmä välttää. 🙂 The Border Collie is a herding dog. This active dog is noted for its speed and agility. The Border Collie is easily trainable and affectionate, though often wary of strangers. The eyes are brown, blue or merle in color. The dog may have a smooth or a rough coat.. Blue is the colour produced when black is diluted. The dilute gene is also recessive so two copies of the gene must be present in a dogs genetic makeup in order for it’s base colour to be diluted. Both parents must carry the dilution gene in order for it to be produced in a litter. If you mate two dilutes you will only produce dilutes. Incidentally there is a relatively rare genetic condition found in both blues and lilacs (in other breeds not just BC's) known as dilution alopecia which can cause bald patches over the body and particularly on the ears. It is commonly thought that the breeding of dilute to dilute will increase the incidence of dilution alopecia but there has been no evidence to support this and a blue puppy from two black parents is just as likely to suffer from this disease as one from two blue parents (in fact I've never seen this from two blue parents). pictured below...Bond, Locheil Time Moves On

Above, a portrait of Teal, by Scottish illustrator, Paul Adams, of Glenrothes, Fife. MERLE BORDER COLLIES Is it just me, or does this girl (left) have "bedroom eyes"? She is "Sprite", belonging to Jan Laidlaw from Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. Jan adopted Sprite from Border Collie Rescue in Vancouver. Like Kyp, above, Sprite has a lot of black on her, raising the question as to why the merle gene only affects some of the black on some dogs, and not all of it; whereas on other dogs, all of the black seems to be broken up by the merling. Anyone have a guess? This is Reba, who belongs to Sarah LeBlanc of St. Louis, Missouri. Reba is a gorgeous sable merle. Sarah's mother, Lori LeBlanc sent in her photos. El Border Collie es un perro pastor de origen celta y tamaño mediano que está considerado la raza más inteligente del Los ojos son de tamaño mediano, ovalados, de color marrón en la mayoría de los casos excepto en los ejemplares blue merle, en los.. Border Collies can have long hair or short coats in all kinds of color combinations including black, red, gold, merle, brindle, blue, white Because Border Collies are so intelligent, the breed is known for its excellent trainability. The breed quickly learns and excels in..

La Guía del Border Collie por Culpepper Learning y Carlos CabezasCopyright © 2007 Culpepper Learning Reservados todos los derechos. WordPress Shortcode. Link. Border Collie guía. 50,596 views. Share Alibaba.com offers 180 border collie products. ··· Name Border Collie Item # TLA578 Size 40cm or customized Material soft plush, pp cotton stuffing Color as shown Age Up to 24 months OEM Yes Logo embroidery Why you choose us9 Certificate CE EN-71 ASTM..

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The National Research Council of the National Academies mentions that a Border Collie having a weight of about 40 pounds needs 1109 calories a day. Choose a good quality dry dog food which has all the nutrient it requires and is devoid of any colorings or additives. While including homemade food have a word with a vet to make sure that you are giving it the right amount of nutrients. Intelligent and energetic, the Border Collie is eager to learn and work for its owners Healthy & happy blue merle, red merle, red, black & white beauties. Maremma Sheepdogs and Border Collies are our passion because we love their work ethic, loyalty, loving natures, intelligence, and graceful style The dilution gene D is again recessive and acts by slightly altering the shape of the pigment containing cells in the hair follicle and therefore affecting the pigment granules. The dilution gene acts on the Eumelanin pigment so dilutes Black to Blue and Brown/Chocolate to lilac. So… dilute (blue/lilac) - dd (homozygous dilute) Carrying dilute - Dd (heterozygous non-dilute) Not carrying dilute - DD (homozygous non-dilute) The dilution gene can act with the merle gene to give slate and lilac merles. Karen and her Border Collies have competed in a variety of dog sports including Dog Agility, Herding, Flyball, Obedience, Dock Diving and Frisbee. More recently, Contact Point Border Collies have gone on to great success in Agility

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Right so im on a big hunt for a blue merle border collie, or tri blue merle border collie. So far im having no luck. As i live in wales it would need to be some where close to wales or in wales Here's one I need your help on. The above three pictures are of iWren, belonging to Patty Ko. Her dam, Tally, is a blue merle, and her sire, Reese, is a saddle-patterned dog. I believe she is a saddle merle, but she seems to have both black and slate spots. Can anyone solve this problem for me? Cow Dogs for Sale: ABCA Border Collie Blue Merle Male SOLD. Description: Purebred ABCA blue merle male puppy born 11/25 ready for new home on 1/20/2019. Raised in our home and exposed to lots of people, noises, the outside, hauled in the truck, and started.. Presence or carrier of tan marking is caused by ASIP-gene (Locus A), particularly allel at. The allel at is responsible for the phenotypic colour black and tan (tricolor, tan). Locus A is influenced by lokus K. Phenotype can not be shown, if a dog has at least one of this allele KB (dominant black allele). Phenotypic colour black and tan can be shown, if a genotype is ky/ky ,ky/kbror  kbr/kbr [OPEN|15pts] Bordercollie-blue merle+white 1

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Black is a dominant gene and the black and white colouration will always be produced unless other modifying genes are present. pictured below...our very own Lloyd All Border Collies are some of the most unique dogs of any breed. They are known for their long snouts, beautiful coats, and their superior intelligence.. I've added this bit because so many people ask me about this and I thought it would be easier if I had somewhere to refer them rather than keep repeating myself. I will try and describe this in the simplest way as I understand it but it is worth remembering that while the understanding of colour genetics is very useful when wishing to breed puppies of a particular colour, the colour should be the last consideration when planning a mating...the breeders requirements for health, temperament and type must all be fulfilled before colour is taken into account and when you find all the things you want, the colour is the icing on the cake! Ok...here we go... The hair follicles are made up of cells containing two colour pigments – eumelanin (black) and phaeomelanin (true red); so basically eumelanin is the pigment that produces the darker black and brown shades, phaeomelanin produces the true red (golden red). There are a vast number of genes that control the production of these pigments within the cells and therefore control coat colour. Firstly remember that there are always two of every controlling gene, one comes from the sire and one from the dam. Where a gene is expressed as a capital letter it is dominant, where it is lower case it is recessive.

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Border Collie Cinsi. Onları oyalayacak aktiviteler oldukça Border Collieler diğer hayvanlarla ve çocuklarla iyi geçinirler. Karşı cinsten köpeklerle daha iyi anlaşma özelliği gösterebilirler. Kurban iç güdüsünden kurtulması için küçük hayvanlarla sosyalleştirilmeliler This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the possible colours and coat patterns found in this breed, there are quite a number more including brindle, brindle point, saddleback tri etc but I have tried to cover those most commonly found and those of particular interest to me! I must thank everyone that has allowed me to use pictures of their dogs to illustrate the different colours above. Please be aware that these pictures must not be copied or distributed in any way. Canen Spangle Blue Merle United Kingdom 1997. Sadghyl Pip Me To Comebye Chocolate Merle United Kingdom 1990. Gyl Black Tricolour United Kingdom 1995. Canen Sable Sable & White United Kingdom 2005

© Copyright 1997-2020 NewsNow Publishing Limited. All rights reserved. ∙ Privacy Policy ∙ Legal Notice Same as choc tricolour but with the merle gene also present. A choc tricolour merle dog has two copies of both the choc and tricolour genes and one copy of the merle gene. Pictured below...our very own Mac! Left, this incredible-looking Border Collie is Diane Aramian's Magic ("Timeless Up My Sleeve"). Diane lives in Keswick, Virginia, and trains in agility with Paulena Renee Hope. She says that Magic's relatives, his grandfather "Fire", his dad "Stalker", and his aunt "Never", are on this site. They are all red merles. Magic's mother is black and white.

The Border Collie is a working and herding dog breed developed in the Scottish borders for herding livestock, especially sheep This breed is characteristic by „fixing to hypnotic"gaze through which the Border Collies  keep the stock under control. Interesting is the crouched down position of its body with head stretched forward and held down (a motion like crawling). The bottom line is, if you have a harlequin dog/pup, or have seen one in your litters, please contact me at shepdog@gis.net and I will convey this information to Mike. Leigh Ann will then ask you or the owner of the dog if they are willing to donate a blood sample from the dog to her research project. She will cover the cost of a vet taking the sample and shipping it to her at Clemson. You can think of Seal as being a sort of 'ghost' sable. The dog is carrying the sable gene on the agouti allele but does not have the double recessive k on the Dominant Black alelle so is unable to fully express the sable pattern. This can also sometimes be seen with the tan point and saddleback pattern genes, where dogs will exhibit 'ghost' markings. This is Wren, Bryning Goldfinch (Rico's litter sister); here are some pics of her as she was growing up showing how the seal colour develops (Thanks to Joy and Becca for the slideshow) Just when you think you've seen the ultimate color pattern, a dog like Ranger ("Quantum Leap's Blue Ranger"), left, comes along! Ranger is a saddle-patterned blue merle with one blue eye and one "merle eye" (part blue, part brown). He belongs to Gina Cavacas of Wareham, Massachusetts. He's her first Border Collie and he will be a hard act to follow. Right, Ranger as a puppy. Notice how much more wide-spread the merle pattern was when he was young. Just like black recedes to a saddle in more usual saddle-patterned dogs, in Ranger the merle receded to form the saddle.

The blue merle collie, who was born to mum Willow and has two brothers and four sisters, has been rapidly socialised due to the amount of human contact he has had. Jessica Wheatley, 45, bred Willow as she loves having puppies in the house in Gonshall, Surrey El border collie es una raza que viene de los vikingos escoceses y se ha utilizado por años como perro trabajador. Si deseas leer más artículos parecidos a Cómo adiestrar a un border collie, te recomendamos que entres en nuestra categoría de Mascotas Vincent is a stunning Blue Merle Border Collie. He comes from a long line of pedigrees ranging from the traditional black and white collie (father) as well as... Jawdenash Border Collies - aiming to breed beautiful, healthy border collies. We breed chocolate and white, black and white, blue merle, chocolate merle, red and white, lilac and white, blue and read more. Gympie, QLD Beautiful blue Merle border collie for stud Had 5 litters beautiful colours !! Blu is my blue Merle collie he s very loving dog good natured Proven stud as...

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