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First of all, the microscopic energy is not restricted to being kinetic energy, as discussed in section 9.3.3. So trying to understand the thermal/non-thermal split in terms of kinetic energy is guaranteed to fail. Using the work/KE theorem (reference 18) to connect work (via KE) to the thermal/nonthermal split is guaranteed to fail for the same reason.Tim Davis, Jordan Hanania, Kailyn Stenhouse, Luisa Vargas Suarez, Jason DonevLast updated: April 28, 2020Get CitationIt is an all-too-common mistake to think that the overall/relative split is the same as the nonthermal/thermal split. Beware: they’re not the same. Definitely not. See section 7.7 for more on this. In thermodynamics, entropy (usual symbol S) is a measure of the number of specific ways in which a thermodynamic system may be arranged, commonly understood as a measure of disorder 1st-energy is constant in the universe; energy is neither created nor eliminated. 2nd - entropy is always increasing in the universe. 3rd - for a perfect crystal at zero kelvin, the entropy is zero

You will discover that a distinctly nontrivial contribution to the heat capacity comes from the potential energy of the ideal gas. When you heat it up, the gas column expands, lifting its center of mass, doing work against gravity. (Of course, as always, there will be a contribution from the kinetic energy.) Energy Charts ..and calculate the corresponding network entropy and energy loss for the water distribution The purpose of this paper is to explore the relationship between energy loss and network entropy Some people prefer to express the units by choosing the base of the logarithm, while others prefer to stick with natural logarithms and express the units more directly, using an expression of the form:

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The Energy Project is a training and consulting company focused on the human factors that fuel sustainable high-performance. In an era of relentless disruption and demand, employee overload and.. Of course there are many important situations that do involve temperature. Most of the common, every-day applications of thermodynamics involve temperature – but you should not think of temperature as the essence of thermodynamics. Rather, it is a secondary concept which is defined (if and when it even exists) in terms of energy and entropy.Consider two blocks of copper that are identical except that one of them has more energy than the other. They are thermally isolated from each other and from everything else. The higher-energy block will have a greater number of accessible states, i.e. a higher multiplicity. In this way you can, if you wish, define a notion of multiplicity as a function of energy level. Energy and Entropy. Substances can either be solids, liquids or gases at a given temperature. The particles in solids are in a fixed position within a lattice; this is why solids are rigid

High energy loss areas are captured and explained in terms of helical vortex and wall friction, and the turbulent and wall entropy production are respectively reduced by 3.82% and 14.34% for the total.. Entropy change synonyms, Entropy change pronunciation, Entropy change translation, English entropy - (thermodynamics) a thermodynamic quantity representing the amount of energy in a.. Energy can be transferred by conduction, convection and radiation. Insulation is used to stop heat Reducing heat transfers - houses. Heat energy is lost from buildings through their roofs, windows..

Entropy is given the symbol S, standard entropy is expressed as S0 and change in entropy as ΔS. An increase in the degree of disorder of a system shows in a positive value of ΔS. We have seen above.. Let’s more closely examine step (B). At this point you have to make a decision based on probability. The deck, as it sits there, is not constantly re-arranging itself, yet you are somehow able to think about the probability that the card you draw will complete your inside straight.

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Conservation of energy allows a current of energy (aka, work) to change the energy in the system. Energy isn't created or destroyed, but it moves around. Energy is always conserved. $\endgroup.. Training, target and loss functions. The RPN does two different type of predictions: the binary classification and the bounding box regression adjustment. For training, we take all the anchors and.. Warning: Entropy : Zero contains flashing lights that could affect you if you are photosensitive. Please be careful when playing if you suffer from epilepsy or photosensitivity This leaves us with the question of whether re-arrangement is ever important. Of course the deck needs to be shuffled at step (A). Not constantly re-shuffled, just shuffled the once. In our experiments, Entropy-SGD results in generalization error comparable to SGD, but always with lower cross-entropy loss on the training set. This suggests the following in the context of energy..

Fuels have enormous energy contents, but very little actually ends up as usable energy and most is lost. These energy losses result in extremely inefficient processes, some of these come from fundamental limitations like the second law of thermodynamics, but some provide opportunities for better engineering. The heat energy that we paid for is no longer concentrated in the cup. It still exists, but in the room not in the This too, is a gain in entropy. By this time the Barrista will probably come along to kick us out.. The total probability adds up to 1, as you can verify by summing the numbers in the middle column. The total entropy is 2, as you can verify by summing the surprisals weighted by the corresponding probabilities. The total number of states is infinite, and the multiplicity W is infinite. Note that Total energy includes the potential and kinetic energy, the work done by the system, and the Entropy, like temperature and pressure, can be explained on both a macro scale and a micro scale

Reducing Energy Loss. You are here. Home » Reducing Energy Loss. Below is information about the student activity/lesson plan from your search . 二. maximum entropy与energy based models的关系. 假设我们有一组trajectory . 我们希望recover 出 cost function . 当然首选的loss是maximum likelihood: . 我们写 , 所以我们有 . . 我们假设有另外一个.. Energy Loss - Death and Decay. Have you ever thought why water flows down hill? This is known by the name entropy. In our day to day life we keep on fighting against entropy and in general, multiplying a logarithm by some positive number corresponds to changing the base of the logarithm. 5.1. Losses due to dissipation of mechanical energy. In fluid mechanics losses in a flow field usually are characterized by a drag coefficient cDfor external flows and a head loss coefficient Kfor internal..

..by Creux Lies, released 01 June 2013 1. Folded Unicorn 2. Diamond Heart 3. Terror Row 4. Heliotherm Energy and Entropy. about. Energy and Entropy. credits. released June 1, 2013 Entropy change of helium. Task number: 1293. Helium stored in a container under pressure 10 MPa This way, only the entropy change inside the container would be found but not the whole change in.. A pixel-wise soft-max computes the energy function over the final feature map combined with the cross-entropy loss function. The cross-entropy that penalizes at each position is defined a model.compile(loss=keras.losses.categorical_crossentropy, optimizer=keras.optimizers.SGD(lr In this case, we will use the standard cross entropy for categorical class classification..

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  1. False 1.587% Question 8 Drag coefficient is ratio of the force perpendicular to the direction of flow over a body to the the product of the projected area and the kinetic energy per unit volume in the flow field
  2. One should not attach too much importance to the tradeoff in the table above, namely the tradeoff between multiplicity (increasing as we move down the table) and per-microstate probability (decreasing as we move down the table). It is tempting to assume all thermal systems must involve a similar tradeoff, but they do not. In particular, at negative temperatures (as discussed in reference 27), it is quite possible for the lower-energy microstates to outnumber the higher-energy microstates, so that both multiplicity and per-microstate probability are decreasing as we move down the table toward higher energy.
  3. Thermodynamics studies how changes in energy, entropy and temperature affect the spontaneity of a process or chemical reaction. Slideshow 1370686 by muniya
  4. Idling, using accessories such as air conditioners, and aerodynamic drag can further increase losses in a vehicle.[6]
  5. entropy. Applying softmax function normalizes outputs in scale of [0, 1]. Also, sum of outputs will always be equal to 1 when softmax is applied. After then, applying one hot encoding transforms..

From solar to wind to geothermal to biomass, almost every source of renewable energy can now compete effectively on price with oil, coal and gas-fired power plants In the formula for entropy, equation 2.2, the base of the logarithm has intentionally been left unspecified. You get to choose a convenient base. This is the same thing as choosing what units will be used for measuring the entropy. This chemistry video tutorial provides a lecture review on gibbs free energy, the equilibrium constant K, enthalpy and entropy. it provides a list of.. The total entropy change of the universe is zero now. So the melting at zero degree Celsius is also a reversible process. So the conclusion here is that freezing or melting at melting point temperature..

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Energy undergoes many conversions and takes on many different forms as it moves. Every conversion that it undergoes has some associated "loss" of energy. Although this energy doesn't actually disappear, some amount of the initial energy turns into forms that are not usable or we do not want to use.[2] Some examples of these losses include: Define entropy and calculate the increase of entropy in a system with reversible and irreversible processes. Explain the expected fate of the universe in When your body needs energy, it can draw on its glycogen stores. The molecules, made from glucose in the food you eat, are mainly stored in your liver and muscles criterion = nn.CrossEntropyLoss() loss = criterion(output, target) print(loss). This will print out the Browse other questions tagged torch entropy pytorch loss cross-entropy or ask your own question Changes in Energy 2. Enthalpy, Entropy, and Free Energy. Spontaneous Processes. and solid n-octane are in equilibrium? Explain. Entropy-a loss of energy

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  1. imizing the cross-entropy loss by using a gradient method could lead to a..
  2. The Energy loss per Unit temperature of a work process is called Entropy. Thus in order to effect a nuclear fusion process such as occurs in the Sun, a mass loss occurs in the Fusion reaction.The..
  3. Free energy, called Gibbs free energy (G), is usable energy or energy that is available to do work. Gibbs free energy: The difference between the enthalpy of a system and the product of its entropy..
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  5. Get updated Data about World Energy Consumption. The interactive map shows figures by region. Enerdata provides their own analysis of Energy Consumption

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Entropy is the loss of energy available to do work. Another form of the second law of thermodynamics states that the total entropy of a system either increases or remains constant; it never decreases Also a lot of people have tried (with mixed success) to split the energy of an object into a “thermal” piece and a “non-thermal” piece. Shigeru Furuichi, Flavia-Corina Mitroi-Symeonidis, Eleutherius Symeonidis, On some properties of Tsallis hypoentropies and hypodivergences, Entropy, 16(10) (2014), 5377-5399; DOI..

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Energy Loss in Pipes - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx) or read online for free. Documents Similar To Energy Loss in Pipes. Carousel Previous Carousel Next Description. Compute the log loss/cross-entropy loss. Value. Log loss/Cross-Entropy Loss There is a fundamental conceptual problem, which should be obvious from the fact that the degree of dispersal, insofar as it can be defined at all, is a property of the microstate – whereas entropy is a property of the macrostate as a whole, i.e. a property of the ensemble, i.e. a property of the probability distribution as a whole, as discussed in section 2.4 and especially section 2.7.1. A similar microstate versus macrostate argument applies to the “disorder” model of entropy, as discussed in section 2.5.5. In any case, whatever “dispersal” is measuring, it’s not entropy.In situations like this, we can make good progress if we divide the system into subsystems. Here subsystem A is the red potato, and subsystem B is the blue potato. Each subsystem has a well defined temperature, but initially the system as a whole does not.It is a common mistake to visualize entropy as a highly dynamic process, whereby the system is constantly flipping from one microstate to another. This may be a consequence of the fallacy discussed in section 9.3.5 (mistaking the thermal/nonthermal distinction for the kinetic/potential distinction) … or it may have other roots; I’m not sure.

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The word entropy is sometimes used in everyday life as a synonym for chaos, for example: the There is no energy loss in this heat exchange, but there is a loss of useful energy: we could have.. We now introduce a notion of “approximate” equiprobability and “approximate” multiplicity by reference to the example in the following table: Because the cross entropy loss evaluates the class predictions for each pixel vector individually Another popular loss function for image segmentation tasks is based on the Dice coefficient, which is.. Entropy Systems Inc. (which has run out of energy but used to sputter and puff at www.entropysystems.com/) issued a news release claiming they have

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  1. Energy and Entropy. Many powerful calculations in thermodynamics are based on a few The internal energy is sometimes called chemical energy because it is the consequence of all the motions..
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  3. Q & A: Energy loss in capacitors. Learn more physics! If the capacitor is 'ideal', for example two parallel conducting plates, then there is hardly any energy loss except for possible electromagnetic..

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The Gibbs free energy change (ΔG) and how it's related to reaction spontaneity and equilibrium. Entropy and Gibbs free energy. In Entropy and the second law of thermodynamics Gibbs free energy is the energy associated with a chemical reaction that can do useful work. It equals the enthalpy minus the product of the temperature and entropy of the system As the system evolves toward equilibrium, irreversibly, its entropy will increase. At equilibrium, the density will be greater toward the bottom and lesser toward the top, as shown in figure 9.6b. Furthermore, the equilibrium situation does not exhibit even dispersal of energy. The kinetic energy per particle is evenly dispersed, but the potential energy per particle and the total energy per particle are markedly dependent on height. In science, Entropy is defined as a loss of energy in human systems, and makes the tendency of that system to become increasingly disorganized and less efficient due to gradual energy loss within the system On the other hand, you must not get the idea that multiplicity is a monotone function of energy or vice versa. Such an idea would be quite incorrect when applied to a spin system.

The deck, as it sits there during step (B), is not flipping from one microstate to another. It is in some microstate, and staying in that microstate. At this stage you don’t know what microstate that happens to be. Later, at step (C), long after the hand is over, you might get a chance to find out the exact microstate, but right now at step (B) you are forced to make a decision based only on the probability.A macroscopic object has something like 1023 modes. The center-of-mass motion is just one of these modes. The motion of counter-rotating flywheels is another mode. These are slightly special, but not very special. A mode to which we can apply a conservation law, such as conservation of momentum, or conservation of angular momentum, might require a little bit of special treatment, but usually not much … and there aren’t very many such modes.

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To illustrate this point, let’s consider a sample of pure monatomic nonrelativistic nondegenerate ideal gas in a tall cylinder of horizontal radius r and vertical height h at temperature T. The pressure measured at the bottom of the cylinder is P. Each particle in the gas has mass m. We wish to know the heat capacity per particle at constant volume, i.e. CV/N. Entropy's Vigil. 25% / 33.33%. Chaos Stone. 3 seconds (Brimstone Fireball) 5 seconds (Contact). Debuff tooltip. Rapid health loss But what do you mean by energy loss? The materials apper to lose energy and also reduce in We say that this reaction is driven by entropy. So this is not an energy loss by the system, if anything it..

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Because the entropy battery operates in both warm and cold conditions it is a completely renewable resource; one that might lead to mass energy production in both developed countries and those in the.. Subtle Energy Sciences offers vibrational energy solutions in digital format. Subtle Energy. Quantum Resonance Technology for the Digital Age T&D Losses = (Energy Input to feeder(Kwh) - Billed Energy to Consumer(Kwh)) / Energy Input kwh x 100. Distribution Sector considered as the weakest link in the entire power sector

In fact, for an ordinary crystal such as quartz or sodium chloride, almost exactly half of the heat capacity is due to potential energy, and half to kinetic energy. It’s easy to see why that must be: The heat capacity is well described in terms of thermal phonons in the crystal. Each phonon mode is a harmonic1 oscillator. In each cycle of any harmonic oscillator, the energy changes from kinetic to potential and back again. The kinetic energy goes like sin2(phase) and the potential energy goes like cos2(phase), so on average each of those is half of the total energy. Binary cross entropy loss looks more complicated but it is actually easy if you think of it the right Remember the goal for cross entropy loss is to compare the how well the probability distribution.. Electricity use is a good example that illustrates energy loss in a system. By the time the energy associated with electric power reaches the user, it has taken many forms. Initially, the process begins with the creation of the electricity through some method. For example, the burning of coal in a power plant takes the chemical energy stored in the coal and releases it through combustion, creating heat that produces steam. From here the steam moves turbines and the mechanical energy here turns a generator to produce electricity. A typical coal fired electrical plant is around 38% efficient,[2] so ~1/3 of the initial energy content of the fuel is transformed into a usable form of energy while the rest is lost. Further losses occur during the transport of this electricity. In the transmission and distribution of electricity in the United States, the EIA estimates that about 6% of the electricity is lost in these processes.[4] Finally, the electricity reaches its destination. This electricity could reach an incandescent light bulb wherein a thin wire is heated until it glows, with a significant amount of energy being lost as heat, shown in Figure 1. The resulting light contains only about 2% of the energy content of the coal used to produce it.[2] Changing to CFL light bulbs can improve this by about 4x, but that only takes it up to 8% of the initial chemical energy in the coal. 9 Connecting Entropy with Energy. 9.1 The Boltzmann Distribution. where Êi is the energy of the ith microstate, and kT is the temperature measured in energy units

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There exist intermediate cases, which are common and often important. In a canonical or grand-canonical thermal system, we can get into a situation where the notion of multiplicity is a good approximation – not exact, but good enough. This can happen if the energy distribution is so strongly peaked near the most-probable energy that the entropy is very nearly what you would get in the strictly-equiprobable case. This can be roughly understood in terms of the behavior of Gaussians. If we combine N small Gaussians to make one big Gaussian, the absolute width scales like √N and the relative width scales like √N/N. The latter is small when N is large. Sometimes on account of conservation laws, and sometimes for other reasons as discussed in section 11.11 it may be possible for a few modes of the system to be strongly coupled to the outside (and weakly coupled to the rest of the system), while the remaining 1023 modes are more strongly coupled to each other than they are to the outside. It is these issues of coupling-strength that determine which modes are in equilibrium and which (if any) are far from equilibrium. This is consistent with our definition of equilibrium (section 10.1). Take control of your electricity bill with SaveOnEnergy's energy calculator. See how much your appliances cost and estimate your next bill where (aa) means almost always; we have to say (aa) because entropy can’t be increased by stirring if it is already at its maximum possible value, and it can’t be decreased by looking if it is already zero. Note that if you’re not looking, lack of stirring does not cause an increase in entropy. By the same token, if you’re not stirring, lack of looking does not cause a decrease in entropy. If you are stirring and looking simultaneously, there is a contest between the two processes; the entropy might decrease or might increase, depending on which process is more effective.

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  1. This is the official lore of the Half-Life 2 modification Entropy: Zero and is written by the developer of the game, but has been modified to fit a proper entry for the wiki, mostly grammatically. Last revision: 6th of April 2017
  2. g architect, through our IE Questions project
  3. Or Entropy quantifies the energy of a substance that is no longer available to perform useful work. bodies, the entropy increase of the cooler body will always be greater than the entropy loss of the..

@article{Luo2009StudyOW, title={Study on Wavelet Energy Entropy and Its Application to Bioelectrical Signal De-Noising}, author={Zhizeng Luo and Wei Zhou}, journal={2009 3rd International Conference.. The interpretation of entropy as a measure of energy dispersal has been exercised against the background of the traditional view, introduced by Ludwig Boltzmann, of entropy as a quantitative measure of disorder. The energy dispersal approach avoids the ambiguous term 'disorder' Entropy-Tech Energy Limited is an energy resource and engineering company focused on providing sustainable energy... See more of Entropy-Tech Energy Ltd. on Facebook

For a thermal distribution, the probability of a microstate is given by equation 9.1. So, even within the restricted realm of thermal distributions, equation 9.9 does not cover all the bases; it applies if and only if all the accessible microstates have the same energy. It is possible to arrange for this to be true, by constraining all accessible microstates to have the same energy. That is, it is possible to create a microcanonical system by isolating or insulating and sealing the system so that no energy can enter or leave. This can be done, but it places drastic restrictions on the sort of systems we can analyze. scipy.stats.entropy(pk, qk=None, base=None, axis=0)[source] ¶. Calculate the entropy of a distribution for given probability values. If only probabilities pk are given, the entropy is calculated as S = -sum..

Rototranslational entropy loss upon binding: OppA-tripeptide complexes and β2-microglobulin association with a citrate coated gold surface. The free energy of binding of tripeptides with the E.. 6.6 Entropy and Unavailable Energy (Lost Work by Another Name). There is an amount of energy that could have been converted to work prior to the irreversible heat transfer process of magnitude Loss Functions. Cross-Entropy. Hinge. Huber. Cross-entropy and log loss are slightly different depending on context, but in machine learning when calculating error rates between 0 and 1 they.. Entropy increases when ever energy is used up. Energy cannot be destroyed, but it is always lost in the form of unusable energy. The loss of energy over time is called entropy

The system in this example 1,000,981 microstates, which we have grouped into three levels. There are a million states in level 3, each of which occurs with probability one in a billion, so the probability of observing some state from this level is one in a thousand. There are only two microstates in level 1, each of which is observed with a vastly larger probability, namely one in a hundred. Level 2 is baby-bear just right. It has a moderate number of states, each with a moderate probability ... with the remarkable property that on a level-by-level basis, this level dominates the probability distribution. The probability of observing some microstate from level 2 is nearly 100%. Multi-class Cross Entropy Loss. Kullback Leibler Divergence Loss. What are Loss Functions? Reject the ones going up. This is because these paths would actually cost me more energy and make.. cross_entropy_loss.py. import torch. NOTE: Computes per-element losses for a mini-batch (instead of the average loss over the entire mini-batch)

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A system that is thermally isolated so that all microstates have the same energy is called microcanonical.   In contrast, an object in contact with a constant-temperature heat bath is called canonical (not microcanonical). Furthermore, a system that can exchange particles with a reservoir, as described by a chemical potential, is called grand canonical (not microcanonical or canonical). Energy and entropy balances are central to process thermodynamics calculations. This presentation reviews the principles for each balance. Examples are provided for valves, compressors, turbines..

When energy is transformed from one form to another, or moved from one place to another, or from one system to another there is energy loss. This means that when energy is converted to a different form, some of the input energy is turned into a highly disordered form of energy, like heat. Functionally, turning all of the input energy into the output energy is nigh impossible, unless one is deliberately turning energy into heat (like in a heater). As well, whenever electrical energy is transported through power lines, the energy into the power lines is always more than the energy that comes out at the other end. Energy losses are what prevent processes from ever being 100% efficient. Free energy is the key quantity to describe the thermodynamics of biological systems. In this perspective we consider the calculation of free energy, enthalpy and entropy from.. To base your weight loss calories off of some arbitrary number is pointless. Instead, start with a Your TDEE is your Total Daily Energy Expenditure and it represents the exact number of calories your.. There are theorems about what does get uniformly distributed, as discussed in chapter 25. Neither density nor energy is the right answer.Center-of-mass motion is an example but not the only example of low-entropy energy. The motion of the flywheels is one perfectly good example of low-entropy energy. Several other examples are listed in section 11.3.

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Some people are inordinately fond of equation 9.8 or equivalently equation 9.9. They are tempted to take it as the definition of entropy, and sometimes offer outrageously unscientific arguments in its support. But the fact remains that Equation 2.2 is an incomparably more general, more reliable expression, while equation 9.9 is a special case, a less-than-general corollary, a sometimes-acceptable approximation. Either way the total energy storage of any combination is simply the sum of the storage capacity of In charging an ideal capacitor there are no losses. However, should a capacitor be charged via a.. Entropy quantifies the energy of a substance that is no longer available to perform useful work. Real thermodynamic cycles have inherent energy losses due to inefficiency of compressors and turbines

Define entropy and calculate the increase of entropy in a system with reversible and irreversible processes. Explain the expected fate of the universe in 损失函数softmax_cross_entropy、binary_cross_entropy、sigmoid_cross_entropy之间的区别与联系. cross_entropy-----交叉熵是深度学习中常用的一个概念,一般用来求目标与预测值之间的差距 So entropy refers to disorder and loss of energy. In science, a loss of energy; in human systems, the tendency of a system to become disorganized and less efficient due to gradual energy loss within..

Habitat loss can usually be placed in three categories. There is habitat destruction which is done by completely removing trees and plants and instantly changing the landscape There will never be an axiom that says such-and-such mode is always in equilibrium or always not; the answer is sensitive to how you engineer the couplings.

Understanding entropy will supercharge how and where you apply your energy. Entropy is simply a measure of disorder and affects all aspects of our daily lives. In fact, you can think of it as nature's tax.. Electric power transmission and distribution losses (% of output). IEA Statistics © OECD/IEA 2018 ( iea.org/stats/index.asp ), subject to iea.org/t&c/termsandconditions For reasons discussed in chapter 23, whenever a system is in thermal equilibrium, the energy is distributed among the microstates according to a very special probability distribution, namely the Boltzmann distribution. That is, the probability of finding the system in microstate i is given by: Start studying ENERGY CONVERSION AND ENTROPY. Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards, games and n any discussion of energy, energy conversion will be a part of the study

Entropy Zero | YouTube. www.youtube.com. Untitled Project Of Maks_SF. Created to serve the high energy needs of Film/TV/Trailer/Games, the album also features legendary trailer composer Cliff Lin.. i have to calculate enthalpy entropy and free energy for gromacs trajectories using python can I need to carryout gene gain and loss analysis of my multiple bacterial genomes in GLOOME server... The entropy of a substance (i.e; the extent of its dispersal of energy at a given temperature) varies The net overall dispersion, loss, of energy (70%) is still greater than the concentration, gain, of..

Binary Cross-Entropy / Log Loss. where y is the label (1 for green points and 0 for red points) and p(y) is the predicted probability of the point being green for all N points. Reading this formula, it tells you.. Therefore; High Entropy would indicate less energy available for useful work in a system. However, this energy must come from some source; considered as a whole system, the entropy increases over.. Enthalpy. Internal Energy. Absolute Entropy at standard reference pressure. for Nitrogen - N2 - for temperatures ranging 0 - 3000 K, are indicated in the diagram below In the third scenario, the system is in some randomly chosen state, namely the 21 state, which is as disordered and as random as any state can be, yet since we know what state it is, p log(1/p) is zero everywhere, and the entropy is zero. The Cross-Entropy Loss is actually the only loss we are discussing here. The other losses names written in the title are other names or variations of it

The difference between random energy and predictable energy has many consequences. The most important consequence is that the predictable energy can be freely converted to and from other forms, such as gravitational potential energy, chemical energy, electrical energy, et cetera. In many cases, these conversions can be carried out with very high efficiency. In some other cases, though, the laws of thermodynamics place severe restrictions on the efficiency with which conversions can be carried out, depending on to what extent the energy distribution deviates from the Boltzmann distribution. Figure 1. Energy losses in an incandescent light bulb are very large; most of the input energy is lost Types of Energy Losses. Energy undergoes many conversions and takes on many different forms.. The Renyi entropy is really just the free energy in disguise. The relation between free energy and Rényi entropy looks even neater if we solve for and write the answer using instead of At this point you may already have in mind an answer, a simple answer, a well-known answer, independent of r, h, m, P, T, and N. But wait, there’s more to the story: The point of this exercise is that h is not small. In particular, m|g|h is not small compared to kT, where g is the acceleration of gravity. For simplicity, you are encouraged to start by considering the limit where h goes to infinity, in which case the exact value of h no longer matters. Gravity holds virtually all the gas near the bottom of the cylinder, whenever h ≫ kT/m|g|.

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